Accessing Two Books on the Political and Legal History of the Hawaiian Islands

In 2011, Dr. Keanu Sai wrote a book titled Ua Mau Ke Ea – Sovereignty Endures: An Overview of the Political and Legal History of the Hawaiian Islands. Pū‘ā Foundation is the publisher of this book that can be purchased online at their website. This book draws from Dr. Sai’s doctoral dissertation in political science titled The American Occupation of the Hawaiian Kingdom: Beginning the Transition from Occupied to Restored State. Ua Mau is currently being used to teach Hawaiian history in the Middle Schools, High Schools, and entry level collage classes.

In 2020, Dr. Sai is an editor and author of a free eBook titled Royal Commission of Inquiry: Investigating War Crimes and Human Rights Violations Committed in the Hawaiian Kingdom. Contributing authors include Professor Matthew Craven from the University of London, SOAS, Law Department, on the subject of the Hawaiian Kingdom’s continued existence as a State under international law; Professor William Schabas from Middlesex University London, Law Department, on the subject of war crimes being committed in the Hawaiian Kingdom; and Professor Federico Lenzerini from the University of Siena, Italy, Department of Political and International Science, on the subject of human rights violations committed in the Hawaiian Kingdom and the right of self-determination of a population under military occupation. In 2022, a book review of the Royal Commission of Inquiry’s eBook was done by Dr. Anita Budziszewska from the University of Warsaw, which was published in the Polish Journal of Political Science. This book is currently being used in undergraduate and graduate courses at universities.

To access Dr. Sai’s other publications you can visit his University of Hawai‘i website. Dr. Sai firmly believes in the power of education. He often states, “The practical value of history, is that it is a film of the past, run through the projector of today, on to the screen of tomorrow.” It is through education and awareness that the national consciousness of the Hawaiian Kingdom will be restored to its rightful place.

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  1. Aloha Mai Dr. Keanu Sai,

    I just wanted to say Mahalo Nui for all that you have done so far in helping restore our Hawaiian Kingdom. It’s been long overdue and your shedding light about our Aina, People, Culture, and History has been a blessing to us and people around the world. Your mission sheds light about our kingdom that was once in a very dark place. Mahalo Nui Loa for all that you’ve done.

  2. Wow. VERY timely response– mahalo!
    If it’s so easily available via Pu’a Foundation that makes me wonder WHY Native Books is not stocking it… After 3 weeks of waiting to get a copy from them (& still shows out of stock), I’m going directly to Pu’a!
    btw Saw one recently uploaded Lāhui Research Center 2024 7th Annual Student Conference video (more still being uploaded on OiwiTV).
    Impressive keynote i.e. Analyzing/sequencing ancient LEPROSY bacterium genome samples (still on slides) shows that NEW strains HAD been INTRODUCED to Hawaii– and still is a mystery (((from where))), even today. [Were ethnic-bioweapons being used back then?😳]

    ALSO they highlighted a NEW series of UH student-produced Hawaiian History material [Hale Pa’i Project] w/ PRIMARY SOURCES (yeah!) that have distributed intitially to Hawaiian immersion schools et al. Material BY current students provide MANY capable willing hands to RE-education efforts. “Learn by doing” IS the BEST way for us/our students to learn, by producing something (service/products) worthy of our public’s scrutiny– always very motivating w/o the need for too many nudges!
    Mahalo acting Council of Regency! GLAD the circle of (your) support is g-r-o-w-i-n-g as censorship has decreased. IMUA! <3

  3. Keanu will be presenting today at 2pm at UH Manoa, as part of the 1898 project, along with Willy Kauai. Don’t miss it!

    • Mahalo for the heads up. I see this posted calendar announcement for the 1898 Project :

      And here’s a helpful Summit Program 40-slides link:

      Slide 20 has this listed: Session #3
      Sunday, April 14, 2024; 2:00 – 3:15 pm
      Panel #2 Deoccupation Room 201

      Deoccupation can mean the process under international, national, and territorial law of mandating and enacting the departure of a nation that has previously taken possession.
      But deoccupation can also refer to an aspiration that at present takes the form of artistic, cultural, and local political insistence on autonomy, and of heightened resistance to and the determined reversal of economic, cultural, and political
      assimilation. How are different locations faring in this process?

      Willy Kauai, Moderator
      Matthew Nicdao, Puerto Rico
      * Ellen-Rae Cachola, Hawaiʻi and the Philippines
      Keanu Sai, Hawaiʻi

      *= GLAD that the UHM ‘Library School’ has some ‘team good’ archival contributor for the discussion. Others there have all but pulled the rug out from public school librarians that have been eradicated before/during CV ‘disinformation’ fraud years while sneaking in their recent grads (which feels nefarious as in infiltration).

  4. Whoops. So can’t add links else doesn’t post lol!
    Piece this link together to view the 1898 Project 40-page program (in slides) for today
    https:// /cbr/the-1898-project/summit-program/

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