State of Hawai‘i Hawaiian Homes Commissioner “Uncle Joe” Tassil Calls for Moratorium on all Evictions in Hawaiian Homes because of War Crimes




RENWICK_TASSILLAt Hawaiian Homes hearing at Paukukalo 10:00 a.m. this morning, “Uncle Joe” Tassil called for a moratorium of all evictions in Hawaiian Homes until the Justice Department responds to a letter authored by Dr. Chang, Professor of Law at UH which letter was premised upon a letter and memorandum drafted by Dr. Keanu Sai, Ph.D. regarding the current existence of the Hawaiian Kingdom and the unlawful occupation by the United States in Hawai’i. Attorney Dexter Kaiama testified on behalf of qualified Hawaiian Beneficiaries as to Department of Hawaiian Homelands, a state agency’s, lack of jurisdiction.  Christopher Fishkin, a legal assistant to a law office in Wailuku, testified separately, to numerous violations of Federal law by DHHL and violations of the rights of qualified Hawaiian beneficiaries pursuant to the Federal law. Fishkin also encouraged the Commissioners to adopt Commissioner Tassil’s recommendation of a moratorium of evictions, to review and address the violations of Hawaiians’ rights in Hawaiian Homes which Fishkin asserted were being perpetuated against qualified Hawaiian beneficiaries under the color of state law.

Representative of Habitat for Humanity and solar energy providers to Hawaiian Homes testified as to lengthy delays in their being able to provide services to Hawaiians in Hawaiian Homes and unclear contractual obligations in order to do so.

Contact Commissioner Joe Tassil for more info. 808-664-6901

15 thoughts on “State of Hawai‘i Hawaiian Homes Commissioner “Uncle Joe” Tassil Calls for Moratorium on all Evictions in Hawaiian Homes because of War Crimes

  1. Mahalo Commissioner Joe!
    It is so easy to blame Hawaiians for their situation, when you don’t know our history. When you know our history you begin to see how the reason a Hawaiian is being evicted might be a direct result of the injustices that come with illegal occupation. Mahalo nui!

  2. Wow. God bless, Uncle Joe, for having been so vocal about this mess for a while now. Enough really is enough. We all know too many who have been victimized by the corruption of this “entitlement benefit” that dares to make houseless Hawaiians in Hawai’i – insanity. Brother Christopher has a good heart and I thank him for all he does to fight with Hawaiians knowing the odds have been stacked against us. Having Uncle Joe stand so solidly on this side is a blessing. And of course, Dexter Kaiama’s help is always a wonderful thing.

    As Kaleikoa Kaeo says, “Hawaiian is a verb.” Get up, stand up!

    • Well said Luana, I concur with you on the brilliant and stellar performance of these leaders. The trepidation they face each day to make our Hawaiian Kingdom Restoration a reality is grueling work. We must honor their selflessness by putting it on the line with them by our kokua and educating ourselves. Sitting on the fence or being ‘Ai ho’okano is not an option. ‘Onipa’a kakou

  3. Another pono leader in the Hawaiian Kingdom to educate the masses. I testify the work you do to use you kuleana to make things right. Your position as Commissioner was meant to be another light in the wind moving forward in continuing the path of our kupuna iwi. You are among the heros in our time. We are so proud of you. Mahalo nui loa Uncle for being another hand in the lahui ea. Blessing of God be upon you and all that you do.

    Me ke aloha pumehana,

  4. ThIs is awesome! My endless support goes out to Dr. Sai, Professor Chang, and to those State employees who are also in support. Kako’o Kekuhi i Kekuhi.

  5. Shouldn’t a moretoreum be held on all real estate transactions in the islands? Evictions, sales or purchases since the state of Hawaii does not have jurisdiction due to the occupation and all titles are invalid?

  6. Mahalo uncle Joe, Pono!

    An immediate moratorium should be implemented against the authority of
    the State of Hawaii’s Governor Neil Abercrombie based upon Professor
    Chang’s recent letter to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, Jr.
    A moratorium should also be implemented against the State of Hawaii’s
    Office of the Attorney General pending the outcome from U.S. Attorney
    General Eric Holder. How can that office uphold the law when it may be
    unlawful itself? Plus, it just makes good sense!

    If indeed the State of Hawaii is without any lawful authority here in the
    Hawaiian Islands based upon solid historical evidence why should
    it be allowed to remain in power? After all wouldn’t the State of Hawaii be
    considered a defunct agency that would be incapable of making any formal
    turnover of authority of the Hawaiian Islands anyway?

    The head must be held accountable, while the body remains functional!
    The Hawaiian Islands can still function, but the State of Hawaii’s authority
    will remain in question until a lawful response is rendered from U.S. Attorney
    General Eric Holder, Jr.

    The U.S. made a big to do here in the Islands on August 12, 1898, allowing
    all to believe that a transfer of authority was delivered to them when in fact
    they have nothing! Since the U.S., according to solid evidence, is without
    lawful authority here in the Hawaiian Islands all that’s left is for a lowering
    of the U.S. flag ceremony and a kick’um out of control party! Just thinking!

    Mahalo Professor Chang and Dr. Sai for the Press Conference at the U.H.
    Manoa law school campus yesterday.

    • Attention: The eviction court case for Nowlin Correa of Correa
      Ranch, Waimanalo is scheduled this Friday, 10/10 at 9 a.m. at the Kaneohe District Court. If anyone has or knows of someone who was evicted from “DHHL” lands or threatened to be evicted, please come. We need to show solicarity. Please share.

      Mahalo nui loa

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