Why the Hawaiian Kingdom, as an independent State, Continues to Exist

In 2001, the Permanent Court of Arbitration in the Netherlands verified the existence of the Hawaiian Kingdom as an independent State. The Court stated, “in the nineteenth century the Hawaiian Kingdom existed as an independent State recognized as such by the United States of America, the United Kingdom and various other States, including by exchanges of diplomatic or consular representatives and the conclusion of treaties.” Under international law all States have sovereign equality. States have equal rights and duties and are co-equal members of the international community regardless of their economic, social and political differences. Sovereign equality means:

    1. States are judicially equal;
    2. Each State enjoys the rights inherent in full sovereignty;
    3. Each State has the duty to respect the personality of other States;
    4. The territorial integrity and political independence of the State are inviolable;
    5. Each State has the right freely to choose and develop its own political, social, economic and cultural systems; and
    6. Each State has the duty to comply fully and in good faith with its international obligations and to live in peace with other States.

The claim of State continuity on the part of the Hawaiian Kingdom has to be opposed as against a claim by the United States as to its succession. Principles of succession may operate even in cases where continuity is not called into question, such as with the cession of a portion of territory from one State to another, or occasionally in case of unification. Continuity and succession are, in other words, not always mutually exclusive but might operate in tandem. It is evident, furthermore, that the principles of continuity and succession may not actually differ a great deal in terms of their effect.

It is generally held that there are three principles that have some bearing upon the issue of continuity. First, that the continuity of the State is not affected by changes in government even if of a revolutionary nature. Secondly, that continuity is not affected by territorial acquisition or loss, and finally, continuity is not affected by military occupation. Professor Crawford, The Creation of States in International Law (2006), p. 34, points out that, “There is a strong presumption that the State continues to exist, with its rights and obligations, despite revolutionary changes in government, or despite a period in which there is no, or no effective, government. Belligerent occupation does not affect the continuity of the State, even where there exists no government claiming to represent the occupied State.”

Each of these principles reflects upon one of the key incidents of statehood—territory, government (legal order) and independence—making clear that the issue of continuity is essentially one concerned with the existence of States: unless one or more of the key constituents of Statehood are entirely and permanently lost, State identity will be retained. Their negative formulation, furthermore, implies that there exists a general presumption of continuity. According to Hall, A Treatise of International Law (1895), p. 22, a State retains its identity “so long as the corporate person undergoes no change which essentially modifies it from the point of view of its international relations, and with reference to them it is evident that no change is essential which leaves untouched the capacity of the state to give effect to its general legal obligations or to carry out its special contracts.”

If one were to speak about a presumption of continuity, one would suppose that an obligation would lie upon the party opposing that continuity to establish the facts substantiating its rebuttal. The continuity of the Hawaiian Kingdom, in other words, may be refuted only by reference to a valid demonstration of legal title, or sovereignty, on the part of the United States, absent of which the presumption remains. It might be objected that formally speaking, the survival or otherwise of a State should be regarded as independent of the legitimacy of any claims to its territory on the part of other States. It is commonly recognized that a State does not cease to be such merely in virtue of the existence of legitimate claims over part or parts of its territory. Nevertheless, where those claims comprise the entire territory of the State, as they do in case of Hawai’i, and when they are accompanied by effective governance to the exclusion of the claimant, it is difficult, if not impossible, to separate the two questions.  The survival of the Hawaiian Kingdom is premised upon the “legal” basis of present or past United States claims to sovereignty over the Hawaiian Islands.

To sum it up, any claim to State continuity will be dependent upon the establishment of two legal facts: first, that the State in question existed as a recognized entity for purposes of international law at some relevant point in history; and, secondly, that intervening events have not been such as to deprive it of that status.  It should be made very clear, however, that the issue is not simply one of “observable” or “tangible facts,” but more specifically of “legally relevant facts.”  It is not a case, in other words, simply of observing how power or control has been exercised in relation to persons or territory, but of determining the scope of “authority,” which is understood as “a legal entitlement to exercise power and control.” Authority differs from mere control by not only being essentially rule governed, but also in virtue of the fact that it is not always entirely dependent upon the exercise of that control.

Under international law, a State who claims to be the successor of another State, when not at war, must take place by cession. Professor Oppenheim, International Law (vol. 1, 1948), p. 499, explains that, “cession of State territory is the transfer of sovereignty over State territory by the owner-State to another State.” He further states that the “only form in which a cession can be effected is an agreement embodied in a treaty between the ceding and the acquiring State (p. 500).” The United States only claim to have extinguished the Hawaiian Kingdom is by a joint resolution of annexation passed by its Congress.

A joint resolution, however, is not a treaty or agreement between two States, but rather an agreement between the House of Representatives and the Senate in Washington, D.C. A joint resolution is a municipal law of the United States whose effect is limited to United States territory. The United States Supreme Court, The Apollon, 22 U.S. 362, 370 (1824), affirmatively stated, that the “laws of no nation can justly extend beyond its own territory” for it would be “at variance with the independence and sovereignty of foreign nations” In U.S. v. Belmont, 301 U.S. 324, 332 (1937), the Court also stated that, “our Constitution, laws and policies have no extraterritorial operation.” And in United States v. Curtiss-Wright Export Corp., (1936), the Court concluded, “Neither the Constitution nor the laws passed in pursuance of it have any force in foreign territory unless in respect of our own citizens; and operations of the nation in such territory must be governed by treaties, international understandings and compacts, and the principles of international law…. [T]he court recognized, and in each of the cases cited [involving the exercise of the sovereign power of the United States] found, the warrant for its conclusions not in the provisions of the Constitution, but in the law of nations.”

If a joint resolution is limited to United States territory, how can a joint resolution annex a foreign State? Simply answered, it can’t and it didn’t.

When the House of Representatives and the Senate were debating the joint resolution in 1898, the Congressional record clearly showed that even the Representatives and Senators knew the limitation of congressional laws. On June 15, 1898, Congressman Thomas H. Ball (D-Texas) stated,

Tom_H_Ball“The annexation of Hawai‘i by joint resolution is unconstitutional, unnecessary, and unwise. If the first proposition be true, sworn to support the Constitution, we should inquire no further. I challenge not the advocates of Hawaiian annexation, but those who advocate annexation in the form now presented, to show warrant or authority in our organic law for such acquisition of territory. To do so will be not only to subvert the supreme law of the land but to strike down every precedent in our history. …Why, sir, the very presence of this measure here is the result of a deliberate attempt to do unlawfully that which can not be done lawfully.”

And on June 20, 1898, Senator Augustus Bacon (D-Georgia) stated,

Augustus_Bacon“That a joint resolution for the annexation of foreign territory was necessarily and essentially the subject matter of a treaty, and that it could not be accomplished legally and constitutionally by a statute or joint resolution. If Hawaii was to be annexed, it ought certainly to be annexed by a constitutional method; and if by a constitutional method it can not be annexed, no Senator ought to desire its annexation sufficiently to induce him to give his support to an unconstitutional measure.” Senator Bacon further explained, “Now, a statute is this: A Statute is a rule of conduct laid down by the legislative department, which has its effect upon all of those within the jurisdiction. In other words, a statute passed by the Congress of the United States is obligatory upon every person who is a citizen of the United States or a resident therein. A statute can not go outside the jurisdiction of the United States and be binding upon the subjects of another power. It takes the consent of the subjects of the other power, speaking or giving their consent through their duly authorized government, to be bound by a certain thing which is enacted in this country; and therein comes the necessity for a treaty.”

Nearly 100 years later, the United States Attorney General’s Office of Legal Counsel was befuddled by Congress’s annexation of the Hawaiian Islands by a joint resolution. In a 1988 memorandum titled “Legal Issues Raised by Proposed Presidential Proclamation To Extend the Territorial Sea,” the Office of Legal Counsel addressed the annexation of the Hawaiian Islands by joint resolution. Douglas Kmiec, Acting Assistant Attorney General, authored the memorandum for Abraham D. Sofaer, legal advisor to the U.S. State Department. After covering the limitation of Congressional authority and the objections made by members of the Congress, Kmiec concluded,

Douglas_Kmiec“Notwithstanding these constitutional objections, Congress approved the joint resolution and President McKinley signed the measure in 1898. Nevertheless, whether this action demonstrates the constitutional power of Congress to acquire territory is certainly questionable. … It is therefore unclear which constitutional power Congress exercised when it acquired Hawaii by joint resolution. Accordingly, it is doubtful that the acquisition of Hawaii can serve as an appropriate precedent for a congressional assertion of sovereignty over an extended territorial sea.”

The United States very own Attorney General’s office in 1988 clearly undermines the claim of sovereignty over the Hawaiian Islands by the United States. If the Attorney General’s Office of Legal Counsel is “unclear” as to the authority of Congress to annex the Hawaiian Islands, it surely cannot be considered as a “valid demonstration of legal title” by the United States to be the successor of the Hawaiian Kingdom under international law. If the United States is not the successor, then the presumption of the Hawaiian Kingdom’s existence as an independent State is maintained. In other words, the Hawaiian Kingdom’s continued existence is protected by international law even when it has been under an illegal and prolonged occupation by the United States since the Spanish-American War in 1898.

37 thoughts on “Why the Hawaiian Kingdom, as an independent State, Continues to Exist

  1. My question is, if the existing Hawaiian Kingdom has proven to have been acquired illegally by the United States congress back in 1898 and the United States government today cannot show legal proof of ownership by a Treaty of Annexation, then it seems that U.S. laws were made to be broken only by its law makers to their advantage. This looks like the rich and powerful can steal anything and everything whenever they want to and get away with it. I thought the burden of proof was the responsibility of the accused party yet looks like I’ve been fooled once again. What must the Hawaiian people need to do to make it right? We can’t ask the (haole) because No Can Trust or just NO CAN !!!!

    All my aloha to Dr. Keanu Sai and his cabinet of the Hawaiian Kingdom on Oahu island.

    Aloha Anui Loa

    Kaleolani Kama

    • Aloha Robert.
      The IWCJ at The Hague, Netherlands need to modernise their method of arbitration, the U.N. also, these rich and powerful elites of which you write are a law onto themselves. U.S. President Obama currently warning Russian President Putin on respecting Territorial Sovereignty of the Ukraine and respecting International Law whilst his own administration has historically done likewise in Hawai’i exhibit double standards par excellence.

  2. Question? In reading this article I am puzzled. From reading about Hawaii’s. Queen and the monarchy I read that during this time and annexation came at a time when things were heated . Hawaii’s queen relinquished the monarchy to avoid bloodshed. I know Hawaii’s Queen was versed very well in law practice . As time has passed now I find some still trying to change a 100 year history. Because of Hawaii’s queens decision this is how it turned out. It has caused division and friction that really doesn’t seem necessary. This day and time I have seen and heard comments from some local folks towards other races as if they are foreigners or do not belong in Hawaii. Let Aloha reign and bury differences between other races who either come here to visit or live here as I have. I love Hawaii, it’s beauty as well as the people. Not all are like this in Hawaii(meaning some locals). If they truly believe a wrong was done, let the courts decide this. And foremost let go and Let God decide. Amen!

    • James, you are misinterpreting. The Queen, under protest, gave the US temporary control to legally rectify its travesty. From her letter of protest, “Now to avoid any collision of armed forces, and perhaps the loss of life, I do this under protest, and impelled by said force yield my authority until such time as the Government of the United States shall, upon facts being presented to it, undo the action of its representative and reinstate me in the authority which I claim as the constitutional sovereign of the Hawaiian Islands.” The illegal decision of the US decided to illegally uphold its illegal decision.

      Later, the Apology stated what it has hidden from the world for now 121 years, but the Apology did not really apologize, for true remorse means rectifying the wrong, not just saying, “Iʻm sorry.” The wrong continues by illegal statements of legality.

      Locals comment about other attitudes not races. Just so happens that the other race in power has a different attitude of illegality and racism. Locals donʻt care what you look like. Locals care about what that raceʻs attitude is like. Aloha cannot reign when the attitude of the oppressor is to continue the wrong. Aloha cannot reign when people misinterpret and spread misinformation. The damage to the locals is extreme and sometimes the victims react extremely too. That behavior will subside when the perpetrators are brought to justice. Locals have filed in court. God is revealing to the US and the world His decision. Now do you understand?

    • James, your understanding of Hawai’i’s history needs more depth. Allow me to provide that for you.

      Queen Lili’uokalani did not “relinquish the monarchy.” The Queen abdicated the throne (her capacity as Queen) under duress. That is, those who conspired to overthrow the monarchy had imprisoned the Queen’s family members and threatened to hang them if she did not abdicate the throne.

      You are right in that the Queen was well versed in law — and in law, nothing is legally binding if done under duress. The Queen knew what she was doing and she most certainly knew and even made mention that she is doing it under duress.

      This WAS NOT the Queen’s decision. Let me be clear on that. The Queen, as well as her people, demanded that the Hawaiian Kingdom live on.

      Let me also be clear that if you are not Hawaiian (as in a subject of the Hawaiian Kingdom — not the Kanaka Maoli race or aka “native Hawaiian), then you are a foreigner.

      If I picked up and moved to France, I would be a foreigner. If I lived there for 20 years, I would still be a foreigner. I would be a foreigner until I naturalized through the processes afforded by the French government.

      So too, will people, not naturalized through the Hawaiian government, continue to be foreigners here in Hawai’i.

      I am a Kanaka Maoli, aloha is a cultural practice. If you’re not Kanaka Maoli, it would behoove you to have a better understanding of a word before you use it — for there are far too many foreigners tossing around our words because they think they know the meaning. As our ancestors said, “I ka ‘ōlelo no ke ola, i ka ‘ōlelo no ka make” (in words there is life, in words there is death).

      Aloha is not simply love. For if you truly love something, you also hate anything that would cause it harm. Aloha does reign and it is because of aloha that we continue to fight for our freedom from this occupation. It is because of this aloha that we so vigorously defend our past, present, and future from further destruction.

      Do not use your misinterpretation of our culture to justify your stay here. Playing the “why can’t we all just get along” card is a popular device employed by settlers/colonists who want to sweep the real issue aside — the issue that they don’t belong.

      Do not use your misinterpretation of our culture in an attempt to pacify us. Taking advantage of our kindness is a hard lesson we have long-since learned when we allowed a group of foreigners to participate in our governmental affairs. You’re about 121 years off.

      So, please, do us all a favor… and just let go of Hawai’i. Why can’t we all just be friends and you go back to your country and we’ll resume living in ours. We can handle this. We don’t need your assistance. Okay? Thanks, then. Buh-bye!

      • I agree Mr. Aki, the Kanaka Maoli natural inclination is to practice the culture of aloha. I further agree the Kanaka Maoli is vested in the Kingdom by Kingdom birthright. Additionally, due to the suppression and occupation by forces of the U.S., the normal functions of the impaired Kingdom preclude formal naturalization among others. For those others born and or immigrated to these isles, there may be another dynamic at work. It may be different if you’ve chose, either rightly or wrongly, to owe your allegiance to Washington, D.C. That is, if you’ve elected to become a citizen of the United States, Washington may claim you as one of theirs.

    • James, it is clear that not only have you been reading the wrong books, but that like many people throughout the world you too have been lied to by your own United States government who did not want you or anyone else for that matter to know the….TRUTH.

      Your accounts of our “true” history, the “illegal” overthrow of our Hawaiian Kingdom Government, the Treaty of Annexation that “does not exist”, your claims to the piece of property you purchased here in Hawaii “without a clear title”, your reference to let the courts decide when without a Treaty of Annexation these courts are both “illegal and unlawful” and that by letting “Aloha Reign” everything will be beautiful because you love Hawaii and want to live here are seriously incorrect. For your information not only has the true meaning of the word “Aloha” been misunderstood, but it has been both used and abused by those who think that just by using the word as a part of their statement they will have better chance at not only achieving their goals, but in obtaining whatever it is that they want….when it can’t and it won’t.

      For your information the Queen didn’t relinquish her thrown, she relinquished her Executive Power to then President Grover Cleveland to investigate the illegal overthrow by a group of insurgents and the United States military, to have them removed and to restore her to her thrown. The investigation was conducted, the overthrow was determined to be illegal and instead of restoring our Queen to her thrown the lies and illegal occupation by the United States has continued till this very day. What part of ILLEGAL don’t you understand…..James???

      The bottom line is this….”Is there a Treaty of Annexation between the United States of America and the Kingdom of Hawaii”? NO!!! This means that without this all important Treaty not only is Hawaii NOT a part of the United States of America, but under International Law Hawaii is…..ILLEGALLY OCCUPIED!!! So, if the United States was willing to lie to everyone about this bogus Treaty that means they have been lying about everything else including the title to your property that is DEFECTED due to the illegal overthrow and more importantly that because you came to Hawaii after August 12, 1898 under the illegal authority of the United States and NOT the Kingdom of Hawaii not only are you a foreigner, but you are also an…..”ILLEGAL OCCUPIER or ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT”!!! Now can you see why some locals may get upset at foreigners and some of the inaccurate statements that are being made???

      It is not your fault because the United States lied to us too. What is your fault and it is ours is the choice to remain uneducated to the….TRUTH. A lot of the information can be found on this website “hawaiiankingdom.org or hawaiiankingdom.org/blog” by Dr. Keanu Sai and we encourage you to review them at your leisure.

      EDUCATION IS THE KEY!!! Mahalo…..

    • James, I stand tall with my Queen and you need to get our history corrected. Our Queen TEMPORARILY relinquished the monarchy for the protection of her people and made an agreement in WRITING with President Grover Cleveland to restore our original Government and the Monarchy.



      Also, not sure who you spoke to about the Hawaii becoming a Kingdom again. Let me tell you, we were forbidden to speak our own language, force to pledge allegiance and all Hawaiian History was forbidden to be taught in School.

      Let me tell you, we don’t look at anyone as foreigners, Hawaii is one place that all races can walk on the same side of the street, smile, talk and lend a helping hand. We have lots of mix marriages here, so, your statement can’t be true.

      Please don’t post anything negative about the local people, if you are unhappy here in Hawaii, you may excuse yourself.

      • Take it easy there, everyone. James is just confused as much as the vast majority of the people of Hawaii are. It goes to show how extreme this occupation has done to the psyche of everyone in Hawaii…..

        As a start, James. I would suggest visiting Hawaiian Kingdom Government.org where you can read and watch Hawaii’s legal history. See what makes sense compare to what you have been taught. Use your head and ask yourself the right questions.

    • james i don’t want ‘to waste a hawaiian word on you so educate yourself don’t talk about god.just shut up and wait and see. you say you’re puzzled, nope your just confused hang in there i no it’s hard to swallow drink some water. i use your word Amen!

    • Aloha James for your comment on the Hawaiian Kingdom blog and sorry for my late response to you on your question regarding comments from some local folks. Many of the people that have been born and raised on the aina of the Hawaiian Islands like myself never knew the truth about what the united states government and the insurgents of whom were all of (haole descent/white foreigners) did to our Queen Liliuokalani and the Hawaiian people. In January of 1893 the American politicians and greedy haole business men committed treason by creating the overthrow of the neutral Hawaiian Kingdom. To this day all of the traitors of the Hawaiian Kingdom in 1893 are still considered criminal’s by Hawaiian Law since 1893. What a shameful legacy to pass on to their families who are many in denial because of their ancestor’s lies and criminal acts. You and many of us never knew the real truth about Hawaii’s history until Dr. Keanu Sai shared he’s findings with the international law community.
      Many independent countries in the United Nations have been made aware of the 121 years of the illegal occupation by the United States military of our beautiful Hawaiian Kingdom of Hawaii Nei.
      I will end by saying that your closing sentences in your reply 0n March 2
      seems a bit naïve by saying and I quote(If they truly believe a wrong was done, let the courts decide this and foremost let go and let god decide).
      The courts that you mention are illegal as well and judges are being charged with war crimes for not wanting to believe the truth. also, when you loosely use God as your other decision maker to correct the wrong done to the Hawaiian people(meaning some locals) in your reply, I know you need to educate yourself about our Hawaiian history. By the way, for your information, Sanford B. Dole was the worst of the insurgents involved with the overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom and his parents were the God Loving missionaries that wanted to teach the Hawaiians the godly ways of Christianity. Religion was the haole man’s way of taking control to forbid the Hawaiian people to speak their native tongue, practice their own religion, steal their lands, and finally the illegal overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom. The haole missionaries definitely disrupted an entire nation and its way of life and still think its the right way.
      The haole way is definitely the wrong way but trying to do the right thing is hard for some to learn.
      James, please take some friendly advice and take advantage of this priceless gift of http://www.hawaiiankingdom.org for all to learn the TRUTH.



    • It is easy for you to say, “If they truly believe a wrong was done, let the courts decide this. And foremost let go and Let God decide.” Do you think the missionaries that came to Hawai`i to bring the gospel to the islands were God sent? I do. Do you think what they did beyond the preaching of the gospel was what God had planned? I donʻt! Even God can not change the heart of a man if that man does not want to be changed. Sin is sin. Wrong is wrong. Anyone who turns his face away from the truth and pretends nothing happened is a willing participant in that sin.

      James 4:17 If anyone, then, knows the good they ought to do and doesn’t do it, it is sin for them.

      John 9:41 Jesus said, “If you were blind, you would not be guilty of sin; but now that you claim you can see, your guilt remains.

      How will the courts settle something this? They are a apart of the evil system that did this.

  3. I’ve been following this Hawaiian Kingdom Blog and the more I read it, it upsets me because it seems as if we are blocked in between 4 concrete walls. The U.S. had done the wrong and went against their own law, yet, it’s not important to them. We are being laughed at, kicked in the A– and treated us as if we are really STUPID. When the h— are we going to REALLY do something like SIGN WAVE PROTEST, HAVE A MARCH, HAVE IT PLASTERED IN THE NEWS PAPER, FACE BOOK, NEWS AND U.S. NEWS PAPERS.

    These information needs to be announced on every radio station weekday mornings & during the afternoon traffic hours. That’s when they’ll be more radio listeners.

    I’m not getting any younger and I hope to see some resolution movement during my life time.

    • Ginger,

      We can wave all the signs we want and march till the ends of the earth, but if we don’t get this information that Dr. Sai has uncovered to those who are able to help us being the United Nations, International Criminal Court, International Court of Justice, the International Committee of the Red Cross and our 172 other Treaty Partners who are required to honor their Treaties all we would be doing is marching in circles.

      Because there is No Treaty of Annexation the only law that prevails between the United States and the Kingdom of Hawaii is International Law. Because Hawaii has been illegally occupied for the past 121 years transitioning to their De-Occupation is not going to be simple as most people think so, before anything can be done it is extremely important that the proper plan and agencies to assist are on the ground and in their proper place. Dr. Sai and Dexter Kaiama know exactly what they are doing and we need to be patient just a little longer.

      We are already presenting all of this information over the internet and Facebook, but if you expect the main stream media to assist us you can forget that idea because a majority of the media is either controlled by families of the insurgents who overthrew our queen or by companies who support the illegal occupiers. If they weren’t they would have reported the TRUTH a long time ago.

      Ho’omanawanui…..we are almost there!!!

      • Aloha no e Dutchy. You have articulated very well here. The choreography of the national mainstream media and newswires are in the harem of the NSA it appears. It remains to be seen if they can continue to pitch shut-outs in this ballgame of squelching the truth. We now know that the pitcher on the mound Keith Alexander is retiring from the game on March 14, 2014 after lying to the U.S.Congress about surveillance. Well, as the saying goes, “no man is completely useless;he can always be used as a bad example”. Also makes you wonder, what has the NSA been up to down at Hickam Field? E niele maha’oi ma na poe Hawaii, maka’u loa, auwe noho’i e!

        E ho’omau ia oe a me kou hana maika’i. Mahalo nui loa.

  4. Dear James. Yes, Education IS key. Yes, TRUTH of Hawai’i history is our greatest ally. TRUTH is that we ALL, including you & yours, are victims of usa’s LIES & INDOCTRINATION for over 100 years, which includes multiple generations of both our peoples. We ALL have been fooled & taught that america ‘adopted’ Hawai’i. TRUTH is that america ‘kidnapped’ Hawai’i and STOLE ALL of our national land base and more. usa’s ILLEGAL MILITARY INVASION & OCCUPATION of my beloved country continues to this day. We ALL must HO’OPONOPONO this great hewa (sin). Because there is NO TREATY OF ANNEXATION, Hawai’i IS NOT & NEVER WAS a part of usa. Aloha keAkua. Amene.

  5. Aloha.
    H.R.H. Queen Lili’uokalani was forced to sign her abdication document using her married name, a name she never used in official documents according to her diary, she did not sign as Head-of-State making this coerced document signed under duress null and void!

  6. Wow! The more we learn the more we see and the more we see the more we understand. This has taken most of us many years to really get that we are a free people. More free then any other Nation in the world. I appreciate that our Kupuna were wise and protected our Freedom. I know that this is a trying time for us as we open the window and see the world as it really is. Our world really is the Hawaiian Kingdom, no matter what curtain or drapes the United States put up we can still see the sun shine on beautiful Hawaii Nei and all of our people! God Bless all of us and the Sovereign States of the World. One or more of them will step forward to help us I know that there is a way and when we get out of the way and trust in GODS Almighty Hand the curtain will be taken down. We betta be ready to do our part to work together for the FREE NATION our Kupuna gave us. Mahalo Ke Akua! The answer always is on the inside.

  7. http://www.nytimes.com/2014/03/04/world/europe/ukraine.html?_r=0
    The below is from the link above:

    Visiting the new government in Kiev, British Foreign Secretary William Hague urged Russia to pull back its forces in Crimea or face “significant costs,” echoing comments made by President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry, who was due here on Tuesday.

    Mr. Hague also emphasized diplomacy. “The world cannot just allow this to happen,” he told the BBC. “The world cannot say it’s O.K. in effect to violate the sovereignty of another nation in this way.”

    Although we don’t know the authoritative details of Russia’s presence in the Ukraine
    nation we do know that there was an investigation done on the events that occurred
    in the Hawaiian Islands from January 16, 1893, “The report concluded that the United States legation assigned to the Hawaiian Kingdom, together with United States Marines and Naval personnel, were directly responsible for the illegal overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom government. The report details the culpability of the United States government in violating international laws and the sovereignty of the Hawaiian Kingdom, but the United States Government fails to follow through in its commitment to assist in reinstating the constitutional government of the Hawaiian Kingdom.”
    [The concluded report quote from: http://hawaiiankingdom.org/us-occupation.shtml%5D

    Lets hope the “WORLD” can get the violation committed against the independent
    nation of the Hawaiian Kingdom right! After all the concluded investigation report
    was conducted by the U.S. the same entity that violated international laws and the
    sovereignty of the Hawaiian Islands!

    If the “WORLD” can’t get it right something may be wrong with it!

    No treaty of cession between the Hawaiian Kingdom and the U.S. = U.S. Hewa!

    Ku’e I Ka Hewa!

    A hui hou

  8. I’m not sure if you are interested in hearing from me. I hear your story. I feel your story. I want to help. I admit that I did not know this truth about Hawaii as I was raised and taught history on the mainland. But now that I do know I am sickened and appalled and I want to help.

    I am not Hawaiian by birth, but my heritage is similar in that my ethnic origin is Scottish. My ancestors were also persecuted and almost wiped out by aggressors. The history is not the same. But I feel your pain and anguish and that of the land and ancestors.

    I am a US Citizen by birth who came here from the mainland several years ago. Though, I am not proud of this once I learn the truth about how Hawaii was annexed by the US during the Spanish-American war and what they did to the monarchy through lies and deceit. I want to know how I can help. I think that you deserve to have your kingdom back since it should never have been taken. How can I as an US Citizen not born here make it up to you? There are many of us here who feel the same. We are not in power and we do not have any ill-intent. We see the injustice and want to stand by you and support the Hawaiian Kingdom to right what has been wronged.

    • Aloha e Hope
      Mahalo for your support and willingness to help. Many foreigners in Hawai`i and abroad are in support of our plight and are offering their help. The best way to help would be to educate others and guide them to this website. And your comments are always appreciated.

      We need to de-occupy Hawai`i of America’s presence, We are getting closer but being in the “forest” is difficult as America’s puppet government and it’s agencies continue to ignore the laws of occupation and blatantly continue to violate International and Hawaiian Kingdom laws.

      Recently President Obama actually had the audacity to come out and rebuke Russia for their invasion of the Ukraine basically telling Russia to back off. The media presents America as the world’s powerful premier prosecutor responsible in bringing war violations to justice. The fact of the matter is, America is just part of the family of nations and does not pronounce the actions in International investigations, only input.

      Yes, many violations continue throughout the world in different countries by their government and by other nations; it’s all about power. But there are differences between domestic and International Law. All independent states, including America and Hawai`i are regulated by international rules to maintain and protect nations against illegal interference from each other. America has clearly violated international law since January 17, 1893. Complaints with irrefutable evidence have been accepted throughout the international community. America’s illegal occupation is already under the watchful eye of the ICRC, ICC, and ICJ.

      Dr. Keanu Sai, his legal team, and acting Hawaiian Kingdom Government is gaining tremendous steps in bringing the United States of America and their followers to justice. Their illegality has caused our country tremendous pain and is being held accountable.

      I pray that if America has any dignity and honor it so proudly claims that they will do what is right; enforce Hawaiian Kingdom Law and assist our Government to where it should have been on January 17, 1893. I’d rather live in my Hawai`i, governed by my own government where I can make a difference in setting things back to what is right and holding my own government accountable for what they do or don’t knowing that it will benefit our homeland than live under a regime of corruption and deceit whose only objective is to continue to pillage and plunder our resources to support their economy making their country richer and maintaining their military outpost of military warfare to protect their own country in North America.

      This is lengthy but I am, among other I believe, am passionate of love for Hawai`i Nei. Please know that your support is very much appreciated.

      Mahalo nui loa,

      • I agree all help and support is greatly appreciated, but it is also extremely important that you take the time to educate yourself to our true history before trying to educate others because many will disagree and challenge you.

        Another important factor in supporting us will be your “ACTIONS” for your actions will speak louder then your words and the time will come to PHYSICALLY stand for what is right and pono. The true test of your commitment will be….WILL YOU STAND & ON WHOSE SIDE!!!

        WE WELCOME YOU…….

        • Oops, sorry Hope for not including the importance of first educating yourself in our political history and undeniable researched evidence, and at the same time sharing it with others.

          Mahalo Dutchy for including that important factor.

          Aloha no,

  9. No person of Hawaii has sworn allegiance to America as is the law of the United States of America in becoming a citizen..as slavery the people of Hawaii were declared as property of the State…and considered so…Property…

    • Not completely sure what you were getting at here, but it reminded me of something that my mother used to say to me growing up. She said that Hawaiians were “wards” of the state. Is that what you are referring to? Anyone know what that meant? It’s one of those things that might get lost over time, if we don’t figure it out in the present…know what I mean?

      • “wards of the state”…. I remember that term also. It means the state has guardianship over the Hawaiians…. in other words the Hawaiians are subjects of the state, or the territory as was the case prior to the so called “statehood”.

  10. Knowing the truth and the accurate history of our kingdom, could we start a petition demanding the de-occupation of the Kingdom of Hawaiʻi? Any ideas on the best possible avenue to achieve this?

    • This would be a change in governance, assuming a representative form, not de-occupation but newly devised arrangements as with one state to another. The presence of Pearl Harbor as with us military beneficial protections as in Japan, Korea, etc.
      Enjoy what it is to be Hawaiian, whatever citizenship qualifications can be established, and continue sovereignty. What the Queen is doing in Portugal is the best avenue of change.

  11. I saw Joseph Yim Akana’s name on the introduction feed Video embedded but could not find it in the main article; “State of Hawai‘i Judge Rules Hawaiian Kingdom Still Exists …

    *[Video embedded] · As a witness I will also testify here and now according to the late Joseph Yim Akana, … “State of Hawaii Judge Rules Hawaiian Kingdom Still Exists.”

  12. So that means President Obama should never have been President since he is a foreigner being born in Hawaii since the US had no right to annex it as a state.

    • Yes, he was not born in the United States. U.S. annexation is not legal and was only done to disguise Hawaii’s occupation in order to perpetrate the fraud.

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