Dr. Keanu Sai to Deliver Statement on the U.S. Occupation of Hawai‘i to UN Human Rights Council on March 21

On March 21, 2022, the United Nations Human Rights Council (HRC) in Geneva, Switzerland, will be convening for its General Debate. On this day, Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) with accreditation to the United Nations Economic and Social Council will be delivering oral statements by video recording on situations that require the attention of the HRC. The public can view the General Debate online at the United Nations Web TV. Recordings will be uploaded the day after.

UN Photo/Jean-Marc Ferré

The International Association of Democratic Lawyers and the American Association of Jurists—Asociación Americana de Juristas (AAJ), both of whom are accredited NGOs, will be jointly sponsoring an oral statement to be delivered by Dr. Keanu Sai on the subject of the prolonged occupation of the Hawaiian Kingdom and the violation of human rights of Hawaiian subjects as a result of the unlawful imposition of American laws, being the war crime of usurpation of sovereignty, over the territory of the Hawaiian Kingdom for over a century. The IADL-AAJ have been assigned the 10th slot to deliver the oral statement on Monday.

The IADL and the AAJ uploaded the following information on the Hawaiian Kingdom’s prolonged occupation to accompany its oral statement: the PCA Case Repository of Larsen v. Hawaiian Kingdom (1999-2001), the National Lawyers Guild’s (NLG) Resolution on the prolonged occupation of the Hawaiian Kingdom (2019), the Position Statement by the NLG (2020), the ebook Royal Commission of Inquiry (2020), the NLG’s letter to State of Hawai‘i Governor David Ige (2020), the IADL resolution (2021), and a copy of the IADL-AAJ joint letter to the ambassadors accredited to the United Nations in New York City and Geneva (2022).

38 thoughts on “Dr. Keanu Sai to Deliver Statement on the U.S. Occupation of Hawai‘i to UN Human Rights Council on March 21

  1. Mahalo for revealing the truth to the HRC. Once they know the truth it is with great hope that they will take appropriate actions rather than ignore the truth it out of fear of the US war machine. As an aside, it’ll be interesting to see how the HRC addresses the Ukraine situation.

  2. The CCP back Anti American Sovereignty Separatist selling their country out for self gratification.
    ‘m sure that someone is going to debunk these treasonest. Get them on record and start the arrest. their mother, country of China that’s working and supporting them to steal Hawaii and cause civil chaos in the United States will be proud of them. I says Arrest These Commies

    • 1 . china is capitalist, like america, who stole your land, whoʻs language you speak, who’s system replaced yours.
      2. communism kicked america out of Cuba, it kicked america out of Vietnam, and many more places.
      3. Donʻt let weirdo white men dictate your thinking young brother. Do yourʻe own research. this is what the weirdo white friends of yours say, isnʻt it? maybe itʻs time to practice what you preach instead of merely regurgitating white narratives like their personal puppet.

      • Let’s pule,that Russia doesn’t start WW3,or none of this will matter, as Keanu pointed out in a previous post, Our homeland is a target for nukes,and if Putin flips out and pulls the trigger, you can kiss ko hawaii pae aina gone

        • Lono, don’t pule for Putin because he didn’t cause this war in Ukraine. He is only responding to what the U.S. and EU is forcing him to do to protect his aina. The ones that will probably start WW3 would be the U.S. and EU. They both were playing Ukraine like a puppet and like a puppet without any brains Ukraine played along and got shafted. Ukraine taking the cracks and suffering while the 2 cowards that instigated this war sit on the sidelines talking sh_t like a couple of bit_hes. Putin is going to accomplish his goals in Ukraine to secure Russia from NATO expansion. If twiddle dee and twiddle dumb try something stupid he will take care of them too. So, if you going to pule you better pule for the U.S. and the EU don’t do anything stupid that would start WW3 with Russia because Putin don’t play around he is the real deal and he will do what needs to be done.

          • It doesn’t matter Putin broke international law by invading the Ukraine. He also is responsible for probable war crimes. As an independent state the Ukraine has the right to deal with any country it pleases in anyway it pleases. These are the facts. And if you think he had to do what he had to do to protect his land then the U.S. has done the same by taking Hawaii. You think this is right? Maybe it is.

          • Kaulana, you got to face the facts and reality. Just because you are an independent state doesn’t mean you can deal with any country you want in any way you want. Especially if your next-door neighbor is a Superpower and you are dealing with its enemies threatening its core strategic interest. Zelensky brought this upon Ukraine. This Ukraine invasion could have been avoided if Zelensky honored the Minsk Agreement (Treaty) they signed instead of listening to the U.S. and E.U. that were not going to help him fight. Now many people are dying.
            By refusing and talking about joining NATO is going against Russia’s core strategic interest. Any time you threaten a superpower’s core strategic interest you are asking for a war. Do you really think any superpower like Russia, China or the USA would allow a bordering country to set up nuclear missiles that can hit them in a matter of a few minutes? They will throw international law to the side and end the threat or die trying.
            Now Ukraine will have to sign a peace treaty becoming a neutral buffer state getting less than they would have if they just applied the original Minsk Agreement in the first place. Loss of Life, Loss of Land, Loss of Economics. Zelensky one big LOSER. Feel sorry for the Ukrainian people.
            As for Hawaii it’s a whole different set of facts. Hawaii is a neutral country.
            Hawaii does not have a border with the United States. No one is directly threatening U.S. core strategic interest via Hawaii.

          • Kekoa, people are dying in the Ukraine and you blame Zelensky? Did you forget about Crimea in 2014? Did you expect Ukraine would be on peaceful terms with Russia and not dare to form allies? Not hold any resentment towards Russia after Russia’s invasion and annexation of Crimea? Stop being a hypocrite.

    • take a couple dozen xanax and chill the fuck out mccarthy, stop malding cuz our country’s crimes against humanity are being exposed and discussed

  3. Mahalo a nui Dr. Keanu Sai for being consistent in pursuing our restoration. It is a slow battle but a battle nonetheless…e hoomau kakou i ke ea o Hawaii pae aina. E ola kakou.

  4. MAHALO A NUI LOA, Dr. David Keanu Sai!!! For being a “true warrior” ….UA MAU KE EA O KA `AINA I KA PONO”…who takes care of the CHILDREN of Hawai’i

  5. May God Bless you, your Dad, your Sister and your `OHANA for the loss of your beautiful Mom…”.Me ke Aloha Poina’ole “- WE, the KUPAU’S from Pukuilua. Hana, Maui will BE WITH YOU ALL in “SPIRIT”, in our monthly FAMILY NOVENA, forever!! Take Care!

  6. While I agree wholeheartedly that the Sovereign Nation of Hawaii was stolen and it was abhorrent what they did to the monarchy and the people of Hawaii, I don’t know how it can ever be “fixed”. 130 years have passed. The Hawaiian population has dwindled almost into obscurity. The economy of the state and the welfare of the people is tied to industries of military and tourism, without these revenues the people would surely suffer greatly. If sovereignty was restored tomorrow and US tax dollars that subsidize life here stopped, what would be the plan going forward to ensure the well being of the people? I am honestly curious. Not trying to poke the hornets nest but would like discussion and to understand the path forward.

    • Whether you agree with the history or not, that is irrelevant. Your understanding is limited to your experience and knowledge of international relations. Consider most Americans worldview come from media. If you seek the answer, you will find it.

    • Hawaii is partly owned by foreign nations through real estate purchases,. Chinese own Kapolei and have big plans to develop the area to get more money. Yet Hawaii cannot Nationalise all foreign owned property to get back what was rightfully theirs.

      • The Preliminary Report on the Legal Status of Land Titles throughout the Realm of July 16, 2020, by the Royal Commission of Inquiry, is a comprehensive report as to why the majority of land titles today throughout Hawai‘i are defective. This includes properties claimed to be owned by billionaires such as Mark Zuckerberg’s claim to property on the island of Kaua‘i, and Larry Ellison’s claim to 98% of the island of Lana‘i. The Royal Commission of Inquiry also published a Supplemental Report on Title Insurance on October 20, 2020.

        All titles to real estate throughout the Hawaiian Kingdom are subject to Hawaiian laws despite the unlawful overthrow of its government by the United States in 1893. As such, all titles that have since been alleged to have been conveyed after January 17, 1893, are void ab initio due to forged certificates of acknowledgment by individuals impersonating public officers. This includes all purported conveyances of Government or Crown lands after January 17, 1893, and any judicial proceedings regarding titles to land.

        Hawaiian law, however, would have recognized these acts of the insurgents as being valid if Queen Lili‘uokalani was restored to office. The agreed upon conditions of restoration between the United States and the Hawaiian Kingdom provided, “a general amnesty to those concerned in setting up the provisional government and a recognition of all its bona fide acts and obligations.” Regarding the “bona fide acts and obligations,” the Queen stated in her letter dated December 18, 1893, to the U.S. Minister Albert Willis, who was negotiating on behalf of President Cleveland, “I further solemnly pledge myself and my Government, if restored, to assume all the obligations created by the Provisional Government, in the proper course of administration, including all expenditures for military or police services, it being my purpose, if restored, to assume the Government precisely as it existed on the day when it was unlawfully overthrown.”

        By this agreement, the United States acknowledged the acts done by the insurgency were not “bona fide” until after the Queen was restored. The Queen was not restored and, therefore, the insurgency continued to unlawfully impersonate public officers of the Hawaiian Kingdom in the chain of title. These defects in title are covered risks in the owner’s and lender’s title insurance policies as:

        – forgery, fraud, undue influence, duress, incompetency, incapacity, or impersonation;
        – failure of any person or Entity to have authorized a transfer or conveyance;
        – a document affecting Title not properly created, executed, witnessed, sealed, acknowledged, notarized, or delivered;
        – a document executed under a falsified, expired, or otherwise invalid power of attorney;
        – a document not properly filed, recorded, or indexed in the Public Records including failure to perform those acts by electronic means authorized by law;
        – a defective judicial or administrative proceeding.

    • Answers to all of your questions are here on this blog. You would have to read the articles, from the beginning.

    • Here’s some info debunking Hawaii’s economic dependence on the US military industrial complex: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QOnMeu8zMbY

      Tourism need not vanish, but it must evolve into a model that is culturally, socially, and environmentally acceptable. The way tourism is currently run is like the fake state and many tour operators don’t care that they’re killing the goose that laid the golden egg.

      And by the way, the Hawaiian population has not dwindled almost into obscurity. Foreigners were almost successful in killing us off but we’re back.

      Here’s more interesting info on the decline of the Hawaiian population after foreign contact: https://geriatrics.stanford.edu/ethnomed/hawaiian_pacific_islander/fund/historical_background.html#:~:text=By%20this%20time%2C%20the%20Native,1778%20(Blaisdell%2C%201993).

      For Native Hawaiians, the last census in 2010 counted 527,077 Native Hawaiians living in the United States, with 237,107 — nearly half of them — living on the continent, while 289,970 live in Hawaii. These numbers do not include the thousands of Hawaiians living in other countries.

      Although most Hawaiians today are mixed races, there are still over 7,000 pure Hawaiians living today.

    • MC, don’t worry about it, it’s not your problem. We got this. It’s obvious you don’t understand how deoccupation works. We will be just fine.

  7. Remarks by President Biden Providing an Update on Russia and Ukraine
    FEBRUARY 15, 2022
    “Nations have a right to sovereignty and territorial integrity. They have the freedom to set their own course and choose with whom they will associate.”

    “Because this is about more than just Russia and Ukraine. It’s about standing for what we believe in, for the future we want for our world, for liberty — for liberty, the right of countless countries to choose their own destiny, and the right of people to determine their own futures, for the principle that a country can’t change its neighbor’s borders by force. That’s our vision. And toward that end, I’m confident that vision, that freedom will prevail.”


  8. It’s funny how all the neh sayers are getting nervous as we get closer to deoccupation. Like anything they say will make a difference. It won’t. May I suggest if you are genuinely concerned than take the time to educate yourselves because it’s not our kuleana to do it for you. Our kuleana is to make sure it’s a smooth transition because it’s going to happen whether you like it or not. Just saying.

  9. I can’t find Dr. Sai’s statement in either session that was uploaded for that day, anyone have a link & time stamp?

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