Academics Dispelling the Myths of the Hawaiian Kingdom through Research

An interview of Professor Niklaus Schweizer and Ph.D. candidate Lorenz Gonschor from the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa by Kale Gumapac, host of the show The Kanaka Express. The interview is focuses on dispelling the untruths of the Hawaiian Kingdom that is a part of the research and classroom instruction at the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa.

4 thoughts on “Academics Dispelling the Myths of the Hawaiian Kingdom through Research

  1. About 40 minutes into the discussion the voiced confusion and failed to apply the Turpie Resolution 31 May 1894 which in part is the key that restrained world nations to intervene in the Hawaiian situation. The U.S. warned U.S. officials and all world nations to not interfere with it because it would be an unfriendly act against the United States. The U.S. was becoming a world power that no country wanted to confront for various reasons and the communications world-wide during that time was quite primitive that the real info wasn’t widespread during that time as it is today. It was like a slow boat to China. This is mainly why there was inaction from many countries and the U.S. was manipulating the news and white-washing its actions in taking over Hawaii.

  2. Mahalo Kale, Niklaus, Lorenz for your very insightful and informative discussion and display of the facts. It is comforting to know that we have experts like you guiding our process back to our Nations Restoration.

  3. Hmm. Offshore banking sounds like one good idea for the H.K.’s future economy. We would be like the Cayman Islands, who by the way according to the CIA World Factbook, enjoys a standard of living comparable to Switzerland due to its offshore banking economy and its recognition as a tax haven. An interesting fact about the Cayman Islands versus Hawaii is that despite its offshore banking economy and it being a tax haven, the Cayman Islands does not have much natural resources. As a result, 90% of their food and consumer goods has to be imported. The nation is comprised of 3 islands; the largest, which is called Grand Cayman, is roughly the size of Maui. The other 2 islands are the size of Niihau. Still, despite their geographical size and lack of natural resources, the nationals of the Cayman Islands still have a high standard of living comparable to Switzerland and has the highest standard of living in the entire Caribbean. Hawaii’s economy would maybe do twice as better if it had offshore banking combined with our natural resources which could benefit the H.K.’s economy, (Suger, pineapple, cattle, fishing, water, etc. I’m sure there is more) and various other economic assists that could be developed.

    Once again, another great educational segment! I would like to hear more about Lorenz’s research!

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