The Hawaiian Kingdom as a Non-European Power

An interview of Dr. Keanu Sai and Ph.D. candidate Lorenz Gonschor by Dr. Lynette Cruz on Issues that Matter. The subject of the interview focused on the Hawaiian Kingdom as a non-European Power in the nineteenth century and its relationship with Japan.

9 thoughts on “The Hawaiian Kingdom as a Non-European Power

  1. This is another powerful phase to our education – just what is needed. This updated news confirms Na`i Aupuni’s charade and the hewa surrounding our freedom. These types of platforms overthrow the attempts to undermine our education. Mahalo, Dr. Cruz for your program, “Issues That Matter” and for featuring these amazing educators. I can’t wait for the next segment.
    Keanu, mahalo for driving our car and breaking through the wall of ignorance. And for moving forward in your promise to educate us and the world of who we are. You are the beacon for other scholars in their research continually bringing further truth out to the open affecting Hawai`i.
    Lorenze Gonschor, mahalo for your work of study. I sure I’m not alone when I say I am in awe of the education you provided. I look forward to more of your research.
    Finally, can’t forget the `Olelo crew; Scotty, Pono, et al. Mahalo nui loa.
    Aloha no

    • You are so right about Na’i Aupuni and Kana’iolowalu. I clicked on the links provided by Free Hawaii TV and searched for my name and others who I personally knew and to my surprise I found four of my family members on that list. I contacted them and they never consented to have their names placed on that list. I had them go on the same link and have their names removed.

      I also found names of close personal friends to include a friend who passed away in 2001. I called them to see if they had consented to have their names on the list and they had no idea they were on the list, they are also having their name removed.

      The wife of my friend who passed away in 2001 was very upset to find out her dead husbands name was also on that list and she is being told to provide a death certificate in order to have the name removed. That’s a bunch of c_ _p that they’re requiring her to show a death certificate in order to have her dead husbands name removed, but they didn’t take the time to get consent to begin with.

      The links below is the link I used to search the list:

      (Protest Na’i Aupuni)

      (See if your name is on the Kana’iolowalu Roll)

      (Remove your name from the Kana’iolowalu Rolls)

      A Hui Hou

      • Mahalo Nui Kuniole for the information above I definitely will be sharing ur information to all me Ohana and Friends!

      • Can I get a removal form mailed to my home. I don’t have the ability to download and print, sadly only a cell phone. If can, address :Scott Rogers 41-1429 Waikoloa street Waimanalo 96795. Need to get off this list Asap. Aloha from Nalo

  2. Can we get a seat at the United Nations? Can’t we be recognized internationally? Aole. No $$=no power. Shouldn’t the military pay lease rent to occupy? Shouldn’t all monies derived from Kanaka lands go to the owners and not those who seek power from these dala’s? Has our nation benefitted from those who are holding the dala?

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