RT Documentary: Coups R U.S.

RT Documentary: Coups R US
American regime changes and their aftermaths, from Hawaii to Libya

RT Moscow film producer Vyacheslav Guz and his film crew were recently in the Hawaiian Kingdom in August 2017 filming a documentary that includes the American occupation of Hawai‘i. The film covers three countries whose governments were overthrown by the United States: Guatemala, Libya and Hawai‘i.

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  1. Great info for those of us looking to sue the Hawaiian Kingdom Government for allowing this genocide and other atrocities to continue….

    All Hawai’i Nationals are owed millions and deserve RETRIBUTION immediately!

    • Hey idiot, if you paid attention to any of their earlier posts, you’d know that the Hawaiian Kingdom has little, if any, responsibility towards its citizenry. The kingdom’s sole purpose is to represent the Hawaiian government. Maybe check out the Lance Larson vs. The Hawaiian Kingdom case. It addresses a similar issue.

      • I am referring to the Larson Case.

        Please don’t call me an Idiot and no I did not choose to be victimized….

        Reverend and retired Doctor

        • You’re clearly choosing to be a victim in the matter, and what’s worse, you’re choosing to place the blame on the Hawaiian Kingdom. I apologize for calling you an idiot, but if you really were well-versed on this matter, you’d know that the fault lies with the U.S. for not complying with the laws of occupation.

          • An idiot is someone that is stupid. Stupid is someone lacking in intelligence or common sense. Did you know that in the HK law it states that an idiot cannot be king or queen? If the shoe fits…

    • Good luck in trying to sue the HK Gov’t. What venue would you use? How would you get them to waive sovereign immunity? Wouldn’t they just cross sue the U.S. as a third party since they are the culprits? I find it odd that a Reverend would consider suing an innocent party for the sinful acts of a third party. Is that what Jesus would do??????

    • Aloha Kona, check out the Nov. 2017 blog. It explains how the Sec.Gen..of the PCA exposed himself as an agent for the U.S. when he shut down the fact finding proceedings without cause. Now to expose his corruption a complaint was filed and received but according to the procedures in order to get the complaint addressed you need to get 7 member states to move it so that it can be heard by an assembly of all the member states.

      • Thanks for the 7 member update, Kekoa. Any info to update the progress on that. I know it was mentioned HK was hopeful for a March timeline. Mahalo Nui in advance.

      • Yes I saw Dr. Sai’s presentation on Big Island video news explaining what happened with the original hearing’s. In the same video he also said the hearings would probably be moved to sometime in March. Since where in May going into June I was just wondering what was going on about the fact finding hearings. Mahalo for the update on the 7 member state support to move forward with the hearings. Aloha!

  2. Can you refer me to the Hawaiian language text that the students were reciting toward the end of their class in the rt film? I am able to translate it but i am not fast enough to operate in real time even though my grandmother as a young girl was permitted to go to Washington place and have tea with the old Queen Liliuokalani. She treasured languages as do i and especially the Hawaiian language though it is hard for me to learn as i am in a distant land of mountains and lakes.

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