Belgium—1862 Treaty of Amity, Commerce and Navigation

Belgium Treaty

On October 4, 1862, a Treaty was signed between Belgium and the Hawaiian Kingdom in Brussels and thereafter ratified by both governments. Article IV of this treaty provides:

“the respective citizens of the two countries shall enjoy the most constant and complete protection for their persons and property.  Consequently they shall have free and easy access to the court of justice in the pursuit and defense of their rights in every instance and degree of jurisdiction established by the laws.”

Neither Belgium nor the Hawaiian Kingdom gave notice to the other of its intention to terminate this treaty in accordance with the terms of Article XXVII of the 1862 Treaty.  Therefore this treaty is still in full force and continues to have legal effect to date. Former Belgian territories, which acquired their independence from Belgium, are successor States to, at the very least, Article IV of the Hawaiian-Belgian Treaty with regard to the citizenry of the successor State that effectively replaced the citizenry of the predecessor State in the treaty. These successor States are:

  1. Democratic Republic of the Congo.  Independence:  June 30, 1960.
  2. Burundi. Independence from Belgian Trusteeship on July 1, 1962.
  3. Rwanda. Independence from Belgian Trusteeship on July 1, 1962.

One thought on “Belgium—1862 Treaty of Amity, Commerce and Navigation

  1. Aloha Maua,

    Since my last writing I have been busy with family events and researching as a national with my business partner we formed in 1996 under Hawaiian laws…moving forward as we develop our community plans for Waimanalo.

    Initially, we started researching what has transpired and changed in Hawaii since 1893 up to this point in time…how that is linked to us today, we did our homework to get the documents I needed to help in our community plans for this area, to place our people (more than 40,000 on the DHHL waiting list and homeless combined) on their lands, provide jobs, housing, energy, healing, education and economic development projects particularly in Waimanalo and in Hawaii… found out some very disturbing information your readers…our people, might want to research or think about…because it was on my mind that I was not happy with, did meditate, pule and left my petition with Io, to resolve…at the same time have several burning questions for the Council of Regency to answer as I sit and watch the Chinese military tour our islands, as if they are out for a day of looking at their real estate or going on a shopping spree. I have these questions that needs your attention to answer, as a kanaka of the Hawaiian Kingdom….look forward to your answers.

    What is going to stop these invaders and occupiers from taking what is ours all away in this world, even after clearing title, paid taxes, formed a business and moving forward, we found that there is a group of these people who have been breaking the law since 1893…the elite say, that 5 billion people have to die, so the 1 billion can iive? Who are they looking at? I think we are in that number… What about the sell-out super power countries of this world who sits on the UN, serves their masters such as the Vatican, Rockerfellas, Rothchilds, Morgans, etc….what about Obama the US President, US Congressional members, corporations and stock holders that controls; Pharmaceuticals, Health care, education, energy, wild life, fisheries, jobs, social programs, and us the consumers who are and will be affected by the internet spies like CIA, FBI, NSA, and who bullies their way into our country and computer world to control the people and take our rights away?

    What is the Council of Regency going to do to protect us; the people, our rights, land, waters and resources? Can we or should we depend on the UN, US President Obama, US Military, State of Hawaii, Counties, Sheriffs department, judicial, attorneys and clerks to follow the laws of the Hawaiian Kingdom?and to do the right thing? Lately, what we have been seeing…they will not follow the law…What do you have in mind to stop all their plans to imprison more Hawaiians and develop more ways to think up more corruptions, crooked schemes such as Kanaiolowalu who has been funded again a million dollars to push their ways to capture our people and pit them against us…who want to live in peace…and find ourselves; like you and me, in their prisons? We are certainly on their list of people to remove from this planet through their corporations, courts, attorneys, banks, state, counties and title companies who show disregard for the rule of law and continue to violate the Laws of Occupation and international laws, worldwide…this has become and epidemic needing to be healed.

    While I appreciate all the information and work that Dr. Sai and his council has done, words in history is not enough, will not put food on our table and we feel that we now, need more concrete information and plans to move forward in a peaceful way and with aloha.

    Amama Ua Noa,
    Kawehi Kanui,

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