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The acting government would like to extend a sincere gratitude and appreciation to all those who have visited this weblog and those that have provided commentary to the blog entries. Our intention is to inform the general public both domestic and abroad of the prolonged and illegal occupation of our country, the Hawaiian Kingdom. This blog is not run as a typical weblog with a webmaster that moderates the commentary. Comments are encouraged, but when commentaries are disrespectful and uses profanity, this weblog reserves the right to prevent the commentary from being posted. This blog has received many comments that were distasteful, disrespectful, and tattered with profanity.

As we are dealing with over a century of Americanization here in the islands, this blog has to maintain a standard of integrity when disseminating information regarding our country, the Hawaiian Kingdom, international laws, and the laws of occupation.

The weblog has also come under a very high volume of brute force cyber attacks that have attempted to penetrate the website and therefore this weblog has to maintain a high standard of security. Previously, the weblog installed a plugin where individuals logging into this blog could readily view the visitors, domain names and their geographic locations on google map, but after a short test run it was decided to remove the plugin because it opened the weblog to an outside link that we could not confirm to be safe. In other words, it could have opened a back door to cyber attacks.

Again the acting government extends its appreciation and is humbled by such a high volume of visitors from Hawai‘i and the international community and we will continue to provide information that we feel can serve to counter over a century of denationalization and to reinstate a Hawaiian national consciousness that was nearly obliterated through an institutional program of Americanization.

22 thoughts on “Weblog Etiquette

  1. I concur and I apologize, I am guilty of using the words a_ _hole and bull s_ _t in a recent post. This blog is too important to our people and I would not want to be one of the reasons we lose such a vital resource in these times.

    Mahalo to the acting government for all your hard work and please continue to keep us informed as we move toward our total independence.

    A Hui Hou

  2. mahalo for the Equitette blog. Came at the best time because many of us, including me were replying to people who were making a lot of us very upset. I want to very much be including on the positive side to spread our situation worldwide. Learning to be pono like my kupuna before me is were is a hard road to stay on and always it tests our minds and spirits. But we will all get there together. Malama pono.

  3. Mahalo for the Etiquette Blog reminder. I do apologize for my going off the deep-end; I think I called the “Indian-ers” turds. I shouldn’t have done that and again I apologise. However I must say to mitigate my guilt that sometimes what I read and see makes my blood boil! For instance, a rather large seal of OHA on the Hawaiian Civic club’s La Kuokoa flyer [incidentally the Civic Club which is hosting the celebration clarified that they are in control of the celebration] which the title above stated “The Kingdom of Hawai’i still exists” yet, OHA is very much for the Hawaiian Indian Federal Recognition model with the condescending subscript of “project” and “sponsored” on the flyer to boot. This seal and subscript is smacking of a betrayal of the Queen’s Executive diplomatic struggles, and our Kupuna’s Ku’e, and International Law. Added to that is the slap in the face of the genius of the Constitutional Monarchy put in place by the Kamehameha’s. When I was a keiki, I was raised here in O’ahu, at bedtime my mother told me stories of the bombing of London during WWII by the German Luftwaffe. There was a mandatory blackout in London at sunset, and the Nazi planes would begin bombing at night and the British Ack Ack guns would constantly fire into the air. My mother would say it rained shrapnel tinkling on the streets while she and her cousins walked with blankets on their heads. Mum told me that it was as light as day onetime as the fires were so many and the streets were unseen covered with the Fire Brigades hoses desperately putting out fires. These stories were great fun and I enjoyed them in my childhood, however, when I grew up and learned of the ovens; and the stories took on a whole new meaning. So too, with Hawai’i as you all know we were not told the truth, to put it simply. We thought we were adopted but we were kidnapped. And now the appeasers are wanting blankets full of smallpox from the US Empire. And this makes my blood boil. Lastly, I was a Concierge here in Honolulu and one day a Kanaka Maoli who worked for the State asked me, “Why are the Hawaiians so mad?” This was in regards to OHA and its shenanigans I was talking about. He asked, “Why can’t the Hawaiians be more calm?” I said to him, “I seem to remember the American’s telling the British during their fight for Independence, “Give us Liberty or give us death!” I didn’t hear another peep. This Matter is so vital and heartfelt, and at times a challenge of education, that no wonder sometimes we loose our heads in the process. Again, apologies but it was not without reason.

    • Aloha Christopher!

      Wow, what a story! Sorry your mum had to experience that atrocity!

      Me too, I’m sorry, I’ll be more respectful or not post anything! Sorry!

  4. Mahalo nui, this is how leadership should address its people with , ha’aha’a, aloha, mana, akamai, and onipaa, mahalo ke akua

  5. E Kala Mai, guilty as charged. Mahalo ia oe for the gentle pa’i and reminder of not how to be regardless of the lengthy suppression. There are some that didn’t have the 3 minutes to release the pent-up anger and frustration at the DOI hearings. We must move forward with Aloha, Ke Akua help and guide us.


  6. I am curious about this: “Previously, the weblog installed a plugin where individuals logging into this blog could readily view the visitors, domain names and their geographic locations on google map,”
    Does this mean your blog admins opened visitorsʻ information to visitors?
    Could you clarify this please?
    I canʻt understand why you would choose to put us at risk like this.

  7. No, thank you for your hard work and efforts sacrificing your time in de occupying our nation from the criminals, IMUA!

  8. Mahalo nui loa to all of you for your hard work and efforts bringing truth to the masses. Ua mau ke ‘ea ‘o ka ‘aina i kapono! Imua Hawai’i!

  9. mahalo for the great information and educational materials, keep up the great job. may Ke Akua guide us in too the new and bright future for the Kanaka Maoli people and their Human Rights. Aloha Mau to all.

  10. So what is going on with the judge’s on the big Island with the ICC ? Did they turn them selves in we would love to know

  11. Akua Malama Our Futuer for our Sovereign State Of The KingDom Of The People Of Hawaiʻi. A Sovereign Nation> Aloha to all of us & to all of us Kanaka Maoli Aloha To Ke Akua

  12. I presume that the judges, attorneys, law enforcement participants of the state of Hawaii that have been charged with war crimes for unlawfully ejecting our Hawaiian citizens from their homes and granting the banks titles to foreclosed properties so they can resell the peoples homes.I am very curious to know how many of these individuals have been summon and are they willfully continuing to commit these crimes? Are the employees of O. H. A. in anyway violating our Hawaiian peoples rights and can they be in the same wa’a thats heading towards prison?

    Sincerely, Kaleolani

  13. Aloha Kaleolani, I don’t think anyone has been charged for their crimes yet. They got reported and are being investigated. Investigations have to be complete and provide the probable cause for an indictment in order for them to be charged. Their is only one Judge that revealed he received a summons. He and the other Judges at this time are not going to provide anymore info but will refer you to the State Judiciary. The Judiciary will claim they have no knowledge. They will keep their mouths shut on this topic. As far as OHA is concerned, not all employees are committing war crimes. The Trustees have been made aware of the factual basis of our occupation and cannot claim ignorance especially since they all received Dr. Sai’s memorandum.

  14. Mahalo to our acting government for bringing the issue up….. web etiquette?? Let’s please practice etiquette in our daily lives….it’s called courtesy!!
    Mahalo to you ALL for your mana`o!!

    Keanu Sai, Kamana`opono Crabbe„ Dexter Ka`iama ….and hundreds of others dedicating their lives to undo the wrongs!! You give me HOPE! May ke akua continue to guide, protect & bless you all in your journey of righteousness!! Love love……

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