15 thoughts on “Big Island Video News (BIVN): Ruggles To FBI – Investigate Hawaii War Crimes Allegations

  1. Jennifer is sadly missing the point of protected persons by not realizing that she can’t be a usa FEDERAL agent and a whistleblower at the same time…. and a protected person. Why didn’t her lawyers advise her to resign and get her facts straighten out.
    Protected persons are the good or bad Americans and Hawai’ian subjects who are getting blindsided by the fiascos of Dr, Sai’s personal agenda to vindicate the felon statis he is saddled with after being found guilty of felony theft of property belonging to another using the Hawai’ian Kingdom as his alibi and is dragging alot of innocent people into the unachievable political wheel of unfortunate circumstances that the majority of Americans will see as terrorism and undoubtedly incarceration will be executed by the fbi of the dissidents. This is a loser’s game that I am not interested in participating in…. and quite frankly find it ludacris that Jen would complement the video maker.

    • Finally the true colors are showing along with the ignorance. Well from your own words you are not going to participate then this should be the last we hear from you. But I doubt it since it appears you are a double minded person that speaks with a forked tongue. Prove me right by continue posting like you said you wouldn’t. Bye

    • My my my , Madam you speak as though you just glossed over a manual pertaining to governmental constitution. Your understanding is ill conceived and your unprepared reality is skewed with that old tired “kumbaya” attitude, after 126 years of concealment from the depths of hell of illegal occupation. The mind-altered state of prolonged illegal oppression is truely revealed. No longer as a people will we stand idle, be confused, lost without an identity, talked over, brow beaten, dismissed, labelled rebel without a cause. We are coming like a freight train with a purpose, taking names and numbers. Truth is the equalizer never backing down to the oppressor. Yet still being civil and respectful, that is our nature as kanaka maoli. But never ever take kindness for weakness, this is our “Strength”, which is misunderstood. Imua! my people, our day in the shade is upon us.We’re still here till the wheels fall off. Aloha………….

    • Wow. What a ‘flipping drastic 180’. Thank you for confirming where your heart stands. Now you are no longer suspect which puts you in the enemy of the HKG catagory.

    • Ms. Robinson,

      Whistleblower? (You got that wrong!)

      Irrefutable facts concerning the sovereign continuity of the Hawaiian Kingdom have been presented in which the United States of America cannot rebut!

      Ms. Ruggles is requesting an answer to an accusation in order to clear up any ambiguity as to whether or not she and other State of Hawaii elected or appointed officials are committing war crimes within the jurisdiction of the Hawaiian Kingdom based upon a memorandum from an international expert affirming the sovereign continuity of the Hawaiian Kingdom.

      Unfortunately, her higher ups don’t know and possibly don’t want to be bothered. She has to take a step higher and higher until someone finally tells her we (the U.S. committed an illegal act in Hawaii, but don’t tell anyone, we won’t convict you of a war crime) know. Oh, BTW, your sworn oath doesn’t apply to Hawaii we are not the lawfully authority over there. We are occupying them!

      Ms. Ruggles is not asking for anything unreasonable. I would think anyone serving as an elected or appointed official for the State of Hawaii especially Judges should revisit the information Ms. Ruggles is grappling with then remember the oath sworn to uphold the U.S. constitution and see if they are in proper alignment.

      If you would like to help Ms. Ruggles, just prove that the sovereign continuity of the Hawaiian Kingdom was effectively extinguished and that the United States of America was proper when it implemented its own internal public law to annex Hawaii. That’s so simple!

      So many people go to prestigious law schools, graduate with high honors only to rely on uncle Lolo for their answer concerning Hawaii as the 50th State. I guess if their pay is on the line a little fib is okay about upholding the Constitution of the United States, after all if everyone is doing how can it be wrong?

      And this is where moral character kicks in. Either you have it or you don’t!

      Ms. Ruggles is of the highest quality of character!

      • Look up in the congressional record , it’s come to be known as the Act of 1871 . This is proof of the united States incorporated government . International laws says a corporation cannot annex a country neither can a bankrupt government annex a country with wealth . This was what the american government was at the time of the illegal overthrow . They tried to steal hawaii twice and the 3rd attempt was the sinking of the U.S.S. Maine which started the Spanish america war . We know now it was a false flag operation . The empire of the city and the inns of court conspired and was involved with the racketeering . online documents like the secret treaty of Verona shows the racketeering . The articles of incorporation shows what the United States incorporated business is and what they are doing.

        • All countries are political corporations and insolvent but they are still in business. Makes no difference, they are all liable for any breach or trespass of contract.

  2. A wistleblower? If that is so, then they DO know Hawai’i is occupied territory! Hopefully they do not do things that will bury themselves!

  3. As a Hawaiian Subject, a kanaka maoli of Pukuilua-Hana, Maui, we extend our “mahalo & aloha” to you, Jen. May our Queen Liliuokalani and our na kupuna watch over you. Ceci & Francis

  4. Oh Kekoa, you are so right about this person, forked tongue and all. Feels like someone who has been a planted seed to disrupt what this website and what it’s all about. Many of us are kanaka maoli are looking for our REAL history. The history that the agressor has been trying to erase for the last 125 years. She is not akamai to our recent findings found by scholars the likes of Dr. Keanu Sai, Dr. Willie Kauai, Dr Donavan Presa, and last but not least Ms Jennifer Ruffles. Look at what my Kaneakua ohana, Routh Bolomet found out! My grandfather was James Ne’ene’e Kaneakua. Yes, he was adopted, but he was still ohana.
    Mrs. Robinson, you talk a lot of false claims or should I say kukai. Go back and learn more before you put you foot inside of your mouth, again and again.you look like a fool Mrs. ROBINSON. Try and change the way you roll.

  5. Mrs. Robinson dare ask yourself the question..”Could I be wrong”? That is a powerful question which can and often will lead to truth. Kalamai sister…go study.

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