4 thoughts on “Video of Dr. Keanu Sai’s Second Presentation to the Maui County Council on How the County Council Complies with International Law

  1. This should be shared island wide throughout the Hawaiian chain to educate those of us denationalized and raised as Americans. The perspective becomes illuminating and the dirty water gains clarity and cleansing. The true narrative of our history shows the brilliance of our Hawaiian people on the national and international fronts. Deoccupation and compliance will occur as a matter of consequence of findings.

  2. IT’S BEEN SHARED ISLAND WIDE on Hawaiiankingdom.org!!! NOW, it’s our KULEANA (responsibility) and ALOHA….to tell the “truth” of HAWAII’S HISTORY and be accountable…. our KUPUNA, from the past has seen the future of his/her children and have NEVER forsaken US til today. They LOVE US and want US to PROSPER & when we become KUPUNA to tell our children, the future generation to do the same.

  3. From what I gather, the state and county has approval from the counsel of regency to allow for land sale. Is that correct? That just doesn’t seem right. Many land parcels were stolen. Leasehold converted to fee simple. I feel a lot of kanaka are gonna be pissed. 43,000 acres sold to Mahi Pono by A&B that were on a 99 yr lease that ended somehow A&B property. I wonder what’s gonna happen now

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