United Nations Acknowledges the Occupation of the Hawaiian Kingdom

On May 10, 2018, Mrs. Routh Bolomet, a Hawaiian-Swiss citizen, provided Dr. Keanu Sai with a remarkable document that came out of the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Geneva, Switzerland, regarding Hawai‘i. Mrs. Bolomet told Dr. Sai that it was her hope that the document authored by Dr. Alfred M. deZayas, would help in bringing the American occupation to an end. Dr. Sai said, “To call this document ‘remarkable’ is an understatement.”

In 2006, the United Nations Human Rights Council was formed as an intergovernmental organization within the United Nations system. The Council replaced the United Nations Commission on Human Rights that was established in 1946. The Council is comprised of 47 member States of the United Nations that serve for a three year term.

On September 29, 2011, the Council passed resolution 18/6 in order to establish an Independent Expert for the promotion of a democratic and equitable international order. The Council decided to establish a new Independent Expert, with the authority to identify possible obstacles to the promotion and protection of a democratic and equitable international order, to identify best practices and to work in cooperation with States in order to foster the adoption of measures at the local, national, regional and international levels.

The President of the Council, Ambassador Laura Dupuy Lasserre of Uruguay, nominated Dr. deZayas and on March 23, 2012 he was elected by the Council as the first Independent Expert on the promotion of a democratic and equitable international order by the United Nations Human Rights Council. The United States served as a member State of the Council when Dr. deZayas was elected.

The Council requested the newly elected Independent Expert to present its first report to the Council at its twenty-first session in 2012. An interim report was submitted in 2012 that was followed by a full report in 2013. Yearly reports have been submitted ever since.

An Independent Expert, also known as a Special Rapporteur, is a person who examines and reports on a specific human rights issue or theme. The Independent Expert reports to both the United Nations Human Rights Council and the United Nations General Assembly. Dr. deZayas completed two three-year terms where his mandate was completed on April 30, 2018.

Of the fifteen topics of responsibility for the Independent Expert that come under its mandate, two topics resonate regarding Hawai‘i’s situation of a prolonged and illegal occupation.

  1. The right of peoples and nations to permanent sovereignty over their natural wealth and resources; and
  2. The right of all peoples to peace.

In order to achieve the realization of these subjects, the Independent Expert, among other tasks, will:

  1. Identify possible obstacles to the promotion and protection of a democratic and equitable order, and to submit proposals and/or recommendations to the Human Rights Council on possible actions in that regard;
  2. To raise awareness concerning the importance of promoting and protecting of a democratic and equitable international order; and
  3. To work in cooperation with States in order to foster the adoption of measures at the local, national, regional and international levels aimed at the promotion and protection of a democratic and equitable international order.

Of particular note in his 2012 initial Report to the Council, Dr. deZayas stated:

“The Independent Expert will build on the studies already conducted by the Commission on Human Rights, the Subcommission on the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights, the Human Rights Council and its Advisory Committee, as well as on the work of the family of special rapporteurs, General Assembly and Commission on Human Rights resolutions on the right of peoples to peace (Assembly resolution 39/11, Commission resolution 2002/71).”

The Commission on Human Rights resolution 2002/71, adopted on April 25, 2002, regarding “the right of peoples to peace” affirmed “the obligation of all States to refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the against the territorial integrity or political independence of any State, or in any other manner inconsistent with the purposes of the United Nations.” It is apparent that this reference would directly apply to the United States violation of the Hawaiian Kingdom’s territorial integrity and its political independence, which brought about an illegal state of war.

In his 2013 Report to the United Nations General Assembly, Dr. deZayas was unaware of Hawai‘i’s true legal status as an independent and sovereign State that has been under an illegal and prolonged occupation. He assumed that Hawai‘i was a part of the United States and that the native population (aboriginal Hawaiians) had the status of indigenous peoples with a right to self-determination.

This misrepresentation is understandable given the fact that the United States and the State of Hawai‘i actively promoted this false narrative, and some aboriginal Hawaiians even attend sessions of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues in New York, in addition to participating in United Nations Human Rights bodies, in Geneva, promoting aboriginal Hawaiians as a colonized people and not as nationals of an occupied State.

Under the heading “Lack of democratic participation by indigenous and unrepresented peoples” in the 2013 Report, Dr. deZayas notes aboriginal Hawaiians as an indigenous people. A reference is made in the Report to Concluding Observations of the Human Rights Committee on the Second and Third U.S. Reports to the Committee (2006) in footnote 55 under the heading of “indigenous and unrepresented people.” The Committee was comprised of 18 experts that assumed Hawai‘i to be a part of the United States. The Committee is not to be confused with the United Nations Human Rights Council, which is comprised of 47 member States (nation-states) and not individual experts. The Committee noted it:

“regrets that it has not received sufficient information on the consequences on the situation of Indigenous Native Hawaiians of Public Law 103-150 apologizing to the Native Hawaiian Peoples for the illegal overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawaii, which resulted in the suppression of the inherent sovereignty of the Hawaiian people.”

The underlying problem taken here by the Committee of experts is their failure to distinguish between the government and the nation-state (State). It was admitted by the United States that the overthrow was illegal, but it was an illegal overthrow of the government and not the nation-state. Despite the illegal overthrow of the government, the Hawaiian Kingdom, as a nation-state, would continue to exist under a prolonged occupation by the United States. This is similar to the American overthrow of the Iraqi government in 2003, but Iraq, as a nation-state, continued to exist under a military occupation until it ended in 2009. Iraqi nationals during the period of occupation were not a colonial territory of the United States.

In addition, the nation-state is called the “Hawaiian Kingdom,” not the “Kingdom of Hawai‘i.” The term “Kingdom of Hawai‘i” was used in the United States 1993 Apology Resolution, Public Law 103-150. It is an American term.

In the 1893 Protest by Queen Lili‘uokalani she stated, “I, Liliuokalani, by the grace of God and under the constitution of the Hawaiian Kingdom, Queen, do hereby solemnly protest against any and all acts done against myself and the constitutional Government of the Hawaiian Kingdom.” She did not identify the country as the “Kingdom of Hawai‘i.”

Based on this misinformation of Hawai‘i’s legal status, Dr. deZayas provided the following recommendation in paragraph 69(n) of the 2013 Report.

“The General Assembly may consider revisiting the reality of self-determination in today’s world and refer to the Special Committee on Decolonization and/or other United Nations instances communications by indigenous and unrepresented peoples wherever they reside, inter alia, in Alaska, Australia, Canada, Chile, China, the Dakotas, French Polynesia, Hawaii, Kashmir, the Middle East, the Moluccas, New Caledonia, Northern Africa, Sri Lanka and West Papua, with reference to Chapter XI of the Charter of the United Nations. The General Assembly may also consider amending its rules and procedures to allow for the participation of indigenous and non-represented peoples. Meanwhile, the Assembly should urge States to implement the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. It should ensure that indigenous, non-represented peoples, marginalized and disempowered peoples, and peoples under occupation have a genuine opportunity to participate in decision-making processes.”

Five years later, Dr. deZayas, did a complete reversal on his understanding of Hawai‘i’s legal status from a colonized people with a right to self-determination to a nation-state, called the Hawaiian Kingdom, that has been under a military occupation by the United States since 1893.

On February 25, 2018, Dr. deZayas authored a memorandum titled “Re: The case of Mme Routh Bolomet” in response to a complaint submitted to the Council by Mrs. Bolomet in 2017. Without getting into the particulars of Mrs. Bolomet’s complaint, the Independent Expert addressed the broader issue of the military occupation of the Hawaiian Kingdom and the requirement of the United States, as the occupying State, to administer the laws of the occupied State, being the Hawaiian Kingdom. He stated,

“I have come to understand that the lawful political status of the Hawaiian Islands is that of a sovereign nation-state in continuity; but a nation-state that is under a strange form of occupation by the United States resulting from an illegal military occupation and a fraudulent annexation. As such, international laws (the Hague and Geneva Conventions) require that governance and legal matters within the occupied territory of the Hawaiian Islands must be administered by the application of the laws of the occupied state (in this case the Hawaiian Kingdom), not the domestic laws of the occupier (the United States).

Here follows Dr. deZayas’ Memorandum in its entirety, which can be downloaded in PDF format.

His memorandum also serves as an amendment to the 2013 Report correcting the legal status of Hawai‘i as an occupied State and not an issue of self-determination for an indigenous group of people. In line with this change, Article 69(e) of his recommendations is more appropriate, “States should ratify the individual complaints procedures of the United Nations human rights treaties, adhere to and utilize the inter-State complaints procedures, and globalize the reach of the International Criminal Court.”

Dr. deZayas’ Memorandum was sent by the Swiss Postal service, La Poste, in Geneva, to the United States President, the Secretary of State, the State of Hawai‘i Attorney General, a State of Hawai‘i Judge Gary W.B. Chang of the Land Court, and State of Hawai‘i Judge Jeanette H. Castagnette of the First Circuit. Mrs. Bolomet is a defendant in a case before both Judge Chang and Judge Castagnetti.

107 thoughts on “United Nations Acknowledges the Occupation of the Hawaiian Kingdom

  1. MAHALO NUI NUI LOA ia oukou a pau KEANU a me kou ohana e pene ia i keia olelo pono. MAHALO Mrs. Routhe Bolomet and Dr. Alfred deZayas. MAHALO. MAHALO. MAHALO.

  2. Now, will Trump tell Kerry to instruct the commander at PACOM to retire Ige and to finally do what it was supposed to do over 100 years ago–that’s the question . I can just imagine how this is going to affect the upcoming elections. Is there going to be one? Here? I’m on a high. Am I getting ahead of myself?

    • Ae! A wise person said “don’t fall off the horse while enjoying the view”….

      My hope is we can now all get on the same page as HAWAI’IAN KINGDOM subjects, allow the Acting Government with Dr. Sai as Minister to expedite fact finding hearings with the International Court on War Crimes to determine the role and responsibilities of our Kingdom Government in RETRIBUTION TO THE TUNE OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS TO OUR PEOPLE AND THE HAWAI’IAN KINGDOM TRUST….

  3. Nui Hauoli wai maka Keanu. I’m glad I’m still alive to see at least the light at the end of the tunnel. Mahalo nui.

  4. Wow! I’m speechless!!! Does this mean we get all our ohana lands back that were stolen all those decades ago by the false govt.? I’m in shock!

  5. I am speechless. I hope that all the groups that are fighting amongst each other come together as one. We need to come together to achieve all that is necessary for our Hawaiian Kingdom to prevail.

  6. Hawaiian warriors include strategists, analysts, diplomats and lawyers. We hope & pray non-violent methods can reverse the ongoing illegal military occupation of the Hawaiian Kingdom.

  7. Interesting to know that the United Nations Human Rights Council provides commission of inquiries and fact finding. Have to research that a little more. Could it be a potential venue since the PCA’s Sec.Gen. has been compromised and contaminated the PCA fact finding. Thinking out loud.

  8. Medicine for the spirit to stimulate the mind and move the body to legally mobilize our country. Mahalo Kumu a me Anake Routh!

  9. If we give it back which I believe you are entitled to your land. Then remove All the technologies cars ekectricity homes, stores, hotels, schools hospitals etc Should be removed as the the wealth and technologies comforts that have been been afforded to you has been built up has by Americans.

    I’m not being a smart ass laying it out as it is. Personally If I were Hawaiian I would do with out all that crap to have my land and live off of it in its natural state. But you can’t have it both ways.

    The united nations is justba bitch fest about how bad America is that we subsidize which which I have never understood.

    • Aloha Big E, maybe you should do your homework before making such a ridiculous assumption that modern technology was the result of the U.S. and not the Hawaiian Kingdom. Start with watching the RT video posted recently. The video points out that the Hawaiian Kingdom’s Palace had electricity and telephone service before the White House. By the way, it also had indoor plumbing before the WH. Prior to U.S. illegal acts the HK also had a higher literacy rate then the United States. Maybe that’s why you have a flawed way of thinking. Based on the facts and applying your own way of thinking you are actually saying that the United States would be the one to give up all the technologies. Now that’s yours, you own it cause you said it. “You can’t have it both ways”.. RIGHT!

      • I believe Hawai’i’s literacy rate at that time was well into the 90’s percentile..Anyways,.this post is SOME welcoming good news! I can already envision the future: Out with the FAKE and re-replaced with the true inherent inalienable rights.

    • Mr. Big E,

      You are very funny, to think that only your country (US Inc.) has the only able minds to evolve into technology like that of the family of nations of the world develops every second, minute of the day. Your perception of reality is cute, thnx for your humor, lol!

    • we’ve had those technology things during King Kalakaua. and he wasn’t the last monarch.

      our royal family were very familiar and interested with advanced technology that if the overthrow did not happened, we as a people would be right there along side the rest of the world progressing forward.

    • Wrong, we can have it both ways. International law says you must return the islands to their original state or come to terms and agreements with the functioning government and their people as to how it gets returned.

      Pilau americans and other invading nations have rendered the sustainability of our clean environment on the rocks with their pollution of our Hawaiian resources and culture.

      If you put it in the ground we can decide if you can have it back. As payment I’m all for getting the gold you owe for stealing what wasn’t yours and committing genocide, the goods you will pay us for destroying our nations resources, and the military armaments so that we can stop you next time you decide to step where you don’t belong, fyi, also your military needs to pack up and leave. As for schools yours suck a lot I’d knock most of them down. Hospitals…you really should do your homework, the best hospitals here we’re started by our monarchy/people not the u.s. Lastly, and most of all our people deserve better than the u.s. will ever be capable of providing so yes the biggest a hui hou ever, leave.

      • Very well said… May I also pule, that all HAWAI’IAN NATIONALS who pledge allegiance to the rightful HAWAI’IAN KINGDOM receive the first lump sum monies compensation RETRIBUTION upwards of $2 million u.s. dollars, including a monthly living wage equal to that of American upper class citizens @ approx $6000 a month per person and amply time to adjust and recover from the abuses we have had to endure under the Belligerent and Tyrant occupiers before taking on the tasks of working and integrating into a NEUTRAL an FREE country as subjects of the HAWAI’IAN KINGDOM .

        MAHALO ke AKUA

          • What is wrong with you? I’ve asked you not to direct your hate towards me before! So very, very childish of you to hide behind a fake name to spew your pathological processes on loving, peacemakers!

        • It is very American of you to constantly demand ridiculous sums of money that you somehow feel entitled to. And what is this “abuse” you claim to have endured? Your skin color has alotted you more privilege than you may realize.

    • Sir, we weren’t a bunch of uneducated natives before America came. We had a kingdom, a government, schools, hospitals, etc. We even had our own currency, and had treaties with many countries across the world.

      • Correction; still have treaties with many countries and now officially recognized as having also continued as a country unlawfully occupied for 125 years!!!

    • Remember the Iolani palace had electricity before your White House and technology is used by all counties not just yours. Japan was trying to save us not hurt us from your country. The story was just twisted in behalf of again your county.

      • Oh and the so called H.R.S. (Hawai’i Revised Statue) was written by our government and revised by yours to accommodate the illegal overthrow.
        Steal and claim, what a shame….

    • Well said, with ruling we as a people should move forward not backwards, there will always be u.s. presence here, just now the u.s. needs to make things right now……

      • Dan’s uninformed comment leaves much to be desired. He believes that everything “good” has come to Hawai’i via the u.s. However, history proves him to be almost totally incorrect. After all, electricity came to ‘Iolani Palace before the White House (among other things) – and the same story applies to the telephone. Hawai’i’s literacy rate led the world in lots of the 19th Century (before the u.s. had a chance to show us its fancy footwork). Hawai’i’s story of “origins” (the Kumulipo) rivals that of the “Old World” and its Bible. Methinks that Dan hasn’t really done his homework. So go find (and understand) the facts Dan – before you put your foot in your mouth the next time.

  10. Interesting that the apology bill was worded that way. The reciprocity treaty was definitely drawn up with the Hawaiian Kingdom, so there is a definitive difference. Maybe the apology was void of any actual recipients? After the mind blowing info of William Chang; that the description of the “state of Hawaii” literally contains no actual description, this shouldn’t surprise me, but I am continually in awe of what’s brought out into the light.

  11. All credit for this development goes to Mme. Routh Bolomet (who has led the campaign and obtained the response of Dr. Alfred M. deZayas) and her supporters. Nobody else – so please don’t confuse the fact!

    • Ease ur roll Mr. Ching. Even Mme Balomet’s judicial argument and her request to UN specifically cites the Larsen case which one would be hard pressed to deny had Dr. Sai’s thumbprint as well as the entire effort of the Acting HK, upon. ✌️

      • What is the subject line of the Memo? “Re: The case of Mme. Routh Bolomet” Do you see any other name in the subject line?

        • Read it again from the top of the blog….
          Please realize how, why and who is responsible for the continuation of the HAWAI’IAN KINGDOM.
          Praise and extreme gratitude to Dr. Sai!

  12. Don’t be disturbed by Mr. Big E and his cognitive dissonance that only U.S. American who evolve from monkey to humans or are the only ones to develop technology, its cute and funny! lolo

    However, you should be able to see that this memorandum will need work and it will receive it. Mr. deZayas would and should come to understand that we are not occupied, that we don’t need the Americans (Criminals of our Kingdom of the Hawaiian Islands, will be brought to justice) to operate our government and our country. Mr. Alfred deZayas begins to setup a procedure and mechanism for all of our injuries to take root in an international forum and that no one is standing in the way of operating our courts, begin adjudicating the crimes of trespass, property damage, unlawful detention, crimes of aggression and Genocide. The list of untold sorrow and crimes committed over the generation of Hawaiian subject seem endless and must come home to roost. Imua lokahi onipaa

  13. Is it me or is there a portion of this memo missing? Directly after he mentions the Pacquete Habana Case (1900), there is a comma. It seems like the memo goes on in that case but are we not seeing it in its entirety? Mahalo for the clarification.

  14. With this announcement, does it mean that “I” can now begin distancing myself from the US inc’s all-encompassing death grip? For one thing, I’m tired of the IRS embezzling 1/3 of my paychecks. And, another thing is since I cannot afford to go on a vacation because I’m too busy planning my next trip to the grocery store,I’ve found a different way to vacate>>>>Google Earth<<<>>and I tell you it is sure some ‘Lump Sum’ that’s being used for unnecessaryness. We love our aina is why we don’t litter, and if you get caught you get $fined$,BUT, look at all of the opala of the US in plain view.

    Could somebody please ask Dr Sai to start the Hawaiian Kingdom Subject/Denizen application process? Aroha Tatou Apau

  15. The next step, we need to unite and get ready for the new election of the people. Not have an election right way, wait for Keanu Sai, Dexter Kaiama and Kale Gumapac, have the govt. ready for the people and the candidates that are legitimate to run for the HK office positions. This is fricken awesome, this is only the beginning of what more to come… Cheeeeee huuuuuuu, we are almost FREE!

    • We need to implement a Hawaiian Kingdom Police Force & arrest the current Impersonators such as: All State of Hawaii Officials from their congressional representatives on down to their monkeys dressed in police attire. Judges, IRS officials, Governor Ige, DLNR, etc…

      Then, once charged, would come the ‘judgement collections’ of this Historical Mass Arrests Event. of which, should (alone) run well into the $$trillions$$ (with a “T”), and therefore, create replenishment, rejuvenation, restoration, hydration, peace for the people of the Hawaiian Kingdom.

      Next, Pearl Harbor needs all sunken ships, unexploded ordnance and war debris to be cleared & removed abroad of the Hawaiian Kingdom. However, all current infrastructure should remain in place as to benefit the implementation of International Shipping/Trade Lanes for the now autonomous Hawaiian Kingdom’s Industry.

      Aloha me ka Oia I’o

      p,s, remember that the US does not own a single square centimeter of land in this Pae Aina

        • Mahalo nui loa for your thoughts. We need more numbers of people to believe and stand for the truth. This is the crown of he Hawaiian Kingdom. Mahalo nui loa Akua.
          Kamakani Kahunanui

          • Ia oe e Kamakani. You make a very good point. The gathering of our people together, as one in a consensus of solidarity. Believing as one unified force, a deliberative assembly in unison following parliamentary procedure which will produce the shift, the will and consent of our Lahui and Nation in order to impement the Restoration of our country. That is the answer. Our Aina homeland must be. Similar to “the sound of one hand clapping” we need to gather together, kokua. let our voices be heard in a transparent manner, which will produce our independent Hawaiian Kingdom once again.

        • Aloha Reverend Malama, You see it’s like this: If you don’t want to pay the ridiculous cost for avocados @ 2/$5.00, you (or we) can do something about it. You can either grow your own >OR< you can network by putting the word out thru social media platforms to gather like minded people and then create a massive movement to "boycott any or all consumption of avocados? Then, when Safeway, Foodland, Times, etc…as well as the distributors & growers, begin to experience losses in sales, this would be the perfect time to negotiate way way lower prices OR ELSE! And, not just avocados, but theaters too ( what is it now $15.00 to watch a movie) and a whole bunch of other expensive things we are getting bamboozled to accept. It's called Po'e Manaloa: People Power Mana Kanaka

          Okay, now, to answer your question about implementing a force: What do you suppose would happen if we were to put the word out using social media and other platforms for all Na Po'e Kanaka to make themselves available for the "True Cause"? Except, this time (instead of boycott) we take it another step up from what our kupuna have already established with the Ku'e Petitions? This time the campaigning will have awakened quite a Peace Force and now our plight of 'kapu aloha' may involve freeways & airports to be shut down. This event would be guaranteed to make the international community open their eyes to our "True Nature as a Country" called the Hawaiian Kingdom.

          Moloka'i Koa Upu'upe'i

  16. Aloha,

    I for one am very thankful to Dr. David Keanu Sai for his tenacity at Getting his Education AND using it to better Increase the Quality of Life for the Kanaka Maoli People from this day forward.

    He has made it abundantly Clear for The Leaders of the United Nations to See, AND Witness, The Films of Yesterday, being Played on the Projectors of Today, and Being watched AGAIN AND AGAIN on the Screens of tomorrow.

    The Big Lie is Now Known. The Hawaiian Kingdom Still Exist. There’s NO Treaty between the U.S.A. AND The Hawaiian Kingdom. There are Only 49 Contiguous States in the Northern Hemisphere, that can be called America.

  17. Aloha, KK Kahunanui,
    Mahalo to Dr. Keanu Sai and Madame R. Bolomet. All the sovereign groups should go into one room and stay in that one room, no matter how long it takes, to come out with one final agreement—together as one. To all the Kanaka’s, Maka ‘ainana, pono and pule as one. Mahalo nui loa Akua.
    To “Dizzy E”—learn your HAWAIIAN history; in 1941 the Japanese came to HELP the Hawaiian Kingdom..

    • I agree with you. Praying that all sovereign groups will come together as one. Only way our Hawaiian Kingdom going work for all it’s people. United we Stand, Divided we Fall.


        • Aloha No,
          To not be with us is to be against us. Anything other then the Hawaiian Kingdom that wants to misrepresent the people of Hawaii should be held accountable. I’m all for groups but thats all they’ll be in my eyes. When your talking Citizenship and Sovereignty there can only be one De Jure Gov. Queen Lili’uokalani’s. If not it kind of seems like what Dole and his party did. Just my thoughts.
          We’re definitely not an indigenous people so self determination is out(we’re aborigonal) we more in need of self-Preservation. Nation within a nation seems like a deal with the devil so thats a negative just ask the indians and they’ll tell you don’t do it. Anything else is not short of Treason. which is punishable by death. Hence why they wanted the Queen to pardon Dole and his accessors heinous acts.
          Never the less i know for a Fact that all Hawaiians at heart and by koko have abundant love for our Queen and the Kingdom she loved. They don’t want us united.
          Imua Kanaka,
          Keiki o Ka Aina Kale

          • Aloha, Kale. E kala mai au. E likeole, i koʻu manao. Liliuokalaniʻs government was not de jure. Itʻs simple, follow the chain of authority. The constitution of 1887 wasnʻt ratified, and neither was 1864. Liliuokalaniʻs government existed upon a foundation laid out by both of those constitutions. When Lota created the 1864 constitution of his own will, it was not under the authority of the 1852 constitution which he never swore to. The whole argument swinging on the incorrect use of “after” in the english version of article 94 of 1852. In relation to when and where, “aia a” is then and there… Not after. Not mamuli. Not mahope. Not pau. When… Add that to the fact that Lunalilo was elected by the people because he put forth the intention to restore the 1852 constitution which had never been legally abrogated. So, with Lota came the de facto dynasty.

            Something quite overlooked is the kaona of hawaiianized biblical names.

            Means “covering, veil” in Hebrew.

            Hitchcockʻs English-Hawaiian Dictionary:
            Lot – Lota: kapa uhi

            Pukui & Elberts:
            uhi – 1. nvt. Covering, cover, veil, film, lid, solid tattooing, tent (Puk 26.12); to cover, spread over, engulf, conceal, overwhelm; to don, as a feather cloak. Fig., to deceive, hide the truth.

            Time for the veil to be lifted.

  18. Recognize there’s a Rat in da kitchen. Non-Hawaiian. No Aloha, using doubt as camouflage: He’s seen aiding a few sympathetic projects – while simultaneously ‘poisoning the well’ with innuendo and accusations of misconduct.

  19. I think the most practical thing to do is to capitalize on what Mr. deZayas said. Article 69(e) of his recommendations is more appropriate, “States should ratify the individual complaints procedures of the United Nations human rights treaties, adhere to and utilize the inter-State complaints procedures, and globalize the reach of the International Criminal Court.” Ensure that his expert opinion /memorandum is an addendum to his 2013 report so that his predecessor Dr. Livingstone Senwanyana can utilize it to fulfill his mandate. If we are a “state in continuity then go ahead and ratify the United Nations human rights treaties. MHO

    • Correct. Petition the Hawai’ian Kingdom Attorney General…. hopefully they are on top of it, although due to the stakes, it’s understandable that we the mere subjects are not privileged to know what’s going on.

  20. Chicken Skin! Mahalo Dr. Sai. without you none of this is possible.
    Does anyone know when Routh Bolomet appears before Judges Chang and Castegnetti? Wondering what happens if they continue to administer American law in spite of the U.N experts edict to follow Hawaiian Kingdom law? Help a Bruddha out acting government of the Hawaiian Kingdom. Let us know?
    Love my country. KINGDOM of HAWAII forever!

  21. Mahalo to Dr.Sai and the acting-Hawaiian Kingdom goverment for bringing us to this monumental point in our history, wasn’t even a thought for me till the Hawaiian Kingdom blog appeared 5 years ago and now it’s becoming reality. We are Blessed!!!

    I’d like to know when Routh Bolomet appears before Chang and Castegnetti and will they follow U.N. expert Dr.deZayas edict to administer Hawaiian Kingdom law or not? Waiting to see…Exciting times ahead –>>IMUA Hawaiians!!!

    • Aloha hehawaiiau, that is a good question. I guess it all depends who sent the memorandum and the reason for sending it. If the memo was sent by one of the HRC working groups as part of her HRC complaint there is no obligation for a response but they would record a response if one was submitted. If Bolomet submitted it as part of a motion to dismiss in her case with the Fake State then a response by the Judge is required on that motion. However, no response is required by the rest of the individuals listed as receiving the memorandum. This memo does not appear to be part of the HRC Universal Periodic Review where a response would be expected and there is a process to deal with a non response and non compliance of human rights violations. MHO

  22. Aloha to all,will the X President of the United States, Barrak OBAMA,Local Born,Punahou Grad, Law Professor, Served as U.S. President for 8 years, Vacationed in His Home Land for his 8 years as President of the U.S.and Never,Ever, did anything for the Restoration of Our Hawaiian Kingdom Government and Knowing for the Fact that the Hawaiian Kingdom Accepted and Freed Slaves,Gave them Plenty Alohas and the Human Right to Live Free,and Raise their Family,in the Hawaiian Kingdom,where as of now, to day the U.S is still being Racially Prejudice of One’s Ethnicity,was it that, He Forgot Where He came from,or His Hi Makamaka Status or Self Greed,made this X Local Boy the way He is,I’m not Giving this X Local Boy any Excuses nor does he Deserve Any at All, or will the Hawaiian Kingdom Government Bann His Visit, I Know for a Fact and in my Heart that My Hawaiian Kingdom Exist and that We Have No Hawaiian Kingdom Treaty with the U.S.and My Hawaiian Kingdom GOVERNMENT Will Be Restored, as for Barrak Obama Hope You are reading this,What a Missed Opportunity, Because the World is Watching and as TUTU PELE is Cleaning HALE on Hawaii Island and Attracting World Attention the Time Has Come, Mahalo All, Especially to Dr Keanu Sai and his Warriors.

  23. Aloha, The HK has been the only true sovereign Hawaiian Nation for over 125 yrs. The other sovereign groups are the ones that lack the education about being a Hawaiian Nation. That’s why the U.S and the State of Hawaii will not recognize the true sovereign Hawaiian Nation the Hawaiian Kingdom. They rather recognize the other sovereign groups that lack the education, because it would easier to control and handle. So why do we need so many sovereign groups when there’s only one the true sovereign Nation the Hawaiian Kingdom amen. Right now America is drowning, like I said before there not listing to God, because made us Nation not America. America can’t hide the truth from God, they can only try to think better than God, and then things start to get worst. Some people say we need Americas protection and I say all we need is God amen. I ‘ve pray to God to help me and the people of the Hawaiian Kingdom to give back our freedom as a Nation. All this started when I met Dr. Sai about 20 years ago. Now I just let God take of the problem, because to be truthful only God can do this amen.

  24. How’s that one. The U.S. withdrawing from the United Nations Human Rights Council. Claiming the UNHRC is anti Israel for the reason of it’s withdrawal. Give me a break, we all know you want out because you don’t want to be under it’s jurisdiction for your violations of human rights.

    • Aloha Kekoa,
      In other words, the U.S. Inc. believes that to avoid any liability all they have to do is unsubscribe, redact, retract, repudiate, renounce, revoke, recant & rescind themselves by having their signature annulled. And, in so doing, (with their volition) are free & clear of any human rights violations because now they are no longer affiliated by distancing themselves from the whole situation altogether. Auwe no ho’i e pilau ho’opaelua.?

      I would very much like to know WHICH law that says:
      Hey world if you
      wanna know how to illegally occupy a country for 125 years and get away with it [all] you have to do is rescind your contract with the UNHRC…We did & by the way we made damn sure that they couldn’t recover because we confiscated all of their prime lands?

      Signatory or not, when crimes are committed restitution should follow…no if ands or buts.

      • Aloha Kale, withdrawing from the UNHRC does not relieve them of any liability for violations. It just helps them avoid any policies, rules and procedures that they would be subjected to as a member. A simple explanation is that they are buying time and not going to make it easy to be held accountable . If you watched their press release they are condemning and demonizing the UNHRC. They are creating a narrative that the UNHRC is a biased organization. This way they can claim their withdrawal from the UNHRC has created a bias against the U.S. and use this to deflect any findings of occupation against the United States. I see this as a U.S. strategy that can go either way. The withdrawal could cause the UNHRC to retract their experts finding of occupation to get the U.S. back on their team or the U.S. isolates themselves to make the process harder and longer to resolve. Either way they had to do it. Don’t be surprised if they withdraw from the United Nations altogether if they get pressure from the U.N. General Assembly. Then the only card left to play would be that Hawaii is an issue of U.S. domestic sovereignty. I not saying they will get away with it but they are not going to make it easy.

        • Aloha Kekoa,
          Points well taken, mahalo nui for your elaborate in-depth thoughts, as well as your time & input, which gives me a clearer understanding.

          • Aloha Kalae, it’s amazing we get to witness this U.S. isolationism. Their timing to withdraw is suspicious since the UNHRC regular session is being held June 18 thru June 22. You can see them trying to get ahead of the situation by withdrawing now with the excuse of the UNHRC being bias against Israel. Because withdrawing after the issue of Hawaii’s occupation is brought up would make them appear guilty and trying to avoid having to answer to the allegation. Mahalo for putting up with my thinking out loud. I’m done.

  25. I need to correct the dates for the Human Rights Council 38th regular session in my last post. It starts June 18, 2018 through July 6, 2018.

    • The viciousness of the perpetrators is never to be underestimated!!!

      With all the wins of the #Metoo MOVEMENT comes the blowback from the accussed and condemned …..

      The 45 potus is teetering precariously on the ill deeds of his past documented associations and self proclaimed woman , disabled and minority hater behaviour.

      The sooner the USA is out of our Hawai’ian Kingdom , the better! For we the people and the world….

  26. I am a supporter of your work Dr. Sai, and of the Acting Government, however, I do want to look into the scope, meaning, and import of a Memorandum per se. I do think there are many, many Memorandums that come out of the UN and for the UN-from the UN and by experts working with the UN. Nevertheless, for the Occupation to be stated even in a Memorandum is a step in the right direction I do believe. With all the “work” the US does around the world for regime change for it’s benefit…how does this Memorandum measure up. I’m all for David in the Goliath scenario, and for the “Mouse that roared!”

    • Aloha,

      I feel for you suffering this cultural genocide every day, and as a non-mainland Ha’ole born and raised in Switzerland, I’m trying to add my piece to the puzzle to restore our accountability, and build bridges to accelerate the transition.

      I’m running for Mayor of the apparently fake County of Maui, and through a Grand Vision of A New Hawaii, I intend to help facilitate the restoration of the Hawaiian Kingdom’s institutions on Maui, starting next year already.

      (Scroll down and click on the Grand Vision link)

      Any encouragement is welcome, I am just a little smart guy, not perfect by all means but interested in transmuting the worst into the best.

      Now im alone in the Arena surrounded by Lions, so as I am not as well trained in Aloha Kapu, I decided to attack first, and do it last minute. 🙂 Watch me go in the next couple weeks on Facebook.com/yourNewMayor I ride the fine line between being nuts and well educated, with everything in the middle. Hahaha 😉

      I know you don’t participate in the so-called fake State but keep in mind that if I pass the primaries on August 11th, I will go all the way in and make a lot of noise here and internationally, to inform my brothers who are now ignoring all this… and shake them up a bit while offering easy solutions at the end.

      It doesn’t look like Elle Cochran is going to support any sort of advancement like that, even for her own people…….. Just saying, coz she pisses me off hahaha

      Mahalo Nui Loa
      Laurent Zahnd aka Mr L
      “A ha’ole Mayor with a heart and some balls.”


  27. Mahalo for this very important information! I am in awe of the reaearch involved and will study all the attachments myself to be more knowledgeable myself. I live in the Hawaiian Kingdom!

  28. Praise God!! I am alive to witness this day!!
    Kanaka Mauoli are not a conquered people!! Mahalo Queen Liliuokalani for your wisdom.

  29. Mahalo nui loa Dr Keanu Sai, Ron Williams, et. al., Routh Bolomet for your dedication, hard work and due diligence for our cause.

    Forgive me if I didn’t remember the others. On behalf of my ohana I thank you

  30. Mahalo and Aloha to you all the regents of the Hawaiian Kingdom. I believe I have my answer now and the course of action to take.

    P.S. Thank you too Mme. Routh Bolomet.

  31. Most Hawaiian activist have ignored Economic Sovereignty staring them in the face and pursued meaningless UN resolutions that will result in nothing.

    When the common Hawaiian is ready to claim control over the assets held by OHA and DHHL than there will be a chance to make headway in the preservation and perpetuation of Hawaiian culture.

    Until there is a free-market based movement to give Native Hawaiians control (similar to Alaskan Native control) of their own assets (something easily supported by a majority of all Hawaii residence) the perpetual status quo of state bureaucrat oversight of Hawaiian assets will continue.

  32. I feel blessed to live here at this time. Mahalo for posting this wonderful information on the history and future of The Hawai’ian Kingdom.

  33. Per the Hawaiian Kingdom’s Constitution, the Hawaiian Kingdom operates using a Legislative Democracy.

    The Legislative power of the Kingdom is vested in three Estates; the Monarch, Nobles, and Representatives. The Nobles and Representatives comprise the House of the Legislative Assembly, which is a unicameral body, and the Monarch signs resolutions or bills into law that have passed in the House. The Monarch also has a veto power.

    The Monarch appoints the Nobles, and the people elect Representatives biennially. No law can be passed without the Monarch, Nobles and Representatives in agreement.

    The Legislative Body assembles biennially, in the month of April, and at other times the Monarch may judge necessary for the purpose of seeking the welfare of the nation.

    The number of Nobles cannot exceed thirty (30) and the number of Representatives cannot be less than twenty-four (24) and not more than forty (40). The Legislative Assembly follows the “one person one vote” principle. The Representatives are an elected body and possess the majority in the Legislative Assembly, and therefore the foundation of our system of democratic government. The Representatives have sole authority to impeach Cabinet Ministers, officers in government, and Judges, but the Nobles possess the sole authority to try those individuals that have been impeached.

    Each elected Representative represents one or more of the Hawaiian Kingdom’s 25 districts on the islands of Hawai’i, Maui, Molokai, Lana’i, Kaho’olawe, O’ahu, Kaua’i, and Ni’ihau. In addition, each island is administered a Governor assigned by the sovereign.

    In the case were no existing sovereign is currently in power, elections must be held to reform the House of Nobles (Alii) and the House of Representatives (any elected Hawaiian subject). Both Houses would then choose the next Royal House, and subsequently the next sovereign of the crown. Once the sovereign and crown has been reinstated, that Royal House would remain in power until which time the crown abdicates or there is no apparent or declared heir to the throne prior to the death or abdication of the existing crown.

    Additionally, everyone in Hawaii should be excited about these slow moving changes. Existing residents (non Kanaka Maoli or those born in Hawaii), will have the opportunity to apply to become a Hawaiian national, or Hawaiian citizen. If not, those individuals can apply for visitor/work/student Visa’s, or they can elect to return to the United States. The point is, everyone will have options and everyone can find a pathway to either citizenship.

    We need to stop with the argument that is was a haole issue, a christian issue, a business issue, a native issue, etc. This is about the occupation of Hawaii, and the restoration of the Hawaiian Kingdom government. We all can play a part in this process. Kanaka Maoli, British, Chinese, Japanese, American, Portuguese, etc. Let us not forget that all of the Hawaiian monarchs had trusted foreign advisors (some of who became Hawaiian subjects and nationals), and many Hawaiian Monarchs married British, French, Dutch, German, and American Hawaiian nationals. The point is, ALOHA and PONO is available for everyone.

    Yes, there needs to be steps taken to “make whole” of our indigenous Kanaka Maoli people; and yes, there needs to be steps taken to “make whole” our aina. But this doesn’t have to be ugly or some nasty process between Americans and Hawaiian subjects/nationals. Though Hawaii was never colonized, but just like when Great Britain left and handed Hong Kong in 1997 after nearly 150 years of occupation, the two governments formed peace treaties and separated on amazingly profound terms. To this day, Great Britain set modern day precedent on how and why this can be done successfully. May I add, many British subjects elected to stay in Hong Kong and become Hong Kong nationals. There’s no reason the Hawaiian Kingdom cannot allow the same.

    I’ll end with this. Hate, greed, racism, and disputes over who did what/who owes what, is not going to solve the problem. If you love Hawaii nei, our aina, kai, mauka, and people, then lets work together to find the solution that represents the true Hawaiian Kingdom, and our people.

    Mahalo Nui Loa!

  34. Well now we do not have to remove nothing we need to look up property deeds under Genealogy names who ever is on your property rightfully yours court hearing an do like a ancestors did change the people residential or commercial to be on your property an make your income..
    The bigger the commercial building it is the more money you charge…
    Auwe for them then sue the researcher an persons who let the crime wars happen to your family… for Violating your Human Rights as a heir of Hawaiian Kingdom Subject……

    • Right!? It’s been five years since this post and nothing has changed regarding cost of living, food, and water. Hawaiians are being hurt more and more everyday because of news like this causing Non-Hawaiians taking it out on us, i.e., raising absurd increase in rent so Hawaiians cannot afford it, or eviction with some made up reason, and I see military families everywhere enjoying their everyday life on our islands while we continue to struggle.

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