Hawaiian Kingdom Blog Named Best of Law Blogs

On June 5, 2015, YouBlawg has twittered the Hawaiian Kingdom blog (@HKSpokesperson) to be the best of the law blogs. YouBlawg is based in the United Kingdom.

Best of the Blawgs Twitter

From its website: “YouBlawg is a law blog or “blawg” founded by former lawyer Gavin Ward in 2010 and is designed for law firms, lawyers, law students and other legal professionals to contribute their own legal knowledge and opinions on legal news, with the aim of helping consumers and businesses to find valuable legal information and connect them with the best lawyer for them.”

7 thoughts on “Hawaiian Kingdom Blog Named Best of Law Blogs

  1. Well deserved and rightfully so. In spite of incredible odds and trepidation, it has been made possible by the selfless perseverance and integrity of great leadership by Dr. Keanu Sai et al. Our Humanity and Nation of the Hawaiian Kingdom is being Restored because of their fearless efforts. Their research has produced evidentiary facts that there is no Treaty of Annexation nor Cession agreement with the United States. This acknowledgement by YouBlawg and Global Justice is fair minded and jurisprudent.

    My sincere mahalo to all.

  2. Ho’omaika’i ‘ana ~ congratulations ~ we will forever be so greatful for all you continue to do Keanu ~ see you soon ~ me ke aloha Cookie & Norman Gaspar

  3. Beautiful! Something tells me the H.K. is gonna be a great place to live under! Both in law and governance! Better than this illegal and third-world place that we call U.S. occupied Hawaii!

  4. Con Grats… Expecting more to come…
    Keep up the good work fellas…

    Don’t need no telescopes… Keep reaching for the stars

  5. I am glad to hear this. I have not been too happy when you resorted to just posting things we can read on FB, they need to keep this blog focused and centered on LAW issues, Hawaiian history things and nothing less. Don’t lower your standards and become like a gossip column.

    Quote law if have to, take old posts and critique it or update. But please don’t post stuff just for the hell of posting something.

    Keep this blog focused, on task and professional.

    Much aloha,
    Aunty Meliss

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