22 thoughts on “Dr. Keanu Sai’s Oral Statement on the U.S. Occupation of Hawai‘i to UN Human Rights Council – March 22, 2022

  1. Mahalo a nui loa, Dr. David Keanu….a “TRUE WARRIOR”, Akua has BLESSED and CHOSEN, YOU as Speaker for YOUR people of the Hawaiian Kingdom at the UN HRC-2022….me ke aloha poina’ole, ‘OHANA Kupau, from East of Maui-Hana.

  2. First of all; My deepest condolences to the loss of your mother and Mahalo for your preserverance to our Lahui and our Rightful Hawaiian Kingdom.

  3. A Declared Neutral Nation at peace and Aloha with all others should be protected by All Nations as you would protect a innocent child from forced exploitation .
    The will of it’s people should be regarded with the same High Regard as the will of your own . A state of dishonor has existed between two Nations for a great time . The United States needs to restore it’s honor from the dishonorable acts of it’s forefather represenatives on the matter of the Hawaiian Kingdom . The historical record is quite clear on who was the agressor and who was the victim.
    I commend all the honerable ladies & Gentlemen who have steadfastly persuaded a peaceful and civil means of remedy in there matter . To restore peace and harmony between these two Nations .
    The will of the people of the Hawaiian kingdom was made clear to the represenatives of the United States ,an ignored .
    The peaceful will of the people of another nation must be regarded in the same high regard as the peaceful will of our own . With Mutual Respect .
    No nation should be allow to force it’s will on another non agressor nation by force of arms. To unilaterally annex it against the clear free will of it’s people.
    Wrongs must be made right then honor is restored with
    peace,harmony , commerace & freindship among nations continuing to mutual benifit .

    Respectfully submited ,

    Santah Kamiano
    One among the people of Earth

  4. Mahalo a nui loa, Keanu. Is there more that we should/could be doing to educate the lāhui in preparation for or to assist in some forward movement? Holomua Kākou…

  5. May The Beacon of Truth, Be Swift In It’s Justice, One Nation at a Time. UNHRC Will Render It’s Humble Customary Voice. IMUA

  6. My only regret is that you were not given more time to go into our history. I send pohaikealoha to surround you as you fight for our rights. He havai’i au, fay pohaikawahine

  7. When will everyone leave the commercial public trust or public land trust of the State of Hawaii which everyone knows was established to usurp our sovereign right to self government?
    Renounce your US citizenship!!! Who needs a W2 when you got a W8…come on people!!! Use the benefits of the treaties instead of the benefits of US citizenship!!! Then we can push for compliance to restoring our Queen for she must reign again!

      • My understanding is that we are not the victims, our ancestors were. We have been the problem as many Hawaiians are documented Federal subjects as US citizens while simultaneously claiming to be Hawaiian subjects or nationals in their homeland.
        The power is in the responsibility! Read all documents…it explains how it will work for you. The DS4079 tells you about the legal effects as well as the authentication/apostille and W8. No tax withholding, open access to goods and services, and administrative recognition as a Hawaiian under treaties. But also no representation except for de facto Council of Regency.

        • Your understanding??? Ok, that scares me. What qualifications do you possess to give legal tax advice? Are you a licensed tax attorney or CPA? Tax preparer? What apostille are you using? Is it from the AHKG? I highly doubt it. What gov’t is it from?

          • I am not the enemy that has oppressed your ancestors, maintain your bearing in honor of them for I am Kupuka’aina o Makua wahipana!

  8. Could someone explain the significance of this presentation to the UN body and how this will effectively end US occupation? What affect does this play in State of Hawaii courts and IRS taxes? Will this curtail real estate agents and foreign investors from purchasing and selling properties in the Hawaiian Kingdom?

    • KR, this one of the steps in a process towards ending the occupation. The answers to the rest of your questions are within this blog. Read it
      and find the answer to your questions.

      • Utilizing the international platform for exposure of war crimes is a great theory in resolving the prolonged occupation of Hawaii. But the argument still seems to have no standing with Title companies, Real estate agents, Federal taxation, and State of Hawaii courts. Dr. Sai and professor Chang both stated to continue to pay federal taxes but at the same time say that all of this is illegal. I’m just searching for ammunition that has standing at the civilian level to help resolve problems within our communities now instead of waiting for the raper to undo over a hundred years of raping.

        • You do understand this is an occupation and the occupier is not playing by the rules. Let me ask you this. If you were in one of the countries in Europe that was being occupied by Nazi Germany, how successful do you think you would be against the occupier? Yeah, probably never. In fact, you may become a target and they would get rid of you one way or another. During occupation documenting the violations or at least here challenging the occupier on record is important because like Nazi occupation justice won’t be seen until the occupation ends. MHO

  9. Mahalo for your continued work! I have followed you for years, your lectures and presentations. Aloha from a Hawaiian of British descent.

  10. The U.S Government over 130 years, 1893 has overcome a peaceful Hawaiian Nation by Military enforcement and wrongfully ruled under a provisional process. The Hawaiian Kingdom was not for sale, not on auction and has not surrendered there freedom rights. The US military forces are the only ones leveraged to this advantage.

  11. For years we followed your work to free the kingdom of Hawaii. Keanu please don’t stop till we are back to what we the kanaka Maoli should be. You are a Koa warrior and for our Queen Liliuokalani.
    Mahalo Nui
    Ka wahine o kahalawai
    Moku o Wailuku, Maui

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