3 thoughts on “Aloha ‘Aina Talk Story with Associate Professor Kaleikoa Ka‘eo

  1. Aloha and mahalo to both of you for the maikai video,and speaking truth to power.I think I have heard professor Kaeo,teasing those of us that had the privilege to attend Kamehameha Schools,but I can’t say that it was that great,because when I was a student there it was basically about being an American kanaka,and we know that Bishop was one of traitors that helped to do the deed,and when my grandfather went there in 1909,he couldn’t speak a word of English,and he told me he was forced to speak English or they would not have fed him.Just glad that there are people like yourselves,and that Kaleikoa can speak our mother language,and also think it.Mahalo Lono

  2. Aloha Lono, great job and it is so true what you say. But, not only Kamehameha School was like that even Da public schools. I grad from Roosevelt.

  3. It was the 2011 Aha Kane lecture, by Kaleikoa, that really started me on the journey to learn our mo’olelo. After hearing his mana’o, I began buying every book I could find that contained our mo’olelo. It is his sort of mana’o that will help break the “chains from your brain”
    3 years later, I feel much more empowered and confident in my position as a Hawaiian Subject.
    Education! Know where you came from, where you are and YOU can help lead our people into the future.
    Mahalo Anne and Kaleikoa!

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