2 thoughts on “DOJ Reply Ltr to Prof Chang

  1. It’s a game, Dr. Williamson Chang letter is long over due on the response and therefor if they have any questions, they should call him…. They the ones that are carrying the fraud and lying to the public based in their indoctrination of our history.. Legal action must take place based on America’s occupation, they over stayed their welcome and must leave because all they did was take away our privileges and benefits for their own pleasures…

  2. It is a fact I also believe that it is a game. I do not expect much more of a response to my letter to the DOJ regarding my situation with the courts and legal system on Moku O Keawe. I don’t expect much more of a response from the Judicial Complaints Committee either or from the Police Commission. Suppression, Coercion and Harassment is their addiction and they have not broken the habit. They are afraid …very afraid. Will report how it goes with me.

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