Meritocracy of the Regency and Command and Control by a Military Government

When the government of the Hawaiian Kingdom was restored in 1997 by a Council of Regency, it came into existence where the population of the Hawaiian Islands effectively had their national consciousness of the Hawaiian Kingdom from the nineteenth century obliterated and replaced with an American national consciousness. The process by which this obliteration occurred was by a deliberate and consistent policy of denationalization through Americanization that was formally instituted in the public and private school system in 1906 by the Department of Public Instruction, which is currently called the Department of Education.

According to the Programme, “The teacher will call one of the pupils to come forward and stand at one side of the desk while the teacher stands at the other. The pupil shall hold an American flag in military style. At second signal all children shall rise, stand erect and salute the flag, concluding with the salutation, ‘We give our heads and our hearts to God and our Country! One Country! One Language! One flag!’”

In 1907, Harper’s Weekly magazine covered the Americanization taking place at Ka‘ahumanu and Ka‘iulani Public Schools, which has students from the first to eighth grade. When the reporter visited Ka‘iulani Public School, he documented the policy being carried out and took a picture of the 614 school children saluting the American flag. He wrote:

At the suggestion of Mr. Babbitt, the principal, Mrs. Fraser, gave an order, and within ten seconds all of the 614 pupils of the school began to march out upon the great green lawn which surrounds the building. Hawaii differs from all our other tropical neighbors in the fact that grass will grow here. To see beautiful, velvety turf amid groves of palms and banana trees and banks of gorgeous scarlet flowers gives a feeling of sumptuousness one cannot find elsewhere.

Out upon the lawn marched the children, two by two, just as precise and orderly as you can find them at home. With the ease that comes of long practice the classes marched and countermarched until all were drawn up in a compact array facing a large American flag that was dancing in the northeast trade-wind forty feet above their heads. Surely this was the most curious, most diverse regiment ever drawn up under that banner—tiny Hawaiians, Americans, Britons, Germans, Portuguese, Scandinavians, Japanese, Chinese, Porto-Ricans, and Heaven knows what else.

‘Attention!’ Mrs. Fraser commanded.

The little regiment stood fast, arms at sides, shoulders back, chests out, heads up, and every eye fixed upon the red, white, and blue emblem that waved protectingly over them.

‘Salute!’ was the principal’s next command.


Every right hand was raised, forefinger extended, and the six hundred and fourteen fresh, childish voices chanted as one voice:

‘We give our heads and our hearts to God and our Country! One Country! One Language! One Flag!’

The last six words were shot out with a force that was explosive. The tone, the gesture, the gaze fixed reverently upon the flag, told their story of loyal fervor. And it was apparent that the salute was given as spontaneously and enthusiastically by the Japanese as by any of the other children. There were hundreds of them in the throng, and their voices rang out as clearly as any others, their hands raised in unison. The coldest clod of a man who sees the children perform this act of reverence must feel a tightening at the throat, and it is even more affecting to see these young atoms from all the world actually being fused in the crucible from which they shall issue presently as good American citizens.”

Under customary international law, Americanization is a war crime of denationalizing the inhabitants of an occupied territory. Germans and Italians were prosecuted for the same war crime after World War II for implementing a systematic plan of Germanization and Italianization in occupied territories.


The insurgency relied on loyalty, not merit, to fill the ranks of their provisional government in 1893 and their so-called Republic of Hawai‘i in 1894. When the United States seized control of the Hawaiian Islands by renaming the Republic of Hawai‘i to the Territory of Hawai‘i in 1900 loyalty in the ranks were continued by the insurgency pretending to be American citizens.

The lead insurgent, Sanford Dole, as President of the Republic of Hawai‘i, was appointed by President McKinley to be the Governor of the Territory of Hawai‘i. Loyalty to the insurgency was party affiliation to the Republican Party. In 1959, when the United States changed the name of the Territory of Hawai‘i to the State of Hawai‘i, loyalty was now under a new party—the Democratic Party, which continues today. While international law renders the current apparatus of the State of Hawai‘i not as a legitimate government but rather an occupant that is committing war crimes against the population of the Hawaiian Islands, it has not altered the firm grip of loyalty in the minds of alleged war criminals. What will eventually break this chain is criminal culpability and prosecutions like what occurred with with the Nazi Party in Germany.

When the Hawaiian government was restored in 1997 by a Regency, its officers had to conform to Hawaiian constitutional law and administrative processes. King Kamehameha III established, as an administrative process, meritocracy, which is where government jobs were based on merit and not solely on loyalty. Responding to a slew of appeals to remove these foreign advisors who replaced native Chiefs, Kamehameha III penned the following letter that was communicated throughout the realm—a letter that speaks to the time and circumstance the kingdom faced and establishing a meritocracy:

Kindly greetings to you with kindly greetings to the old men and women of my ancestors’ time. I desire all the good things of the past to remain such as the good old law of Kamehameha that “the old women and the old men shall sleep in safety by the wayside,” and to unite with them what is good under these new conditions in which we live. That is why I have appointed foreign officials, not out of con­tempt for the ancient wisdom of the land, but because my native helpers do not understand the laws of the great countries who are working with us. That is why I have dismissed them. I see that I must have new officials to help with the new system under which I am working for the good of the country and of the old men and women of the country. I earnestly desire to give places to the commoners and to the chiefs as they are able to do the work connected with the office. The people who have learned the new ways I have retained. Here is the name of one of them, G.L. Kapeau, Secretary of the Treasury. He understands the work very well, and I wish there were more such men. Among the chiefs Leleiohoku, Paki, and John Young [Keoni Ana] are capable of filling such places and they already have government offices, one of them over foreign officials. And as soon as the young chiefs are sufficiently trained I hope to give them the places. But they are not now able to become speakers in foreign tongues. I have therefore refused the letters of appeal to dismiss the foreign advisors, for those who speak only the Hawaiian tongue.

The Council of Regency and its officers had to become proficient in Hawaiian constitutional law, administrative law, land tenure, public international law, international humanitarian law, and the law of occupation. This is why Dr. Keanu Sai, as Chairman of the Council of Regency, secured a M.A. degree and a Ph.D. degree in political science specializing in international relations and law. Dr. Sai’s merit is also reflected in multiple peer review articles and published books on the topic of the Hawaiian Kingdom and its continued existence.

Loyalty was satisfied by Hawaiian administrative law where the members of the Cabinet Council were required to take the following oath, “I solemnly swear in the presence of Almighty God, that I will faithfully support the Constitution and laws of the Hawaiian Kingdom, and faithfully and impartially discharge the duties of [Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Minister of the Interior, the Minister of Finance, and the Attorney General].”

Under the law of occupation there is a working relationship between the occupant and the Regency as the government of the occupied State. International law constrains and regulates the actions of both entities with its collective duty of protecting the population of the occupied State. The law of occupation places another duty, which is paramount, on the head of the State of Hawai‘i Department of Defense, Major General Kenneth Hara, to proclaim the transformation of the State of Hawai‘i into a Military Government and begin to comply with the law of occupation.

According to the U.S. Manual for Courts-Martial, a “duty may be imposed by treaty, statute, regulation, lawful order, standard operating procedure, or custom of the Service.” In this case, MG Hara’s duty is imposed upon him by Article 43 of the 1907 Hague Regulations, and U.S. Department of Defense Directive 5001.1 that states it is the duty of the Army in “[occupied] territories abroad [to] provide for the establishment of a military government pending transfer of this responsibility to other authority.” It is not the duty of the Navy, Marines, or the Air Force. U.S. Army field manuals (“FM”) regulating military government are FM 27-5—Civil Affairs Military Government, FM 27-10—The Law of Land Warfare, FM 3-57—Civil Affairs Operations, and FM 6-37—The Commander’s Handbook on the Law of Land Warfare.

MG Hara’s failure to perform this duty that is established by treaty as an Army general officer is a crime under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, and a war crime of omission under international law. A soldier who is found guilty of willful dereliction of duty resulting in death or grievous bodily harm is subject to “dishonorable discharge, forfeiture of all pay and allowances, and confinement for 2 years.”

The war crimes tribunals in Nuremburg and Tokyo that followed the end of hostilities during the Second World War, “marked a clear recognition by the international community that all members of the chain of command who participate or acquiesce in war crimes must bear individual criminal responsibility.” Command responsibility arises when the military superior during an occupation of a foreign State fails to exercise sufficient control and accountability for his/her subordinates’ in the commission of war crimes. And a “non-military commander is [also] responsible for omissions which lead to the commission of crimes.” The doctrine of command responsibility arises when the superior, by omission, fails to control or punish those under his/her command.

Paragraph 4-24 of the 2020 Army Regulations 600-200 states, “Commanders are legally responsible for war crimes they personally commit, order committed, or know or should have known about and take no action to prevent, stop, or punish.” The failure of MG Hara to transform the State of Hawai‘i into a Military Government has allowed for war crimes to be committed with impunity throughout the Hawaiian Islands by the unlawful imposition of American laws over Hawaiian territory, which is the war crime of usurpation of sovereignty during military occupation. This imposition of American laws has led to secondary war crimes such as unfair trials, unlawful confinement, confiscation or destruction of property, denationalization, pillage, etc.

According to the U.S. Department of Defense, command and control is the “exercise of authority and direction by a properly designated commander over assigned forces in the accomplishment of the mission.” Establishing a Military Government is a mission of the Army in occupied territory, and when it is established, it is not based upon democratic principles. U.S. Army Field Manual 27-5 states, “Military government is exercised when an armed force has occupied such territory, whether by force or agreement, and has substituted its authority for that of the sovereign or previous government. The right of control passes to the occupying force limited only by the rules of international law and established customs of war.”

FM 27-5 also states under command responsibility, the “theater commander bears full responsibility for military government; therefore, he is usually designated as military governor or civil affairs administrator, but is authorized to delegate his authority and title, in whole or in part, to a subordinate commander. In occupied territory the commander, by virtue of his position, has supreme legislative, executive, and judicial authority, limited only by the laws and customs of war and by directives from higher authority.” And the reasons for the establishment of military government “are either military necessity as a right, or as an obligation under international law.”

The mission of a military government assumes that the population of the occupied territory is hostile to its presence, which is precisely why the military governor has command and control. The military governor does not maintain the loyalties of the former government but rather severs it by replacing it with his authority in order to temporarily administer the laws of the occupied State until a peace treaty has been agreed upon that would bring the occupation to an end.

After General Dwight Eisenhower proclaimed the establishment of a Military Government in Germany on April 19, 1945, began the de-Nazification of Germany. In his proclamation, General Eisenhower stated, “we shall obliterate Nazi-ism and German Militarism. We shall overthrow the Nazi rule, dissolve the Nazi Party and abolish the cruel, oppressive and discriminatory laws and institutions which the Party has created. We shall eradicate that German Militarism which has so often disrupted the peace of the world. Military and Party leaders, the Gestapo and others suspected of crimes and atrocities will be tried and, if guilty, punished as they deserve.”

Like in the case of Germany, the Military Government for Hawai‘i would have to “obliterate” American-ism and American Militarism in order to begin the restoration of Hawaiian Kingdom national consciousness that existed before the American invasion on January 16, 1893. American-ism and American Militarism was established by the American authorities themselves in order to conceal the illegality of the occupation and the militarization of an occupied State. This would not be an easy task but it is, nevertheless a duty imposed by treaty and Army regulations, which falls squarely on MG Hara despite his personal feelings and/or perceived loyalties to the Democratic Party of the current administration. As an Army general officer, MG Hara is held to a higher standard than any person pretending to be an American politician in an occupied State, and his training and military education reveals it.

There would, however, be no duty imposed upon MG Hara if the Hawaiian Kingdom had ceased to exist as a State under international law, but this is not the case because his Staff Judge Advocate, Lieutenant Colonel Lloyd Phelps, could not find any legal evidence that that was the case.

In 2014, LTC Phelps was the Deputy Prosecuting Attorney for the County of Maui in State of Hawai‘i v. English et al., criminal no. 14-1-0819, brought before Judge Joseph P. Cardoza of the Second Circuit Court. Attorney General for the Hawaiian Kingdom, Dexter Ka‘iama, served as the defendants’ counsel who filed a motion to dismiss both criminal complaints on the grounds that the court lacked subject matter jurisdiction because of the American military occupation of the Hawaiian Kingdom. Mr. Ka‘iama has been serving as the Attorney General of the Hawaiian Kingdom and member of the Council of Regency since August 11, 2013.

An evidentiary hearing was held at the Second Circuit Court on March 5, 2015, where Dr. Keanu Sai served as expert witness for the defense. The purpose for the evidentiary hearing was to meet the burden of proof established by the Intermediate Court of Appeals in State of Hawai‘i v. Lorenzo whereby defendants that are contesting the jurisdiction of the court must provide a “factual (or legal) basis for concluding that the Kingdom exists as a state in accordance with recognized attributes of a state’s sovereign nature.”

In Dr. Sai’s expert testimony, he provided the factual circumstances of the United States military occupation of the Hawaiian Kingdom and the unlawful imposition of American municipal laws as to the reason why the Court does not have subject matter jurisdiction because its authority extends from the 1959 Statehood Act passed by the Congress, which has no extra-territorial effect. In the court’s transcripts, Dr. Sai stated that for the Court to proceed it would violate “Article 147 [1949 Fourth Geneva Convention], unfair trial [as] a grave breach, which is considered a war crime.” When asked by Judge Cordoza, “Any cross-examination?” LTC Phelps responded, “Your Honor, the State has no questions of Dr. Sai. Thank you for his testimony. One Army officer to another, I appreciate your testimony.”

Binding on MG Hara was also the fact that the United States already recognized the continued existence of the Hawaiian Kingdom as a State and the Council of Regency as its government by opinio juris. Additionally, the United States explicitly recognized the Council of Regency, by a mutual agreement, so it could be granted permission to access all records and pleadings of the Larsen v. Hawaiian Kingdom case at the Permanent Court of Arbitration.

For MG Hara to continue to deny the overwhelming evidence that imposes upon him the duty and obligation to transform the State of Hawai‘i into a Military Government, he is establishing a very strong basis of “willfulness” of not performing his duty, which satisfies the criminal intent for the war crime of omission.

24 thoughts on “Meritocracy of the Regency and Command and Control by a Military Government

  1. This is not good we will suffer even more by the hands of the “ILLEGAL OCCUPIERS ”
    GOD HELP US ALL. Mahalo Dr. Sai.

    • We suffer by our own actions and inactions, not from others not acting on our behalf. They already apologized. Where’s your inherent sovereignty?

    • How will we suffer? They will have to abide by the rules of international law, the world will be watching their every move once their occupation has a spotlight shone upon it, especially the numerous enemies they’ve amassed through their tyrannical actions around the globe, and if they fail to follow the rules outlined through international law, they’ll face the consequences of their actions. Violating international law is a war crime, when people realize this is real & THEY as individuals will face personal consequences if they fail to follow the law, they’ll fall in line.

      • Depending on the US to comply with international law is like waiting for Godot…especially when the occupied people’s have a responsibility or kuleana, not to trade with the enemy because they know they are at war, occupied and being plundered. The sovereignty of our territory endures in rightousness, not in fraud.
        It’s obvious the belligerents won’t move an inch and that Hawaiians feel safe and secure within the occupiers Federal social system as socially secured individuals. The point everyone makes, which I agree, is the fact that the US does have a responsibility to comply with international humanitarian law. One of the main points I make is it is our responsibility as it is our rights at stake to know who we are and take action. What are all the complaints about when Hawaiians won’t actually take a serious enough stand to renounce US citizenship, boycott trade with the US, and apply pressure lobbying Congress to execute the Liliuokalani Agreement. Instead, Hawaiians are trading with the enemy utilizing legal fictions, acting and signing their accords, agreements, and contracts as Federal subjects, albeit n(N)ative Hawaiians then suffering the commercial pains of usury while complaining about the society in which they subscribed.
        I get it, we’re subjected to Federal law for want of jurisdiction but what does it take to exercise your right to self determination? Better yet to cast off the chains that binds you? The native tenant class since the establishment of the Hawaiian monarchy has always been silent and subjected to their overlords and powers that be. Arguing against what they did (Kamehameha or the US) doesn’t effect who you are, it only effects how they treat you when acting as such in your own homelands.
        Indeed international law has no force except that which country and it’s people gives it. This was evident in WWI and WWII, somehow Germany was the bad guy when America was financing the Bolsheviks and Partisans. Hawaiians know so little about the wars and the origins and development of their own country, let alone the US and their control here.
        If the force was truly with us, we would walk the straight and narrow path home to independence and self determination face Congress once and for all for all that BS…straight up! Instead, Hawaiians seek benefits from the Admissions Act and the various other Federal laws that don’t supposedly don’t apply here but for US citizens and rather protest and exercise 14th amendment Federal subjects civil rights all the while granting the state the right to regulate Hawaiian cultural rights.
        Stay alert, stay alive. Who are you? Whose child are you? Once you know, how can you not get up and stand up against Congress for your Hawaiian rights unless of course one’s allegiance has already been pledged to the occupiers!

  2. Isn’t there a person of rank in the Pacific Command who would act on behalf of the People in such matters? He or she would order Hara to act in accordance with Law or be removed, or would act on our behalf, then pursue disciplinary action upon Hara?

    This is reminiscent of all things u.s. I remember when Aaron Chung, an atty, advised his fellow county council members a handful of years ago to ignore the Law and dismiss Jen Ruggles inquiries into the continuity of the Hawaiian Kingdom or Kingdom of the Hawaiian Islands, and into their positions themselves and decisions made with impunity, contrary to the Law of Supremacy and to existing Treaties. Lead Corp Counsel, Kamelamela penned a short answer to Jen Ruggles, advising her of the same.

    Hara is just following in those same muddy footprints of walking down that same dank path of disregard to and dereliction of Law and duty.

    Many Mahalos to you Regent Keanu Sai for your painstaking research, studies, witings, presentations and decades-long persistence, and to all brothers and sisters who do their part to advance the Kingdom. Pule – Lokahi – Ku’e!

  3. It appears that the US will CONTINUE to perpetuate its MYTH of HK ‘ownership’ by DENYING any wrong doing was/is being done.
    ~Tom Coffman The Nation Within: The History of the American OCCUPATION of Hawaii

    Reminds me of the battles I’ve faced in ForeC court these past years. There is NO requirement that lenders PROVE they still have the original docs, nor do they have to ‘swear under oath made under the penalties of PERJURY’ when providing evidence. Worse– NO rights to jury trial for any civil case over property more than $20 (7th Amendment). They conveniently dismiss ANY reference to UN Dr. deZayas’ letter, Title Defect Claims etc.. as “political” while selling our homes at extreme deflated prices to themselves, their pals & foreign nationals. Ugh.

    It’s CLEAR that THEIR banker “Court” games ARE rigged for THEIR corporate victories while they continue their LAND GRAB tactics, while demoralizing locals. Same game being played on HK, while international courts & organizations RECOGNIZE HK. What to do?

    (((HOPING))) that when actor FJB’s faux presidency falls & an official reinstatement of (current CIC) DJT occurs, #HawaiianKingdom WILL BE FULLY RECOGNIZED in all the glory it deserves.

    Regardless of what happens, MUCH RESPECT to the acting Council of Regency et al who have worked tirelessly to better ALL our lives these past DECADES. Your scholarly efforts to G-R-O-W your own wisdom, skills & inner-standings to be the BEST version of HK leaders is also very much appreciated. <3

    • It’s clear that it’s all about money. If you’re borrowing their money, they own your property based on your promissory note which is sold on the securities market if you do not claim it . In other words, lack of knowledge of your commercial transactions effects the taking. It behooves us to learn commerce code just as much as the US codes. Indeed, they don’t do anything to those millionaires who own outright!

  4. If the US (FakeState & mil) continue to stall/deny wonder if pressing them to produce their OATHS of office might net more immediate results?
    Just saw this today–Talks about HOW to call out the fake #corporate #maritime NO OATH fraudsters using a few step process. Shows Maricopa officials scattering when being served

  5. The privileges and benefits of the occupier is the #1 obstacle to self determination once Americanized. But Americanization starts in the classroom and that just means mental slavery. Thus knowing who you are is vital to one’s confidence and sense of belonging.
    That’s why personally my son does not participate in any of the indoctrination practices from the pledge of allegiance to the star spangled banner as is mine and his right. He is the only 1st grade student I think in all of Hawaii that can run around the field or continue walking and not have to stop and face the flag during the bugle which is a military custom practiced in many Hawaii public schools. While others pledge allegiance, he plays with toys. The rest of the kids see this, and then they know freedom. They wonder what makes him special then ask him why at recess and he tells them “cause I’m Hawaiian and this is the Hawaiian Islands not America.”
    As for his sense of belonging, his separation caused most kids to want to be like him, to ask how and why, and to realize they too are Hawaiian and entitled to the same freedoms. So it was not impacted at all by not participating with his classmates. If anything, it helped his classmates to know their rights.
    Although the staff and administration find me a nuisance because I bring change, I find them to be a liability in guarding the rights of my childs. We both had our hardships but the sacrifice he and I made for the love of our country comes from knowing who we are and choosing to walk the straight and narrow in a crooked society. We cannot stray.
    So for those who seek to blame Hara or believe it’s doomsday…you need to think about what you are not giving up to retain your privileges and benefits from the occupier. It takes a lot to jump the fence, so if you haven’t, then don’t blame Hara for not taking the risks you yourself would not. How can anyone expect an American to do what Hawaiians will not? Hara has a family no doubt and any man would find it a difficult ask.

    • I enjoy hearing what you have too say but we need someone like Moses to set our people free or a super power like america to liberate us from our oppressor america. If your way is the way to freedom from oppression can you tell me about a historical event that took place that had the same strategy and strategies as yours?

      • You’ve discerned what it is that I seek to share and provide but it is not my way. It is God’s way. I am just taking the path that was already there with faith, hope and love of truth, justice and country. If I can help myself, I will.
        But we all in this together. We all can reverse engineer Americanization. We all can Hawaiianize ourselves. If Larsen and Keanu can…hiki no! We all going die one day, but how we lived for truth and justice will live on. Ike pono! Holo i ka lani!

  6. The sad state of international law is that it is founded on the disenfranchisement and non recognition of the human rights of the German population since WWI. To establish an entire regime of law on the violation of the human rights of Germans in the Danzig by Poland is the selective application of humanitarian law. Like, did the west forget that Hitler and Stalin took Poland before Hitler turned north from Paris against Russia. Eisenhowers administration was a puppet for at all times they were not compliant with international humanitarian law. They refused ICRC inspections of POW war camps, sent many who surrendered back to Russia or in the hands of their enemies, starved more than 50k in their “disarmed enemy combatants” camps and failed to secure release of many Americans held by Stalin who was mad that the US made off with most of Germanys scientists and IP. And that’s to say nothing of General Pattons remarks. Until today, Germany is still occupied. There media is locked down for the next 100 years and there Central Bank was just established this century. So while people blame Hitler for supposedly gasing jews there is no care to wonder about the war disease and how the Haavara agreement contradicts such gross misrepresentations. Talk about building on sand!

  7. Granted, there is always more ‘safety’ in numbers. Many of us on here probably have felt the consequences of our decisions to PUSH BACK vs. tyranny. Regardless, take a look at this military-driven document w/ 11 pages of signatures. Here’s one passage from it (capitalization added for emphasis):

    “….These leaders refused to resign or take any other action to hold themselves accountable, nor have they attempted to REPAIR THE HARM OF THEIR POLICIES AND ACTIONS HAVE CAUSED. Since there has yet to be any accountability, the undersigned give our word to do everything MORALLY permissible and LEGALLY possible to hold our own leadership accountable. We intend to rebuild trust by demonstrating that leaders canNOT cast aside constitutional rights or the law for political expediency….’

    Hara HAS a responsibility to DO RIGHT because he KNOWS BETTER. He will forever be known as a coward or a hero.

    • Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ.
      – Colossians 2:8

  8. Clearly meritocracy failed, because loyalty wasn’t “satisfied” by Hawaiian Kingdom law of taking an oath, because the foreigners who were allowed to serve in our Kingdoms government, who took that oath, also betrayed that oath, as well as the Kingdom and its people, by conspiring in the insurgency. In a government, you need loyalty to that country & its people… imagine America, where 50% of its population were foreign citizens of China & now imagine those foreign citizens of China being allowed to serve in the government of the United States, playing a large role in that government, simply by taking an oath… that’s insane, it’s a recipe for a coup. Clearly (& rationally) foreigners allegiances are with THEIR countries, not ours. A lot of people like to pretend our ali’i were infallible, but they weren’t & if we don’t learn from their mistakes, we’re destined to repeat them & end up right back where we are today after the occupation ends… if not in an even worse situation.

    Some other countries that don’t allow dual citizenship (such as Japan for example), do not recognize jus soli (citizenship by virtue of being born in that country) unless at least one parent is a citizen of Japan… I think we need to strongly consider changing our laws to mirror that when the occupation ends… maybe even before, if we can.

    • Exactly Aloha P sometimes i cant believe how naive we are. Naivety should be a disqualification for any Hawaiian person running for office. It should be right next to being an idiot. No more fast tracking naturalization privileges to foreigners for theses sort of matters, don’t even think about that as an option. Hawaiians rule Hawaii and we work with the best that we can get out of our own and progress from there. If we cannot assemble and or elect a Hawaiian government with merit consisting of hawaiian people and not foreigners according to your standards or whatever standards they are in our constitution then perhaps we don’t deserve sovereignty. The mahele was out right dumb, too many snakes whispering in kamehamehas ears. No more colonialism types of governments anymore, no more foreigners in government, no more denizens no matter the merit. Its ridiculous and we make ourselves look like fools to the world thinking this way….. again and again, thinking we know better, thinking we smarter than the rest of the world. Remember insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. If we decide to allow immigrants in then the first peoples and for now perhaps the only people we should open our borders too should be our own kind, our fellow islanders, polynesians micronesians etc our kin and neighbors. I approve of that and too me thats one of the exceptions. Its a bit complicated so I won’t attempt to explain. Stay on em Aloha P.

      • Aloha e Kaulana,
        Yes I agree about naivety, although naivety and idiocy go hand in hand, so maybe if someone is naive, they’re an idiot imo.

        I think the main priority of any government official and the government in general, should be that both Hawaiians AND kānaka maoli need to be prioritized, not just Hawaiians. A government that ignores the special place and role of its aboriginal peoples, doesn’t deserve to govern, because it’s behaving just as settler colonizers do, when it does that.

        A few kānaka maoli have expressed concern and disappointment to me that Kumu Sai makes mention of Hawaiians often, but not kānaka maoli. I can understand his reasoning for doing so, he particularly has to worry about international law violations and discrimination liability for himself and the council, but I can also understand the concerns of my fellow kānaka maoli. I think we’re all over the exploitation of our islands, people, culture and language and… honestly… are traumatized by it and therefore very wary of what will become of us, when no mention of that is being made, but also wary of the people who have lived amongst us all these decades, who have known of the theft of our lands and Kingdom, but ignored it because they enjoy the benefits that theft has provided them, such as living here illegally on lands stollen from us and benefitting financially off of our culture by exploiting it to sell to tourists.

        I agree about the māhele… but Kumu Sai says it was actually a good thing, so does Donovan Preza… I dont know any kānaka maoli who agree with them though and I think thats another things that makes kānaka maoli wary of the Council, but they’re afraid to speak up because they dont know all this legal jargon and laws and are afraid to look dumb if they try to question it. I have to admit, I’m one of those people lol.. Ive watched Donovan Preza’s videos on the māhele and still can’t understand how it can be considered a good thing… at least not for kānaka maoli… good for foreigners, yes, but not kānaka maoli. And moving forward, I feel confident in saying that most if not all kānaka maoli want to ban foreigners from buying land, because we see very clearly what allowing that results in, we’re living it… them owning everything and us being priced our of our homelands or on the verge of it (diaspora).. and our sacred sites being destroyed for what they consider “progress”, at the detriment to our culture, beliefs and way of life.

        I can’t agree about letting other “fellow islanders” or “our kin” or “neighbors” have citizenship though. Theres a lot of islands in the world, are we letting anyone from an island be citizens? “Neighbors”?? The US is a neighbor too and a closer neighbor to us than Samoa is. Plus Micronesians arent our “kin”, they’re Asian, the most recent DNA research has proved incontrovertibly (meaning undeniably) that Micronesians originated our of Indonesia, specifically a region called Sulawesi AND most importantly, Micronesians are the only people in Oceania that arent of Oceania ancestry. All Oceanians have new Britain Papuan ancestry EXCEPT for Micronesians. That means they dont share the same ancestry as oceanians but rather came into Oceania from elsewhere (in this case Indonesia), meaning they’re Asian, not “Pacific Islanders”, not Polynesians, not Melanesians. So if we’re going to allow Micronesians in, who are Asian, why are we not letting ALL Asians in? That’s discrimination. Plus, let’s not forget that none of our “kin, neighbors or fellow islanders” have invited us to join their nations after we were invaded, illegally overthrown, illegally annexed and currently occupied, none of them have brought up our plight to the UN, none of them offered to fight alongside us etc etc. So I think the only fair and just thing to do, is either deport all non-Hawaiians or let them all stay if they want to… I’m leaning more towards deportation myself, because I think thats the only fair thing to do for kānaka maoli and we have to put us first, not foreigners.. for once.

        • Aloha P, when I say Hawaiian, I mean Kanaka Maoli. We can’t allow to be a minority here and melt away into the annals of extinction we call the melting pot. Into the Asian and European tribes. We still have time. However, if we do melt away why not melt away back into the Polynesian pot of nations? For that to happen we need a plan or idea, like the one I propose. This was also an interest to our past Kings; they had the same idea (which did not manifest). They wanted Islanders here first and foremost. So, it’s either islanders or haoles, which one you want Aloha P? Us islanders share the same blood, culture and spirit. My understanding is Micronesians, Polynesians share the same ancestry (please don’t give me the homosapien, Adam and eve and Noah argument.) Indonesia, SE Asia I believe is where we came from, from particular people and tribes. Where else did we come from and from what tribes? I can care less we don’t need Micronesians or Polynesians here. We can reproduce amongst our own kanaka maoli but I don’t think it’s going to play out this way. The council will need to figure out how to run the economy and there going to need some serious manpower. They will keep what population we have here. Which I think is BS. These illegals need to be sent back where they came from. It’s only the right thing to do. However, who do you think they will allow to immigrate here? Some of these scholars and politicians pretend they don’t see color. Their color blinded and they make a strong effort to impress the world by pretending they’re not racist. They make an effort to argue against solutions like the one I proposed because It may reflect on them as being racist. Such weaklings. It is those people who seek to destroy us, and the others are just naive. lol who we all trying to impress here? Thats what it is Aloha P, IMPRESSION, smh it’s so pretentious. So, marrying white people are not racist? They definitely see color when they choose to marry. White men are what the native women dreams about. It’s the man of their dreams. lol I say we make it a little harder for these damsels in distress, the native women by keeping white people out. Go travel to America and find your husband and or wife. We have a serious problem we need to solve. And that’s repopulation of native’s peoples or face extinction. And don’t listen to foreign politicians and our enemies eager on attacking us about racism. Just tell them we need to solve our extinction problem lol. We need to stand strong and persevere. Weren’t the native Hawaiians on the list of endangered species before? Still? Well, I don’t see anyone proposing any solution to this problem. There too weak and afraid of facing the race issue, there afraid of being thrown the racist card at them. We can get a glimpse of it in our history. It was over for us then. How incompetent we were then and we are now. We are too soft, too weak, too intertwined with other nations biologically and brainwashed to fight the good fight.

          Can you believe the odds? Just look at kanaka maoli genealogies, there’s more haoles than natives. There’s more Hawaiians with Portuguese sur names than Hawaiian sur names. How did that happen? I thought there were only a few thousands of Portuguese that immigrated here compared to 40k natives and I rarely see Hawaiians with Hawaiian sur names. We been brainwashed by American so called moral values of treating everyone equally and or merits over race (funny they bought this reasoning up with our king). What a bunch of crap. There hypocrites and Hawaiians are naive. How do you think white people get ahead? By treating everyone equally? No but rather on the contrary. We need to do the same. How did they successfully and efficiently indoctrinate the population? We need to implement the same strategy; it is one of the only strategies that have worked. This dream of diversity did not work. Especially for native populations because it destroys the native peoples. Luckily for Native Americans a solution to the inevitable destruction of their race was having a place they can congregate together amongst themselves called an Indian reservation. We don’t have that safety net we are open and exposed. Till this day diversity is a failure, over a hundred years of failure (remember insanity), thousands if we go back to the roman empire. And that’s exactly what it is a DREAM, perhaps it time for us to wake up and face REALITY. I’m tired of hearing people talk about racism just accept the fact racism is here to stay and prepare for the race war that is to come. Look at Israel and Palestine, this is happening now. All the effort and energy we put into making this argument about race when all we needed to do was separate from each other. We cannot live together in peace. Decades later and were still arguing about racism why? We can start by killing diversity, and what that means is we should not be living with each other like the way the Palestinians are doing with their oppressor Israel, then we will argue less about racism. Different races and cultures cannot co-exist in the same country, without one being fully assimilated and destroyed. There will always be war amongst them. Look at history a primary reason for all other empires collapse was diversity. I hate walking into a building of a country with diversity because I often see all these flags of nations hung on the walls. It makes you feel a little insecure about who identifies with what and where their true loyalty stands. Why we labeling people by their genetic make over? Like calling Americans, Filipinos, Chinese, Japanese and yet we try to make the argument about nationality in regard to race. Keanu Sai tries to explain the western idea of nationality and fails to explain why people identify with their own race and the nationality of their parents. It makes this whole seriousness of nationality kind of pointless. Americans had the right idea of one nation and one flag. That was a brilliant idea, just not for natives in their own native land, with their own culture and language. Countries of diversity will eventually destroy itself from within and race plays a big part in that, we need to face that fact. I say get the islanders in Hawaii before some non-racist hypocrite naive politician decides on bringing the other nations into our country, I say keep them out and perhaps get those politicians out too. I don’t mind or rather encourage islanders immigrating here, it’s better than haoles. Not only will we have the manpower to fuel our economy and military, but it will help to get our population up. We need it too go up. I want to see millions of kanakas in the future. Sooner rather than later. The council will need to find a solution of how to run the economy, the people will play the biggest part of course (or a bunch of rich people, non-native, foreign investors) which Is why I prefer islanders to move here, that way we can get these Americans out.

          As far as the mahele is concern all it takes is some common sense to see how dumb it was and yes Keanu Sai and Donovan Preza are championing that idea that the mahele was a good thing. All you got to do is look at the results and you’ll see who it was good for and who it wasn’t good for. F the dream that all native and non-natives can own private land. Us natives are still dreaming. And It’s not good when you make them available for the world and with people much more wealthier than you or wealthier than the native people as a whole. Had this idea not been beneficial for a particular group of people let’s see how their policies change. What will happen when foreigners buy up all the American land, what will Americas do? What will Europeans do? All of a sudden private ownership will not be a thing because it no longer benefits you and your people. smh these hypocrites and naive Hawaiians. The mahele single handedly destroyed the Hawaiian people, the Hawaiian spirit and there will to live on. And this is after a bunch of kanaka maoli begged and petitioned to the king to get white people out of Hawaii and its government. Sorry to say but the king was a puppet. After Kamehameha the 1st, Hawaii was basically a banana republic is disguised as a constitutional monarchy. Anyhow if Kamehameha iii was a true leader, he should’ve listened to the demands of his people and serve them like a good king should’ve done. Sometimes our leaders need to do what the people say and ask instead of trying to reason and lecturer their way out of it, as if they got it all figured out or something. Leaders often make these sorts of impressions that their smarter and therefore they can’t listen to the people who in general don’t understand life and politics as much as they do. What a bunch of BS how about they humble themselves and listen to the people and hear their cries, that’s great leadership too. Of course, the mahele would benefit those who desire the acquisition of land. Which is a good thing and a good argument to make if you are a beneficiary. Private land ownership was the goal of these foreigners, not only in Hawaii but everywhere else in the world. I mean what kind of jobs they had then, what wages were the native people making in the 1800s? These plantation owners were making millions, they had the money to buy up land. How much money did natives have in the 1800s? I mean we struggle trying to buy land today, let alone in the 1800s. Hawaiians had no jobs, no salaries, they still lived off the little lots of land they had, still farming and fishing, being replaced with immigrants etc. And then boom the mahele lol. American Individualism came into play with private ownership which is so un Hawaiian. It really reshaped Hawaiian way of life and not for the good, I think. Private ownership is always good for foreigners, because they start off being landless with the same rights that native have and that’s the right to make use of the land, which is not enough for them. Like I said in another post, these snakes were whispering into the king’s ears. These brood of vipers. Hidden in the shadows only when Kalakaua and Liliuokalani came in, we begin so see them bare their fangs. For Kalakaua and Liliuokalani prove to be quite rebellious to their authority and their hidden secret agenda became exposed. Kamehameha iii should’ve known who to trust and who not to trust when he ceded sovereignty to admiral Richard Thomas. What did his council advisors advise him on? To cede the sovereignty of Hawaii over? lol Kamehameha iii should’ve known then that these men in Hawaii and his advisors were snakes. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were all in on it and co conspired with one another. How was Richard Thomas become so brave? I mean the HK had a bunch of white people as advisors to the king which should’ve prove a very tough adversary for our enemies and Richard Thomas. And yet Richard Thomas wasn’t afraid. When you make a move that R. Thomas did, you should only do it when you have strong support behind you, so who supported him? And all the while Kamehameha seemed to be so clueless. I wanted to go more in detail about the mahele but I ranted on too long.

        • Oh and yes Aloha P, other Polynesian Nations do not speak up for us nor do they invite us (sometimes) to their functions political and or non political and that’s because of politics. And I believe another attribute is because we are not Polynesian blooded people. Just look at us when were at a Polynesian function? We look nothing like Polynesians but foreign. You might not like hearing this but those Hawaiians are not brothers to the Polynesians and that’s how they feel about it and I respect it. It’s like Chinese people being at a black function claiming to be the same people. No ones buying it. Which is why I came up with the idea of Hawaiians needing to prioritize who they marry and reproduce with eg: other islanders which will make us more islander. We need to love ourselves, and see the beauty in our native peoples, which we often don’t. We drool over other races like whites, were so superficial when it comes to love. Don’t be taken back with what I’m saying, its only my opinion. We need to implement some serious Hawaiian propaganda.

  9. I’m not sure if I can add links here, but I saw a video from a realtor on the big island who said a house on the big island had sat on the market for 200+ days because the remarks on the listing left by the title company said there was a clouded title on the property from back in the 1880’s & therefore no one was willing to buy it. The realtor ended up getting a different title company who said it wasn’t clouded and got the house sold.

    This is a huge deal, because state of Hawai’i law doesnt require title companies to go back to the 1880’s to ensure the title is clear, I believe we’re the only place that doesnt require that.. or one of a handful of places in the very least.. the standard is that title companies have to go all the way back to the original first owner and ensure theres no break in the chain of title, but thats not the case here.. so why did this title company go all the way back to the 1800’s if its not required to? The only thing I can think of, is its come to their attention that we’re occupied and maybe they’re doing it now to avoid any potential liability??

    But anyways, apparently theres at least ONE title company that has begun following international law and adding remarks on listings telling the truth about land titles being clouded.

    Can anyone tell me why we arent sending cease and desist letters out to title companies and realtors to halt land sales? That seems like it would be the best way to get the message out about our occupation. If all real estate sales came to an abrupt halt, no buying, no selling.. it will be huge news, global even. Local politicians who have legal representation and advisors may be willing to ignore international law and continue the occupation, but I can’t imagine struggling realtors would be willing to do it.

    • Did some investigating.. cause I’m a wahine and we’re investigators 😁…. Found all the info.. the title company is Title Guaranty, the oldest title company in Hawai’i, operating since 1896 (so post illegal overthrow), the majority stake of which was bought by Fidelity National Financial, a “title insurance giant” in 2017, but the founding family still own a stake in the company. The listing says, “Pre title search by Title Guaranty Escrow & title discovered cloud on title. TG will not insure title.”. It sat on the market for 611 days because no one wanted to buy it until this last realtor got a different title company to approve it.

      If anyone’s interested.

  10. I’ve always had a funny feeling that our country is run as a meritocracy. And based on our Constitution, it seems to make sense that it is. For example Article 25 states “No person shall ever sit upon the Throne, who has been convicted of any infamous crime, or who is insane, or an idiot.” And no subject of this Kingdom can vote if they are the same (Article 62).

    I think our country should stay running as a meritocracy.  Because for one example that I can think of, it weeds out a lot of wannabe’s who want to become a Hawaiian when they have not earned such a privilege. The Hawaiian Kingdom is for the strongest and smartest, not for the lazy and entitled. It is a privilege to become a Hawaiian subject, not a right. Never has been a right. If you read our naturalization laws in our Civil Code, any alien foreigner who wants to become a Hawaiian subject has to abide by certain stipulations in the Code; one of them being you have to own real estate without encumbrance in this Kingdom! You can’t just come over here and say “Aloha.” You have to earn that privilege to become a Hawaiian subject! This is one of the many reasons why we should stay running our Constitutional Monarchy as a meritocracy. I can list plenty others reasons too–legally and patriotically.

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