Switzerland—1864 Treaty of Friendship, Establishment and Commerce

Swiss Treaty

On July 20, 1864, a Treaty was signed between the Swiss Confederation and the Hawaiian Kingdom in Berne and thereafter ratified by both governments. Article III of the treaty provides:

“the citizens of each of the contracting parties shall enjoy on the territory of the other the most perfect and complete protection for their persons and their property.  They shall in consequence have free and easy access to the tribunals of justice for their claims and the defense of their rights, in all cases and in every degree of jurisdiction established by the law.”

Neither the Swiss Confederation nor the Hawaiian Kingdom gave notice to the other of its intention to terminate this treaty in accordance with the terms of Article XIII of the 1864 Treaty with regard to the citizenry of the successor State that effectively replaced the citizenry of the predecessor State in the treaty.  Therefore, this treaty is still in full force and continues to have legal effect to date.

3 thoughts on “Switzerland—1864 Treaty of Friendship, Establishment and Commerce

  1. How can this treaty is still in full force and continues to have legal effect to date when the kingdom of hawaii’s de jure government isnt reinstated nor recognized today?

    • To determine whether or not that contract is still valid you would
      need to review the exit terms of that treaty, just like would any other contract. Did both parties who agreed to enter into it also agree to exit it?
      Purchasing stocks on a margin without placing a stop call could make you liable on a margin call far exceeding the actual purchase price, the agreement is still effective until an exit is clearly established hopefully its not set at bankrupt!
      Courts are filled with cases attempting to determine the actual exit of a contract.
      Hope this helps

    • Aloha, we must keep in mind where the difference is between the validity in words. The Hawaiian Kingdom still exist as an independent Country since 1843 we have 172 treaties with other countries. The treaties was never terminated with Hawaii.

      The illegal overthrow, provisional and de jure government happened as a veil to annex Hawaii to make the people in Hawaii believe we are a part of the United States of America. Having the military converge and coerce by force Queen Lili’uokalani to give up her executive power. Please keep in mind that she gave up only her executive power and not the country with the intent that the president will return the executive power back to her. She was abiding by the international law between two countries, United States and Hawaii.

      Therefore, there’s no legal State of Hawaii, Kingdom of Hawaii and/or “of” Hawaii. “Queen Lili’uokalani” by her executive power saved Hawaii to retain it’s recognition of an independent country. The “Executive Agreement” is the supreme law of the land.

      Please read all of the “blog” and go to hawaiiankingdom.org which will help to give you more information of the legality of the Hawaiian Kingdom.

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