Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs Acknowledges the Continued Existence of the Hawaiian Kingdom


Jonah Kuhio KalanianaoleThe first Hawaiian Civic Club was established in 1918 by Prince Kuhio Kalaniana‘ole. The Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs (AHCC) is a confederacy of 67 clubs that advocates “for improved welfare of native Hawaiians in culture, health, economic development, education, social welfare, and nationhood,” that was established in 1959. According to Dot Uchima, Recording Secretary, the AHCC “has established a reputation of serious consideration on community issues and mana‘o of the membership as it convenes annually at locations where clubs are represented,” and that “many resolutions adopted by the Association’s delegation at convention have served as the basis for proposed state and federal legislation.”

Soulee L K O StroudThe AHCC is a very influential civic body that is comprised of many leaders in the community, business community and government. All resolutions adopted by the Association are also given to the Governor of Hawai‘i, State Senate President, State Speaker of the House, State Senate Committee on Hawaiian Affairs, State House Committee on Hawaiian Affairs, Office of Hawaiian Affairs Chair of the Board of Trustees, and all County Mayors. The President of the AHCC is Soulee L. K. O. Stroud.

From October 26 through November 2, 2014, Hawaiian Civic Clubs from across the Hawaiian Islands and the United States met at its annual convention held at the Waikoloa Beach Resort Marriot hotel on the Island of Hawai‘i. Ka Lei Maile Ali‘i Hawaiian Civic Club introduced resolution 14-28, acknowledging the continuity of the Hawaiian Kingdom. After a lively debate by the delegates of the many clubs in its plenary session, the resolution was passed on November 1, 2014.


WHEREAS, on November 28, 1843, both Great Britain and France jointly recognized the Hawaiian Kingdom as an independent and sovereign State and admittance into the Great Family of Nations; and

WHEREAS, the Hawaiian Kingdom maintained over 90 embassies and consulates throughout the world; and

WHEREAS, November 28th is a national holiday throughout the country called La Ku‘oko‘a (independence day); and

WHEREAS, fifty years after independence, the government of the Hawaiian Kingdom was illegally overthrown by United States forces on January 17, 1893; and

WHEREAS, negotiations for reinstatement of the Hawaiian government took place between Queen Lili‘uokalani and President Grover Cleveland, represented by U.S. Minister Plenipotentiary Albert Willis, at the United States Legation in Honolulu on November 13, 1893; and

WHEREAS, settlement and an agreement was reached on December 18, 1893, whereby the President would reinstate the Hawaiian government and thereafter the Queen would grant a pardon to all those who committed treason; and

WHEREAS, this agreement is called a sole executive agreement under U.S. constitutional law and a treaty under international law; and

WHEREAS, President Cleveland and his successor in office have not carried out this treaty in violation of international law; and

WHEREAS, the United States Congress purportedly annexed the Hawaiian Islands by a joint resolution of Congress on July 7, 1898; and

WHEREAS, neither a joint resolution or a statute enacted by the Congress can have any legal effect beyond the borders of the United States and affect the sovereignty of a foreign State; and

WHEREAS, the 1898 joint resolution of annexation is not a treaty whereby the Hawaiian Kingdom ceded its sovereignty to the United States of America; and

WHEREAS, on August 12, 1898 at 12 noon, during the Spanish-American War, the United States began the illegal and prolonged occupation of the Hawaiian Kingdom; and

WHEREAS, in 2001, the Permanent Court of Arbitration, in Larsen v. Hawaiian Kingdom, acknowledged in its arbitral award that “in the nineteenth century the Hawaiian Kingdom existed as an independent State recognized as such by the United States of America, the United Kingdom and various other States, including by exchanges of diplomatic or consular representatives and the conclusion of treaties”; and

WHEREAS, under international law all States have sovereign equality, and have equal rights and duties as co-equal members of the international community regardless of their economic, social and political differences; and

WHEREAS, according to international law there is a legal presumption that occupation does not affect the continuity of the State even when there is no government claiming to represent the occupied State.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, by the Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs at its 55th annual convention at Waikoloa, Hawai‘i, this 1st day of November, 2014, that it acknowledges the continuity of the Hawaiian Kingdom as an independent and sovereign State.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a certified copy of this resolution be given to the Governor of Hawaii, State Senate President, State Speaker of the House, State Senate Committee on Hawaiian Affairs, State House Committee on Hawaiian Affairs, Office of Hawaiian Affairs Chair of the Board of Trustees, and all County Mayors.

AmaralOn November 1, 2014 at the AHCC Convention Annelle Amaral was elected to succeed Stroud as President.

50 thoughts on “Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs Acknowledges the Continued Existence of the Hawaiian Kingdom

  1. I don’t know what I had more of…chicken skin or tears of joy! As a self proclaimed Hawaiian Kingdom Subject of British descent I am amazed, overjoyed thrilled at this development and concretization of what is and has been true. The language of the Acknowledgement by the Hawaiian civic clubs is spot on! I want to give my deep gratitude, and I bet I am not alone – in fact I know I’m not – to the vision, courage, clarity, and good old Pono of the actions done to produce such an antidote to the OHA seal on the Ka La Kuokoa flyer, no disrespect to the Civic Club that is truly sponsoring the celebration on Moku o Keawe, so there is a, as it were, beaming face demonstrating and declaring what is true about the HK and not the Janus that OHA seems to represent. Now lastly, I am not a Christian I worship the Old Gods but I do understand reformation and repentance; and if OHA clearly comes on the side of the Acknowledgement above with no secret or otherwise plots then my Aloha is given and my arms are wide open with honihoni! Mahalo hou kakou.

  2. Interesting. In 2000, Akaka and Inouye empowered the civic clubs to support the Akaka Bill and elevated them to be a key representative of Hawaiian issues. They thus began asserting themselves in the ongoing Hawaiian Issues. Prior to that, they were known to be a “social” club with “Holoku Balls” to raise scholarship funds for Hawaiians in a college education. Prior to that, the only known civic club that was pro-active, was the Queen Emma Hawaiian Civic Club whose primary concern was to preserve the wishes of Queen Emma in serving Hawaiians that couldn’t afford medical aid which was the purpose of the Queen’s Hospital. This was the first concept of socialized medicine in the world. It was for free medical aid to anyone within the Hawaiian Kingdom who couldn’t afford medical attention. This is what the Queen Emma Hawaiian Civic Club worked to preserve her legacy. It is good that the rest of the civic clubs have now stepped up to the plate to broaden their support for Hawaiian issues. This resolution is greatly welcomed to further our course in the right direction which many of us fully support.

  3. AWESOME!!! The resolution was passed and now Annelle, as president, must comply with it in its entirety or be held accountable. Hmmmmm, I wonder who assisted in drafting this resolution???

  4. My wife only recently discovered that she is Sicilian and a Maltese National by birth. At a recent neighborhood party we ran across a Sicilian friend of ours and my wife pointed out her discovery. Proudly he said, you know, to be a Sicilian is a “heavy thing”! So, what does this say for our two sons? Likewise we say, being a Hawaiian National is a heavy thing. Yes, it requires Kuleana/Responsibility with the hope that their future portends a great future in the return and Restoration of our Hawaiian Kingdom. But it’s a “Heavy Thing”! Long live the our Nation.

    • That must have been a proud moment for your wife and to meet a fellow countryman. It’s an awesome feeling knowing who you really are.

      As far as your children’s nationality; children born in a foreign country, as in Hawai`i, would take on their parental heritage. Like Barack Obama, an American NOT by being born in Hawai`i, as Hawai`i was never annexed, but American because his mother was a naturally born American. Which poses a serious problem because Obama is not an “naturally born” American as required of the candidate to become the President of the United States of America. Search the blog as it relates to one’s nationality. And/or google Dr. Donavan Perez. His study of expertise will explain.

      Meanwhile, keep up with the education of Hawai`i’s history. We appreciate you wanting to understand the ramifications of our 121+ years of indoctrination and your support of helping us reach our freedom from the violator.

      Many foreigners do not realize that the taxes they are paying is going to wrong government. Their resources, like all of ours are pillaged by the illegal occupier. To stop this crime, they should contact their Consulate and file a complaint against these crimes against International Law of Occupation violation(s).

      Aloha ke Akua

    • Aloha HOKU,and rest of bloggers,according to the Hawaii Free Press.The HCC,the Danner sisters,the SCHA,and others that would sell us down the river are getting 3 million plus dollars from OHA to form a consortium to put one feather on top us,for make us pseudo kine Indians.So our fellow American hawaiians stay trying for do the end run and grab the kala and sell us out.So Bruddah Keanu what’s up with that?For those that like Google that,

      • Aloha Lono I viewed free hawaii tv’s video on YouTube about the smoking gun email and also read the hawaii free press artical. FH TV said soulee and anelle support federec then I come here and it says the exact opposite. What is going on we have two conflicting story’s.

        • Aloha Hoku yah what’s up with the acting gov.,posting that when the AHCC,is supposedly doing the opposite from what is posted,maybe the acting government is in collusion with them,when money and power is involved strange kine stuffs can happen,let’s hope not.

          • Ehu should save us some time and interview
            Annelle Amaral to see exactly where she
            stands on fedwreck or sovereign existence?

            Ask her if she speaks with fork tongue or
            still pono?

            Smoke blowing all over the place pretty soon
            I’ll be asking my shadow if he telling the truth!

          • She was the Hawaiian liaison to the u.s. army so I don’t know if AHCC is going to do the pono thing.

        • There are two factions in AHCC, don’t confuse yourself. This took the wind out of their sails but they will continue with their agenda. This time the opposing voices are now being heard. Annelle is going forward with her agenda despite the opposition. OHA is playing with your brains; don’t be fooled with semantics.

          • Maybe the faction supporting independence should break off and form the modern day “HUI ALOHA AINA”. After I heard about HCC wanting to move the Queens statue and build a war monument that pretty much says it to me there trying to erase us. Oh and by the way parking down town cost 500 dollars now.

      • Aloha e Hoku,
        Would you please elaborate on the ‘modern day Hui Aloha `Aina’s agenda and HCC’s plan to move our Queens statue. I need clarity. And if you would please direct relative articles sites?


        • Aloha Doreene there is no modern day hui aloha aina. Please read Tane’s comment above ” There are two factions in AHCC”. I was simply stating that the faction supporting independence should break off and form the modern day HUI ALOHA AINA it was only an idea of mines and I don’t want this to be taken out of context. As for the statue Aunty Lynette Cruz shared this story on here Facebook page go check out the comments Aunty was sharing some of what went down at the convention. Aloha

  5. Did any one show up with the title from the U S?.. didnt think so

    Mahalo to the Association of the Hawaiian Civic Clubs for actknowleging we are all living in the Hawaiian Kingdom.

    That sounds so pono.

    Mahalo Ke Akua for this blessing.

  6. Mahalo AHCC!

    Haaa! It would be nice to have a certified copy of that resolution sent
    directly to Colette Machado, Haunai Apoliona and Robin Danner just
    to remind them that we are not Indians and what they are doing to
    obtain U.S. Federal recognition for Hawaiians as an Indian Tribe is not
    pono! That’s just disrespectful and pilau!

    Now that the AHCC has declared its position concerning the continued
    existence of the Hawaiian Kingdom lets see if Colette Machado delivers
    Kamana’opono’s May 1, 2014 letter to U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry
    directly back to Mr. Kerry in person. What would be her excuse not to?

    Or, is it that she gets paid to come against the people she supposed to

    • They attended the convention and was present to vote during the discussion. As a voting delegate myself I will say the house was divided and it went to a standing count and passed!!!! Aloha.

      • Aloha Christopher, that is sad that you vote on facts, that is so american, there is a saying, your either pregnant or your not,(who said that?) its very easy to tell today because the Doctor is in the house!! HCC should drop the Hawaiian and just call yourself a civic club, half of your club is made up of so called americans, or for those of you who are Hawaiians should start a Hawaiian Patriotic League. Mahalo.

      • I am absolutely amazed that “the house was divided” on the continuation of the Kingdom of Hawaii. Hawaii is in a state of emergency. I am from Kona on the Big Island. We are being bombarded by settlers from the mainland! This land is being developed like no tomorrow! I am sad to say that we have already “lost” our culture here.

  7. I am so thrilled for this mana’o i’o. I, along with several genealogists received spiritual mana’o that one person had hana ino our poe and culture, resulting in our present situation…hewa. And that if we will face our fears and do our genealogy, truth will out. Our aliis want us to be free! All is in motion. Akua is in charge! Mahalo piha!

  8. Finally !! Mahalo Ke Akua, it warms my heart to see powerful kanaka mau’oli in very important positions take off the blinders and lead our people in the right direction into the a’o and out of the po. E’O

  9. Another step in tge right direction. Now can everyone say: “Fruit of the poisonous tree”? Wanna know what that means? Look it up. For me, it means that EVERYTHING THAT HAS COME OUT OF THE ILLEGAL OVERTHROW IS NULL & VOID (VOID AB INITIO).

  10. Wow, so this should alleviate my concerns regarding the civics clubs pushing for federal recognition. What an accomplishment. Agree on the facts.
    So now it is just CNHA and some of the homestead associations pushing for federal recognition?

  11. Mahalo nui loa oukou e Ka Maile Na Ali`i for your stance. Congratulations for making the facts known about our nationality. Your Ku`e Petitions is a prevailing step of awareness to our national identity. Your step with this Resolution opens up the opportunity to other organizations; Maoli or Haole to come forth to do the same. I commend you and all the educators who are working continuously in leading our people. We have come far from spiritual fear of not understanding why we felt “different” in our own `aina. I can truly say that I am a stronger kanaka for it.

    I know that it is very short notice, but is there anything happening on Friday, 11/28 in celebration of La Ku`oko`a? I mentioned it on the blog on another post but didn’t get an answer. Perhaps you would know?

    Aloha pumehana makou,

  12. E Kala mai, I know I said I would not post on this blog again, but I felt compelled to do so after reading the following information on the Hawaii Free Press.

    This is exactly why myself and so many others have been posting negative comments about OHA sponsoring events such as La Ku’ako’a and many other programs for Hawaiians, but continue their back door dealings to make us an indian tribe.

    It’s the same old story, give them a little money to pacify them, so we can continue our (OHA) agenda of making them an indian tribe under the United States in order to protect the scraps, called entitlements.

    What is sad, is that so many of us are Americanized, myself included up until a few years ago, that we believed that the scraps that the federal government have been giving us (The Hawaiian People), we should be grateful.

    The following is from the Hawaii Free Press:

    Trustees of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs are transferring over $3 million of Kanaiolowalu “governance planning” funds to “The Consortium” and the Native Hawaiian Roll Commission.

    The Trustees’ October 18, 2014 vote was 6-2-1 with Kauai Trustee Dan Ahuna and Maui Trustee Hulu Lindsey in opposition. Haunani Apoliona recused herself.

    Ka Wai Ola, November, 2014 (page 9), reports $2.6M will be transferred to ‘The Consortium” and $407K will go to the Kanaiolowalu Roll Commission. The funds were previously earmarked to conduct an election for a governance ‘Aha, the ‘Aha itself, a subsequent referendum on the results of the ‘Aha, and “community engagement” efforts related to the ‘Aha. Ka Wai Ola reports OHA has already spent over $964K on the ‘Aha.

    FreeHawaii identifies “The Consortium” as: Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement, Sovereign Councils of Hawaiian Homelands Assemblies, and the Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs/Hawaii Maoli.

    According to a leaked internal communication dated September 24, 2014 from Soulee Stroud, outgoing President of the Hawaiian Civic Clubs:

    “Queens Health, and Kamehameha Schools have stated that they are willing to provide the expertise to design the RFP‘s, and are waiting for the consortium to official (sic) form. Both have stated that they will not ‘sign on’ as members of the consortium, but have indicated serving as advisory, in a committee setting, and this is a function that they will consider. Certainly Lunalilo, KS and Queens has the expertise, as all design RFP‘s, and vet proposals, monitor vendors to insure deliverables.”

    The involvement of land trusts is telling. Even without federal recognition, the Hawaii Legislature could vote to free a State-recognized Indian tribe of all state and county land use, cultural, and environmental restrictions for any lands within its State-recognized jurisdiction. A State-recognized tribe could also be freed from all State and County transparency requirements and Sunshine Laws. (Sen Brickwood Galuteria, in February, 2014, introduced SB2992SD1 in a failed attempt to exempt OHA from the Sunshine Laws.)

    A Kamehameha Schools spokesperson did not respond to a request for comment.

    A State-recognized tribe free from Hawaii State law would provide immense land-development opportunities for OHA and any “ali’i” land trusts which choose to enter the tribe. Competing land trusts and property developers such as A&B, Grove Farm, ML&P, Shipman, Howard Hughes, Ward, and others outside the tribe would be at a competitive disadvantage.

    PLDC and Kakaako Makai were just a warmup exercise.

    A Hui Hou

    • Aloha Kuniole,so true,that’s why I told the Danners to there faces when they held a homestead meeting at Anahola quite a few years { why should we settle for crumbs when we own the whole pie}! Those 2sisters have been at it for a long time,they have been in inouyes back pocket for the same,and where did they learn all this from the Alaska settlement act,like I related to HOKU in earlier post when kala and power are involved strange kind stuffs going happen,aole kue America. Makaea!

  13. What a surprise, I would be very happy if this is real and true, but with all the deception in the pass I say keep your eye on the ball, don’t sign anything, and continue to educate yourselves with true facts. Also remember a joint resolution from the USA congress has no effect beyond its borders, so can an organization of the USA/state of Hawaii resolution have any effect beyond its borders?USA is occupying the Hawaiian kingdom! aloha ia ke akua

  14. I hope AHCC members are for real, do they understand what they have done, what it is to be a Patriot of the Hawaiian Kingdom, will they vote in the illegal system tomorrow, will they take down that American flag and raise the HawaiianKingdom flag, will they tell their family and friends the truth, will they take this to their jobs and tell their bosses and other employees, are they Brave Hearts, Patriots of the Hawaiian Kingdom? There is no, time will tell, for it is, now. Proud To Be Hawaiian Mahalo Jiggie

  15. There were always some civic club members that opposed fed wreak but the powers that be in the association were paid off to support fed wreak. Soulee, Kahn, and Amaral are staunch supporters of fed wreak. Now it’s evident that a majority of delegates support this resolution and now the association is split. Apo and Machado were there to vehemently oppose this resolution. Typically, Machado said it was none of anybody’s business what OHA does and we should stay out of OHA’s business. Ms. Hitler-Machado doesn’t realize the beneficiaries do have business in OHA’s conduct and transactions. We are their bosses and can remove them if necessary.

    This still doesn’t change AHCC position in the consortium and forwarding the tribal governing entity. The growing numbers of dissent is growing, knowing the facts. We should demand that participants that are pro-tribal should expatriate from the Hawaiian Kingdom and individually and personally naturalize to the U.S. first before joining that creation of a tribal governing clubhouse. The Turpie Resolution of 1894 and the Ku’e Petitions of 1897 dictates that Hawaiian Kingdom subjects are still citizens of the Hawaiian Kingdom and NOT U.S. citizens since they were not part of the U.S. ROH. This means, we are still legally and lawfully Hawaiian Kingdom subjects today. The U.S. had proclaimed only ROH citizens as U.S. citizens which most of them were already U.S. citizens. Asiatic people were also NOT ROH citizens and later had to naturalize to the U.S. while the Hawaiian subjects maintained their H. K. nationality.

    This means, Kanaka maoli who are the major part of the Kingdom’s citizenry, need to expatriate and naturalize to the U.S. in order to be the U.S. Hawaiian tribe and ultimately would be unable to negotiate the Hawaiian Kingdom’s lands, assets, an resources. That would remain in the hands of the Hawaiian Kingdom subjects that still exist in Hawaii. With that mandate, the U.S. would drop it’s plan for the Hawaiian tribe because it would defeat its purpose; to possess what belongs to the Hawaiian Kingdom and its citizenry and deflect the war crimes it continues to amass. We know the U.S. has committed ongoing crimes and to remedy them, the only recourse is de-occupation.

  16. USA Inc. and her agents from the fake State/County must stop criminalizing Hawaiians (of all races) on our own soil. There is no more due process for justice in the occupation system. The courts are controlled. The executive is controlled. The congress is 99% completely controlled. The mainstream media is controlled…..
    When corporations foreign and domestic are in collusion with government, you have fascism. That is what we are facing.

    Does the system control you and me? No!!
    (It will enslave us all, if we surrender to the hewa)

    Knowledge alone is not power. We must apply what we know.

    We must organize, and then take action with UNITY. Many of us on Big Island, and beyond are waiting for the acting Hawaiian government to forward next steps.
    Almost one month has passed since the “Proclamation” of Oct. 10th.

    We must openly, respectfully, and immediately begin the process of educating and networking our people.
    Not da kine OHA convention….
    No strings or influence attached to the unlawful occupation.
    We are free. But we must take pono action together.

    Time is now to mobilize toward the election of our lawful legislative body,
    the Hawaiian Kingdom Council of Regency.
    Keanu Sai….what say you? Help us help you.

    Everyone is invited to come to the 28th annual Lono I Ka Makahiki in Keaukaha, Hilo
    November 28-30, 2014. The Aloha Truth Alliance is going to be there.
    We’re gonna get this rolling now.
    Keanu, please join us. Lead us!!

    We the People, already have the basis for lawful remedy
    (Natural / Common / Universal Law):

    Hawai’i Declaration of Rights 1839
    “God hath made of one blood all nations of men to dwell on the earth,” in unity and blessedness. God has also bestowed certain rights alike on all men and all chiefs, and all people of all lands. These are some of the rights which He has given alike to every man and every chief of correct deportment; life, limb, liberty, freedom from oppression; the earnings of his hands and the productions of his mind, not however to those who act in violation of the laws.”(Kauikeaouli, Kamehameha III)

    American Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776
    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

    We are lawful in our own country!

    Mahalo Ke Akua for your love protection and guidance.
    And mahalo to all on this blog/conversation.
    We keep each other inspired and informed.
    Imua Hawai’i nei!!

    Gene Tamashiro
    Hawaiian patriot in service to Ke Akua (God Almighty)

  17. Aloha Gene, I appreciate your conviction as a patriot but elections would be premature at this time. The AHKG is adhereing to a process according to law and legal doctrines. The AHKG has to first achieve certain requirements inorder to facilitate a lawfully recognized election. Our kupuna were responsible for creating our HK gov’t, it’s laws and it’s international status and they did it with perfection. We should also strive to end this occupation in that manner and spirit. We should continue their legacy which will in turn be our legacy to our future generations of Hawaiian subjects. The World is watching, let them see the HK operate and achieve Pono. Let that be the HK legacy to the World.

  18. Aloha Kekoa,

    And thank you for your honest response.

    We would like to know, now that the AHKG is formed, what other “requirements” need to be fulfilled?

    In the current situation, with no Monarch or Council of Regency, Article 33, of the Constitution of 1864 reads “…the Legislative Assembly, which shall be called immediately, may be assembled, and the Legislative Assembly shall choose by ballot, a Regent or council of Regency, who shall administer the government in the name of the King, and exercise all the Powers which are Constitutionally vested in the King…”

    Yes, we don’t have a Legislative Assembly yet, but there is much we have to do now….”immediately”…in support of this fundamental effort.

    What is keeping us from public outreach, unalienable rights and responsibilities education, oaths of allegiance to our country, election of delegates, and then establishing qualified candidates for the Legislature?

    One month has passed with no lawful direction or explanation.
    This is not a good sign. Please advise.

    • DUE DILIGENCE! There is much to prepare from the 121 of oppression, first is to unite the kanaka people together for kuka kuka about the many situations that need be discussed before we even get near voting in the legislature. For one who will be eligible as a NATIONAL, two, who will be eligible to run for office/representative/nobles/executive … on… we are still not able to unite the kanaka, so we cant jump over the process, and no cannot use the board of genealogies that was collecting/choosing who would be written in their report to be announced as alii. For one, this was happening during the time the queen was imprisoned, same time the committee of safety was in power with the USA armed forces here, I can go on and on, but I just will say we need 150k kanaka to gather and ku ka ku ka like I am doing now this my manao mahalo and aloha

  19. Aloha Gene, I believe Doreene’s post of Ho’omanawanui says it all. I would suggest you research occupation and how the acting gov’t was created and then you will understand the process. You posted “…In the current situation, with no Monarch or Council of Regency…”. Not sure what you mean by that since there is an “acting” Council of Regency, Because of the 121 years of occupation the offices of the Dejure HK govt have been vacant. Elections cannot lawfully take place since their is no Dejure gov’t officials to run the elections in the first place. That is why the AHKG could not hold elections inorder to form the AHKG or the legislative assembly. If they could don’t you think they would already? I will answer your question you posted “….What is keeping us from public outreach, unalienable rights and responsibilities education, oaths of allegiance to our country, election of delegates, and then establishing qualified candidates for the Legislature? ” The answer to that is a prolonged occupation. You gotta get the occupier to comply with the laws of occupation first before you can address all that other stuff. That is what the AHKG is in the process of doing. You need leverage internationally, economically and so forth inorder to get compliance. I know it is fustrating when you don’t here progress or information from the AHKG but I have come to realize that if they are quite then they are hard at work and good things follow. How long have you been following the AHKG and what they have been doing and accomplishing? A month? A year? I have been watching this for at least 18 years and it’s seems to be going faster than I expected. You gotta keep things in perspective. We and the rest of the world have been americanized for 121 years and no one knew we were occupied, even you. Now here comes a little AHKG to take on the most powerful and richest country in the world to free our kingdom legally without violence. I’m pretty sure they got their hands full with a 121 year problem and may not be able to give us a monthly update.

  20. Kekoa,

    Yes, I know and have acknowledged the good and important work that Keanu Sai has been doing for years. From my perspective it is lawful and pono that he put forth a proclamation to declare his kuleana as acting Hawaiian Kingdom Government (AHKG).

    My concern along with others is the same as before, and I feel I need to repeat myself:

    We would like to know, now that the AHKG is formed,
    what other lawful “requirements” need to be fulfilled?

    In the current situation, with no Monarch or du jure Council of Regency, Article 33, of the Constitution of 1864 reads “…the Legislative Assembly, which shall be called IMMEDIATELY, may be assembled, and the Legislative Assembly shall choose by ballot, a Regent or council of Regency, who shall administer the government in the name of the King, and exercise all the Powers which are Constitutionally vested in the King…”

    In other words, the first and most important job of the acting government is to begin the process of openly establishing the du jure Hawaiian Kingdom government…. IMMEDIATELY. One month has gone by, and so far no communication from AHKG on this fundamental issue. We have information, skills, and resources that we want to bring to the table.

    Is the acting government lawfully authorized to conduct international negotiations without the people’s knowledge or consent?

    I’m truly grateful that AHKG has been declared,
    but we cannot expect or wait for the occupation, or international community to do the right thing. We the People are the remedy.

    Yes, we need leverage, but our true strength is here at home, in Hawai’i.
    Educate and empower our own. The rest will naturally follow.

    Dear AHKG… Pay attention to our inquiry and plea. Help us help you.
    We are paying attention to your silence.

    Ke Akua guidance, wisdom, and protection to all.


    • During Dr. Keanu Sai’s lecture here in Kona on October 24, 2014, when asked: “Where can we got to get a Hawaiian Kingdom Passport”? Dr. Sai replied: “We need to slow down because we are not there yet. There are things that need to be set in place before any of this can happen. When it is you will be informed as to what to do and where to go, but until then take care of your family and continue to educate yourselves by following the website and there you will also find the updates as we progress”.

      As Doreen, Dr. Sai and many others have stated: “Ho’omanawanui” patience, slow down, there is a process. Remember it took the illegal occupiers 121 years for them to create this mess and it is going to take a little time for the AHKG to get everything back on the right track. Under International law and the Laws of Occupation there is a plan and format for us to follow and that is exactly what we are doing.

      So, until then take care of your ohana and continue to educate yourselves through this website because there will be a lot of changes coming even sooner then you think and we need to be ready. For as they say: “When you rush that is when you make mistakes”.

      We have waited far too long and have worked far too hard to let that happen to our people and future generations.

      Slow Down……We Are Almost There!!!

  21. Aloha Gene, with aritcle 33 you just pointed out the problem you and I are facing and which the AHKG is trying to solve. There is no Legislative assembly to call on immediately. Article 33 was written well before the insurgents arrived and the occupation started. HK law never took into consideration loosing an entire legislative assembly or gov’t. The only provision applicable would be a Regent or Council of Regency in the absence of a Monarch. Since there were no Cabinet memebers to make up the Regency as required by HK law it had to be done under the legal doctrines of necessity and ascension with an entity tied into the HK by HK law through contract. Hence the creation of the AHKG. Now you asked “….Is the acting government lawfully authorized to conduct international negotiations without the people’s knowledge or consent?
    The answer is yes. The only entity that can speak on behalf of a state is it’s gov’t or in our case an acting gov’t. Is the acting gov’t verified to be a de facto acting gov’t for the HK? The answer is yes and it was verified through many international bodies including the United States. Can the AHKG do what ever it wants? No it cannot. Because it is an acting gov’t created under necessity it can only maintain the interests of the State and it’s territory. It is limited to make laws or policies to effect it’s citizens. If the AHKG were to over step the parameters of the necessity doctrine they could loose their defacto status and also be held liable for treason. You see why things don’t move fast or immediately, it has to be done right and all the while dealing with the americanization obsticale. So let that be the Caveat for those who are or want to be a caveator. There is no statute of limitations for treason in HK law. Education and the full understanding of the process is crucial because “we the people ” could be our worst enemy in trying to do something we are not trained or qualified to do.

    • Aloha Kekoa, the board of genealogy was promulgated for good reasons during Kalakauas reign but it continued through the illegal occupation, when the committee of safety was in control. And the final report that stated all the genealogy of the alii are somewhat true, but many mookuauhau has been left out, and is easily seen in many proven records of genealogies. This point is very important for the voting process. It will be somewhat a task but not impossible, gather mo’okuauhau from all that want to participate or run in the offices of NOBLE’S or to be considered for HEAD of state. permit some nationals to go over the record’s as if they would be a board of genealogy in the present days to come. We can have 1 or 2 from each district, and may have upto 50, who knows, I don’t know just saying, but need to be done. All on the board can scrutinize as much as they want but cannot turn away true facts or documented files. mahalo

  22. It is not only knowing there are laws that help us to get the U.S. to de-occupy the Hawaiian Kingdom; but to comprehend those laws; the dynamics and how it affects us. Education has been correctly herald as the key. Break the conditioning, propaganda, brain-washing fostered by the U.S. and embrace what the Hawaiian Kingdom is all about. There are reasons for everything our monarchs and people have done. Don’t buy into the character-assassinations pushed onto us. Understand and know about the Kingdom, its accomplishments and how it achieved its status. Be flexible and not rigid; open yourself through critical thinking and see the overall aspects and layers of the government and society. Step outside of the U.S. box its been trying to keep you in.

    First, realize that we are unified; not divisive as they want you to believe. Recognize the double-standards placed on us and dispel the myths. Remember the U.S. is made up of what it made up and continues to make up. The U.S. has 21 political entities/parties registered and recognized; plus special interest groups, and lobbyists. They all know they are U.S. citizens and not divided in that belief; they just have differing platforms and agendas. Some are popular and some are not. If we are divisive in that manner; so are the U.S. Americans; it’s a normal thing in a democratic society like a republic or a constitutional monarchy with its three branches of government. No major difference.

    Second, the U.S. mainstream society is a racist White Anglo-Saxon Protestant (WASP) one which believes in the doctrines of Manifest Destiny, expansionism, imperialism, and ethnocentrism. Contrary to this is the Hawaiian Kingdom mainstream society which is a Polynesian-Hawaiian one which is inclusive that evolved its culture, values, spirituality that all can embrace. Both countries have declared itself a Christian country to be able to find common relationships that led us both into the Family of Nations. The monarch never converted to Christianity until Kamehameha V who became Episcopalian. They did, however, give the people freedom of religion, which many had converted to it.

    Third, the King made the decision to create the Kingdom on par with the rest of the Western World in order to protect the islands and put it as equals to other nations. Remember the King was the BOSS and used whatever means to protect the people and elevate the status of the Kingdom. The Kingdom gained prestige worldwide despite the racist views of the U.S. Because of the Hawaiian traditional mindset to adopt, adapt, and become adept with new ideas, practices, and industrialization, it became one of the most progressive, modern, advanced country of its day; not to mention, one of the richest per capita in the world. It led the world in socialized medicine, creating the Queen’s Hospital.

    The laurels are many because of the ali’i system, obligation, and duties. Their legacies are the first in the world via their trusts: Princess Pauahi on education; Lunalilo for kanaka maoli aged people; Lili’uokalani for orphaned children; Kamehameha I for uniting the islands under one rule to give it strength and relations with other world powers and opened the door of international relationships and development of the new Kingdom; Kauikeaouli for reforming the governance the kingdom and relinquishing his absolute monarchy so the people had more voice in government. Queen Emma and King Kamehameha V for Queen’s Hospital; Queen Kapiolani for maternity care and children’s health; Kalakaua for broadening the recognition and world relationships of the Kingdom; revival of the Hula and history and its arts; Kamehameha V for strengthening the Kingdom and insuring its preservation of the Kingdom through ROOK. Kamehameha II for building the wealth and closer ties with Great Britain.

    In 1810, King Kamehameha the Great, was the first country to recognize the sovereign independence of Argentina to politically make himself known internationally as a Kingdom. Is it any wonder that we are so proud of our Kingdom? It also was one of the first countries to join the Universal Postal Union. In 1854, it declared itself a international neutral nation and helped formulate the clarity and guidelines of that status. With traditional freedom of movement, multitudes of Kanaka maoli traveled the world and made their presence known in a positive way. Some remained in those various countries and some returned to Hawaii and a few married people of stature in those countries.

    There are a lot more to praise about the Kanaka maoli that made a bid difference in this world; but I’m too lengthy with my comments and you get the idea of facts about the Hawaiian Kingdom and its people. We can hold our head up high for being Hawaiian Kingdom subjects. Let your keiki know about the great things we have and are accomplishing and that we need to have the Kingdom de-occupied by our jealous, racist, oppressive, unlawful belligerent occupiers. These are reasons enough to want our nation revitalized. Mahalo ia ke Akua pu me kakou.

  23. Is there a phone number to speak to someone from this organization. Or can someone call me at 808.745.4370

    Mahalo Dean Kapuni Harvest
    Wahiawā/Whitmore Village Neighborhood Board No. 26

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