U.S. Department of Justice Acknowledges War Crimes Being Committed in Hawai‘i

Under the criminal code of the United States of America, Title 18 U.S.C. §4, provides for the reporting of felonies to federal authorities, whether civil or military, as a duty and not a choice. According to Black’s Law Dictionary (1996), a duty is defined as an obligation “to conform to legal standard of reasonable conduct in light of apparent risk.” A person who fails to report a felony as soon as possible risks being fined or face up to three years in prison, which is a felony as well. In other words, failure to report a felony is a felony.

On September 17, 2014, Professor Williamson Chang, senior law professor at the University of Hawai‘i William S. Richardson School of Law, reported the commission of war crimes to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder at the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) in Washington, D.C. Professor Chang held a press conference on September 22, 2014 at the University of Hawai‘i in front of the William S. Richardson School of Law. Although American media in the United States and Hawai‘i were notified by press release of the press conference, none were present, and the press conference was covered by Kingdom Media Hawai‘i. The story was then picked up by ABC Australia news and radio and New Zealand’s radio The Wire. ABC Australia reported:

ABC Radio Australia War Crimes

In his letter to the Attorney General, Professor Chang stated, “Pursuant to 18 U.S.C. §4—Misprision of felony, I am legally obligated to report to you the knowledge I have about multiple felonies that prima facie have been and continue to be committed here in the Hawaiian Islands. I have been made aware of these felonies through the memorandum by political scientist David Keanu Sai, Ph.D., who was contracted by the State of Hawai‘i Office of Hawaiian Affairs, entitled Memorandum for Ka Pouhana, CEO of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs regarding Hawai‘i as an Independent State and the Impacts it has on the Office of Hawaiian Affairs.” Professor Chang’s letter was endorsed with the signatures of seventeen other State of Hawai‘i officials and employees.

The U.S. Attorney General received Professor Chang’s reporting of war crimes on September 19, 2014 by FedEx courier under tracking number 8061 7191 0836.

“Further, as a State of Hawai‘i employee, I and other State officials and employees receive State monies that have been implicated as being gained through the commission of felonies, namely the war crime of pillaging,” stated Professor Chang. Under 18 U.S.C. §662, receiving stolen property is a felony punishable by a fine or up to three years in prison. Receiving stolen property has four elements that need to be met in order to be considered a crime: (1) the property must be received; (2) it must have been previously stolen; (3) the person receiving the property must know it was stolen; and (4) the receiver must intend to deprive the owner of his or her property.

Professor Chang’s reporting of war crimes, being felonies under 18 U.S.C. §2441, to the DOJ effectively placed a corresponding obligation upon the U.S. Attorney General to either initiate a criminal investigation into the reported felonies, or explicitly state that felonies have not been committed thereby removing the apparent risk of a fine or up to three years in prison under both §4—misprision of felony, and §662—receiving stolen property.

Professor Chang stated, “If your office’s response in two weeks is able to refute the evidence provided for in the Memo, then assuredly the felonies—war crimes—have not been committed. But if you office is not able to refute the evidence, then this is a matter for the U.S. Pacific Command, being the occupying power, and all State of Hawai‘i officials and employees, as well as I, are compelled to comply with Hawaiian Kingdom law and the law of occupation.” The U.S. Attorney General was requested to respond by October 3, 2014.

The U.S. Department of Justice has not responded to Professor Chang’s reporting within the requested time of two weeks, which expired yesterday. The DOJ’s silence on the reporting is acquiescence or acknowledgment that war crimes have and continue to be committed in Hawai‘i. According to Black’s Law Dictionary (1996), acquiescence is “equivalent to assent inferred from silence with knowledge or from encouragement and presupposes knowledge and assent.” Bouvier’s Law Dictionary (1984) also defines acquiescence as “a silent appearance of consent.” Specifically, the silence of the DOJ admits there is evidence of the commission of war crimes and that it “is a matter for the U.S. Pacific Command, being the occupying power,” and not the DOJ.

In order to refute Professor Chang’s reporting that the State of Hawai‘i government committed war crimes of pillaging by illegally appropriating monies from the inhabitants of the Hawaiian Islands, would be for the DOJ to show evidence that the United States is the successor to the Hawaiian Kingdom under international law and that the State of Hawai‘i, being an extension of the United States government, is a lawful government and legally authorized to collect taxes.

In Larsen v. Hawaiian Kingdom arbitral award, the international tribunal at the Permanent Court of Arbitration stated “in the nineteenth century the Hawaiian Kingdom existed as an independent State recognized as such by the United States of America, the United Kingdom and various other States, including by exchanges of diplomatic or consular representatives and the conclusion of treaties.” This acknowledgment of the Hawaiian Kingdom’s status as a State under international law by an international tribunal is called “presumptive evidence,” which Black’s Law Dictionary (1996) defines as “evidence which must be received and treated as true and sufficient until and unless rebutted by other evidence.”

According to Professor James Crawford, in his book The Creation of States in International Law (2006), p. 34, “There is a strong presumption that the State continues to exist, with its rights and obligations, despite revolutionary changes in government, or despite a period in which there is no, or no effective, government. Belligerent occupation does not affect the continuity of the State, even where there exists no government claiming to represent the occupied State.” Professor Crawford is the leading expert in State sovereignty under international and he also served as President of the Arbitral Tribunal in the Larsen v. Hawaiian Kingdom arbitration case at the Permanent Court of Arbitration.

The fundamental problem for the DOJ is that there is no treaty where the Hawaiian Kingdom ceded its sovereignty and territory to the United States. The only claim the United States has over the Hawaiian Islands is that the Congress says it annexed the Hawaiian Islands in 1898 and then later created the State of Hawai‘i government in 1959. It is undisputed that Congress has no effect beyond its borders, so the U.S. Congress could no more annex Hawai‘i and create a State of Hawai‘i government by enacting statutes, than it could annex Canada and create a State of Canada government by enacting statutes. There is no treaty, which is evidence under international law that would rebut the evidence of the Hawaiian Kingdom’s continued existence as an independent and sovereign State under international law. Without extinguishing the Hawaiian Kingdom under international law, the United States presence in the Hawaiian Islands is a situation of military occupation, which is regulated by the international laws of occupation and international humanitarian law.

As a federal agency of the United States government, the DOJ is limited to investigating the violation of federal criminal laws that occur within the territory of the United States. The DOJ does not have extra-territorial authority, and nor do federal statutes, which includes §2441. Since the DOJ acquiesced to the evidence that Hawai‘i is not a part of the territory of the United States as provided in Dr. Sai’s Memo for the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, which Professor Chang relied on for his reporting of felonies, the investigation of war crimes now falls upon the commander of the U.S. Pacific Command who is the occupying power in Hawai‘i.

§2441 states “Whoever, whether inside or outside the United States, commits a war crime…shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for life or any term of years, or both, and if death results to the victim, shall also be subject to the penalty of death.” According to the House Report 104-698 that accompanied the War Crimes Act of 1996 under the heading Current Prosecutability Under United States Law of Individuals for “Grave Breaches” of the Geneva Conventions and the Impact of H.R. 3680, “Military tribunals—or commissions—have been used widely by the United States from the Mexican-American War to the Civil War to World War II to prosecute criminals and to provide a system of justice in lands occupied by our armed forces.”

The House Report continued to state, “Military commissions were most recently used during and immediately following World War II to prosecute German and Japanese war criminals and to provide a legal system for occupied areas,” and that “American military commissions have generally prosecuted individuals whose acts were committed in lands occupied by our military.” Since the Hawaiian Kingdom has been under an illegal and prolonged occupation by the armed forces of the United States, the commander of the U.S. Pacific Command is primarily responsible for the United States presence and its compliance with international law and the law of occupation.

According to U.S. Army Field Manual 27-10, section 498, “any person, whether a member of the armed forces or a civilian, who commits an act which constitutes a crime under international law is responsible therefor and liable to punishment. Section 449, which has a more expansive definition of war crimes than 18 U.S.C. §2441, “the term ‘war crime’ is the technical expression for a violation of the law of war by any person or persons, military or civilian. Every violation of the law of war is a war crime.” And according to section 500, “Conspiracy, direct incitement, and attempts to commit, as well as complicity in the commission of war crimes are punishable.”

UPDATE: Professor Chang receives letter from Department of Justice regarding the reporting of war crimes.

DOJ Reply Ltr to Prof Chang

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    • Maybe it’s time to create/draft a version of Hawaiian self representative democratic government that most/all Hawaiians can agree to live by. Best to be ready if your dreams come true!

    • @Ringo. I am asking the same question as you. See my comment below. Does anyone believe that the US government, Sec. Kerry, DOJ, Attorney General Holder, or PACCOM will really acknowledge Professor Chang’s letter, let alone the ICC? They’re just going to sweep in under the rug, dismiss it, and not even bring it up…why would they? Who do they have to answer to that has the muscle to force compliance.? If they keep spouting the same “annexation- statehood” lies in spite of evidence to the contrary, and despite legal authority to end occupation and follow Kingdom Laws., whose going to make it happen? Non – violent protests to shut down the system? Revolution?
      What, where, when, and who?

      • Chuck & Ringo,

        Remember the Hawaiian Kingdom continues to have binding treaties with 172 countries who are bound to honor them. Being that the United States love to place SANCTIONS on everyone else I am sure China, Russia, Korea, Japan, Switzerland and many other countries would be more then glad to assist the Hawaiian Kingdom in placing sanctions on the United States as well.

        Because the United States depends heavily on IMPORTS and the only thing they export is WAR these sanctions will seriously cripple or if not destroy the United States economy. And what is the United States going to do to stop it…..threaten these countries with their military??? Tell them that they can’t do it because we are the all mighty United Fakes of America???

        I am amazed at how people continue to think that the United states is above the law and is able to do whatever they please. So, in reality what you are really saying is we know we are wrong, but because we have a bigger army then you we are going to do it anyway because we are the Bully of the Block. We all know that even Bullies can be brought to their knees by taking away the very things that they need.

        For as Dr. Keanu Sai had stated: “The might of the United States does not make it right”!!!

        • Mahalo, Dutchy. Your reply is exactly the type of response I hoped to elicit. Economic sanctions from the other world powers..Russia, China, UK, France, Switzerland, etc.is one avenue to bring international pressure to bear on the US. I agree wholeheartedly that “might isn’t necessarily right” and just as former world powers Great Britain and France lost their “possessions” in the last century, I do believe that our Queen’s prophetic decree will come to pass, if not in my generation, then most assuredly in that of my mo’opuna. Truth is being established and the lies exposed. Truthful US Constitution-minded representatives, being educated about the injustice and honest elected leadership to right the wrongs are other avenues too. I believe working from the inside—truth is an inside job—
          Can assist in moving the process forward too.
          Mahalo for your mana’o…..”supa!!!”

          • A’ole Pilikia!!! And trust me there are a lot of countries who would love to not only place these sanctions upon the United States, but support it as well. Treaty Partners!!! Eo……….

  1. Time for everyone to march in to disrupt the next ʻlegislativeʻ session and evict the pretenders. They are committing crimes under color of law so we can do this and demand to be heard by ICC for any arrests that may come about.

  2. Wow this is another big step, o.k. we all need to be clear what the term “acquiescence” means as you described in your new post “Hawaiian Kingdom”, (I suspect it is from Keanu or your legal counsel). So as Ringo indicated above, where too from here? What are the next legal steps in the process that are realistic going forward?

    • ac·qui·es·cence
      the reluctant acceptance of something without protest.
      “in silent acquiescence, she rose to her feet”
      synonyms: accept, consent to, agree to, allow, concede, assent to, concur with, give the nod to;

      next step is shown in paragraph 7: Specifically, the silence of the DOJ admits there is evidence of the commission of war crimes and that it “is a matter for the U.S. Pacific Command, being the occupying power,” and not the DOJ.

  3. Mahalo Prof. Chang and all those involved. Great Job and mahalo to the moderator for continually informing us of all current and future information regarding the Hawaiian Kingdom.

  4. It will be very interesting to hear how the new US Pacific Commander, Admiral Harry B. Harris responses to this. This may be the first most important decision he makes. Let’s see whether Harris answers. I believe it may be safe to say that he has been appraised of the situation, unless of course he already knew about it before accepting (if he had a choice?) the appointment. This may be that he will be the next victim in Law of Occupation violation; like Locklear. Wow, the herd of sheep to the slaughter keeps growing.

    Also, I wonder how the Governor is handling this. Too bad he wasn’t out of office before the #!@% hit the fan. Oops, does that mean that he to is incriminated?

    Mahalo for the update. I (we) patiently await further news.

    Aloha piha

  5. Section 500-complicity,knowledge of,conspiracy,they all can be held accountable at the state level,federal,and pacific high command for war crimes,because Dr. Sai met with them at camp smith,and like he said you could have heard a pin drop in the room after his presentation and the Feds and state officials have conspired to hide the truth.

  6. It’s time to engage! It’s time for the rubber to meet the road!

    There is overwhelming evidence that support the continuity
    of the Hawaiian Kingdom and therefore the State of Hawaii
    and all of its subsidiaries are operating within the Hawaiian
    Kingdom jurisdiction unlawfully! I know, we know that already!
    What if we all were held to the same standard that compelled
    Professor Chang to make that report to the U.S.? Wouldn’t
    it compel everyone with the same knowledge as Professor
    Chang to demand the removal of all the criminals in power?

    Professor Chang’s correspondence to the U.S. is evidence
    that crimes have been and are continuing to be committed
    here in the Islands. And, if we’re all aware that criminals are
    in control over something we should be in control of wouldn’t
    it make perfect sense to demand a formal notice for the State
    of Hawaii to stand down and demand that all U.S. funding
    earmarked for use by the State of Hawaii be immediately
    disbursed for use by the Hawaiian Kingdom for the continued
    functionality by all nationalities now within Hawaiian jurisdiction?

    Allow Abercrombie only enough time to communicate to his
    subordinates the reason for vacating his authority and if he
    chooses not to stand down initiate a warrant for his arrest!
    After all, we are all, including the U.S., holding that the
    State of Hawaii is without lawful authority here in the Islands,
    why should the U.S. continue to fund an unlawful entity?

    My mana’o anyway

    • In January of 1895, the unlawful “Republic of Hawai’i” placed
      Queen Lili’uokalani under arrest, a head of state that did
      nothing wrong, and increased their control over the Islands.
      According to uncle buzzy, the U.S. not only appears to have
      knowledge of the event that occurred on January 16, 1893,
      but were directly involved for the landing of insurgents on that
      day an act that is in clear violation of international laws, an act
      of war!

      The Bibala speaks about a house divided cannot stand!

      We have to entities here in Hawai’i, one that is lawful but not
      in control, at the present time, and the other being unlawful
      and currently in control, at the present time.

      PACOM are guest of the unlawful entity that is currently in
      control over the Islands and will rely on that June 27, 1959
      vote to justify their unlawful presence here in the Islands in
      spite of solid evidence that there is no transfer of authority
      between the sovereign Hawaiian Kingdom to the U.S.
      Pa’akiki popo! And they will continue until there is a shift of
      power. I don’t think serving this information on a silver platter
      will make the high ranking officers tremble to the core as
      their duty is to protect the national security interest of the
      U.S. even if that means they have to ride on the edge of war
      crime violations. So for the moment they will remain until we
      deal with the host that allows them to remain!

      It’s time to deliver the SHOCK & AWE! Isolate the powers of
      the entity momentarily in control and PACOM will take notice!
      It’s time to implement the knowledge!


  7. Aloha everyone, let’s look at this from a practical and legal view point. The DOJ agreed by aquiescence that the Hawaiian Kingdom continues to exist under international law. Therefore, they have no jurisdiction in Hawaii and it is now solely up to the USPACOM to address the occupation.
    I am certain the new Commander is aprised of the situation but even if he is not he still can be officially notified. Also the 2013 War Report is scheduled for release on 12-20-14 and then no one can claim ignorance.
    The only logical presumption as to why there is a change in Command would be that Admr. Locklear may appear to have unclean hands in this situation. The new replacement has clean hands until he shows otherwise.
    Do not pre-judge him or the USPACOM at this point. I’m certain if they have no choice but to address the the occupation they will do it by the book. It’s not personal just business as usual.
    They have to make it right before the Protecting Power arrives since they will be monitored and reported for any violations.
    Once this process starts there is no need to worry about Abercrombie since he or whomever is Gov. at the time will be removed and replaced by the U.S. offical that will preside over the occupation. The State legislature and County Council from every County will be dissolved.
    You can see the writing on the wall on this one. Soon very soon.

  8. As Dr. Sai has stated: “Everything that we are doing is by law and as such we must be extremely careful in what we say, in what we do and how we proceed. In moving forward everything must be done by steps and before we are able to take the next step we must be certain that everything is in place from the step that was just taken”. We must be patient because everything that he and the Acting Government is doing is being done for a reason and a purpose. And before these International Agencies, Organization and Third Party Protected Power is able to intervene we must exhaust all options in trying to resolve the illegal occupation on our own which is exactly what Dr. Sai and the Acting Government is doing.

    Just as we had done in assisting our Lauima Clients with the Defected titles to their homes. We knew that the courts were going to rule against us, but in doing so the judge who ruled against our Motion to Dismiss committed a War Crime in denying their “rights to a fair and regular trial”. We then filed these war crimes with the (ICC) International Criminal that led to the warrants for their arrests being served upon these judges. This action by the ICC is a clear indication that war crimes are being committed and as such criminal implications and the war crime of “Pillaging” were indicated in the letters that were sent to OHA, to John Kerry and the State Department, Sally Jewel and the Department of Interior and Eric Holden and the Department of Justice.

    Like the courts it is clear that John Kerry, Sally Jewel and Eric Holden was not going to respond placing the responsibility solely on the Pacific Command and Commander Harry Harris to not only respond, but to take the proper action as he is required to under the Laws of Occupation. If he refuses he too can be implicated for war crimes that could travel all the up to the President himself.

    Being that the Pacific Command is the last option we fulfilled our requirements and as such these International Agencies, Organization and the Third Party Protected Power will now be able to intervene. As you can see, there is a process that even we are required to adhere to and from what is taking place it appears that we are almost there.

    Just my mana’o…..

    • Aloha cuz

      You’re right, we are dealing with an issue that is so complexed that the step by step process taken is being done very carefully. Understanding what the Kingdom intails is so vast and so comprehensive that patients will be what is needed so we don’t have chaos.

  9. So again, and I realize that not all information on this matter can be shared even if the AHK govt. wanted to shre it, I’m sure we’d all like to know if there is any update on when the Protecting Powers may begin to announce themselves or arrive? Any info. on what that situation looks like or what point in the discussions everyone is at?

    • Aloha Noelani, I would also love to know the current status of the ruling regarding Protecting Powers by the Swiss or other neutral country. It looks like we are on the verge of major history about to be made here in Hawaii. Everyone who doesn’t know a thing about what we already know will be hit like a tidal wave!!!! Those who thought we were crazy will eat their words. It would be great if Keanu or Professor Chang updates us by video or by this blog soon.

  10. Aloha Noelani, wouldn’t it be an educated guess that USPACOM must take appropriate actions before the Protecting Power arrives. So shouldn’t we be watching what they are doing instead of the Protecting Power? Or maybe there are other steps that need to be taken before this can start to take place?

  11. Seems like its now up to the U.S. Pacific Command in Hawaii. Makes me wonder what they’re going to do considering that a Judge Advocate of the Pacific Command one time said that there is no treaty of annexation for Hawaii. Not to mention the Pacific Command could be under investigation by the ICC for war crimes……..

    • We need to remember that a lot of our people have been misled by a lot of false groups and they don’t know who to believe anymore. Most of our people have become reliant on what is “familiar”, some are scared that we will return to the days when all we did was work in taro patches, fishponds, and pound tapa (funny but no). It’s really scary for those who don’t know what else there is available to our nation. So they just go on about their days without wanting to get their hopes up high. I speak this because this is where I once was. Thanks to UHMC, I get to explore our options as to what positive things could come out of this. I have gotten a lot of people to open up and listen to what I have been learning, while at the same time, I listen to them as well.

      All in all, I feel that the people are the foundation for the Hawaiian Kingdom. They must be empowered to express their concerns and feel that they are being heard. Our people will support people who truly care for them and they would be one solid foundation.

      For those who know the Kumulipo, the first thing that was created was the reef. I find that very interesting because the reef serves as the foundation. It is the shelter for our marine life and the the solid foundation on which land life can flourish. Everything begins with a plan and I believe that the reef was gods plan.

      Now here is Pele in all her beauty on our big island of Hawaii..she waited and creeped slowly the past week..while we all waited to hear the results of the DOJ..then here she goes again..picking up her pace. It feels as if she is pushing us to “get rolling”. So I wonder what is in this area that she threatens? Koki? Drugs? maybe something that threatens us? I dont know. What I do know is that I feel her message, for through Pele is destruction and creation. The same thing we are going through today.
      She is awake and she has a message, that is what I know. She hates when people do not fuel their passion. She moves slowly and cannot be stopped, people are mesmerized by her beauty but scared of her too. She is here for a reason.

      Lastly, Our Queen Liliuokalani, a wise woman. She requested that our Kupuna be humble as she asked them to return to their homes in order to avoid bloodshed. Her request saved our culture. She wrote many letters that showed her wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of what was being done to her kingdom. Those documents helped us to get to this point (Mahalo Keanu Sai, Dr. Chang, etc.). NOW WHAT??

      I do not know if I am correct, but, it seems as though Keanu Sai must now write to President Obama in the same fashion Queen Lili’uokalani has and request our Kingdom be fully restored. President Obama must then give orders to the U.S PACOM to bring down the United States flag and put ours back in its rightful place. Keanu Sai is our acting Regent, so it is he who will need to complete this step.

      We will also need to gain recognition under the United Nations. I found them on Twitter. I am sure if enough hawaiians can share their experiences and knowledge of how our culture is slowly dying, the effects of the Illegal Occupation of the United States (but show some appreciation for what the United States has shown us) and politely ask them to recognize us as our own Nation, we just might bring enough attention to the matter.

      1. Keanu Sai request our kingdom be restored by President Obama
      2. President Obama (which may play against us because he is not a US citizen after he acknowledges this) must acknowledge this and take proper steps in getting the USPACOM to take down their flag and recognize that they are on foreign grounds.
      3. In the meantime, we need to educate our people and write to the UN so they will help us.
      4. Begin Government building
      5. Find the best way to hear what the people have to say and hear their concerns.


      • I appreciate you say or call for government building so I have to ask, why have so many kanaka ignored the hard work of Henry Noa who has been ʻgovernment buildingʻ since 1999?
        Everything is on place. The hard part has been done.
        Thatʻs why when I hear “unite” I get turned off because it doesnʻt really ring true.

        • Perhaps one reason is that the historical information presented by Mr. Noa may not have made a meaningful impact that would’ve lead some if not a lot to believe
          that the gap between Hawaiian sovereign independence and U.S. occupation could be bridged.

          Being united is not something to be demanded from
          anyone, but it’s the respect earned by making
          something so complex seem so easy to comprehend.

          Maybe Mr. Noa and other group leaders truly
          have or had something genuine to share, but for
          the time being the discussion is here, this is where
          iron sharpens iron.

          Mr. Noa wouldn’t need your dedicated efforts to help
          him to unite the masses if he was providing information containing viable possibilities, we would be banging
          on his door too!

          Again, this is not a popularity contest or a he/she was
          there first or even who has the most genuine “Alii”
          bloodline, it is about helping everyone to take an
          unbiased look at Hawaiian historical information and
          evidence to make informed choices! This is a
          thinkers world, thinkers question and they interact
          because this involves their future!

          Another perspective, a lot of us love the UH football
          team, no matter their track record, but when you
          watch Marcus Mariota play for the ducks, WOW!
          The only difference, information!

          The question here, is Mr. Noa ready to unite with
          every one here on the edge of critical mass?

          Sometimes you hear some kupunas speak out,
          “That’s the trouble, everybody are like crabs in
          a bucket”
          Once you become enlightened, you can cross
          that bucket off your list! And for goodness sake,
          don’t be the last crab in the bucket making that
          statement, that will mean you’re the only one
          pulling yourself down! 😉

          The measurement of a leader is founded upon

          Hope this helps you my friend!

          • Well spoken Kanekeawe!
            I applaud the efforts and passion of everyone in the LRHG, however I have my concerns.
            The 1864 Hawaiian Constitution does not allow the legislative branch to dissolve the power of the Executive branch and create the office of Prime Minister.
            Their Allegiance form has individuals swearing allegiance to their 1999 Constitution. Could this be erasing their rights being held in perpetuity in the 1864 Hawaiian Constitution?
            Both questions have been posed numerous times with no reply. To me that is a problem.
            We all learning at different rates.

          • Well, thank you for your response, kanekeawe, but it was a little more conjecture than I was seeking. Process is a concrete discussion and that is what I was hoping to hear. Emotions and historical arguments are fine and well but something concrete needs to transpire for a political transfer of authority or we can go on til the cows come home or worse until thereʻs nothing left to debate about.

            In reply to your inquiry, Henry Noa has made it abundantly clear that his government structure is there and for anyone to come on board and make use of it; very generous proposals and even to solicit anyone else who would like to run for office as it is a fair and legitimate election process. You do understand the dire importance of elections in order to move forward donʻt you?

            I am not sure where citizens of a Hawaiian nation fit in Keanu Saiʻs world; there only seems to be him calling shots, not a participatory type government. But that is a little easier just waiting for a great mandate to be decided by ʻcourtsʻ or some other factor. LHG is some work and it is initiative to take back and demand what rightfully belongs to kanaka.

            Your last comment, “The measurement of a leader is founded upon humbleness” is directed at Noa? I am not clear on that. Forgive me if I misinterpreted.

            In closing this comment, what appears to be critical or critical thinking is that these leaders need to come together because they are the only ones sticking out as viable and the only ones that cause movement. Thatʻs what we should be talking about is: movement not accolades for individuals.

          • Aloha e,

            Now I’m not saying, but what if Mr. Noa’s
            interpretation of certain Hawaiian historical
            facts were known to be misplaced, would it
            be wise to continue to unite people?

            Wouldn’t one take the time to do some fact
            finding in order to make certain the information
            being presented is accurate?

            Imagine looking at the morning sunrise and
            at the same time looking at a compass that
            indicates anything but East in the direction
            of the sun, still feel confident leading people
            by compass bearings?

            Remember the old saying, you don’t know
            what you don’t know until you know?
            When the student is ready the teacher will
            appear; is the student humble enough to
            even recognize its teacher in whatever form
            it may be?

            Historical facts are events that are subject
            to time and interpretation. There may be
            many different interpretations to just one
            event. I think most of us will agree with the
            fact that we were not alive in 1893, (unless
            there is a super kupuna among us) but there
            are lots of Hawaiian historical information accompanied by numerous translations.

            In order for each of us to make informed
            choices we need to individually analyze
            the evidence before us, even being the
            devils advocate at times to ensure what
            we think and what we say is as accurate
            as possible!

            I am in no way personally disrespecting
            you or Mr. Noa, just pointing out the
            why to your question earlier. Aloha!


          • Ok then, kanekeawe. Would you care to be more specific, leaving out the generalizations about how the history professor (Noa) is so incorrect in his interpretation of history?

          • e,

            Invite Mr. Noa to join us in conversation!
            Lots of topics on this site for him to pick
            from and we will converse with him!


        • In reply to your question e..Education. Not everyone heard about Henry Noa and likewise, not everyone know of Keanu Sai. Those who have heard of these 2 people were those who were able to keep up with it, weren’t let down perhaps, that I don’t know. What I do know is that I am going out there door to door educating people of what is going on because I was lucky enough to have ran into someone who knew about Keanu Sai. I began to read about him, read his works and works of others, and when I finally believed in him, I educated. Now its up to those people that I have educated to go and do their own research if they feel the need.

          • e,

            It appears you don’t believe in what Dr. Sai is doing or you feel that he’s doing it for personal gain, I disagree. Dr. Sai asks no one to join a group or pay due’s or anything that would make it seem like he’s the leader of just another Hawaiian Sovereignty Organization.

            I’ve been wanting to be part of an organization that would perpetuate our Hawaiian History, whether it be Ka Lahui, Kau Inoa, Nation Of Hawaii, Ka Pakaukau, Reinstated Hawaiian Government, but none of these made me feel as confident as I am now with the teachings of Dr. Keanu Sai. His research is based on fact and I challenge anyone to dispute the facts that have been presented by Dr Sai, Professor Chang and all those individuals who have worked hard to seek the truth and come forward to share with us.

            I don’t have a Phd, a Master’s Degree or any other college degree, but what I do have is common sense. Since reading Dr. Sai’s dissertation and everything I could get my hands on to educate myself about our Hawaiian History, It’s like what Dr. Willy Kauai quoted his brother, a Paniolo on Maui as saying, you don’t need a Phd to figure this out, it’s common sense.

            Dr. Sai’s position with the Hawaiian Kingdom is a temporary position as he states in his dissertation and once the Hawaiian Kingdom is up and operating as it once was, his position is terminated, again as he states in his dissertation.

            To say that you’re not sure where the citizens of a Hawaiian Nation would fit in Dr. Sai’s world, is to say he’s making things up. He’s not calling shots for anyone, he’s presenting the facts and asking all naysayers to dispute these facts, if the facts cannot be disputed then Deoccupy the Hawaiian Islands.

            Then at this point the Hawaiian people can decide whether they want to follow Henry Noa’s Reinstated Hawaiian Government Structure or build their own according to Hawaiian Kingdom Law.

            My common sense point of view

          • Again, I must stress “EDUCATION”…I believe in Keanu Sai, but I am also cautious. What gets me is that no other group has left all the facts for us to see, so my belief is there. My constant worry is how to get each individual to understand but at the same time, I am hoping that he isn’t going to forget the people when he reaches the top..its an occurrence that happens one too many times now days and I can’t help but pray every day that Keanu Sai will keep pushing through this and remain humble. Right now my belief in Io is what keeps me following Keanu Sai. All my openings keep leading me toward him. So…no I don’t believe in any one man alone. But to educate and fail these people from one wrong move, keeps me on guard.

            Please don’t talk to me about common sense…I mean its sad that a lot of people lack it now days, but how you say it implies it to me. Sometimes you have to work with those who lack it in order for them to understand…that’s what I am doing. Don’t put them down, they are may be smarter than you in other things. Be Humble.

  12. Wonder if William Aila of DLNR still stands firm in telling me “so give me my war crimes, so give me my war crimes because I tired already of everybody telling me dey going charge me with war crimes”

    Since he can’t allow us to have an ‘auwai from the river attached to our kuleana land that flows back into the same river, cause we neva get one permit.

    That he is bound to the confines of the Hawaii State Constitution and will continue to bury our ‘auwai and send us the bill. While he discussing our issue with everyone he talks to that knows us, repeating “I like what they doing, BUT they need to get a PERMIT.” LMAO!
    And his DOCARE officers that was there with their bullet proof vest and heavy artillery acting like they was going to WAR; telling people “yeah, dey think dey funny…after we had burry their ditch dey had dig ’em out the next day.” Mind you they can’t even look at us without guilt when we see them. again, LMAO! #showmethetitle


    While A &B/McBryde and Robinsons ‘auwai that flows into far away Ahupua’a lands are grandfathered in and the law don’t apply to them. #showmethetitle

    EACH day millions upon millions of gallons of water are diverted freely to lands all over while their pockets get full and our pockets get emptied as our resources slowly die away.

    So thankful that get people like Keanu, and all involved in bringing justice for the people. Now take action in your community to help HULI KAKOU and bring back KUPONO!

    • Yes, and I wish someday they could realize how absolutely ridiculous they look in their hollywood costumes. Pretending they running off to battle. In their own minds.
      The foolsʻ errands.

  13. i am kanaka, i see at the very least a trespass on my kuleana and a number of violations agains human basic and fundimental rights for the past 121 years here in hawaii, i owe no alegence to america or its military, this unlawful and continuing criminal act by the american people is not new to our Hawaii…

  14. I for one have been following this as carefully and attentively as possible because I too have been lied to most of my life. Being a skeptic comes second nature to one whom has been operating under the notion that serving my country while on active duty during 1966 – 1972 gave me the right to question the law’s and those who have been elected to those positions of authority that protects all of us.

    I have since then witnessed all kinds of inappropriate behavior by those who have been sworn to provide ALL AMERICAN’S with due process of the law.

    I now am looking forward to having all of these Law Enforcement Agents’ and their Superiors to be held accountable for those wrongs do to me and my family by arresting, confesscating, and incarcerating them on the Continental USA for trumped up charges which have been fabricated, and I look forward to FULL Restoration of Cash, Property, and Time being served so Help Me God…

    • While the facts and legal arguments provide indisputable evidence of crimes committed and crimes that are continuing through occupation and an unlawful “state government,” will the US government ever comply with any ICC ruling against it? What authority will be responsible to see that enforcement or compliance is done?, The ICC? The U.N? Pacific Area Command? Will the supposedly strongest nation on earth “acquiesce?” Will international outcry or support from other nations “force” the US into surrendering the Hawaiian Kingdom. I have difficulty grasping “just HOW”the transfer will occur.

      • Thank you for your thoughts. I think so many agree the work of transition will be complicated and hard on so many fronts if we’re to regain true and sustainable political and economic independence.

        But without broad based education of the historical and legal facts – in and outside of Hawai’i – the work is even harder and risks failing.

        We don’t have to give up doing the right thing because it’s too hard – and education is something we all can do. Keep going Chuck – so many more know more today.

        • Mahalo, Luana for your response. I am not discouraged or giving up. I am seeking ideas, silutions, or alternative action, legal, educational, with collaboration from our different sovereignty entities (I.e.; Reinstated Hawaiian Government, Dr. Sai, Professor Chang, etc.) What legal leverage and REAL national and international support is there to “convince” the US citizenry and our Hawaiian people that this is the PINO thing to do? I have listened to several of Dr. Sai’s presentations, value and appreciate his and Mr. Noa’s passion and efforts in their attempts to educate the masses through the perdpectives and the legal process….using the system to bring down the “house of cards.” As Ringo and I ask, “What’s the next step?” Again, mahalo nui loa for all over your contributions and insights.

      • Strongest nation? 17 billion dollars in debt. The powers at be gonna blow it up. They were hoping they could wait it out in Hawaii. Makaala ka nalu!

        • Akamai, Tim..”supposedly”..strongest nation…..haha, depends on one’s interpretation of strong. I think Iolani’s “next steps” make sense.
          I need to educate myself on the War Crimes report due out 12-20-2014…any suggestions anyone?
          Mahalo, Tim and others….I am learning from everyone…even Schmedley.

          • E kala mai. My last post was not very helpful, regarding your questions. Education is definitely a good thing, as there are numerous sudjects to be educated on. Understanding the facts regarding our illegal occupation, and being a purveyor of this information will help move us forward.
            Depending on where you are in the learning process, sharing the information might be the best thing.
            There are some that are notifying decision makers of the potential criminal and financial liabilities that come with denying the existence of the Hawaiian Kingdom.
            Once you understand and accept you nationality as a Hawaiian Subject, joining a group claiming to be a Hawaiian government doesn’t make sense.
            Just my mana’o. Hope it helps.

  15. His letter was ignored because it’s rubbish. There is no illegal occupation. In fact, in every land on earth the government has been over thrown at some point. Does that make every country illegal? The old monarchy was shut down for a better form of government for the people, by the people. The Hawaiian Islands are part of the US now, it’s a state, the rest is history.

    • Schmedley, it is clear you have a lot to learn, but what do you expect from someone who supports the illegalities and lies of the United Fakes of America.

    • Okay, Schmedley, if there is no illegal occupation and Hawaii is legally a part of the United States, much less the 50th State of the Union, how come the U.S. Government did not respond to this letter? Because if Hawaii is a part of the United States, there should be no hesitation to prove it, no? Because if they can, this is all over. Makes sense?

      You have a lot to learn of Hawaii’s legal history

    • Hello, Schmedley. I do not know what qualifies you to dismiss the statements of a distinguished law professor as “rubbish,” but what little argument you offer in support of your judgment seems to lack merit.

      In fact, it seems to contradict the US’ own position that certain acts of overthrow are in fact illegitimate (for example, Russia’s overthrow of Crimea).

      The position Dr. Chang takes regarding the US overthrow of Hawaii does not all suggest that every act of overthrow is illegal, but rather makes a very clear and supported argument of this specific circumstance. It would be so much more compelling if you could dismiss his claim with facts and legal basis. (Rubbish could be cast aside so clearly.)

      Finally, with no critical supporting evidence, you determine the criminal insurgents to have been a “better form of government for the people, by the people.” And seemingly without further thought on the matter, have settled that “the rest is history.”

      I’m guessing you’re on this blog because you have a personal interest. And so, I wish you education and light and capacity to change your mind, when appropriate.

    • The only thing opala is your comment. How is Hawaii the 50th state? I suggest you read more threads on this blog before you comment you make yourself look “LOLO”.

    • Spoken like a true ignorant pawn. Its funny though because I come across clowns like you on a daily basis. Better for what people? Certainly not MY people my people are being shit on everyday just so other people can live that fake ‘American Dream’. Educate yourself more on this subject before talking out your ass again. Just some friendly advice.

  16. It appears that one action can provide so many answers, “when in Rome do what the romans do”

    If this is an occupation (I see a criminal trespass etc, no takings just willful and malicious criminal acts committed by armed foreign men & women supported by it military forces) and the occupier violates internation laws by not administering the laws of the occupied, these laws are still in place, remember occupation does not extingish the occupied;

    So the logical, legal and moral position is to live in your Kingdom every day full heartedly as a proud poe kanaka hawaii, keep a record of any injuries against your rights to freedom and deprivation against you and your ohana as he hawaii au;

    If you have records of injuries committed against makuakane, makuahine, na kupuna ame na keiki o ka aina gather your evidence and build your case against those who have been given notice;

    If you are simply continuing your allegance in this wonderful Kingdom of Hawaii as kanaka hawaii, than doing the same is a natural, this should give everyone notice of who you are and where you live and come from today;

    As the saga unfold,

    Mahalo ke Akua

  17. To the one, Schmedley assumption of opinion with-out facts of knowledge, your concept of historical facts and contrived opinion is typical of one who jumps without looking. In the dark you shall stay, until you can grasp the golden ring of truth and human dignity. Rest your restless soul so others can learn what is pono and move as one. All things living, loving, caring Onipa’a Imua almighty Akua………….

  18. I’m glad to say Dr. Sai stated don’t listen to what I say, go get educated. My experience of paying attention was trying to figure out what the big deal was of Kamana’opono Crabbe’s letter to the U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry asking for a legal opinion on the status of the Hawaiian Kingdom whether OHA could be violating international law by pursuing a Native Hawaiian governing entity. The sad thing is growing up we learned American History. We didn’t grow up learning our Hawaiian History. Now this got me reading up on the links to the documents. I didn’t understand the Ku’e Petition that has been mentioned. But it’s funny how Kupuna communicate to keep looking. It was Tuesday morning Sept. 23, 2014 I found her signature on the Ku’e Petition dated Sept. 11, 1897. Amazing that being curious of this letter has led me on a journey of trying to educated myself on our Hawaiian History. Yes, a lot of deceit. I remember our Kupuna speaking Hawaiian at home and didn’t understand why they didn’t teach us the language. Well I came across how the language was taken away & English was used. Yes in today’s world everyone is thinking on the Western World Concept. It’s sad to say that when 1970’s movement started with George Helm, Walter Ritte & others they were marked as ACTIVIST. Why?They stood up for Hawaiian Rights to Malama Aina. Now getting back to this letter no one is answering the letters written by Kamana’opono, Dr. Chang. Then the Attorney General Eric Holder resign, The Pacific Command Mr. Locklear leave, Rhea Suh leave her position what is up with all this happening. It’s starting to look shady that all of this is happening. Is there something to hide? Just provide the proof of the TREATY. I can honestly say the action taken to not respond is saying a lot along with the recent events of what’s going on here in Hawaii. People taking a stand to making it PONO. It’s funny all the fear that has been instilled in the people by Government. A lot of education is needed and I’m just starting educating myself on our History to understand what happened to Hawaii. Recently with the TMT on Mauna Kea. Again no respect for our Hawaiian Culture. Why not put it up in the Countries that are funding it? Why does it have to be Hawaii? We have to keeping fighting to protect our culture & resources here in Hawaii. The message is it’s okay for others to come here to our home and do whatever they like. Laws that favor their dreams. What is forgotten is Ke Akua own everything. We were put here as stewards to take care of it. Not to destroy it for the greed of money. Just sharing my thoughts.

  19. So, I got a speeding ticket once that I wanted to challenge. A court date is set and I fail to show up for the court date (sick or whatever). What verdict is rendered on my behalf by the judge? Does he/she rule in my favor or against me? Because of my ‘acquiescence’ by not showing up to contest the ticket (I was not there to deny that I sped), the ruling automatically goes against me and I must deal with the consequences of that. This is an example of what happened with the US DOJ not replying to Dr Chang’s letter in the 2-week window in which that office was advised was given them to respond.

    In a situation where the DOJ actually does its due diligence, it would have replied and stated what it intends to do or that the allegations are false (and state how/why by citing law). In this case, that did not happen. The DOJ acquiesced to the points iterated in Chang’s letter. There is no denial that war crimes were committed so acquiescing means the DOJ admits (as is the case in international law) to the tenets of the allegations raised.

  20. Given the above statements who do we pay taxes to? What happens if we refuse to pay taxes to uncle sam? Can we pay to the Kingdom of Hawaii and avoid federal prision?? All so mind blowing!!!

  21. Keone…go pass the message loudly and over and over. Get na ohana to do the same. We need to specially now because the occupier is falling apart and creating even more pilikia.

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