Ruggles Puts Hawai‘i State Judges on Notice for Appearing to Commit War Crimes in Foreclosure Proceedings

Informs judges that foreclosure proceedings appear to be in violation of Article 46 of the Hague Convention, IV and Article 47 of the 1949 Geneva Convention, IV

Council member Ruggles released a letter today that she says she sent to all Hawai‘i Circuit Court judges meant to advocate on behalf of protected persons in foreclosure proceedings.

Ruggles says “Article 46 of the Hague Convention IV provides that ‘Private property cannot be confiscated,” and article 47 of the Geneva Convention IV provides, “Pillage is formally forbidden.”

Ruggles referred to the United Nations Human Rights Independent Expert, Dr. Alfred deZaya’s memorandum that had been sent to Hawaii State Judges in February of this year that stated, “The State of Hawaii courts should not lend themselves to a flagrant violation of the rights of the land title holders and in consequence of pertinent international norms. Therefore, the courts of the State of Hawaii must not enable or collude in the wrongful taking of private lands, bearing in mind that the right to property is recognized not only in U.S. law but also in Article 17 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights…”

Ruggles wrote that “The ‘wrongful taking of private lands’ by lenders, through the circuit courts of the State of Hawai‘i under foreclosure proceedings, appears to be the war crime of pillaging and that the courts appear to be complicit in a war crime by enabling and colluding ‘in the wrongful taking of private lands.’

Before lenders loan money they require the borrower to mortgage their real estate as collateral to secure the repayment of the loan. In order for the lender to accept the mortgaged property as collateral, the lender requires the borrower to also purchase a loan title insurance policy for the protection of the lender. The title insurance covers the full debt owed under the promissory note.

“As an agent for the United States I am bound ‘to ensure respect for the Convention in all circumstances,’ and, therefore, call upon you to cease and desist ‘in the wrongful taking of private lands’ from protected persons that are under foreclosure,” Ruggles wrote, “the lender is protected under the loan title insurance policy that was purchased by the borrower as a condition of the loan. As such, there is no reason to have any foreclosure proceedings in the first place…”

Ruggles finished the letter by stating, “This letter serves as knowledge and ‘awareness of the factual circumstances that established the existence of an armed conflict’ between the Hawaiian Kingdom and the United States, the application of the HCIV and GCIV, and the protection afforded to protected persons.”

Ruggles sent the letters via certified mail and that she’s verified every judge across the islands received her letter on the Big Island and Oahu on September 25th, Kauai on September 26th, and Maui on September 27th.

Council member Ruggles will be holding a town hall on October 15th at 6pm at the Kea‘au Community Center to discuss this letter, among others that she is working on.


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  1. Will that’s being done here in the United State’s too she given out good information I will pass this around here

  2. Mahalo!!!! Ruggles…..”all the good you have shared, will live on, in our hearts.” Our na kupuna, na makua, na keiki a me o `iwi o Hawaii nei, yesterday, today, and forever,

  3. #MahaloJenniferRuggles
    #InternationalCommitteeOfTheRedCross #ICRC

  4. Aloha Ruggles, There’s a Treaty of Friendship, commerce, and navigation between the United States of America and the Kingdom of Hawaii, December 20 1849. You are right about the Judges of the Circuit court, but it is not war crimes, it is utterance of forged documents that they are guilty of Aloha.

    • It becomes war crimes when they have been informed. Register return receipts of mail, acknowledge of acceptance of the information. The Hawaiian Kingdom is not in a State Peace with US, because of the illegal act of the military on January 16, 1893. Any military force that steps on any Independent State recognized by treaties. Is in of itself an act of war. International law forbids it.

  5. Then when did feudal lands become an estate (western concept)? If a king is the one to say so, which king said so? Where’s the kings record that says “I now decree these lands are Estates”, not AN estate, Estates? FLAW #1

    • I think this is where the King divests from absolute monarch to Constitutional Monarchy. Thus from 1 to Govt/Personal/people’s. The people’s coming from the Chief’s. Am I wrong? So, it would be with the Mahele. So many state employees/educators attempt to say that the Mahele was a bad decision, but it wasn’t. If he hadn’t divested, the title to all lands could have been taken in one sweep. By breaking it up, he was protecting it. ??

    • Dianne the information your looking for would be with Donovan Preza. The Great Mahele is where you will find your answer.

  6. Thats how i saw it to, by breaking it up he was protecting it, because thats what the British Did when they took the Hawaiian Kingdom From Kamehameha the III, It Looks Like Thru That Experience He Learned What Could Happen As A Absolute Ruler, the thing to do would be to give the lands away to his Chiefs and the People than it would be harder for anyone to take all of the land. The Bad is the Bayonet Constitution and the Illegal Overthrow, because Prior to that The Hawaiians Were Still In Control. Thats why those people who overthrew the Hawaiian Kingdom Knew That was the Only way to take ” All of our Lands” was to gain support of the United States As A Body that could back them up, because the only way to to get all the hawaiians land and control hawaii for there advantage was to take it by force. But our people still secured our lands legally thru the anti annexation petition aka Ku’e Petition that prevented the annexation of hawaii to the United States. To me one of the most important thing for the World to know is America Committed Fraud when they falsely made the World Believe that they Annexed Hawaii. Also when a lot of us Hawaiians were battling the state of hawaii ” for our land claims back as hawaiians, there courts were using the joint resolution of annexation to claim there authority and jurisdiction over Hawaii and its people.
    Finally with Keanu Sai And Hui , The Fake State of Hawaii has Dr. Alfred M. deZayes of The United Nations Letter to deal with now. And it clearly points these things out.
    I would like to Thank Our Ancestors ame ko’u Haili moe for making me aware of these things, Mahalo, Aloha Aina!

  7. My apologies on comment. I was being “catty”, not that I didn’t know better. Sorry for unintended deception. I know about Keanu efforts since 1990 when I was arrested in search and seizure that took place all in one day on four homes totaling 15 individuals with four separate issues. What a day it was. After that simmered down, an offshoot group launched into their own legal endeavor efforts via Keanu and the rest is history. I was dismissed from the indictment, but not until the first group went to trial, ours. You don’t get dismissed after going to trial. Dismissal of indictment is to prevent going to trial, not after. So, what happened? Been working on it since to this day. Waiting for motion that caused the dismissal then we see what next. I represented myself to this day. That’s another story for another day as they say. Again, audience, my apologies for catty comment. I decided to use my newly found FB to post my comment on HK issues. Get more coverage on what I know from research and experience.

    • Oh, ok. I think I catch. So, maybe what u r speaking more about is probate? And like Hawaiians have all felt that sting! And w/ the mix of US law and that style of law vs Hawaiian law which is more like common law, “estates” sure seem to pop up out of nowhere. Like, Judge McBryde on Kauai, in the 1850’s, who created all kinds of “estates” long after people were dead. Or like more recent “estates” that get created, when property hasn’t even been probated to begin with. Somehow though, a court somewhere creates an estate, like, POOF!

      Hang in there! All I know is it feels more hopeful now than it did 30 years ago. Mahalo for your efforts!!! ??

    • When you went to trial how long was that after you was arrested and arraigned? Are you sure you went to trial or maybe a pretrial? Pretrials play out similar to a trial, a pretrial show you how you’re trial will play out…. this is how they get a defendant to either proceed to trial or take a guilty plea deal, or have the case dismissed etc.

  8. Here’s a statement (like it or not) that made clear why the courts appear defensive. Something I found out from research work done by a Pete Stern and The Informer, plus work experience (paid volunteer) for the State Judiciary 14 years when I ended up houseless in the 90s, another story for another day. Quote, “The proper courts in this country (US) WILL INTERFERE TO PREVENT an abuse of the trusts confided to British corporations holding lands here [speaking of US] to charitable uses, and will aid in enforcing the due execution of the trusts;” Then in an eviction appeal, I hear the judge say, “it’s not my job to decide who is right or who is wrong”. Of course, my curt remark to myself was, “then whose job is it?” (The one who provided the funding like the British corporations did for the US). Irrelevant when you see “will interfere to prevent”. Then I understood. As long as the parties “follow the rules” you should be a winner. End of Class 101 in law. BTW I checked the American College Dictionary on “estates”. Posted my response on FB to reach the mass’. What you know as estate is not the same as Keanu. Check FB. I was more catty there. He chose one use while I countered with another “example”.

  9. The search and seizure took place on or about April 20, 1990 (state tax deadline). We were all taken in for finger printing and photo. I went to the USPS airport for this. Released that same day. I was the last to be released, I refused to sign the security bail. It wasn’t until late evening when I was coaxed into signing it. The indictment was rendered on November 14, 1990, then on November 30, 1990 the Writ of Possession was executed to evict us from the property that went into foreclosure, subject matter for the search and seizure. At pre-trial conference, I stood before the late Judge Harold Fong and the Prosecutor. When the prosecutor made reference to my English name, I corrected him by answering to a different name, it was mine, but not the one he was trying to identify me by, in addition to what I was coached to say. Then Fong, asked the prosecutor “knowing what you know now, do you still want to prosecute her?” He was undecided for awhile, then answered, yes. Thus, I went to trial with the rest of the family and friend of husband at the time (we divorced in 2004). We were the first of four separate trials. After all the trials ended, an appeal with the 9th circuit was filed on behalf of my ex, his now deceased friend and myself which was not suppose to be because the lawyer was not my lawyer. I didn’t request to be included. The court, nevertheless, affirmed the conviction of my ex and his friend while I was remanded back for a new trial, but it never happened, instead, the dismissal of indictment was ordered. A copy of the motion is pending 8 weeks to get. It was a suggestion from an attorney I had to get recently for an unrelated matter. He read the dismissal order and when I told him what I’ve been trying to get, conclusion of law, he said to get the motion which I didn’t get, because I was homeless and no way to find out what happened or what to do next. Moving onto 9th circuit means a trial did take place, not a pretrial. There was no plea deal or dismissal from the case, just the dismissal of indictment. Problem? Dismissal of indictment is to prevent you from going to trial. So, did I really go to trial? Yes, I appeared with the rest of them. No attorney for me. It had to do with my performance at the trial. Every time I was referred to by the name I was arrested as, I would correct the prosecutor with an alternate name. I am now thinking because of this performance, it was feasible after the order for remand, that the remand qualified as a new arrest and the indictment carried over to the remand qualifying the indictment as an arrest in the alternative? So the indictment could be in proper order now for dismissal before the second trial? Am I reading this correctly. This is the first time I’m looking deeper into what really happened to me in this case?

    • Maybe the dismissal of indictment had something to do with your name and alternate name switch? Hopefully you’ll find out soon. Good luck to you.

      • It was my name, rank and serial number that I stated, because I was taken prisoner to answer for a crime committed by the person named on the indictment, the STRAWMAN. Whatever and however I did what I did worked in my favor, so much so that Bumpy asked me to help his sovereign group soon after the trial. I took up residence with his group with the consent of two individuals, a male and female whom I was in their care before, during and after the trial until his transcending from the human realm on or about the date he told me six months prior to his departure date in June of 2001, three month before 9/11/2001. His part in what I did was fulfilled. It was he that gave me a crash course to what I needed to know and do in the federal court case. After that I was on my own until I met the third party of his group of three and am now in his care as his Executive Secretary, (c) The Heir Kane Kumu Honua Kama-kapu Mo’i Kamehameha(TM).

        • Kaulana, you have been very helpful in my quest to get the Conclusion of Law in that case. I believe it’s in the missing piece to the indictment, the motion for dismissal of indictment not dismissal of the case. Marked difference of the two types and no mentioning of with or without prejudice either. Is this case really over? The Heir says, no. So, we wait for a copy of the motion I already requested. One more, the 9th Circuit decision was not for publication. Attorney’s are barred from that rule of law.

          E Aloha Malama Pono!

          • My theory is that I believe they cancelled the bond in support of their indictment so as not to be liable to pay it on your behalf, every indictment I do believe is supported by a bond, a bid bond that is placed in your strawmans name, brought by the pro secutor, and when they find you guilty because you did not claim the bid bond in your name going in, then when they find you guilty the judge and Pro se cutor and an appointed attorney claim and must sign the bid bond and they take it and cash it in at the federal window under your strawmans name and exemption account under your SS number. You not giving them the strawmans name meant they could not subrogate your strawman. If you claim the bid bond going in and plead guilty to the facts in the case and request settlement using your bid bond that they have brought to court on your behalf to settle the dispute, it is all civil and contracts and very fraudulent, it is also a war crime it would seem. not an attorney and this has not been legal advice for educational purpose only, UCC 1-308 If you can access your exemption account you can accept for value using your exemption account and place a bond of your own under your name going in to court and they will have to dismiss having no one left to attach their bond to. That was the very sort explanation of a very complicated procedure that has appeared to work for people, never embark on any of this kind of stuff unless you are positive of the outcome, UCC 1-308 My hat is off to Jen Ruggles what a brave an honest young lady

  10. Correct. George Bush Jr created issue with 9/11 stating the act of terrorism is a violation of Geneva IV Convention. Recall what’s happened since 9/11. Recall Hussein’s death. 9/11 was an “orchestrated war” in so many ways, including, that lousy creation of identity theft sales pitch. Recall hearing that identifying cause from Judge Kavanaugh’s lips when he railed the committee and that he was working for the then President George W. Bush Jr. Hm, Charlottes Web. So, we need to be sure all our ducks are in a row when we take up the issue of War Crimes under Geneva IV Convention by not giving the intended defendant another reason to call it “orchestrated” which Kavanaugh already has that subject matter in mind to “orchestrate” his own “probable cause”, something nasty to keep all people in line. Recall he already targeting the first people of America and Hawai’i.

  11. Hello and much respect,
    I posted a theory to a question Dkuuleimomih had posted and it never made it to comments or it was taking off understandable the content may have been to much truth for the powers that should not be, I do understand and am very much OK with that, I really would not want to cause any doubts or assumptions to the validity of claims made here, and wish only support if I could give it.
    My thinking is that I am so impressed that I found an honest woman involved in Government. It would seem that none exist in Washington State or maybe I just have not run in the right circles. Have you thought of holding them liable for Trespass? I was not getting any response from Affidavits sent to local Government officials in Washington State with regards to slambing an account on me with no supporting contract. So I sent them a NOTICE OF LIABILITY REGARDING TRESPASSING BY DE FACTO GOVERNMENT CORPORATIONS, sent to SofS and Pro secutors, in all 15 high level players, sent using the format used by the impower movement who have had success in the fight against Smart Meters yet trying to use my own words. The result was No response and through the administrative process they are in default. I left out the Department of Excise tax but their current actions trying to give plausible deniability to other de facto players by making me President of a dissolved Corporation, and my wife Vice Pres. of a Corp. dissolved in 1996 has prompted a new NOTICE OF LIABILITY FOR TRESPASS. I must thank you for your findings of facts as it relates to war crimes and the UNITED STATES INC. I thought I would share one paragraph of the Notice of liability claim I am sending in the morning to those folks. Claiming that the UNITED STATES INC. is a foreign controlled Belligerent Occupier. I do understand if you delete it, I take no offence but folk must know that there are avenues for them to go down for relief if it is done as a group is much better. I do understand that using your blog to give it to them again could be to much information. Again Ms Ruggles much respect, Peace and LOve, Gig


    Whereas, Claimant/Libellant a state National considers himself and his wife as “Protected Persons” living under terms of war as stated by the Geneva Convention of 1949, the basis to make and state this claim lies in the emergency war powers and the trading with the enemy act of 1917, and implementation in 1933 by FDR and the fact that United States Inc. Occupiers on the land mass known as North America since 1871 because of an act establishing a Corporate Government located in the District of Columbia, known as the District of Columbia Act that setup a de facto Corporate Government in 1871, by a treasonous Congress who by “Occupied the field” of the de jure organic Constitutional republic that Claimant/Libellant pledges and does pledge allegiance to, the de jure and still existing Government, The United States of America unincorporated still located on the land mass of North America, and to the Republic for which it stands one nation under God indivisible, thereafter 1871Occupied by the United States Inc. a foreign Occupier controlled by special interests,
    “Whether an invasion has developed into an occupation is a question of fact. The term invasion implies a military operation while an occupation indicates the exercise of governmental authority to the exclusion of the established government. This presupposes the destruction of organized resistance and the establishment of an administration to preserve law and order. To the extent that the occupant’s control is maintained and that of the civil government eliminated, the area will be said to be occupied.” As a Belligerent Occupier the United States Inc. or UNITED STATES INC. who’s current Belligerent Occupying military for years has dumped chemicals from jets claiming for weather modification,(confirmed by NASA) plus other undisclosed particulates chemically testing on its own citizens and “Protected Persons,” without their consent assent or knowledge in majority of cases, as well as the procuring of private property (Pillaging) from “Protected Persons”, States Nationals born on the land Claimant/Libellant born in Oregon State an Oregonian, as stated Belligerents Occupiers by use of color of law by de facto State and County actors in de facto franchise Corporations under their purview, the purview of the de facto United States Inc. the de facto Government Belligerent Occupier; Claimant/Libellant finds that as a Protected Person, United States Inc’s. de facto Corporate franchise “Government Officials” agents by their actions and the actions of their Belligerent Occupying military are now and have been committing war crimes against subjugated federal citizens who are also Protected Persons , and Claimant/Libellant a Protected Person, See Law of Land Warfare Dept. of the Army Chapter 8 REMEDIES FOR VIOLATION OF INTERNATIONAL LAW; WAR CRIMES Section II. CRIMES UNDER INTERNATIONAL LAW; 502; Grave Breaches of the Geneva Conventions of 1949 as War Crimes (a) (b) (c), and at 510 “Government Officials”; “The fact that a person who committed an act which constitutes a war crime acted as the head of a State or as a responsible government official does not relieve him from responsibility for his act.” and;

  12. Just thought I might add that their is a de jure the United States of America and a defacto The United States of America Inc. The treaty signed before 1860 was with the de jure Government, please correct me if I am wrong. My two cents, but that could have some meaning going forward, kind of like legitimate and illegitimate Government actors in the international arena of things….. Love and PEace, Gig

  13. want to share my mana’o, my understanding is every hawaiian has a native tenant right that was given to us from our Ali’i’s from the time of the Great Mahele. This native tenant right assured that every hawaiian had a right to land for them to live on guaranteed. This is what the letter from the Dr. Alfred deZayas is referring to, and to other lands that was issued to every one who was issued land from the time of the hawaiian kingdom, Royal Patents, Land Commission Awards, Native Tenant Rights etc.( the reason why i choose to speak up about this is to bring a little more clarification about The Native Tenant Rights) Native Tenant Right Is Suppose To Be A Given Thingee,aka Guarantee for the kanaka people every one of us kanaka’s, thats what is suppose to assure us kanakas that we would’nt be Land less in our own Home Country. So my understanding is “this is what the united states government and courts needs to know”. Thats why they cannot take our land away, because of the native tenant rights. The Problem Than Lies Only On Money Borrowed For Improvments To The Land, The Actual Building Of The Home To Put On Your Land, Than The Insurance Company Needs To Cover The Payments For What Ever Improvements that was made to the land in the case the person can no longer make the payment to there loan. This is why they cannot take your land. (The Thing Is Your Not Suppose To BeAble To Sell Your Native Tenant Land Right Or Use It As Collateral.) To Sound It Out Loud. Your Not Suppose To Sell Your Native Tenant Right Or Use It As Collateral. The Ali’i Set It Up So That It Assures That Our Keiki Going Share The Same Native Tenant Right Benefits as There Parents, It Guarantees We Going Always Have Land, Our Lands Get ‘s Passed to Our Keiki, Automatic. If you going borrow money for build a home your not suppose to use your native tenant right as collateral period. If you do than the united states courts going have the right to confiscate your property aka native tenant right. (Some One In The Higher Up In The Hawaiian Kingdom Needs To Shine Light On This Native Tenant Right To Avoid Any Future Chaos On Why The Land Cannot Be ForeClosed On. And It Needs To Be Made A Law, You Are Not Allowed To Sell Or Use As Collateral Your Native Tenant Right. Loaa Ia Ho’olohe, Ina A’ole, Aluhee, Loaa Ia Eo.)

    Your Native Tenant Right ! Wehe Oe Maka !

    • The Native Tenant Right Act is for those Kanaka that wanted to divide their 1/3 interest of their vested rights in the land pursuant to the Mahele. The Act specified 1/4 acre in fee simple for your home. Fee simple means private ownership and you can sell it or mortgage it if you wanted.

      • that’s cute kekoa, manao; Law 1850 page 202
        “An Act Confirming Certain Resolutions of the King and Privy Council Passed on the 21st Day of December, A.D. 1849, Granting to the Common People Allodial Titles for Their Own Lands and House Lots, and Certain Other Privileges” (this is a fundamental right)

        HRS §560:2-105.5 Escheat of kuleana lands. Any provision of law to the contrary notwithstanding, if the owner of an inheritable interest in kuleana land dies intestate, or dies partially intestate and that partial intestacy includes the decedent’s interest in the kuleana land, and if there is no taker under article II, such inheritable interest shall pass to the department of land and natural resources to be held in trust until the office of Hawaiian affairs develops a land management plan for the use and management of such kuleana properties, and such plan is approved by the department of land and natural resources. Upon approval, the department of land and natural resources shall transfer such kuleana properties to the office of Hawaiian affairs. For the purposes of this section, “kuleana lands” means those lands granted to native tenants pursuant to L. 1850, p. 202, entitled “An Act Confirming Certain Resolutions of the King and Privy Council Passed on the 21st Day of December, A.D. 1849, Granting to the Common People Allodial Titles for Their Own Lands and House Lots, and Certain Other Privileges”, as originally enacted and as amended. [L 1996, c 288, pt of §1]

        The Kingdom of the Hawaiian Islands, a Christian Kingdom and “The Greatest Country in the World I might Add” (See 1839 Declaration of rights both for the People and Chiefs) by its King Kamehameha III et alii and with the full and clear understanding of the Bibala Hemolele, His Majesty “Hauikalani” comes down from his absolute authority, (to do what no other monarch in the world to this day has ever done) relinquish and declare to the people and chiefs in common “Their Lands” which patents today are good against the world, State of Hawaii have adopted our laws, so you can be a good American and they can continue the unlawful taking of the use of our private and national lands, Hawaiian Subjects (National Group as referred to in the definition of geocide by Rafael Lemkin) are since at least 125 years living under the crime of aggression and genocide.

        Mahalo to everyone who is witness to this crime, we not fighting we giving testimony against the evils of a peaceful Kingdom and her loyal subjects.

        Respectfully Submitted in Peace & Unity

        Your Faithful and Obedient Servant

        Kuhina Nui

          • Any law passed by the fake state including HRS is not lawful and actually is the evidence of their crimes.
            Mahalo kekoa, my point exactly, except I understand the [fake] state (Kingdom of Hawaii) that operated under the 1864 constitution under Kamehameha V is not constituted under the 1852 constitution which constitution is ratified by the full measure of the Hawaiian Legislation and it’s government, I see what you are saying about any law passed by the [fake] state to include any laws post 1864, 1887, 1892, 1895, 1898 1900 and 1959 constitutions including the penal, civil and session laws passed by these [fake] States. I see the [fake] states as real states because their criminal actions and all of our kupunas injuries are the real crime of aggression and genocide and we know who inherited what from who and who is continuing these crimes against humanity today. If you are relying on any law post 1864 to date, I believe we have the evidence of their crimes.

            Long live the King of the Kingdom of the Hawaiian Islands

            Peace and Unity

            Your Obedient and Humble Servant

            Kuhina Nui

  14. Thats why there needs to be a law that you cannot sell it or mortgage it. For the people who cannot see that than thats your lost, no can complain if they foreclose on your land.
    Your Not Suppose To Sell Or Mortgage Your Land Native Tenant Right. (Than No Can Pay Ahh Loose The Land, No Can Grummble.)

    The Letter From Dr. Alfred M. deZayas can be found under May 2018 Blog

    According to my Vision Thats What The Intention Of How The Native Tenant Right Is Intended To Be.

    If you going sell’m or Mortgage Your Native Tenant Right, If You Cannot Pay You Going Voluntarily Loose Your Land.

    Personally, thats why i told my wife, i dont think i want to try for the house of Nobles. I Have a feeling going be trouble. Most people No like listen. The Whole Intention Is To Try To Help The People. (I going be honest, when people feel that they have a right to sell or mortgage there native tenant right. Waist Time Try Help That Can Kine People, There Trouble Is Self Inflicted, It Leads To Chaos.)

    If I Was A High Ali’i Still Thru Genealogy I Would Make That Law That You Cannot Sell or Mortgage Your Native Tenant Right. Its For The Good Of The People. And It Protects The Kanaka & The Aina ame ka Keiki.

    Believe it or not i live this. You going be more Free. When You Sell Or Mortgage Your Native Tenant Right You Become A Slave To The System.

    If You No Pay Your Mortgage and You Went Use Your Land To Mortgage To Get Your Loan, When The Court Foreclose On Your Property Because You No Longer Can Make The Payments. You Dont Have A Right To Complain, When You Agreed To Your Loan You Agreed To The Terms & Condition of The Loan.

    The Letter From The United Nations From Dr. Alfred M. deZayas Is Referring To The Lands That Was Givin Out From The Time Of The Hawaiian Kingdom.

    Thats one of the main reasons why i commented here, to make people and the united states courts aware of the native tenant rights, according to my understanding that is the reason why they cannot foreclose and take away your land.

    Than again, for All Those who feel you have a right to sell or mortgage your land.

    Poho. Loaa ia nana he aha hele iluna.

  15. The King and Ali’i designed the land tenure of the Kingdom in a fashion that would allow a choice to operate in the old system of commerce or the modern system of commerce which allowed for leases, mortgages, and sales. Hawaiians were successful in both systems and would have dominated but for the illegal overthrow and occupation. Your vision is blurred, I suggest you get some glasses.

  16. That someone is on FB now. I joined FB to introduce The Who information you just posted here. It is 100% correct. Land is not a commodity it is a necessity. And your mana’o need no more clarification from me. Ikeole, that’s it. He’s using his spiritual name. He’s also Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Hawaiti, Ancestral Court of Validation, Absolute Jurisdiction and Authority. This has not been made known on FB. I will do so to honor his grandfather Ikeole and to your contribution of understanding. Mahalo, akua ‘I’o.

    To be continued.

    • Kauikeauoli Kamehameha III pleaded “Where are you, chiefs, people, and commons from my ancestor, and people from foreign lands? Hear ye, I make known to you that I am in perplexity by reason of difficulties into which I have been brought without cause; therefore, I have given away the life of our land, hear ye! But my rule over you, my people, and your privileges will continue, for I have hope that the life of the land will be restored when my conduct shall be justified.” This was done “On the day when the land was taken away the king made another proclamation to the people which was not submitted to the chiefs and officers of the warship for their acceptance, but which showed that in the opinion of the king and his ministers the land had been given [under compulsion] contrary to their wish and without just cause, and they believed that it would be restored. (See Ruling Chiefs of Hawai’i by S M Kamaksu, Page 364)

      Note: He says his rule is over us, his people and our privileges [will be amended] will continue. No President of the United States or leader has ever made such claims of distinction concerning the people. Ikeole, not saying any more to this.

      Mahalo, again!

  17. Foreclosure Proceedings is not a successful Thing and Thats What Is 1 Of The Most Complaints For Hawaiians Is No More Land To Live On Cost To Much Money.
    Customarily Thats How Chiefs Were Known To Be Chiefs Thru There Visions.

    Dont Know Your Past Dont Know Your Future.

    E kala mai oe.

    A Right To Sell Your Land Or Mortgage It = Lost of Land, Lost Of Land = Lost Of Culture

    Theres a musician group on the big island that sings a song a part of there lyrics go’s like this. No Body Wants To Listen To The Sore Looser, No Ma’a To The Feeling You Getting Screwed.

    Foreclosure Proceedings is not a successful Thing.

    My Sharing Is Intended To Help The People. And O Yeah I Have Genealogy****

    Aloha Aina

  18. Here’s a Form Of Knowledge I’m Aware Of. The Village I Live In I Have In My Possession A Royal Patent No. 6923 Upon Commission by the Land Commission. Its A Royal Patent That Is Issued To A Chiefess. It Was Leased Out, Her Trustee Who Is In Charge Of Making This Lease Is Charles Bishop, A Respected Anakala Mai Oahu Was Nice Enough to Give Me Original Copys From The Bureau of Conveyance Archives. That Reads Charles Bishop Trustee Was In Charge Of Making The Lease he leased this Royal Patent to about 5 Hawaiians. Its A Quit Claim Deed, When You Look Up The Meaning Of A Quit Claim It Doesnt Guarantee The People Whos Leasing It Anything ” A Quit Claim Deed Assures The Owner That There Lands Will Return To Them The Original Owners After The Lease Is Finish’. This Type Of Lease Is Only A Life Time Lease. After The People Who The Lease Was Made To Passe’s Away. The Lease Is None Transferable. It Gos Back To The Original Patent Owner.

    This Is Where The Chaos Starts. These Hawaiians Who Only Had A Life Time Lease, Written Quit Claim Deed. Turned Around And Leased It To A Person Name Unna. Than Unna Sold The Lands To Fagen Who Started A Ranch. This Ranch Is Now Held Up By The Title Company For Not Having Clear Title, Which Today Thats Where Our Luck Is With The Title Company.

    The Title Company Knows This & They Are Also Aware That Most Of The People Has No Knowledge Of This Either.

    So How Do You Help Someone Who Is Not Aware Of This ? Make It Known & Watch Out For The Hard Heads, Who Think They To Smart To Listen.

    There’s Records Recorded In The Bureau Of Conveyance Of All The Lands To This Ranch That Is Recorded Under A Quit Claim Deed. I Have A Copy Of It.

    Get Plenty Lands Like This All Over Hawaii. Read The Letter From May 2018 Blog, Dr. Alfred M. dezayas is referring to the lands that was given out from the time of the Hawaiian Kingdom

    This Is Why You Cannot Mortgage Or Sell Your Native Tenant Lands.

    You No Believe Call The Title Company Your Self. People Need To Know The Importants Of Not Mortgaging or Selling Your Native Tenant Right.

    My Vision Is Blurred Is A Huge Understatement. Knowledge Is Power. A Persons Mana Is The Amount Of Knowledge That Is Bestowed Upon Them.

    Pass A Law That Forbids The Kanaka To Use There Native Tenant Right To Sell Or Mortgage There Land.

    Lease the Land Under A Quit Claim Deed Yeah, But Not Sell Or Mortgage It.

    Once You Sell Or Mortgage Land, You Can Loose Everything.

    My Job Is To Put This Information Out There.

  19. Than With 1 Regular Job Should Be Easy For Us To Make A Loan And To Make A Living, Our Mortgage Payments Going Be Way Less, We Going Only Be Paying Mortgage On The Money Needed To Build Our House. Not Mortgage On Purchasing The Land. Thats Whats Killing Everybody Is The Price For The Land. Than The Hawaiian Kingdom Supplement Pay A Carpenter Who Knows How To Build A House, Than We All Build Together With Each Other Way More Cheap Than Our Families & Land Not Going Be Endangered*.

    This The Thing Though. We All Got To Be On The Same Knowledge Page Like This Example.

    Because We All Got To Push For This Native Tenant Right, Because The System We Live In Under The United States of America, They Dont Give Us This Native Tenant Right.

    We Got To Know Our Right First In Order To Demand It. Its A Right That Was Given To Us From The Time of The Hawaiian Kingdom Right ?

    Than Our People Going Be More Free And Happy and Be able To Flourish again.

    Every Native Tenants Land Has Enough For A Mala, Garden You Need To Know. ( no mea ai – for eat – feed your family. It Makes You Independent.

    This Is What It Is To Be Kanaka*

    Loaa ia pule no keia****Hiki Loaa ia pule kakou* . Kalani ku pule*

    • Like I said your vision is blurred. You make no sense. You can keep posting volumes of nonsense but it does not make a difference for the simple fact you are wrong.

  20. If the situation arrives from an illegal government or commercial endeavor…all that follows is illegal. Hawaii has to go back to it’s original laws and go on from there or re-enact and start from there. There is no reason for us to jump up and down screaming “illegal” and continue with the illegal system. The u.s. never was or has been the ruler of the world. They were and are illegal period. It is wrong and insane to follow their form of anything. I was once arrested and charged by state police and called the Lawful Hawaiian Government for a hearing and legal settlement. I got the hearing and settlement of innocent in Hilo from the LHG representatives and regardless how the state saw it, that was legal for me/us. The state wanted and still wants something else which isn’t legal. I don’t do illegal stuff against my nation. Pau.

    • Exactly my point. The HK gov’t developed it’s land tenure not the U.S. and the HK gov’t said it was legal to sell or mortgage property that had fee simple title. The King gave us our vested rights and to say that a new HK gov’t can pass a law taking away that right is stupid. Pau.

  21. The title Hawaiian Kingdom is incorrectly being applied to the laws of Kauikeauoli Kamehameha III. Hawaiian is a corporate title just as The State of Hawaii is a corporation “adopting” (stealing) na Kauikeauoli Kamehameha laws and repealed every one of it. Hewa is being revealed bigger than ever why the laws of Hawaiian is constantly in turmoil frustrating everyone. Your mana’o is 100% correct, but should not be given credit to title of “Hawaiian Kingdom” or any other except the Kingdom of Hawai’i”. The Laws of Kauikeauoli III emanated from na Kamehameha Dynasty and why the work we (3) doing is to get full restoration for Crown Kamehameha Dynasty, Kingdom of Hawai’i and na Kanaka Maoli o Hawaiti. Hawaiti is the entire continent under water and now surviving above it. Apply what you know to the title Crown Kamehameha and show proof the title Hawaiian Kingdom belongs to and always was the Hawaiian Kingdom at 1840. We are embarking on setting the records straight. An alliance took place with eight island nations (now two more added) under Liholiho Kamehameha II. They have living proof he was there. Living proof is the people who say they are te rihoriho from Liholiho. Alliance not on palapala. Living alliance. You figure out this equation via kauna and you see more to the mana’o you speaking of now. Keep up your work of setting the records straight. It’s very Pono. Kanaka Maoli aka aka. You are a reflection of me and I am a reflection of you. Ahui hou!

  22. Hawaii’s Story By Hawaii’s Queen, Page 360 Queen Lliuokalani, Shes Talking About The Crown Lands Not Being Abled To Be Take’n Away. The Act of the Legislature by which these lands were made ‘inalienable to descend to the heirs and successors of the Hawaiian Crown (N.B., not of any Kamehameha) forever.

    And She Also Refers to the Quit Claim Deed.

    If She Was Still Here And A Kanaka Approached Her For The Same Reason To Protect Native Tenant Rights. I Bet You She Would Agree, The Native Tenant Right Faces The Same Idiots And Danger Today From Being Sold.

    I Figure If A Chief Gave You Land, It Is Intended For You Your Family And Kids. Not For You To Sell It, Or Give You An Option To Put It In Danger For Someone Else To Take It From You. They Were Right About An Idiot.

    Pressure Can Be Put On The Legislator To Protect Native Tenant Rights From Idiots and Needs To.

    If The Queen Was Still Here And She Heard About These Comments About Protecting Native Tenant Right For The Same Reason As She’s Addressing The Crown Lands She Would Agree Especially If Your Related To Her.

    Royal Patent No.6923 Is Part Of The Crown Lands.

    My Ancestor Is Nunu, Kaleioku ame Kakohe, They Were In Charge Of Putting Umi-a-Liloa To Power.

    I Descend from the Line of Lono Priest.

    Better Watch Your Mouth.

    My Visions Come’s From My Ancestors, I Only Speak Truth*****

    • I don’t care where you get your visions from you have not rebutted the fact that in Law a Kanaka can exercise his/her vested right in fee simple title. Since you all about TRUTH, tell me the TRUTH. Can a HK gov’t pass a law that violates a vested right?

      • Aole. It was “simple, pay the fee it’s yours to use” not own under colonial “fee simple”. Fee simple like arsenic poison introduced early, get them use to the sweet pastry, dessert, you eventually kill them with diabetes and if still living hire a hit man to do the job when you in a hurry. Then take over the abandoned land with quiet title action or foreclosure. Land was not to be used as commodity “my people” (words of Kauikeauoli, Heir, Chief, konohiki and Maka ainana). He was all of these “people” because he holds the original Allodio, alodium, allodial Title. You cannot sell what you don’t own as “ano allodial” less than. “Simple, pay the fee [lease]” that you got from the original, you can use the land. Land is not a commodity, it’s a necessity. ‘I’o, God owns the land he created. Man did not create land. It was here before human “usage” to take care of it.

        Malama Pono!

        • This if for all the idiots that talk a lot of but know nothing of Hawaiian Land tenure and private property regarding it’s sale, mortgages and foreclosures. Section 1231 of the 1884 Compiled Laws of the Hawaiian Kingdom states: “The court or judge may assess the amount due upon mortgages, whether of real or personal property, without the intervention of a jury . . . and shall order judgment or decree to be entered for
          the amount awarded, and execution to be issued thereon.” The HK also passed a Law for non-judicial foreclosures in 1874. This is not U.S. conspiracy theories you morons these are Hawaiian Kingdom subjects conducting themselves equitably within HK law that they are in control of.

      • Any idea when the current rebuttal of truth in the US court system in DC might be displayed on this blog? I don’t want to pay for PACER. Thanks in advance. ??

  23. You Going See What The Future Holds. If Thats What It Takes To Protect The Land They Will Pass It. I Speak Thru My Visions. You Speak Like A Common.
    Try Ask Hawaiians If Its Smart To Sell Land.

    The Point Is This. If You Feel That You Have A Right To Sell and Mortgage Your Land.
    No Grumble If You No Can Pay And The Courts Foreclose On Your Home.

    Dont Use The Hawaiian Culture As An Excuse Why They Shouldnt Take Your Land In A Foreclosure If You Agreed And Sign For Your Loan.

    I Just Here To Try Help Hawaiians Stay Out Of Depth.

    Doesnt Sound Like You Ever Did Or Will Own Land Or You Paying Your Mortgage.

    I Own Mine, I’m Part Of The Very Few Who Dont Have A Mortgage, I Payed For It In Full,
    I Came Back To Try Help People. I’m Not An Idiot ame i’au aole poho ko’u manawa.

    I Put My Message Out For People Who May Have Use For This Information

    Doesnt Sound Like You Need Help. ***You Not The Only One Out There.

    I’m A Business Person Also, For Me Commenting Here Is Very Similar To Selling A Product.

    Not Every One Understands Your Product, But Theres Others Out There That Do.
    There The Ones That Makes Success. Thats Where My Faith Is.

    I Dont Think I The Only Hawaiian That Feels That Only Idiots Would Sell There Land.

    I’m Finish Responding To You > be on your way. My Messages Is Obviously Not Intended For You.

    I One Of The Hawaiians That Say No Grumble If You Loose Your Land If You Willingly Mortgaged It And Dont Use The Hawaiian Culture As An Excuse Of Why They Shouldnt Foreclose On Your Property If You Agreed To The Terms And Condition Of Your Loan.

    Hawaiian Kingdom Get One Bank You No Can Pay Than What? O I One Hawaiian I Not Going Pay You Back, I No More Money.

    Thats The Worst Kind People For Do Business With.

    Ku’e Aloha Aina

    • Just what I thought. “…If Thats What It Takes To Protect The Land They Will Pass It…” Thank you for revealing your ignorance and now no one will trust what you are saying anymore. Mahalo

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