Video: Kanaka Express Show on Hawai‘i’s Prolonged Occupation

Kanaka Express Host Kale Gumapac interviews Dr. Keanu Sai, Attorney Dexter Ka‘iama and Professor Kaleikoa Ka‘eo. The three being interviewed share their work regarding the prolonged occupation of the Hawaiian Kingdom and the movement to ultimately bring the American occupation to an end. The show was filmed at the Akaku studio in Kahului, Maui on May 20, 2015.

6 thoughts on “Video: Kanaka Express Show on Hawai‘i’s Prolonged Occupation

  1. Aloha to Kanaka Express, Akaku, Hawaiian Kingdom Blog, Host Kale Gumapac, Dr. Keanu Sai, Attorney Dexter Ka‘iama, Professor Kaleikoa Ka‘eo, Ka’hookahi Kanuha, protectors old and new, Mahalo Mahalo Mahalo for #EAducating us in this time and in this moment!

  2. Mahalo nui to all you the Hawaiian Fantastic Four continue to do #HawaiianFantadticFour #WeAreMaunaKea

  3. It’s always great to see these interviews, there’s always a bit more than reading an article. It’s understandable that the international community would take a while to do their due diligence in their research before acting, but a question I would like asked of Dr. Sai and Atty Kaima is why it is taking so long for the State of Hawaii Supreme Court to dismiss the Molokai Fishermen case? The Judicial Notice is legally recognized in the State of Hawaii judicial system. Also once the ruling is made, what does it do to any open cases (both civil and criminal)?

  4. my favorite emails are new posts to this blog, it is fascinating beyond reason! Very exciting to see the truth come forth stronger and stronger esp with the youth. I have a question and am wondering who might me able to advise. I have a friend who is putting an offer on a lot in the Puna district to build a home and a small farm there. Will she lose her land when the Kingdom is reinstated?

    • Pamela please advise your friend that the title to the property is defective and the escrow companies are not divulging this defect in the title search report. She is taking a risk when buying land in Hawaii but an owner’s title insurance policy that she buys at closing will protect her interest. Have her call me so I can explain it to her further…..982-9020.

  5. Its just plain fascinating how a nation our nation can come together…
    Those little fellas has grown up… Picked us up and carried us to the top
    of the mauna… It’s time… End the desecration… End the occupation…
    God bless all mauna warriors…
    Pass present and future around the world…
    Kapu Aloha

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