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  1. I have not heard anything anywhere in the news whats up with that? one would think that the local media at best would be all over this now. local media must be run by the Grass Roots crew. Anyone hear anything?.

  2. Ringo, I was wondering the same thing. I looked at the news outlets and nothing. Is this a deliberate attempt at silencing the issue? If they don’t talk about it, then it’s not real?

  3. I wanted to say Mahalo Professor Chang. In your interview with Anne Kala Kelley you mentioned that some people may have to be arrested for civil disobedience, in regards to Mauna Kea.
    I couldn’t help but feel, that’s nice but why aren’t you laying down in front of the dozer. It is easy to ask others to put something on the line.
    Your letter, erases that thought. In my opinion, you have put your money where your mouth is! You got my vote! Mahalo nui!
    Mahalo to everyone else that signed this letter.

  4. Every annexation by the U.S. has been carried out by treaty except for three cases. The three exceptions were: Texas, Hawaii, and Swain Island, which were all accomplished by joint resolution. In each case there would remain, after annexation, no nation to be in treaty with. The Republic of Texas, the Republic of Hawaii, and the owner of Swain Island all offered cession of their entire territory to the U.S. If accepted by the U.S., there would remain no nation outside the ceded territory to have a treaty with. That is why joint resolution was the only appropriate annexation procedure for those three cases. All other annexations were properly accomplished by treaty because only a portion of the ceding nation’s territory was being annexed, not all of its territory. The nation that remains has thus entered into a treaty agreement with the U.S. concerning the ceded territory. So a treaty would be the only appropriate procedure when only a portion of territory is being ceded.

    • I highly suggest you study Hawaii’s legal history before making such claims. In this field, we are careful on what we say. Also, I think you need to look up on what is the difference is between a treaty and a legislative law measure.

    • I think there is a HUGE payday waiting for you at the US State Department and Deutsche Bank. They need your info so they can refute our irrefutable history.

    • I’m with all others here, 808. I think you’ve got a few facts wrong here – but you should really research this and work through your assumptions as so many of us have done and continue to do.

      One of the things that will be easy to confirm through historical US record is that the “Republic of Hawaii” was an illegitimate puppet government responsible for the illegal overthrow and officially declared as much by US President Cleveland when he sent instructions to have the Hawaiian Kingdom and our Queen lawfully restored.

      There was nothing “appropriate” about any actions of the treasonous group of men who illegally proclaimed themselves “Republic of Hawaii.” The US’ participation in the acts of these criminals doesn’t make it any more legit…

      Education, amigo, is a powerful thing. And this blog is a good start, if you really want it.

    • Aloha Amigo,

      Thank you for your opinion. Sometimes it takes a sincere opinion such as yours to expose the truth and facts which you may have missed during your research.

      You may be correct about Texas and Swain Island. But! The so called republic of hawaii (Sanford B. Dole and his fellow Criminals) was made up of the original Criminals who committed high treason, who previously named themselves the so called failed provisional government. High Treason Criminals has no authority to declare themselves anything let alone, the government of the Hawaiian Kingdom. They had nothing to cede to the UNITED STATES because of their crimes.

      Not to far in recent the past the Department of Justice’s Office of Legal Counsel dated October 4, 1988 that addressed the 1898 annexation of the Hawaiian Islands by a joint resolution of Congress. Douglas Kmiec, Acting Assistant Attorney General, authored the memorandum for Abraham D. Sofaer, legal advisor to the U.S. Department of State. After covering the scope of Congressional authority, which is limited to U.S. territory, and the objections made by members of the Congress, Kmiec concluded,

      “Notwithstanding these constitutional objections, Congress approved the
      joint resolution and President McKinley signed the measure in 1898.
      Nevertheless, whether this action demonstrates the constitutional power of Congress to acquire territory is certainly questionable. … It is therefore unclear which constitutional power Congress exercised when it acquired Hawaii by joint resolution. Accordingly, it is doubtful that the acquisition of Hawaii can serve as an appropriate precedent for a congressional assertion of sovereignty over an extended territorial sea.”

      The United States very own Attorney General’s office in 1988 clearly undermined the claim of United States sovereignty over the Hawaiian Islands. This tells me that congress couldn’t even annex anything even from the so called republic of hawaii.

      Anyways, Thank you again for you post. My intent was not to undermined your research but only to educate.

  5. Heh 808Amigo, maybe you can explain this to Putin. Then he can just use a joint resolution of annexation to annex Ukraine. Come on are you serious.

  6. Does anyone ever notice the coincidental news coverage when there’s something of interest going on in this community? Ex: hardly much coverage on Scotland leading up to their vote, then Wham! Two days of things like Separation Defeated! Today, the front page of the Advertiser is carrying a story of a Hawaiian who fought in the Civil War for America. They didn’t carry a single word on Professor Chang’s press conference about war crimes. It’s true. Silence is deafening. But, as if to clarify, in case people were thinking that maybe they were just overreacting, the Local news agencies always slip their perspective in their. No, you aren’t imagining that!

    • We need to be the ones to educate people, they definitely are not going to.
      They are terrified of the potential consequences.
      1898 Congress, President willingly violated the US Constitution while the Supreme Court sat there and watched. NO ONE NOTICED OR PROTESTED. If that is not evidence of the US Government being broken, I don’t know what is, and that was in 1898!!!!
      Since then very shady things have occured in America around 1900, 1940 and 1960.
      Their only way out is for the President to address the nation, explain what happened and why he is restoring the Hawaiian Kingdom in accordance with the treaties and International Law.
      But then again maybe they are more interested in erasing a 17 Trillion dollar debt that they cannot repay.
      If the government owes the people 8trillion dollars, social security, how do they repay that? Through taxes collected from the people?
      And the FEDWRECK people want to tie us to that sinking ship!!!! Pupule!

  7. As I understand it the US AG has 2 weeks to reply from the filing by the Professor….and OMG, aue no ho’i!, the AG announcement resignation with no apparent reason…and he did have an illustrious career for the US in many matters of importance, notable famous by the hatred of his enemies. Now, this letter is sent to an “empty office” and if the news is correct today 25 September 2014, no appointee or nominee is set for “months”. I am NOT a conspiracy theorist, angry, violent, by any means, but thoroughly believe in Ka Uhane ke Aloha, but it looks to me like it’s convenient timing putting of a possible reply.

  8. Aloha Tim, you are getting warmer. The more you follow the yellow brick road (money) the more things make sense. Why would you even attempt to pay off the debt if you know in advance that you are heading to bankruptcy. What do all bankruptcy attorneys tell their clients? Stop making payments on the debts. HINT. Maybe New world reserve currency?

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