12 thoughts on “IADL-NLG Co-Sponsors Webinar on War Crimes Committed in Hawai‘i – January 9, 2021

  1. How long are you people going to fright this case United states doesn’t care their not going to give Hawaii back to the people because it is a military strong hold in the Pacific Ocean you have statehood because really you can not be part of north America because you are not connected within the borders of the union states. I myself would love to see the hawiia people get back all of what they own but that’s not going to happen United states corporation as killed many people lets see the Indian nations hawiia people any racist that can not speak the Christian language.. United states corporation is no better then Hitler or Stalin Genghis Khan and anyone i can’t remember

  2. History is made by people. The US empire is increasingly volatile and unstable. “One empire, under surveillance, with deceit and oppression for all.” Over time conditions change. Remember the abrupt end of the USSR?

  3. Aloha from the Island of Maui/Kingdom of Hawai’i/SMK
    Our Queen placed the resolution and the restoration of the overthrow of the Hawai’ian Kingdom and the unrighteous usurpation and occupation of the Hawai’ian Islands in the
    hands of her Lord and Saviour,Jesus Christ!
    Leaving it up to Him to decide in His Infinite Wisdom, Power and Aloha, the perfect time to return to His Vineyard (for those with eyes to see, ‘see” what is happening all around us for the signs of His soon return!) and deal with those “wicked men” who have trashed and abused His Islands, for their own aggrandizement!
    (“See:” Matthew 21:33-44, especially verse 41)
    Maka’ala Stone
    —If you do not know the will of God/JC, I strongly recommend that you get to know it!
    IN Psalm 77:13, it says, Your Way, O Lord, is in the Sanctuary! For if you don’t know
    His Way, and you get in His Way, the Stone that the builder’s rejected will crush you!
    “God is not mocked!” and He is no respecter of persons! From the Highest Ali’i to the lowest Maka’ainana!

    • Aloha Cecilia,
      As we both know, flesh and blood will pass, but Spirit and Truth will Last! My understanding of a TRUE Hawai’ian National is of the latter.
      As Paul says in Ka Hemolele Baibala, Romans 2:28-29 For he is not a Jew {Hawai’ian National}, which is one outwardly;…[29] But he is a Jew
      {Hawai’ian National} which is one inwardly…that of the Spirit…whose praise is not of men, but of God!
      There are many here among us that mistakenly think that flesh and blood counts for anything in this the “Time of the End” – in the final gathering
      together of the stones that have been scattered, to make up the New Hawai”ian Kingdom+ that is now being gathered from the four corners of the earth.
      As there was an Old Jerusalem, pointing to a New Jerusalem+, so here in Hawai’i Nei, Old Hawai’ian Kingdom -> New Hawai’ian Kingdom+, where the Righteousness of Iesu Kristo, dwells!
      hopefully, I am your brother in Christ, Maka’ala Stone


  4. 1Thes 4:13-18
    Let us be comforted! This is not our home! We humbly thank Ke Amy’s for this beautiful land we have been raised on (Hawai’i). and eagerly await all that He (Iesu) has in store for ALL WHO BELIEVE IN HIM AS LORD AND SAVIOR! Instead of fighting let us SHARE CHRIST with others who have not Christ!
    Susan Kaleianole Pacheco🥰

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