Dr. Keanu Sai Receives an Award from the Royal Order of Kamehameha I

At a ceremony yesterday at Hulihe‘e Palace in Kona, Island of Hawai‘i, Dr. Keanu Sai received an award from the Royal Order of Kamehameha I for “unwavering commitment to reactivate the Hawaiian Kingdom Government and rectify over a century of unlawful occupation.” Presenting the award was Ali‘i ‘Aimoku Alika Desha.

On April 15, 1927, Ali‘i ‘Aimoku John C. Lane wrote in the Honolulu Advertiser under the title “Kamehameha Order Marks 25 Years of Growth With Convention Beginning Today”:

On or about May 13, 1902, there met in the old “Foster hall” a group of prominent Hawaiians, and there discussed the establishing of a fraternal organization among the Hawaiians. Present at the meeting were George H. Huddy, James H. Boyd, Abraham Fernandez, Charles H. Rose, William H. Coney, John H. Wise, Rev. J.M. Ezera, David K. Ainoa, Johh K. Nakookoo, and others. The result was the creation and establishment of the Order of Kamehameha, and Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole was chosen Alii Aimoku, the highest position in the Order, which position he held continuously until his death on January 7, 1922.

Pictured below are members of the Order of Kamehameha at the State funeral of Queen Lili‘uokalani in 1917.

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  1. WELL DESERVED! Your perseverance to DO RIGHT with honor and via LAW & ORDER no matter the consequences are commendable. <3 Much RESPECT for you, 'our David', Dr. David Keanu Sai! May many blessings & ALOHA be bestowed upon you & your trusted cadre of truthers that have fearlessly led 'us' sleepers, behind the scenes for DECADES! Now WE just need to hele on with larger numbers!

    P.s. There was a short news clip (last year?) on YT that showed the same caped men escorting Queen Liliuokalani's portrait (from?) Washington Place for restoration. Since our green was involved (who cried) wasn't certain what 'side' was in charge. Looks like Team Good was & that may have been a sign of … something good!

  2. btw have found it VERY difficult to get a copy of his book. Went down to Native Books who also didn’t have it in stock. Made a request for it weeks ago, then noticed today it was still out of stock. Maybe it’s available on UH campuses? GLAD at least former/current Dr. Sai students WILL be well informed!

    Here’s a blurb I shared in hopes others will nudge them too.
    Celebrate the recent Royal Order of Kamehameha I honoree— Hawaiian political scientist, teacher & author Dr. Keanu Sai while learning about the TRUE suppressed history of Hawaii via primary sources in his book, Ua Mau Ke Ea Sovereignty Endures: An Overview of the Political and Legal History of the Hawaiian Islands

    Forget ordering on Amazon (double the price & usually unavailable),
    ASK Native Books to KEEP in stock!

    Here’s a link to an article on his recent award:

  3. Aloha nui loa to Dr. Sai on the accomplishments and all your hard work. Wondering about the plan for the “Two Year Interim Period”; and filling vacancies of positions for an up and running functional country?
    The late Uncle Abel wanted a “Hawaiian Kingdom Job Fair” to help educate ohana throughout Hawai’i Nei; legal job descriptions, especially positions of importance under King Kamehameha III 1846-1846 Statutes under. “Treaties and Nations” and “of Public Recognition” for filling Executive, Legislative, Judicial, Postal, and Commerce Hawaiian Kingdom positions.
    According to the Statutes, The Constitutional Premiere has, by Kingdom law, an office at the ‘Iolani Palace. So, it’s getting close to the Queen’s Jubilee?

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