4 thoughts on “United States Recognizes the Restored Hawaiian Government

    • Aloha Kehaulani, point of clarification. The post states that the U.S., through it’s State Dept., gave de facto recognition to the acting Council of Regency (acting Gov’t.). Simply put, they validated the Hawaiian Kingdom’s continuity and that these specific individuals are Lawfully the acting Gov’t representing the nation state of the Hawaiian Kingdom. They bound themselves to only dealing with the acting gov’t in matters regarding the Hawaiian Kingdom.

      • My spirit and body came into existence on oahu . i don’t know any other way to live but in hawaii . In school i was taught lies like everyone else . i read that according to international law a corporation cannot annex a nation. I also read that a bankrupt government cannot annex a nation . The Act of 1871 in the congressional record proves both points . i been saying this for many years and got no answer on these issues . Then you add to the fact operation Northwood , the secret treaty of Verona , or was it the secret treaty of Versailles but either way this is proof of the incorporated United States government racketeering . Now when the incorporated government took fund’s from my check , stole hawaiis shipping lanes , air waves installed agencies like FBI , FCC , insurance companies , etc. including the federal reserve and made us use their fake money , they need to pay hawaii for what was stolen from us . in law the Heir to the body would be held liable . in this case heirs to the body and thru the federal reserve bank , the profits from hawaii went to the IMF and thru the international monetary fund ” IMF ” every county that received loans or funds from the U.S. would have to pay it back plus interest and damages . the amount is astronomical . hawaii basically owns everything including the city of the empire .what are your thoughts on this matter ?

  1. Okay, so I’m just going to throw this question out there. Does anyone know of any persons identified as “Hawaiian” who are incarcerated? I’ve seen “Asian and Other,” used, but not “Hawaiian”. The direction of the question is obvious. I’m just really wanting a better perspective.

    It’s my OPINION that it lays in the same area as homestead, where in, as the government doesn’t actually have a clear title to the land, they can’t actually offer the ownership to the land, thus only a lease is offered. Other US Homestead offered has been for actual ownership.

    Anyone? Mahalo!??

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