Dr. Keanu Sai to Present to Maui County Council Land Use Committee on Thursday, December 17, on Title Insurance in Hawai‘i

After Fidelity National Title Insurance Company withdrew from providing an overview of title insurance to the Maui County Council’s Planning and Sustainable Land Use Committee scheduled for December 17, 2020, the Committee’s chairwoman, Tamara Paltin, invited Dr. Keanu Sai to present an overview of title insurance as it applies to Hawai‘i.

Dr. Sai accepted the invitation. His presentation to the Committee will stem from the Royal Commission of Inquiry’s Preliminary Report on Legal Status of Land Titles throughout the Realm (June 16, 2020), and its Supplemental Report on Title Insurance (October 28, 2020). Dr. Sai is the Head of the Royal Commission of Inquiry.

The meeting will start at 9am, Thursday, December 17, 2020. The meeting of the Planning and Sustainable Land Use Committee will be online. The Committee meeting can be viewed live on Maui television Akaku Channel 53 or you can view online at Maui County Agendas. In the County’s agenda webpage go to Planning and Sustainable Land Use Committee meeting December 17, 2020, and click the “video” link.

18 thoughts on “Dr. Keanu Sai to Present to Maui County Council Land Use Committee on Thursday, December 17, on Title Insurance in Hawai‘i

  1. It occurs to me that perhaps they initially thought they could explain it and then they realized they couldn’t. Most likely is that once their legal department caught a whiff of it, the lawyer’s saw danger and decided to use their Fifth Amendment rights, oh wait, it’s not a criminal proceeding. Still the lawyer’s thought that saying nothing [about a business they make millions on a year] was safer than explaining it. Wouldn’t want to endanger the flow of gold into its coffers by discussing the possibility they may have to pay benefits for all those premiums.

    • Check page 2 under the heading ‘Title Report’ to get a clearer understanding of title insurance as an indemnity agreement!

  2. Indemnity agreements flow throughout the public matrix. Work comp. is just one example but in the realm of labor as opposed to financial products and services. The risks and liabilities of installing a uniform federal interstate system of commerce, administrative procedures, etc. (constructive trust) over territories controlled is paramount and thus mandated insurance comes with the territory. Such are the benefits which one avails themselves as a US citizen. O wai oe? Na wai oe?

    • Let’s not mix up the issue of land title insurance and the context of what’s before Maui County Planning and Land Use Committee with work comp and other financial products and services.
      Before commenting here about this post, you should know what you are talking about in relation to the post.

      • Indeed, foolishness is to speak about what one does not know. My people suffer for lack of knowledge. O wai oe? Na wai oe?

  3. WHEN will Dr. Keanu Sai give his presentation on “TITLE INSURANCE” on AKAKU, CHANNEL 53? My brother and nephew was looking forward in seeing it at 9:05 AM on Dec. 17……AND, by the way, what does O.I.P. mean?
    Thank you, CECI KUPAU

    • Aloha e Ceci,
      I got this of a Google search:
      The mission of the Department of Justice (DOJ) Office of Information Policy (OIP) is to encourage and oversee agency compliance with the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). OIP is responsible for developing government-wide policy guidance on all aspects of FOIA administration. OIP also provides legal counsel and training to agency personnel. — (I think THIS on is federal.
      If I am correct, this may be the one related to Maui City Councilʻs query. State of Hawaii, OIP (Office of Information Practices) Visit https://oip.hawaii.gov/ Itʻs lengthy but does describe what it is responsible for.
      Aloha piha a me Mele Kalikimaka

    • Aloha Aunty C, Dr. Sai was not able to give his presentation because of a technicality on the agenda. The concern was that this technicality might violate the sunshine law. So they will let him give his presentation after they correctly place him on the agenda. Hope this helps.

  4. Kekoa, mahalo li`i li`i…. …. Hanahou 2nd time around. WE’RE looking forward for DR. KEANU SAI’S presentation? Hope soon!
    Aloha, Aunty Ceci, Uncle Francis and Ohana

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