State of Hawai‘i Official Reports Queen’s Hospital and Hawai‘i State Judges to FBI

Puna Council Member Ruggles Reports Queen’s Hospital and Hawaii State Judges to the FBI

Puna Council Member Jen Ruggles received confirmation that Hawaii’s Federal Bureau of Investigation, (FBI), Special Agent in Charge, Sean Kaul, received her letter reporting Queen’s Hospital and Hawaii Circuit Court Judges for alleged war crimes Monday. Ruggles opened the letter by writing, “To my dismay, I have become aware of Hawai‘i’s status as a nation-state, under international law, which has been under an illegal occupation by the United States since it, by its own admission, illegally overthrew the Hawaiian Kingdom government on January 17, 1893.”

Ruggles made reference to a memorandum released by the United Nation Human Rights Office of the High Commissioner that she says, caused her to look into the issue of potential war crimes more seriously. Ruggles says the memorandum uses the terms “plundering,” “enabling,” and “colluding,” and that she could not take it lightly. In her report to the FBI, she also referred to an article published by the National Education Association in April this year which concluded Hawaii is illegally occupied and that the laws of war apply. The NEA is America’s largest union in the United States with over 3 million members. The Hawaii State Teacher’s association is Hawaii’s chapter.

According to Ruggles, war crimes are felonies and she is legally obligated to report felonies under Title 18 United States Code §4 “Misprision of a Felony” which reads that any person, “having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.” Ruggles says the FBI’s primary responsibility is to investigate federal crimes. Ruggles also cc’d the International Criminal Court located in the Hague, Netherlands.

Ruggles said, “if the FBI has evidence that the Hawaiian Kingdom does not exist as an independent nation State that has been in an unjust state of war with the U.S. since 1893, and that war crimes and the international crime of genocide as defined under federal law have not taken place, I want to see that evidence. If not, then the FBI is obligated to immediately initiate a criminal investigation.”

Last month Ruggles had sent a letter to Queen’s Hospital explaining how it appears they are committing war crimes against protected persons by abrogating their original charter which mandated free health care to aboriginal Hawaiians. Ruggles also sent a letter to every Hawaii State Circuit Court Judge outlining how foreclosures violate the rights of protected persons in Hawaii, (including Americans), and constitute war crimes.

Ruggles wants to be clear that she is not advocating for those who borrowed money from the lender to disregard their debt owed. As she stated in the letter to the judges, “The lender is protected under the loan title insurance policy that was purchased by the borrower as a condition of the loan. As such, there is no reason to have any foreclosure proceedings in the first place because the defects in titles have rendered all mortgage liens invalid.” According to Ruggles, a defect in title is a covered risk in the loan title insurance policy, and, as such, the lenders should file an insurance claim to have the insurance company pay off the debt owed since the borrower was required to purchase the insurance policy to protect the lender as a condition of the loan.

During Ruggles’ last town hall she announced that she would be “putting every agent of the United States on notice concerning the rights of protected persons.”


7 thoughts on “State of Hawai‘i Official Reports Queen’s Hospital and Hawai‘i State Judges to FBI

  1. Am trying to understand that what she is saying is most of us law is no law because it is illegal taking by force

    • Haven’t you been researching this blog and site that has a vast amount of information regarding Hawaii’s illegal overthrow and illegal military occupation?????? If you did you would have easily answered your question. ALL actions taken by the U.S. and it’s subsidiaries here in Hawaii since the illegal overthrow to the present are unlawful. This also includes other foreign states as well.

  2. Hopefully, a person with standing will achieve better results with the FBI. The rest of us nust seem to get the runaround. They are corporate overseers and not a legitimate governmental oversight commitee. The US, Inc abolished — unlawfully and underhanddly — the USA Republic government for the sake of profit over people. If no action is taken, or no results achieved even after reporting to the FBI, it will build a record of further disregard, so that when the intʻl community looks in, it will see that due diligence was performed thoroughly to no avail.

    • This is not the first time war crime complaints were received by the FBI. In 2013 the FBI refused to investigate previous complaints forwarded by Hawaii County Police, claiming war crimes are not possible because Hawaii is part of the United States.

      • I can believe that.

        After personally dealing with Hawaii district, intermediate and dupreme “courts”, the supreme court vacated and remanded the matter back to the intermediate court (for the provision of transcripts), which, in turn, remanded it back to the district court (due to the altering of same transcripts). The FBI was notified last November (2017) of the courtʻs crime, which is considered felonious and systemic since it is a standard of practice which negaticely impacts the community as a whole. After consistent phone follow-up for nearly a year now, and an in-person fvisit earlier this year, the bureau has yet to notify me of any movement on its part. Tampering with government documents, especially thiose deemed an official court record should have garnered an investigation, or at minimum, a response.

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