11 thoughts on “Dr. Sai to Present An Uncomfortable Truth: Hawai‘i in a State of War

  1. Hope to be there! To receive word from “the horses mouth” and dispel my appearance as “an idiot” to some trolls on this blog!

    MAHALO Dr. Sai for all you do and stand for!

  2. OK so… Do I have to register or just show up on the 13th of June at 5pm. at the Kana’ina Bldg?

  3. Dear Dr. Sai and fellow blog followers,

    Im wondering if there are any PhD’s coming out of the universities in the field of psychology relating to the effects of 100+ years of indoctrination. Dr. Sai relates our situation to “The Matrix” constantly….and if my memory serves me correctly, there is a character in the first film named Cypher, who although is cured of his ignorance after taking the red pill, he cannot stand to live in the “real world”.

    I imagine there are some Cyphers out there who don’t easily live in this “real [occupied] world” after escaping The Matrix. I personally am grateful for taking the red pill, but am having a difficult time tolerating the ignorance of others on a daily basis. It drives me crazy. It’s like listening to people talk about the world being flat, feeding off their own communal reinforcement. And this may be a little too much information, but it has affected my personal life. My relationship literally ended merely because I simply shared with my partner the memorandum from the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.

    I know there are going to be many psychological effects to this knowledge…and I suppose what I’m looking for here is advice, or words of wisdom, to those Cyphers and Cypher-like folks out there. Where can they/we turn to? Support groups? Other avenues? Therapy with those who are educated in this history? I realize this blog isn’t meant to reach out for guidance, but I didn’t know where else to turn to.

    • Aloha kaua e Kauila; a good frame of reference, to gain perspective of our Hawaiian Kingdom history online, is the kahaa.org webpage. It is sponsored by the Ka Ahahui Hawaii Aloha Aina, Hawaiian Patriotic League and is the oldest official organization formed during the reign of Queen Lili’uokalani and second only to the Royal Order of Kamehameha. It’s an excellent guide and tool for the academic, layman or citizen to use regarding the basis of our Hawaiian Kingdom’s Restoration.

      • Aloha Frank,

        I understand Kauila to say out loud and similar to the American veterans of war that come home with PTS syndrome. Like Kauila I suffer from the same condition bcuz long b4 Dr. Alfred M. deZayas decided to address the world with his memo many of our Hawaiian Subjects that know who they are and know where they live (Kingdom of the Hawaiian Islands) became targets of the continuing crimes of aggression and genocide bcuz they never sat on a fence. Where can Hawaiian Subjects find relief for the PTS syndrome Hawaiian Subjects suffer at the hands of USA and State of Hawaii’s deprivation of their basic fundamental human rights, the unconstitutional, uncompensated, unconsented taking of the use of our private properties (Royal Patent, Kuleana Trespassing, Life, Limb, Rights to Liberty, Freedom, Earnings of our Hands and the Production of our minds) its not just about our Hawaiian Kingdom Government issues, its about the extermination of a national group known to the world as Hawaiian Subjects. This is a world problem, who do we see, talk too and find relief for our conditions?

        Theres always more!

        Kauila e kala mai, correct me if I am in error!

        Just sharing manao

    • Kauila,
      MAHALO for asking this question!! I have no answer for you, unfortunately but have long now discussed the topic with my husband. IMHO, an entire psych program could/should be created for people with this very concern. And when we think about it, it’s not even just a Hawaiian perspective, it expands outward to so many people.

      Having it been brought up in counseling for myself, and the counselor- thinking they were “connecting” perhaps by saying that their loved one had helped write legislation for the Akaka Bill was painful for me. It’s like there truly is no place to go. Families can’t help one another- there is simply NO hooponopono coming! And b/c the majority of population is what it is, getting educated is painful!

      I would LOVE to hear a response to this! Anyone?

      (P.s.- sorry for your relationship. Been there w/ ppl too.)

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