KITV News: Hawaii community responds to feds considering Native Hawaiian recognition

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HONOLULU —There’s excitement, applause and also some words of caution after the federal government took the first steps toward possibly establishing a government-to-government relationship between the United States and Native Hawaiians.

The federal government says it’s taking its first step toward re-establishing a government-to-government relationship with Native Hawaiians.

The Department of the Interior announced a month long series of meetings with Hawaii residents and they start Monday.

“I think it’s a sign of panic and desperation on the part of the federal government and the Department of Interior,” said Williamson Chang, University of Hawaii law professor.

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Under current rules, this can only be done with residents in the lower 48 states. So, the department would first have to change those rules.

Chang says he sees this as being spurred on by the recent letter by Office of Hawaiian Affairs CEO Kamana’o Crabbe to U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry. The letter asked for a legal opinion about Hawaii’s political status under international law.

“So, I think that’s changed the ball game completely. OHA is asking, ‘Are we still a nation?’ And that I think scared them that if there is, this is what’s going on in Hawaii and we have something to worry about,” said Chang.

“Why not go for the sure thing where Hawaiians become like a federally recognized Indian tribe. We know how to deal with them. They’re not going to embarrass us internationally if we do that,” Chang continued.

Chang says they may also be under pressure to do something before President Obama leaves office.

Hawaii’s entire congressional delegation as well as the Governor and OHA’s trustee chair Colette Machado released statements commending the Obama Administration for its commitment to engaging Native Hawaiians in open dialogue.

KITV photo 3OHA’s Crabbe stated:

“… we see this as only one option for consideration. The decision of whether to walk through the federal door or another will be made by delegates to a Native Hawaiian ‘aha and ultimately by our people. We are committed to keeping all doors open so our people can have a full breadth of options from which to choose what is best for themselves and everyone in Hawai’i.”

Public Meetings in Hawaii – June 23 through July 8


Monday, June 23 — Honolulu – 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
Hawaii State Capitol Auditorium

Monday, June 23 — Waimanalo – 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Waimanalo Elementary and Intermediate School

Tuesday, June 24 — Waianae Coast – 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Nanaikapono Elementary School

Wednesday, June 25 — Kaneohe – 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Heeia Elementary School

Thursday, June 26 — Kapolei – 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Makakilo Elementary School


Friday, June 27 – Lanai City – 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Lanai Senior Center


Saturday, June 28 – Kaunakakai – 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Kaunakakai Elementary School


Monday, June 30 – Waimea – 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Waimea Neighborhood Center

Tuesday, July 1 — Kapaa – 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Kapaa Elementary School

Hawaii Island

Wednesday, July 2 — Hilo – 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Keaukaha Elementary School

Thursday, July 3 — Waimea – 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Waimea Community Center

Thursday, July 3 — Kona – 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Kealakehe High School


Saturday, July 5 — Hana – 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Hana High and Elementary School

Monday, July 7 — Lahaina – 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
King Kamehameha III Elementary School

Tuesday, July 8 — Kahului – 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Pomaikai Elementary School

93 thoughts on “KITV News: Hawaii community responds to feds considering Native Hawaiian recognition

  1. Okay, I will try one more time! Is there something going on with the replies today?

    Help me understand:
    “Government – Government”

    Wouldn’t this imply an answer to the question Crabbe asked; that a government relationship between the U.S. and Hawaii does exist already and indeed has existed all along? I mean, there has been no “role call” and thus no “state officiated government” with which to have “government to government” meetings, so who is the other half of the “Government – Government”? If this is then true, what reason would there be for having a state run “role call” or being forced into any type of state or federal vote?

    “Lower 48”

    Can someone please help me to understand what the news article is referring to when it describes that the U.S. government will need to tweak their own rules in order to hold meetings here in Hawaii, because they are only able to hold these meetings in the lower 48? Can’t find any information on this.


    • Let me state, that i’m guessing, someone in our Hawaiian Gov. Wants more money; ie, federal aid and compensations, and/o, a way for theirselves to raise their pay…”follow the money”… Very sad to say… Yes, this all does not make sense…like drama ..everyone wants to live above their means(Clintons were broke, give me a break) and not take responsibility for themselves. I plan to read everything i xan to get-a-handle on “this.” Aliha Love, God Bless…yes, we need to Pray, Vote, Pray.

  2. Ask them where is the bilateral treaty cession?
    No treaty, no authority in Hawaiian jurisdiction!
    Either the U.S. will concede to the truth or continue
    the lie, there is no middle ground! Either way the
    result for the U.S. will not be good!!

    Thanks to our kupuna and our Queen we are in a
    favorable position today!

    • Mahalo! I agree… first USA creates a treaty with Hawai’i Kingdom under international law… Then we can talk country to country… NOT the way they did it with the Native American tribes!!! We are not now and never have been a TRIBE…

      • Hawaii became part of the USA so we are one nation. Funny, if we were not and Obama was born here and not in?Kenya?(where did his scholl tuitions come from) Then we would not be part of the USA and neither would Obama, as he claims….I finally see one reason to be seperate from this USA…as if he were born in Hawaii anyway….yes, we are all plyed for fools for the live of money…we need Prayers….and better political leaders.

        • Obama is one of the many reasons why the DOI is so eager to get fed rec. passed before we force them out of Hawaiʻi, because if, under their law, Hawaiʻi is sovereign then Obama and everything he’s done is illegal, screwing over the US, so it’s in their best interest to try and quell us before the rest of the US figures out the lies that they’ve been telling for over 120 years.

          But most of all, WE ARE NOT AMERICANS.

        • Did something happen last night when I was asleep?When did Hawaii become a part of the United States? I think you should go to the home website and read the story. OMG!!!!!

  3. You are right, Noelani.

    To the lower 48 question: the news item is a little vague but I understand there are several entities which govern US tribal nations. Bureau of Indian Affairs is the large one that encompasses continental US (lower 48) plus Alaska, but the others generally apply to just the lower 48. Perhaps that’s what they meant.

    I am in total agreement with you on the whole though: we are in the twilight zone with this one. But given the history, it is not surprising the US Dept of Interior is trying to re-set the table with these questions that leap past reason (and historical legal facts) to this crazy place. It just completely ignores Dr. Crabbe’s questions and replaces them with another set that pulls the conversation back onto their intended track – tribal nation.

    Ain’t that something? On one hand, it’s really insulting. But I guess being underestimated can also be an advantage. Just because they set the table, doesn’t mean we have to eat it. They want to hear our thoughts. I say we graciously serve up some aloha and truth. They deserve extra helping, I think. 🙂

    • Here’s my opinion on the matter of complete stewardship of The Hawaiian Islands and it’s surrounding archipelago…we speak of self-governing yet we cannot sustain an upright and just tiny entity such as OHA, supposedly created in the best interest of the “Hawaiians”. We cannot get our Kanaka Maoli to agree to simple matters such as greater nurturing of our Keiki (our future) in the ways of our ancestors versus the ways of the West. We as a people must look deep in our hearts and believe in the betterment of the “Whole Group” all Kanaka Maoli and not the best interest of one clan or the loudest voice? Can we sustain a healthy and prosperous economy (you know we are spoiled with the ways of the West) or would everyone regress back to the days of working in the lo’i or fishing and gather fruit? I don’t think so! Then there’s the matter of infringing forces attacking?, or would we continue to be a territory of the United States (the people we despise for causing our plight). Don’t get me wrong I’m for self-government of our Kanaka Maoli, but at what price and what detriment to our culture and keiki? We continue to say we don’t want “Indian Type Recognition”, we want our lands back, PERIOD…hmmm makes me afraid!!! I’d take larger lands assigned to our “TRIBE”, self-determination, self-reliance, business opportunities, etc. before we lose everything

      • Thank you for your mana’o. I do think fear is a great enemy, and one we shouldn’t underestimate.

        You are right: these are big and complicated issues, but is that reason to fall in with any one path prescribed to us by one powerful group with a real big interest in seeing things go their way?

        That seems a low hurdle for all of us considering what is on the line. If self-determination is the goal, I agree we should not blindly follow any one path.

        I think you and I agree any path to self-government will be imperfect and not easy. But I do also trust we are capable of understanding all the options, facts and risks and deciding for ourselves. That is self-determination; and that doesn’t require we agree on all points.

        By the way, I’ve read Act 195. I see nowhere any provisions that preserves land or any of the current trusts. In fact, it appears to suggest these trust acts can be amended by Congress to accomplish the purposes of Act 195. That kinda sounds like all bets could be off – and we might be relinquishing rights we hold today. Isn’t that worth open debate on all options, further education, and reason to question why we’re on a fast track to this one option? I think we all deserve at least that – and more – when we talk about self-determination and self-governance.

      • Hawaiian, successful people are the ones who take the challenging road, not the easy road. Nothing good in life comes easy. Sounds to me like you want to sell out, auwe.

        • Not to be defeatist, or negative, but the status of our lands haven’t changed since 1893. We continue to be a militarily occupied territory of the United States, and if they haven’t found a problem with that in over 120 years, what do you think a little embarrassment is gonna do? We don’t have much position or leverage, and that’s not how you want to enter any negotiation. But unless the Federal Government of the United States fails somehow, we will continue to be occupied by this Superpower class modern empire. An empire, btw, that has displayed some serious sociopathic behavior in it’s history. It’s participated in mass genocide, liberally used nuclear weaponry on civilian populations, threatened nuclear apocalypse for political positioning, and more recently was willing to sacrifice millions of innocent people and the stability of an entire region 1/2 a world away for energy security. What kinds of things you think they would do for strategic military position & “domestic” stability?

          If there’s anything to learn from history it’s that you gotta play the long game when you’re dealing with empires and imperialism. Right now the “Hard” road is a dead end, better for us to project & plan for 2-3 generations of our people and figure our the best ways to make our lives better for the future and unite the Hawaiian people, culture and worldview with an official body that everyone can get behind, participate in, and make our own. It’s definitely far from perfect right now, and it isn’t what we ultimately want, but for now it can work. Remember that something like this won’t be the end of the road, or the final deal, there’s no such thing. Just because the perfect scenario doesn’t happen in your lifetime, doesn’t mean it isn’t the right move at the moment. When the time comes when we’re stronger, more united as a people and as a nation, we’ll be in a better position to demand more and get more. But as it stands now we won’t really be able to get much more than what’s being offered, and we continue to be displaced via economic & social pressures due to American settler colonialism. Let’s take it as a starting point to recovery, and continue to build upon it as time goes on.

          • What makes you think that agreeing to become labeled as an Indian will make it better. Did you not read Act 195. It’s still illegal, but for your sake I would like to help to put into prospective. If we agree to such a devious plan, we will give up everything we already have; our lands, our water rights, our natural resources and cultural rights. We will have absolutely no control at anything! You say, …protect and plan for 2-3 generations to us to figure out how we can make our lives better? There will be not “figure out” anything. Our lives will be controlled. There will be no negotiating if they get their way. We would have to beg for everything we now possess.

            There has been testimony by American Indians attesting to the suffrage they endure because of their agreement the same US’s offer. If they had understood the whole truth of what they were getting themselves into, they would never have agreed to such agreement. An OHA Trustee mentioned that the American Indians are benefitting from their new identity. That they are bettering themselves with the revenue they get from casino ownership. That is the type of future your 2-3 generations will get you. And may I ask what will happen to those generations thereafter. Or maybe, the United States will decide to start WWIII and blow us all up. Because if they can’t have us, no one will. Huh? Think about that!

            You say we don’t have much leverage. Not true. As a sovereign nation, we have all the leverage. The US has absolutely none! They occupy our neutral country illegally and have put us in harms way with their military ports and missile sites throughout the islands. They are depending on those in our community who are ignorant to continue their agenda of owning Hawai`i. For that reason alone, if none other, to educate yourself and everyone you know. Its a good time to learn your Hawaiian political genealogy. We must protect our Nation and our Nationality. The problem is bigger than you think. We must get the United States removed from Hawai`i. You must broaden your focus. Please do not let fear rule. Only truth will prevail.

            Aloha Ko Hawai`i Pae `Aina.

      • Well stated, H. Kealoha. The American government made us dependent on so many things. Be Akamai. People on the mainland lost and gave up their lands and farms. The gov’t forced people to move to cities. To be able to work for their families. Now they too are dependent on grocery stores etc. Hawaiian land has been stolen. We can’t even fish off the cliffs without being controlled by gov’t. DL&R. Our beaches are controlled. Gates locked. We crab in the dark, helloooo. We throw net and run……, how lolo is that. People move here for the aloha and the beauty. We have always kept our islands clean, we Hawaiians. But now we are blamed for the filth. I still go beach and pick up opala. Use to be that we clean up from Akua cleaning the ocean. Or from the winds that blow things. Now it’s opala. Please be wise. Our keiki will have nothing. These islands belong to Akua. These islands are his paradise. We are not humans living in a spiritual world. We are spiritual Hawaiians living in a human world. How can anyone own or sell Akua’s land? Our Kupuna’s taught us correctly to take care. No change their ways with the lower laws of man. No be dishonest or greedy. Be AKAMAI.

      • Aloha Mr. Ke aloha,Of course kanaka can’t support OHA,they are an illegal entity,please do us all a favor and read all of Dr. Sai’s factual information on your true status,and how they relate to you and all of us that live in this beautiful place that has been held in bondage for too long.Pretty please.

    • Exactly what federal door? And please read your table-annalogy again;-) yes i know what you mean; however, all seems nill as we are part of the USA and have same rights to government policies. As one stated, we were never a Tribe, and not native to the original continent, so who wants what here??

  4. I’m so grateful for all the opportunities I have had to hear documented studies and research on what has happened to us. Again the answer has already been decided as far as the Hawaiian Kingdom is concerned. There are laws and rules of law that have decided how stolen property is returned. Our Kupuna and our Queen have met all of the requirements and received the answer over 100 years ago. This answer is for all Hawaiian Subjects and all foreigners living in the Hawaiian Kingdom. This is not up for discussion. The rules are plain and easy to understand. Each person Kanaka Maoli or foreigner just have to decide what NATIONALITY they are or want to be, then abide by the rules. The laws of the Hawaiian Kingdom is posted on this website. THIS IS FREEDOM to be able to state who you are and what you want to be. Everyone will have a choice. I believe this is what everyone should know. They can be whomever they wish to be in and/or under the Hawaiian Kingdom and its laws. MAHALO KUPUNA, QUEEN LILIUOKALANI, and President Cleveland and Mr Blount.

        • Pualani, I disagree. “This” is most certainly up for discussion. Furthermore, if my kupuna in the past had the courage to discuss this issue on Government types and the laws that follow, what makes you think their descedents will lack the courage or the right to address the same issue again if they so choose?

      • You sure sound “FOREIGN” to me. Who let this person in? Next time you guys close the door after you come in. I think she still has her shoes on in the hale. Shame on you!!! Oops forgot to say lock the door to. Aloha everybody have a good day 🙂

  5. First of all the whole point of the illegal overthrow and subsequent illegal acts of annexation, territory, statehood and OHA was to remove the Hawaiians from power and to keep them at the lowest position in the political arena. It’s not us, the people who control OHA, it’s a few that are controled by the state. They are a state agency and their job is to look after the best interest of the state first and Hawaiians last. Where do you come off putting that on us and judging by OHA’s track record, they are far from being upright and just.

    As far as attacks, we are subject to attacks because of the U.S. presence here in Hawaii. China, N. Korea and Russia have us targeted us for nuclear strikes because of the U.S. Military, not because they want to conquer us, remember Pearl Harbor. What you are preaching is unrealistic fear. If the U.S. has to end Hawaii’s occupation and remove their military. I no for a fact that we won’t be open for another country trying to take us over. IF THE U.S. CAN’T HAVE CONTROL OVER HAWAII, THEY WILL MAKE DAMN SURE NO ONE ELSE WILL. THEY WON’T ALLOW SOMEONE ELSE TO HAVE THE STRATEGIC ADVANTAGE IN THE PACIFIC. Independence will create huge economic advantages for us in trade and commerce. Right off the bat the Jones Act will be tossed out the window. This allows imports to arrive directly into Hawaii, bypassing all the previous costs of shipping to U.S. ports including U.S. duties and tarriffs. This could also be done with crude oil at discounted prices which could be turned into fuel with Hawaii’s exsisting refineries. Talk about savings at the gas pumps. These are just a couple examples of significant reductions in our cost of living.

    Here’s the problem for the U.S. and all those who would like FEDREC TRIBE. It all stems from an ILLEGAL act to begin with so no matter what they do it will never be LEGAL.

    • It’s my biggest concern that the so called Hawaiian Leaders don’t have the best interest of the “Whole Group” in mind, and may perhaps have another “AGENDA” in mind. There is little in our history of trying to re-capture our sovereignty that assures me that our, again, so called Hawaiian Leaders will do what’s right by its people? It’s our keiki that will suffer if the learning curve for these leaders is prolonged, and our level of comfort in this cruel and harsh world could be compromised. Whether you want to believe it or not, we live comfortably under this “Un-Wanted Government of the United States of America”…is everyone willing to compromise or even sacrifice this comfort? You throw out those statistics of better fuel prices lesser commodity costs, etc., is this FACT?, are we willing to experiment with our lives to find out if it will work? The world has evolved tremendously since the time of the take-over, do we know how we stand as a community? Do we know how to govern ourselves? If the U.S. were to pullout next year would we resolve to be our own enemies and become the proverbial “crabs in the bucket”. This all scares me, especially it’s effects on my children and how their world would change their outlook of the Hawaiian people. Too many variables!

      • Aloha my brother. Your fear is unfounded and based on ignorance. I don’t think you are stupid, however you clearly do not understand what a blessing it is to be a descendant of Papa and Wakea. If it is comforting you to feed your children poisons called food. That is your choice. If the evolution over the last 120 years is progress, you and I sit at opposite ends of the table. There is nothing wrong with us disagreeing. Your position is not in line with the teachings of our kupuna. Educate yourself. As kanaka we come from a regal line. Shake off that layer of oppression and start acting like the alii you were born to be. It is your choice, bathe in akuas grace or be the slave they want you to be. It takes courage. Good luck.

        • This is not based on “IGNORANCE” but based on “REALITY”…We live in a whole different world than just 6+ decades ago when we lost these lands!, you guys here speak of treaty, this; wrongful justification, that…when in reality the fact that Hawaii is a strategic military location, is the most important matter to the U.S., how do you think the U.S. will relinquish such an asset. Oh sure they may sign a “compromise” today under the current administration, what happens next? It’s too great an asset to them. Let us hear what we want to hear…is the basis of this new action of recognition. They’ve lied before they will lie again!

          • Mr.Kealoha,the Philippine government got rid of the American military from Subic bay and Clark Air Force base,and I think that subic bay is now one of the largest free trade zones in the world.We don’t need America occupying and desecrating our aina with their depleted uranium weaponry,you say that you worry about the keiki,yet you don’t seem to want to be free.Everything that the Americans do today is evident,from Iraq to Afghanistan,to the rest of the Middle East,if you want them you should go live in the country that they stole from the Indians,as for kanaka patriots like myself,I would rather eat pohaku,then be subject to their lies and greed,the word is ha/ole(without breath).Withaloha to you,may you come home to your aina and those that will never give up.

          • They never gave up their ownership, we did!, whether it be under the gun or peaceably, we did! for the simple fact that our people would not be vanquished. It was her heart-breaking choice, but we sit here and double-think our Queen and her infamous wisdom.
            Would any of you “back-seat” thinkers have the COURAGE to face the unfathomable choice to peacefully spare the lives of the people, I think not! I respect the COURAGE and WISDOM of our Queen. So, because of her sacrifice, you are allowed to speak today and disrespect HER choice. Our ancestors could have died on that day and we would not be having this discussion. You speak of unifying the Hawaiian People, yet you criticize and belittle my opinions and views, hypocrites! This is a small example of why our people struggle, drag everyone down who does not eat what you serving, good job! I thought this blog was to share and malama pono our issues…guess not? (crabs in a bucket)

      • I got a good feeling you’re not going to let any one unrighteous person or unrighteous group take over and make any kind rules over you or your family. I feel similarly. That is Our Sovereign right… God given and sacred. It’s good to see you exercise your rights and bring to light for us all the very real ‘monster’ we have to face. Honestly, I’d expect nothing less from a Kealoha. 🙂 Mahalo!

    • Yeah! Brother you are right and this is not the only economic advantage we have. We own all of the waters around us and all the airspace of the designated areas, all the Airports and harbors. Our position in the Pacific Ocean brings commerce to us. If we only grew Organic Products the surrounding areas would purchase all that we could grow. The cost for shipping would be something we could negotiate so every person involved in any transaction would get an equal share. There are so many wonderful things we could do. We already have the infrastructure in place. None of the so called entitlements come close to a sound economic development we could come up with. Independence will allow us to make a better Nation then we now have. We already know what we don’t want. Let’s think about what we do want. IMUA NA POKII!!!!

    • This is what we need everyone to understand. They think if we get denationalized, we would have no economy & rot just like Cuba. I see everything you see, we could save so much in the cost of living & even have free health care like they do London. My only hope is to be a witness to it all.

    • Wow, lucky we live USA… What would happen if Putin (or the out-numbering nationality in Hawaii) would happen if they wanted a piece of paradise????? All may be mute though with all the Terrorists being released from Gitmo.

  6. A short slide show with what God has to say about this prolonged occupation of our country. They can dance around the truth but they can’t hide from the One who see’s everything!
    Isaiah 5:20 “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”

  7. Kekoa I appreciate your insight of the mechanism of a treaty. My point was not so much as the monetary or material aspect of a treaty. I was venting more towards the tools at our disposal which will give us a greater leveraging powers upon negotiations.

    Why is it that when treaties are mentioned it automatically is assumed that money is involved, or that we have treaties so we must be recognized?

    If you are truly akamai you would know that we are a Nation. Don’t you think we look like dummies when we keep saying we want to be recognized or we have treaties, so we must have been a Nation. Pretty ridiculous asking for something we already have. Just imagine!!!

    Lets take this bull by its horns and run this country like it should be. No more asking the united states for what is already ours. Someone made the comment its time to put up or shut up.

    Really Frustrated Now


    • The solution will only come after education. Anything presented without education is an attempt to capitalize on our ignorance.
      They would be just adding to the existing acts that are not in accordance with the international laws of occupation and in direct conflict with the executive agreements.
      I suspect they will witness division in our people, so in good faith they should show up with the answers to Dr. Crabbe’s questions. Start a real conversation.

      • Only a Kanaka Maoli could answer Dr. Crabbe’s question and so start a ‘real’ conversation.

        • E kala mai ea. I meant to include all resident citizens of Hawaii regardless of race or group affiliations in my reply so it’s NOT only Kanaka Maoli.

  8. jj, maybe you misunderstood what I was saying. I know we are a nation that is under prolonged occupation. It is indisputable especially since we are in the 2013 war report. I referred to the treaties not for varification but as leverage for strategy or negotiating. It would be a tool like you mentioned. Our situation is unique to many other occupations that were clearly recognized by the international community from the start. Our occupation was a clandestine operation camouflaged with an appearance of a legitemate annexation. Then you add a century of americanization and you got the whole world fooled. Because of this you can’t just take the bull by the horns like you suggest. Well maybe you can try but once you got ahold of the horns then what? What do you do? Where do you go? What’s the plan, just hang on? The international venues that actually deal with occupations first needs to be de-programmed from americanization inorder to gain access to their venues. This entails educating them of the true legal history of Hawaii by providing the evidence of the Hawaiian Nation state including the Treaties. The Treaty partners also need to be de-programmed the same way. History regarding occupations have shown that they don’t just end on their own because the occupier happens to change his mind and become this nice guy. It ends when strategic plans and steps are put in place to either have alliances with a greater nation or nations than the occupier, assistance from international bodies such as the U.N. General assembly, security council, ICC or ICJ and when the occupation places upon the occupier such a financial and economic burden that it would be no longer feasable to maintain the occupation. We need to utilize all of these so we don’t need to grab the bulls horns. We just prod it through the cattle shute and give it the choice to go back into it’s own pasture or stay and become a steer.

  9. Aloha Herb Kealoha, I agree that Hawaii is too great of a strategic military location for the U.S. to just give it up. Yes, they will continue the lies and illegal acts of occupation to keep it, but you are missing the point. If they want to continue in this manner that stops Hawaiians from having what is rightfully theirs and remain in Hawaii than they should comply with the Laws of Occupation. Stay all you like but follow the Law just like they do in all the other countries they occupy. They cannot apply U.S. law here, only administer Hawaiian laws and the laws of occupation and they are responsible for funding the occupation. You see the benefit of this, it’s a win win situation at the least. They absorb the brunt of the cost for their illegal occupation and not deny the Hawaiians what they are owedl. Why deny us and our children and their future generations a better Hawaii and a better life? Right now they steal our money through illegal state and federal taxes, steal the moneys from Hawaii’s gross national income, deny us the right to the Kuleana Act which entitles all Hawaiians with any drop of Hawaiian blood (no blood Quantum restrictions) a free fee simple 1/4 acre of land for your hale anywhere in all Hawaii. They hurt more than they help us because they brain wash us and our children of who they really are and what is reallly theirs. Make us dependant on their false system and that’s why you have these mix feelings. Our kupuna never had mixed feeling on what was right from wrong and who they were. So if you like them stay at least don’t let them rip us off. It’s their kuleana for pay for their own illegal mess.

    • Aloha to you!,
      Absolutely Agree!, Kekoa, but what does a bully do when told what to do?, either strike and fight! or make up excuses and lies!…As history has proved to us, as our beloved Queen realized, AT WHAT COST TO OUR PEOPLE? Auwe!

      • It doesn’t matter much in the end, what the bully does. What matters the most, is what the one being bullied does.

  10. Mahalo, Herb Kealoha, for your honesty. But I am with TimReis, It’s really education and knowledge that triumphs over the fears you express. And it is great to see so many of us taking the bulls by the horns (as jj says) to educate ourselves on the facts.

    When we read Act 195, we know there is no promise of any greater land rights as you suggest. In fact, just the opposite. When we read the socio-economic statistics of our people, we know we are clearly NOT living the comfort you suggest we enjoy today.

    I hear some of what you say about so-called leaders. I’ve worked in finance for over 20 years and when I hear economic opinion from those with limited knowledge, I give it the weight it deserves. It’s just not their kuleana (no disrespect). And I wouldn’t trust the person who said they had all the answers. These are some tough questions!

    But to say ‘yes’ to the tribal nation option out of fear and ignorance of the dark unknown without the US is grossly unfair to yourself and your keiki.

    We are courageous, intelligent and patient. And we will not be forced with hurried, false choices until we have educated ourselves to make the decision that is right within each of us.

    Just say, “no.” For now, it can be as simple as that.

    Oni pa’a. 🙂

    • At what cost to our keiki, and at what cost to our dignity…they have left us with little. On the continent of the U.S., we are barely recognized?, mistaken for Samoan or Chamorro, what? I strive daily to instill pride to be Hawaiian into my children and I understand the fight is long and arduous. You mentioned my reference to so-called leaders, I intended to refer to the “proclaimed entitled leaders” who would speak for everyone, yet assure their plate was served first. I have total distain for what has been presented to us since the early 70’s, yep I’m talking with experience…I have dealt with these people personally and would not want them telling me what was good for me. Now I see their children in their seat ranting the same agenda their predecessor did, how does this instill faith that we will prosper (self-governed). It’s not fear and ignorance that I speak of the tribal nation, it’s of personal relationships with Hawaiians that have moved to the continent of the U.S. and work with or even married tribal Indians, they have a limited but different look at the tribal ethics and self-determination issue. These friends have said that though they were harshly treated and that many of their ancestors died to re-capture their past, most of the sentiment is that it was not worth the lost. This is probably why our Queen relinquished the Kingdom, too preserve life!, I know everyone has a definite recollection for things that happened way before we were even thought of, who can factually state the reasons for every event that lead to our loss? I love my homeland and I love our people, but I’d rather see us move forward. Whether as U.S. Citizens, “Tribal” Recognition or The Nation of Hawaii, as long as we kulia as a complete society and not factions of varying standards such as we live now, then why would it be better for “EVERYONE”?

    • Aloha Luana,we don’t have to choose anything it has already been made by those who signed the Kue petitions,our ancestors already preserved that right for our lahui,it is now up to the USA to honor the rights of kanaka that signed the petitions against annexation,and the executive agreements between the 2 heads of state. The USA needs to deoccupy the nation state,like they did in Iraq,and institute the rule of postliminium,which is the restoration of the government prior to the occupation,simple. Aloha

      • The Ku’e petition does not determine the manner in which we move forward from here as a nation. The Ku’e petition adds merit to Our claim to Sovereignty. Simple.

  11. Aloha Herb, yes they always do that but what we have that the Queen did not have is 121 years of improvements in media, International laws, Humanitarian laws and international agencies for enforcement. We are not asking for anything different then what the U.S. already did in the occupations of Japan, Iraq and Afghanistan to name a few. It is what they suppose to do by law. They are quick to criticize and condem others for non-compliance. You see how the international community and U.S. use these venues to enforce sanctions on Russia on it’s annexation of Crimea. Well, remember what Putin said about the boomerang effect of sanctions. Boomerangs return to the one that threw it, so if sanctions can be placed on Russia it sure can be placed on the U.S.. Why are you settling for less, they offer us only 20% of revenue on the crown and gov’t lands and steel 80%. It should at least be us getting the 80% to take care of our people and Aina.

  12. I’m just a regular Joe Kanaka out in the world trying to care for my ohana, working daily to make ends meet while my wife cares for my children and home. I am somewhat of an educated man and have read many of the acts and articles that have been written about the overthrow of our Hawaiian government and am saddened. But what frustrates me more is to see throngs of ignorant and misled people standing around yelling shaking their fingers at politicians and other representatives of government and screaming about justice for Hawaiians with absolutely no purpose or no vision of where they are going with their rants and tirades. What is it for? What are you expecting to gain at the end of the tunnel? Recognition? The Land Back? Your 15 minutes of fame? In the end that person is nothing but a blip on the screen. And the majority of these people cannot even speak their own native tongue. It is unfortunate to see many ignorant people stating that the United States should get out of Hawai’i. THEN WHAT? Waihe’e is gonna be our leader? Who’s gonna lead? OHA? A State Government Entity? With accusations of misconduct outside of their role as an OHA leader? Department of Hawaiian Homelands? With ENDLESS accusations of misconduct BY OTHER HAWAIIANS?

    The misguided thinking that there is a PROVERBIAL MAGIC WAND that will POOF make the US disappear, and Hawaiian People will live and prosper together. COME ON. Who’s gonna stop the drug dealers from taking over neighborhoods? Who’s gonna stop other countries from taking over Hawai’i? Our Hawaiian Nation has no ships or planes or tanks. Do you have the phone number to all the other countries out there so that we can begin foreign trade? And what does Hawai’i have to export? We have some stuff, but nothing to export large enough to support our Hawaiian Nation Economy. And 1/4 Acre of Fee Simple Land anywhere in Hawai’i Nei? Wow! So what happens to the land that I worked hard for and paid for with my own HARD EARNED MONEY. Someone can come in and take a 1/4 acre of my land. Who’s gonna determine who does and who doesn’t? OHA? DHHL? The Hawaiian Nation? Some of these thoughts and ideas are filled with a lot of good intent but as it was once said, the road to hell is paved with good intention.

    Our kupuna were not BOASTFUL….or RAUCOUS, or DISRESPECTFUL. They were by all accounts HUMBLE, CARING, and STEWARDS OF THE LAND. Smart in how they worked, what they taught, how they spoke, and had a very keen perspective on things in life and otherwise. That should be what should guide us in our endeavors for our Hawaiian Kingdom. That should be our example for us. Do you know that during the reign of our Hawaiian Kingdom, any merchant, business person, or foreigner wishing to do business with our Hawaiian Kingdom HAD TO DO SO IN OUR NATIVE TONGUE. There is documented fact that there were many foreigners, chinese, filipino, germans, portuguese, that spoke our Hawaiian Language! Now how awesome is that. People wishing to do business or work in Hawai’i Nei had to speak Hawaiian! Now that is respect.

    So, in short, before taking up “ARMS” or forcing the removal of the illegal US occupation in Hawai’i Nei, educate yourself. Think your thoughts thru carefully and not just what is good for you and your immediate reasons for speaking out. You have to think about the masses and ALL the diverse people and situations involved in EVERY HAWAIIAN in HAWAI’I NEI. It’s bigger than both of us put together and then some. No more POSING by apparent “HEIRS TO THE THRONE” or using Hawaiian Lineage to avoid being arrested for homelessness, drug use, or illegal activity. Nuff already. No more useless yelling and incessant chanting or ‘oli which are usually not traditionally pono with the activity that is going on around them. No more waving our Hawaiian flags while pounding da Heinekens and smoking cigarettes. No more half-baked ideas without end-result vision. Pau keia mau pilikia!

    Lets move forward to a smarter and more realistic resolution. Our fight in International Court is the start. We have some really educated Hawaiian people. Gaining momentum and support from the United Nations will help us in fighting in THEIR ARENA. It will lift the veil of truth to a whole other level.

    In the meantime, we should work while we wait. Mr. CRABBE in OHA has brought about a huge discussion and we should all take part or at least BE AWARE of its significance.

    We should be educating ourselves on what’s next in the future. Our biggest struggle will be the UNITY OF THE PEOPLE. Ho’okahi na po’e a pau.

    After education should be PARTICIPATION. How can we unite if nobody participates? I’ll bet dollars to donuts that the same people acting a fool don’t even VOTE. Don’t even know the candidates or their platforms. Who would be great for our Hawaiian Kingdom and who would not. Ever ask a politician where they stand on the issue? You should. It makes them squirm. I know what your gonna say, “Oh that’s the US machine and we shouldn’t be a part of it.” You have to be realistic. While we wait for the developments to our Hawaiian Kingdom, we gotta stack our decks. We need to use US Democracy to our advantage. We need to use the US Government to our advantage. Having our Driver’s License tests in the Hawaiian Language. How about all government documents in the Hawaiian Language? How about sending our children to a Hawaiian Language school? The things we can do are endless.

    I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes or insult them. I am just a humble Hawaiian man trying to move through life. This is only my personal opinion. But if some of these things that I said bother you, then maybe a look in the mirror would be in order.

    Aloha Pumehana Kakou a pau. Malama Pono I Kou Kino. A Hui Hou Aku No!

    • I disagree. Our ‘fight’ does not begin on such a lofty platform that is the international community called the “United Nations” because, Our ‘fight’ began long ago and I will choose who will represent me in front of the international community FIRST.

      Also, there are many more ‘good Hawaiians’ than bad and there are rules from long ago that are inspired by Our culture which prevents or removes ‘bad Hawaiians’ from holding any official position. Furthermore, it is in the humble stinking bowels of our society where some of the most courageous patriots of our Nation can be found. So, rich or poor, home or homeless, smoker or non smoker, poser or no poser, beer drinker or not, smart or stupid, woman or man, their rights are the same as yours even if you don’t come from the very bowels of our community.

      Further, the most of us speak English and the some of us can Olelo Hawaii. Neither English speaking people nor Hawaiian speaking people should be punished or rewarded unequally for the language they speak because both are legitimately useful. So, how about government documents in both languages? In fact, in order to accomodate the many diverse languages present in Hawaii, some government documents will need to be printed in Spanish, Chinese, Filipino, etc. as well as English and Hawaiian.

      Last but not least, Education through participation is important. There is no logical separation of the two that could benefit anyone. For example, what is the best way to get an education about planting kalo in a Lo’i? Participation is my answer. How does one participate? I say, go ask and find out the ways you can participate and so be educated. Also, exactly what kind of educational requirements are you clearly attempting to impose upon Us in order for Us to participate in Our Nations’ Sovereign issues? Would a highschool diploma or a G.E.D. satisfy you? Would an AA in Liberal Arts satisfy you? How about a BA in Ethnic Studies? or a Doctorate in Physics? Or better yet, how about a Kupuna Degree? Finally, what kind of Education do you possess?

      Regardless of the educational or financial goals achieved by any individual, I hope to see a healthy mix of Us all at the upcoming meetings with the U.S. government. It is imperative that We be present to protect Ourselves not only from the U.S. agenda but, from the agenda of a few among us who could rob us faster than any U.S. agency ever could.

      Something to think about.

  13. If our ancestors were so Pono on our culture and longevity, then you answer me why a lot of them were sleeping with the “enemy” and why we have been sentenced to suffer for their digression…we are a solitude people and we are tempered by our kupuna, so why was it ok for a princess to bed and marry a white man? Our royalty began the detriment of our people, but no one wants to talk about this?…feeling so betrayed by my past and perhaps my present! Again, with the treaties and what they meant, how do we know these to be true, or administered under duress? I love my homeland and I love our people! What is right?

    • You asked: “then you answer me why a lot of them were sleeping with the ‘enemy’ and why we have been sentenced to suffer for their digression.” I answer: Because in the past our ancestors were color blind and in the present, most of us are still color blind. That’s what makes Hawaii so special; as a nation we determined and continue to determine the value of a human being without prejudice despite the popularity of racism/prejudice from the 1800’s until today. You asked: “Our royalty began the detriment of our people, but no one wants to talk about this? I answer: I do! I can’t stand the self serving and self righteous ways of the many Ali’i in the past and present. Dirty Ali’i is one of the many reasons why Kauikeaouli ensured that the Makaainana would rule as Representatives of themselves in all matters pertaining to government via a Constitutional Monarchy.

      Finally, I don’t know you or your story and I’m not going to pretend to understand you or where you are coming from but, I do understand this: I felt similarly the cut of betrayal in our Nations’ past and our present. My only comfort was the truth. So, I hope you keep asking the hard questions and may you find peace in knowing the truth as I have.

  14. Herb, I truly see what americanization has done to your psyche. I feel for you and wish you the best. Aloha and God Bless

    • Ok Mr. Hawaii, if my ancestors did not have Akamai to defeat this dictatorship, who the hell are you to tell me I have an Americanized Psyche, it’s what I’ve seen my ancestors do, and I guess we’re better than them now?, you go on thinking you could possibly manipulate the dictatorship and I will continue to call you a fool!

  15. Dr. Crabbes’ question is a question We as Kanaka Maoli have to answer for ourselves. There is no honest and dignified way the U.S. government or any other government could ever answer the question for Us. Further, if We are to allow the U.S. government to answer the question for us as a matter of fact then We relinquish Our authority on the matter of Our own Sovereignty and all Sovereign matters that follow.

  16. Let me just start with saying NOTHING would make me happier to see a free and independent Hawai’i in my lifetime.
    But there is so much work to be done before we can establish this. Now im not saying this path is the right path but it is a step in the right direction because it forces the US govt and the Hawaiian community to talk about it.
    It’s one thing to demand independence from the US but what will we do if we get it? What kind of government will we put in its place? Will it be a capitalist, socialist, communist, democratic etc? Will we reestablish the royal family as our leaders? What’s to say they’re even qualified to lead us anymore or who the legitimate family is? How will we compete in a gobal economy? How will we recognize who can be a citizen, only native Hawaiians? What about the people who are not Native Hawaiian but have been here fpr generations-all the way back to when we were a kingdom? What will we do with those who choose not to become citizins of our new Hawai’i? How will we deal with the internationa and USl bussiness’ that own large chunks of land and buildings? What type of judicial or educational system will we put in place? What about energy? How will we get oil or whatever source of energy? Where will the raw materials such as steel and concrete come from? What about medical supplies and health care?
    I’m not saying we can’t do all this but to date I have not personally heard of a plan for an independent nation that addresses all of these questions and the hundreds of other issuses that will need to be addressed.
    Before we can fight for an independent nation we need to be united behind a plan for a government that can replace the current one and that can address all the needs of it’s new citizens both native hawaiian and non-natives.

    • I disagree with your conclusion. I believe We should first choose a panel formed of the RIGHT people whose only task is to come up with a plan or plans for our present and future government; plans that we can debate and then vote on.

  17. Aloha Keoni, first of all to get the De-occupation process started doesn’t mean the U.S. leaves. Laws are in place for a process that gives us time for a peaceful and orderly transition from the occupier back to a De Jure gov’t elected by Hawaiian Subjects. This includes the planning and establishment of a fully functioning society. We don’t have to reinvent the wheel, we keep what works and tweak others to work or pick something new that works better. What do you think the criminals that overthrew the Queen did? They did the same thing that is why it happened so quickly they took something already in place and tweaked it. Not impossible, it’s doable.

    • ‘Doable’ only while acting under the False Authority of the American people and then garnering the support of the American people after the fact and based on yet another lie.

  18. NATIVE:a person born in a specified place or associated with a place by birth, whether subsequently resident there or not.
    Native does not mean you were the first to occupy or the last. How many native Americans have warred with other native Americans that were “different” over territory? How did kameheha become king of all the Hawaiian islands by conquering them yes the inhabitants of the other islands were the same race the same color but their land was taken by people from another clan or tribe “tomatoe tomatoe” they didn’t willingly give the bigger stronger Group of Hawaiians their land. Bottom line is we are all human and far from perfect and with time things change some call it progress others don’t but would I rather loose my job if I failed to perform adequately or would I rather be killed like in the old days? From the beginning of human kind people have been displaced by others or absorbed into other cultures only now are we civil enough to allow people to keep the identy of their ancestors alive.with the ever growing population of course there is gonna be less of everything to go around including land. Even today there are more people with Hawaiian blood than there were Hawaiians in the 1800s and everyone want a piece of the pie. Tell me this if Hawaii was to become its own self governing nation how many of the people that have Hawaiian blood would choose to stay here and how many would choose to leave to the US and live the western lifestyle that they do today? The USA could back out and leave all together but Hawaii will still be owned by someone else the people will still need import and export of goods and companies like young brothers would monopolize and you think it’s bad now? They will control the economy of the Hawaiian nation. Find me a country that is the size of Hawaii that isn’t a third world country. I for one do not wish to live in a third world country I will be one of the first on one of the many sold out flights to California!

    • For most of your questions all I have to say is, there’s only way to find out.

      About your historical recap of Kamehameha’s ‘conquest’ of the islands: I disagree with your oversimplified version of the story and your attempt to use it as a premise in support of repeating history. Your conclusion appears to be based on a “monkey see monkey do” concept which is fairly self explanatory.

    • Wow what an interesting moolelo.

      I really don’t think Kamehameha Paiea was a native American. I believe he was under British Rule. You are aware at that time there were three Kingdoms. After uniting the eight islands he passed a law of no more fighting.

      Kimo we are living in an exciting times.

      How many of us knew we were occupied or what a joint resolution was or fighting for sovereignty when we are a Sovereign Nation since 1843. How many of us really know our own history and not this denationalized, americanized, indoctranation BS that our parents, grandparents and us went throught.

      Kimo I’m tired of living the lie, tired of living the myth and tired of having another nation telling this native (don’t know if I’m the N or the n) on how I should be living.

      Kimo have you ever thought what life was before the invation??? Electric and telephone in the Palace before the White House. Merchants from around the world bringing their goods to our ports. No homelessness.

      Keanu is akamai he knows our pass and he knows our future. The possibilities are endless.

      Kimo if you still planning on taking your trip, please give my aloha to the native Americans. I know they love their aina as we love our aina.

      Ua mau ke EA o ka AINA I ka pono.

      The SOVERIGN NATION is perpetuated in righteousness.

      Have a good one

  19. First of all, and i am Hawaiian, if Obama was from Hawaii it would not have taken 3minths to come up with a birth certificate.Which has nothung to do with any of the issues; in fact, for a man ruiningoour USA, which includes Hawaii, he is a true shame upon all of us….i will stop there; as everyone should be following the news, because it will get worse until we stop this dictator for whim is making our country unsafe and litterally distroying ways of life: i can nit say yet, but twi very long time businesses (one in CA and one in HI) are going to have to close because if the new obamacare rules and taxes. Back to the main issue…affording that i do need more information befire completely siding; it seems, as Hawaiians want to be recognized as the Native Indians, that all considerations, past legalities and present, must be forward thinking for future liabilities. We are one great nation (aside from the preaent downhill trend) and as such mush consideratiin needs thought-out carefully for; native rights now and future, educatiinal, health, and economic. Remember all the micronitians still being taken care of because of the nuclear fallout from (ignorant) government testing. Might i add, that the Hawaiians Shopping Center (so i hear) is a great idea to be instead of Casinos. Please keep the conversation real, and by all means positive…give no power to any negative, Mahalo. Aliha Love, Susie

  20. Aloha to all, I took time to pause and looked at all the comments posted on this thread. I believe those opposing independence just started posting when this thread opened up and that’s fine after all it is an online blog but why now? If they think we are wasting our time because the U.S. is so powerful and would never return our independence but just force FEDREC TRIBAL status on us, then why even bother commenting. It’s a done deal right. I believe it is for the very same reason the Dept. of Interior is showing concern after CEO Crabbe sent that letter to Sec. State Kerry. If they have everything under control why bother? Obviously they are bothered. After 120 years they willing to come to Hawaii and then go back to U.S. and change their rules which have been in place probably for over 150 years just for little old us Hawaiians. Nah, if you had this in the bag you wouldn’t even give it a second thought.

  21. Truth:
    The Government of Hawaii exists today because the Ali’i and Representatives exist today and operate while under duress and to the best of their ability. Their positions are assumed so, they lack the authority of the majority citizens. As such, their ability to affect change in an official capacity is limited.

    • The Government of Hawaii that can be found within those who are alive today and who may or may not be educated enough to know what their rights are. The Government of Hawaii that is expressed verbally and physcially by a myriad of people in many MANY different ways despite being under duress. That’s the Government I am talking about. The one I see in the mirror and the one I see in all Our people.

  22. Sue, I have noticed in some of your post you refer to Hawaii as part of the USA. What’s up with that? Could you can please produce the required TREATY of annexation to refut the presumption of continuity of the Hawaiian Kingdom’s status as a recognized nation state as required under international law and the Geneva Conventions which the US is a contracting party. The US Dept. of Justice’s office of Legal Counsel already confirmed that the U.S. Congress had no Constitutional Authority to annex Hawaii by way of Joint Resolution. U.S. law and U.S. supreme court rulings state that acquiring foreign territory requires a Treaty.

  23. Debra, I have observed your posting and it’s just mindless abstract ranting. I believe you are here posting as a detractor, you ain’t fooling me, I know what you are all about. I bet you haven’t even read Dr. Sai’s disertation and all factual and indisputable information this website offers. You are here not for information,education or to present factual information to support your position on the subject matter. Your intent is to distract from those who are seeking truth and education.
    To all you blogers BEWARE don’t get suckered in by Sue if that is her real name, could be Sam as in Uncle Sam for all we know.

  24. Excuse me for the typo where I named Sue at the bottom of my post instead of Debra. Beware of Debra! I have yet to here from Sue.

  25. At the center of the public meetings are five “threshold questions” for the community to respond to:

    Should the Secretary propose an administrative rule that would facilitate the reestablishment of a government-to-government relationship with the Native Hawaiian community? NOT APPLICABLE

    Should the Secretary assist the Native Hawaiian community in reorganizing its government, with which the United States could reestablish a government-to-government relationship? NOT APPLICABLE

    If so, what process should be established for drafting and ratifying a reorganized Native Hawaiian government’s constitution or other governing document? NOT APPLICABLE

    Should the Secretary instead rely on the reorganization of a Native Hawaiian government through a process established by the Native Hawaiian community and facilitated by the State of Hawaii, to the extent such a process is consistent with Federal law? NOT APPLICABLE

    If so, what conditions should the Secretary establish as prerequisites to Federal acknowledgment of a government-to-government relationship with the reorganized Native Hawaiian government? NOT APPLICABLE

    • Personally, I resent the ‘yes or no’ question to answer format and the “preset threshhold” presumed for the discussion.

  26. ‘Read some of the comments and they all have their perspectives.
    For me I see things from the historical lawful perspective.
    Did you know that the United States became an unlawful government in the 1860’s
    when Lincoln was President and Marshall law was passed in 1863 that made the people the enemy?
    Did you know that the United States Nation became a Corporation in 1933 when it was registered in Delaware under bankruptcy?
    Did you know that all States of the United States Corporation are sub corporations including their departments.?
    Where is the Lawful United States government?
    Can a Corporation make any decisions in any matters of another Nation?
    The alleged Department of Interior is not even a government department but only another corporation without authority to make decisions under International Law.
    Who put them up to this action of hearings?
    Who is committing International violations against the People and Subjects of the Hawaiian Kingdom Nation that never terminated their Treaty with the Hawaii?
    Check Mate…..

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