23 thoughts on “ABC News Australia Covers War Crimes Reported to U.S. Attorney General

  1. It seems to me that the drafting of Hawaiian subjects into the US army during the existence of the US military draft is a more serious crime than imposition of taxation, as it resulted in many deaths. Likewise, the wholesale confiscation of land.

    • There are many various violations listed under the law of occupation. This is just a nudging to bring things to a head. They may enumerate the violations and highlight them individually. This could keep them chasing their tails as each violation is highlighted and people can realize what these numerous violations are. Chang’s, Show me the deed!” covers one of them. Forcing the Hawaiian Kingom subjects out of the territory or relocating prisoners to the continent is another as well as allowing U.S. Americans to relocate to Hawaii. These are just some of the violations.

  2. You got that right but to get to the problem you must remove the power of it all. And to do that you need to remove the money, without money you cant hire enforcement agents and without enforcement agents you cant enforce the so called laws of the puppet government and so on. So you take the root of the problem and the tree dies!!!

  3. I believe the tax issue was an issue common to the state and county work force. This gave them a platform that addresses the state and it’s illegal activities that directly implicates these workers. This is a justifiable reason for them to issue the letter and the employer cannot say it’s a personal agenda for sovereignty and try to discipline them. Nice strategy.

    OH YEAH I guess it is getting to HOT for U.S. Attorney General Holder, he just resigned. LOL

  4. U.S. Attorney General Holder resigning, wat up with that, you think he could not be a part of the big lie? Maybe not able to face the truth about Hawaii or maybe the U.S. is trying to delay the answer to Professor Chang and Dr. Sai and the world. IMUA!

  5. Eerie, how out of nowhere Holder just resigns and the news media not reporting the press conf. I wonder what happens now with the BIG question we are all waiting to hear. A lot of unexplained and sinister things going on behind closed doors. To be a fly on the wall… I smell Freedom!

  6. “Oh, what tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive” the story goes!

    Aia ihea ka pe’e pao, auwe, kupale ‘a’ole e kona ka aina hanau. He hewa noho’i!

    Where’s the coward that will not defend his homeland? Do not err. He ala e! Awaken!

    Your Kupuna are still here! Long live the Hawaiian Kingdom.

  7. Hahaha! Resigning is not gonna exempt Holder from responding to that letter. They still need to find a replacement for him. And according to multiple sources, Holder is gonna stay as Attorney General until his replacement comes in. He still has one week to respond to Professor Chang’s letter!

  8. Or I should say, the Attorney General’s office has almost one week to respond to Professor Chang’s letter. Holder’s resignation is not gonna change anything. But I have to say that is quite a surprise.

    • Doreene, Are people putting this year’s candidates on notice that they can be a part of the problem or part of the solution? Earlier you had asked for copies of my presentations here in Maine, If I have your email, I can send to you contact me at joliyoka@gmail.com.

      • I know some of them are aware. Now that they know they will be held accountable unless of course they help institute Hawaiian Kingdom Law. They just need to take a step forward and do what is right.


  9. I wish that our acting in progress government ( The Hawaiian Kingdom), can enlist some other countries in way of a petition, to get on board to support our cause and efforts to remedy the injustice. How could Obama, who loves Hawaii, ever show his face here again knowing that he owes us. His wanting to sign us up as a sovereign independent national Indian status is an admission of guilt. They wont let him do it for various good reasons. So there is no more offer to be had. If he uses that pen of his to sign us on anyway, it is still not legal . Its time to do something legal. Enough Illegal things have been done already.

    Clear and ready alliances need to be on stand by, as this is a major issue that won’t be an easy victory. The US government has a way of dealing with its enemies of State, It has mercenary enlistments to do its secret bidding. I pray all here are kept from their evil. This is a task for God Almighty, do not forget that ingredient in this matter. Please invite him on your board to rule and reign and it will come to pass. It is also his will that this transfers over, He got plans here.

    • I can see what your saying about making alliances and what not, but, I dont think we want this to turn into the third world war just because we wanted the u.s. to deoccupy our nation. For me, i would feel guilty if it turned into a war when we could have used peaceful ways to resolve this problem

      • Actually, all the countries are aware because the complaint has been lodged Internationally. We are on the brink of a third world war as we type. This is not going to make it any worse, but pulling away from the USA just may save us from being hit JUST BECAUSE we are aligned with them as we have been threatened already by North Korea and China sits on out door step to make a move. Having Alliances, bring us to the limelight where the USA has to think twice about its actions and moves carefully around us instead of through us. If the USA goes into martial law are you ready? Do you have any idea what laws they have passed that violate our constitution. Do you know what they are planning?. All attempts to escape the lock down must be made now. Time is of the essence. Have we come to the Kingdom for such a time as this? I truly think so .Its time. .

        • Also, remember if you know the story of the 10 spies sent to Canaan, the paradise in the biblical times in b.c.history, the Land of Milk and Honey.Only two came back with a good report. Two, named Joshua and Caleb..who spoke we are able to possess and overtake the Giants in the land that God had given them. The Giants ruled for many years, but when God has a plan he send his representatives with an eviction notice to the enemy. People of faith and belief in his word and the law of his word. Is this our land, yes, and it was stolen, personally and corporately. We don’t speak the problem, we declare the truth with wisdom and correct application in faith leaving the results to God to perform his will and word. What report will you have, I say we overcome and possess all,

        • You have exactly nailed it Debra! Consider just one: the NDAA indefinite detention” provision–the govt can pick up someone and hold them with no trial, witness for the defense, evidence, judge or jury! If that is not fascism, what is? The US is at 1938 Germany already. Consider too the impunity for police who kill unarmed black and brown young men!

          • Amen!!! Believe in truth and vindication, taking hostage all thoughts of failure..we are, we will , and we have the land…believers declare the end from the beginning…

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