Washington Post: Feds take step toward Native Hawaiian recognition

The Associate Press Reported in the Washington Post.

HONOLULU — The federal government announced Wednesday it will take a first step toward recognizing and working with a Native Hawaiian government at a time when a growing number of Hawaiians are questioning the legality of the U.S. annexation of Hawaii.

The U.S. Department of the Interior will host a series of public meetings during the next 60 days with Native Hawaiians, other members of the public and Native American tribes in the continental U.S. to discuss the complex issue, Rhea Suh, assistant secretary for policy, management and budget for the department, said during a conference call with reporters.

“This does not mean we are proposing an actual formal policy,” Suh said. “We are simply announcing that we’ll begin to have conversations with all relevant parties to help determine whether we should move forward with this process and if so, how we should do it.”

Native Hawaiians have been taking steps to form their own government, but the possibility of federal recognition and a growing sense that many Hawaiians want to pursue independence led some observers to call for a delay in the nation-building process. Kamanaopono Crabbe, the CEO of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, suggested a delay of at least six months after questions were raised about whether the Hawaiian kingdom still exists in the eyes of the United States.

“While a rulemaking process proposed by the DOI is designed to open the door to a government-to-government relationship between the United States and our people, we see this as only one option for consideration,” Crabbe said in a statement. “The decision of whether to walk through the federal door or another will be made by delegates to a Native Hawaiian ‘aha (convention) and ultimately by our people. We are committed to keeping all doors open so our people can have a full breadth of options from which to choose what is best for themselves and everyone in Hawaii.”

Two potential steps — creating a government and seeking federal recognition — can happen at the same time, said Jessica Kershaw, a spokeswoman for the Interior Department.

Critics have said the path the federal government is pursuing is inappropriate because it appears the end goal is to incorrectly recognize Native Hawaiians as a Native American tribe. However, the federal government’s process leaves it up to Hawaiians to define themselves, and there would be discussions about whether it makes sense for Hawaiians to pursue a similar tribal designation, Suh said.

“There is nothing in this process that speaks to how the native community should be defined,” Suh said. “This process only pertains to the relationship between the U.S. government and the native Hawaiian community.”

The community meetings would start next week in Honolulu and would continue on neighboring islands.

Williamson Chang, a law professor at the University of Hawaii, believes the legal questions raised recently about whether the Kingdom of Hawaii still exists pushed the federal government into action.

“I consider Hawaii to be occupied or under a state of emergency,” Chang said. “The one thing I’m sure of is the United States does not have jurisdiction.”

A federal recognition that is similar to a tribal designation would be a step backward in the eyes of many Hawaiians, because the U.S. previously recognized the Hawaiian government as equal, not beneath, the U.S., Chang said.

“One solution could be complete independence, but I don’t think the United States would stand for that,” Chang said. “The Big Island could be spun off and become an independent nation, where Hawaiians could say they have a homeland.”

26 thoughts on “Washington Post: Feds take step toward Native Hawaiian recognition

  1. Is there any word on the Swiss government becoming a protecting power? I’m tired of hearing about kanaiolowalu and the B.S. 125 thousand signatures. The D.O.I. hearings should be very interesting. In fact they don’t even need to come its allready out “WE DON’T WANT FEDREC”!!!!!!!

  2. I don’t want the Native Hawaiian Reorganization Act –FEDREC—either.

    Haven’t heard a pipsqueak from Hawaiian Nationals not of the koko. So I thought I must speak up. Hey, what about us.? Somebody is cutting us out. Hawaii is a country- independent and sovereign – And so are we as Hawaiian Nationals.

  3. What part of NO the feds don’t understand?? We’re getting tired of repeating ourselves–this is really frustrating!! The ones who taught us English can’t even understand their own language!! Can’t wait to see the outcome of these meetings–like Keali’i said would be very interesting!!!

    • #Agreed #SmellsLikeInferiority2Me #ItAlsoSpellsInsecurityOnTheirPart #USAhasBeenInsecureFromTheBeginning

      It is really the only way to explain their use of “force,” in an attempt to #ShowPower

      However, #Truth #Philosophy states:

      “Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power. If you realize that you have enough, you are truly rich.”
      -Tao Te Ching

      America: #DoesNotKnowThemselves #SureAsHellLacksTheRespectOfOthers
      #THeyAreMastersOfUsingPeople4TheirOwnEvils #AmericaHasNoClueWhenEnoughIsEnough

      Let Hawaiians teach them

  4. The term Native Hawaiian Recognition is OPALA. We are here, always have been, always will be…here, and we are not going away. What Mr. Chang has referenced in this article, that the United States will not stand for complete independence, is the problem. A Government to Government discussion will not help nor will it lead to our goal towards complete independence. A discussion Nation to Nation? Now we’re talking!

  5. Why must the people of the Hawaiian Islands which is the Hawaiian Kingdom seek their independence for only the Big Island and again trying to be the nice guy when dealing with a guilty party the United States. The United States has openly admitted to the wrong done to the stealing of our beloved Hawaiian Islands and many other countries in the United Nations agree with this statement to be the honest truth. Honesty is the best policy
    and all the talk from the DOI, OHA, Kanaiolowalu, and the FEDS are wrong and completely absurd. The one statement that Law Professor Williamson Chang made in his assessment was that he was definitely sure that the United States DOES NOT HAVE JURISDICTION. Without jurisdiction the State Of Hawaii and any other entity connected to the illegitimate governing corporation will die. All individuals who participate in committing treason to the Hawaiian Kingdom and its people will be held responsible by Hawaiian Kingdom Laws. All Kanaka’s with the koko should be careful when dealing with the haole U.S. government which will not want to free all Kanaka’s from their control and continue to illegally tax your hard earned assets. Our economic future is with the Hawaiian Kingdom government and its leadership by our own Hawaiian People.

    Aloha, Kaleolani

    • Aloha e Robert,
      I believe Dr. Chang used the Big Island as an example to indicate what could happen if the Roll Call resulted in the Complete Independence so-called decision. An independent vote could open up every island therefore of our Hawaiian Kingdom, currently illegally overpowered by the US, and claim independence from all the other islands. Realistically, that scenario is ridicules. We stand united in our sovereign. Dr. Chang is right, the US does not have jurisdiction. Any “vote” or ploy will never diminish the nationality of the Hawaiian Kingdom and they know it. They are just ‘blowing smoke up the you-no-what. What it does is continue to waste money resources (actually ours, by the way) and continue the illegality of the USA. All international and Hawaiian Kingdom war crimes

      Aloha piha

  6. I firmly believe that Queen Liliuokalani has already prepared a way for the Hawaiian Kingdom laws to be instituted immediately and The Hawaiian Kingdom begin the process of acting in its full capacity. All the Kanaka Maoli and Hawaiian Subjects who wish to maintain their status will be under the laws and protection of the Hawaiian Kingdom. Any and all others may maintain whatever citizenship they wish but will still have to abide by Hawaiian Kingdom Law if they decide to live here. Case close. We all have an opportunity to chose our citizenship but we are not allowed under the law to decide what others will chose. It’s not complicated. If you live in the Hawaiian Kingdom you follow it’s laws no matter what your allegiance is. So the answer is who are you?

  7. we kanaka maoli are the direct descendants of the original polynesians who came to Hawai’i more than 2000 years ago from tahiti, the tuamotus and the marquesas after having settled in various other parts of the pacific basin over several thousand years since our land of origin, the great island continent of Mu, was turned into a frozen land of ice almost overnight as the result of a great polar shift which turned planet earth on its axis leaving our home island at the southern pole and forcing our people along with the egyptians, the maya, the tibetans and other groups who possessed advance knowledge to flee Mu and seek comfort and refuge by migrating to the lands and islands near the new equator.

    we have endured much since we left Mu and now we are witnessing the utterly shameless arrogance of the american government’s thinking that we kanaka maoli want the u.s. to recognize us as a “native american tribe”. this is an idea that is simply ludicrous in the extreme.

    this latest american ploy is a naked attempt by the americans to appear to offer us the “opportunity” to be recognized as “a nation within a nation” which is a term that the americans made up to describe their relationship with the native peoples of america the true stewards of the northern, central and southern america’s.

    by offering the native peoples federal recognition as a “nation within a nation” the americans are playing the role of benevolent benefactor with the caveat that these newly recognized native american nations would be under the care and protection of the american bureau of indian affairs but would be denied independence of any kind.

    this is the real reason behind america’s sudden interest in “recognizing kanaka maoli as a “native american tribe when we are nothing of the sort.

    we are NOT native to america and we have NEVER been a tribe. not in the more than two thousand years since our kupuna first settled in the Hawaiian Islands and not in the thousands of years prior to that. we have ALWAYS been a separate and unique, sovereign and independent nation and people.

    we want NOTHING from the american government and military except for them to leave our islands forever.

    we don’t need their permission to “build a nation” or to become a nation because we already ARE a nation. an unlawfully occupied nation. unlawfully occupied by america and its military forces.

    we don’t need u.s. federal recognition either. as a matter of fact, if the past 121 years have taught us anything at all its taught us that the americans are NEVER to be trusted.

    so when we finally restore our sovereign independence we would be wise to have NO direct diplomatic relations with america whatsoever. our only diplomatic relations with the americans would be at extreme arms length through a peaceful, neutral third party nation of our own choosing.

    neither do we need to ask the americans for our freedom because their unlawful presence in our kingdom and nation is the ONLY impediment to our freedom, our sovereign independence and our lawful monarchy.

    the only thing that we need from the u.s. is for them to leave our islands NOW, COMPLETELY and FOREVER so that we can resume our course as a sovereign and independent nation of free people, kanaka maoli !

    #iiwk #imuaHawaii #ponoKeAlii

    • Aloha Pono, you are correct. The question we must ask as Kanaka Maoli people of the Hawaiian Islands. Who are these native hawaiian people who are claiming that they have the right to speak for us Kanaka’s? We are the Lawful claimant of our Nation and Homeland. Because the state of hawaii only controls the big island of hawaii. Our HOMELAND is called the Hawaiian Islands in all of our Ancestor’s palapala. So, that means that the state of hawaii has jurisdiction only on the big island. I hope this helps. The u.s.a. government has NO JURISDICTION too make that decision about our HOMELAND we do and we have (LRHKG) Aloha Mau Keoki.

  8. Do you believe these guys? I don’t and never will. They will be looking out only for their best interest, not the Hawaiians. Remember in a previous post I said that the OHA puppets had dropped the ball and the Puppet Master will take over, well here it is. So, if they want to hear what we have to say then let us all stand up and be heard. I call upon my fellow country men/women, all those who love these islands and those who stand for truth and justice. Rise up like our Kupunas that signed the Ku’e’ Petitions. Let our voices roar in unison the message through out the world we are an occupied country. We do not want the LIE of Federal recognition we want DEOCCUPATION. KU’E’ KU’E forever, never give up.

  9. I fine it interesting. Last month we were talking about the US has no jurisdiction in Hawaii and next week the Feds are coming to an island near you.

    I can still hear the Professor saying “dont’t pull the pin”. I also keep hearing this song in my head http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=hgmOO5jiiq0.

    Remember now, when the Feds come to town. Share some aloha, share some history and share some Executive Agreements.

    Ua mau ke EA o ka AINA I ka pono
    the SOVEREIGN NATION is perpetuated in righteousness


  10. Aloha everyone,
    Just a thought , we know what exist today and no matter what happens we know the TRUTH about the prolonged occupation and that will never change . Regardless of what the United States Proposes , the continued education of the world into the facts needs to continue , this is essential and priority. I look at this as a opportunity for the people to come together and let our voices continue to be heard during the 60 days in which the United States representative will be here . We’ve come along way and we are only now beginning the process of de-occupying our minds . 121 years has passed and what our ancestors and the Queen had done (protesting the annexation) continues today to effect the legal standing of the United States claim to its so called ownership of these islands . As Mr. Nawehi said protest forever the annexation / federal recognition .

  11. Where is all the money from the treaties that all these countries sign. Wake up people why do you think no other nation wants to recognize our nation. They owe as long as usa keeps our Hawaiian Nation hiidden these other countries benefit. Look at the big picture.

    The usa presidents said in their apology which is public policy (big joke) we were self sufficient. In other words we don’t need nobody. The treaties is proof we didn’t need them they needed us. Our ancestors knew that and they made these treaties to benefit us not the other way around.

    Stop trying to get recognition everyone knows including the countries that have signed treaties with our Hawaiian nation that we are a Nation. What will it benefit these countries if they recognize our status? Think, Wake Up, DUH.


  12. We need to show up in even greater force, KU’E their presence where ever they go and let our voices be heard just as we had done to OHA. This will be an opportunity for ALL non Hawaiian Kingdom Subjects and Nations to come forward and to prove their support of our cause for DE-OCCUPATION and their ALLEGIANCE to the Hawaiian Kingdom. If they don’t then when it is time to apply for citizenship their application will be immediately…..DENIED!!! Remember, your actions speak louder then your words!!! LET OUR VOICES BE HEARD!!!

  13. Aloha jj, I know you’re fustrated but take a deep breathe and exhale. The documents show the U.S. lied to the International Community and also subjected them to Americanization. They were mislead just like we were. Treaties benefit both parties, if not they would not enter into them. Having allies and Treaty partners are of a great advantage to us, we do not want to isolate ourselves from the International Community. That is the venue where we will have the best success in getting our remedy when dealing with the U.S.. The treaties can be used to our advantage and isolate the U.S. among the International Community. I can only assume the monies you asked about are in the way of duties, tarriffs, taxes and contracts. Well, here’s the answer, the U.S. pillaged those monies, not only from us but all countries that are doing business in Hawaii. So, now all those countries can hold the U.S. accountable for illegally imposing U.S. duties, tarriffs and taxes upon them in a foreign country occupied by the U.S.. They can seek compensation at international venues for their injuries. How many items do you think Chinese Corportions have imported into Hawaii and paid those illegal fees???? What about Toyota, Nissan, Kia, BMW,… etc., they could pull the Aikido move and reverse their liability and turn it into an asset. Now the U.S. is not just dealing with us about the illegal occupation they need to deal with the international community also. It’s called self preservation. Don’t get fustrated, just get a different perspective and your fustration will deminish. Keep the faith.

    • great point kekoa, one which i’ve made myself many times in social media posts and comments.

      along similar lines, i’d like to point out that all federal income taxes and social security payments, et al, paid by ourselves and all of our kupuna going back to the overthrow would need to be compensated back to us, both individually and on behalf of our kupuna, with interest.

      even if we calculated for services provided to us individually such as educational grants and other forms of u.s. federal funding and programs, every Hawai’i citizen would still end up well in the black.

      of course services that were imposed on and not requested by Hawai’i and its citizens such as the unlawful u.s. military occupation of Hawai’i under the guise of “military protection”, for example, would not be counted as services rendered but instead be put into the column of monies owed to the kingdom, nation and people of Hawai’i to the tune of trillions of dollars owed to us in compensation for the unlawful occupation including all damages physical and psychological suffered by our citizens and our kupuna along with substantial punitive penalties.

      likewise all taxes and fees, including both business and personal taxes and fees, paid to the illegal “state” of Hawai’i, the illegal “territory” of Hawai’i and the illegal republic/ provisional government of Hawai’i would be subject to full compensation with interest and potentially with damages and punitive fees.

      in short, ending the unlawful u.s. occupation of Hawai’i and forcing the complete withdrawal of all u.s. military forces and federal agencies from Hawai’i would not just end the oppressive and unlawful occupation of Hawai’i, it would also provide the kingdom, nation and people of Hawai’i with a huge revenue windfall that would more than sufficiently finance the rebuilding and reconstruction of our kingdom and nation while creating substantial reserves that would keep our kingdom and nation financially solvent for centuries thus precluding the necessity of enslaving ourselves to the onerous burden of having to finance our reconstruction by accepting loans from the world bank and the imf.

      #iiwk #imuaHawaii #ponoKeAlii

    • aloha kekoa,

      as to the question of kanaka maoli desiring to be federally recognized as a “native american tribe” the very idea is beyond ludicrous !

      kanaka maoli are NOT native to the americas and we have NEVER been a tribe.

      the true reason that the u.s. is exploring the possibility of “granting” us (how patronizing of them) federal recognition as a native american tribe is so that they can legally classify kanaka maoli as a “nation within a nation”, a bullshit term coined by the americans specifically to subjugate the native peoples of north america, so that by “granting “us (again very patronizing and paternalistic language) “nation within a nation” status they can legally claim that we are a “ward nation” of the united states under their “legal authority, protection and jurisdiction”, as well as their physical control (occupation) and even potentially claim legal possession of the hawaiian islands as a result of the kanaka maoli willingness to subjugate ourselves to “the great american father.

      ” BULLSHIT !!!

      we must stand together as kanaka maoli to strongly oppose ANY type of “federal recognition as a native american tribe” and all of the subtexts and machinations that such “federal recognition” entails.

      we kanaka maoli stand united for only one cause, an immediate, complete and permanent end to the unlawful american occupation of Hawai’i so that we can finally realize the complete restoration of the sovereign independence, lawful monarchy and freedom that are our inherent rights as a kingdom, a nation and a people !

      #iiwk #imuaHawaii #ponoKeAlii

  14. I have an idea what is best for everyone in Hawaii!!!

    The U.S. Government establishes a temporary military government, enforces the Laws of Occupation, Hawaiian Kingdom Laws, the 1907 Hague Regulations, the 1949 IV Geneva Convention, Additional Protocol 1, and along with certain provisions of International Humanitarian Law, complies with the Executive Agreements to eventually and finally restore the H.K. Government back to power along with certain other things to be done as well.

    In the end, while all laws and procedures are complied with, the United States eventually leaves Hawaii! This all was supposed to happen 120 years ago!

    Seriously, U.S. Government. Stop wasting time! But I would say its obvious—you are scared! Because if you were not scared, you would’ve answered Dr. Crabbe’s questions in his letter, furthermore provided overwhelming evidence to prove that Hawaii is legally part of the United States. But just like in 2000 at the Permanent Court of Arbitration, you have not provided any evidence, so it is not only obvious that Hawaii is occupied, but you are just scared to admit to it.

    MRS. ADDAMS: “Children. This is Miss. Jellinsky, our new nanny. What do we say?”
    WEDNESDAY: “Be afraid. Be VERY afraid”

  15. I believe from all that I have read and heard , is that Hawaii is a sovereign nation. She never lost it. The title was trumped up. Therefore there can be no vote. Because “IT IS.” And therefore should be restored back to her former State. We are not their indigent Indians. What a crap! And the homeland I might say also belongs to those families who also were here when the changeover happened. There were other citizens of The Kingdom Of Hawaii.

    Does anyone read what the USA is doing? All their agendas. They are moving toward a Militarized State. Martial law is only a pen stroke away. Wars upon wars,which makes us vulnerable and first in line for retaliation.

    We were once neutral and self sufficient. Our only hope is to return to that kind of status or you can kiss Hawaii Goodbye.. In which case it don’t matter who you are
    we will suffer the same fate as the US citizens who are pledged toward lock down USA, their homes, money, lands, and children.

    Get real, we have an issue. But any attachment will certainly affect us in a negative way.

    For those whom serve as legal officials now, and want to hang on to your jobs, forget it. You will disappear eventually. Fascism has its own heads.

    Separation is not a choice but a dire need, not only to make right a wrong but an absolute continuation of our right to live without threat and strife from the International communities whom the US has agitated.

    Return Hawaii back : System restore to this……I am Hawaii, and Hawaii is me..

    That’s the truth………

  16. How long will these people keep trying to pussy-foot around WHAT IS! Now that the truth is out & they’re dealing with EDUCATED Hawaiian people they’re gonna try every & any thing to do what’s only gonna benefit them? It’s time to knock them off their high horse & show them humbly, of course, after all we ARE HAWAIIAN. We are not ruthless selfish people like those who stole from us while smiling. So humbly we will show them WHAT WILL BE. We, the Hawaiian people & these, lands our lands the Hawaiian islands are THE KINGDOM OF HAWAII.

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