9 thoughts on “VIDEO: Attorney Dexter Kaiama’s War Crimes Press Conference May 9, 2013

  1. Isn’t the act of routing the complaints to the FBI, rather than the U.S. Pacific Command, itself a war crime?

  2. The FBI has passed the buck on my own personal complaint regarding the assault and false arrest and jailing of myself 11/8/11 for displaying my LHG license plates. They will not participate and the DOJ has not done anything of value either. The ACLU would not take the case either they say for lack of funds however it really is because of the “Hawaiian Justice process” Of course the Governors Office didn’t even respond including OHA (of course). The legislators who penned SB1520 which became ACT195 would not respond when notified of the assault; one only thanking me for my “Mana`o”. Aloha is a spiritual principle of the Hawaiian not the government of the u.s. A formal complaint with the UNICC has been made along with a prose action locally. After adjudication the court continued to come after me for charges without standing. This has happened twice with those acting in the business of u.s. justice (money) commiting fraud in telling me that other charges did not exist. The state, county, courts came demanding money for charges that didn’t exist. I’m not an american. Ku`e.

    Aloha ke akua.

  3. Excellent press conference. Mahalo nui loa Dexter for your commitment and dedication to your clients. You are a true advocate of Hawaii. I hope there will be more exposure through this type of venue. My only regret is that these stories are not being followed by the rest of the media throughout the islands.

  4. It is obvious that most news media in the Hawaiian Kingdom are suspect in their limited (or squelched) news reports regarding our island nation’s sovereignty. If they were sincere and genuine in reporting the news as it happens, one would see their extenuating reports appearing somewhere in the U.S., between California and Massachusetts. Unfortunately, you do not see this. In order for people of the World to understand our problems with the illegal H/K Occupation, truth in reporting is required. The news industry and media in the Hawaiian Kingdom need to do a better job or risk the consequence of persona non-grata.

    • If you go to CNN.com, for example, and do a search for “Hawaiian Kingdom,” nothing recent or relevant comes up. I just sent them a message asking why they never report stories about the ongoing U.S. occupation of the Hawaiian Kingdom. If we all send them messages, perhaps we can get them to stop ignoring it for once: http://www.cnn.com/feedback/show/?s=storyidea

  5. Firstly, I thank each and every Hawaiian for keeping our heart in our beloved homeland, and the love Hawaii has always shown for all of us.
    Thank you, Dexter Kaiama Esq. for all your diligent and intelligent process and trying to make right, right. Also, Dr. Keanu Sai and his professional team in getting to where we are now.
    As a descendant of a Hawaiian subject I am very proud to claim this distinction. Question, Since the Hawaiian Tribune-Herald has justifiably stirred up a great reaction, regarding no investigation of war crimes by the law enforcement of our island? Do we now proceed with filling this war crime with the United States Pacific Command at Camp Smith?
    Obviously, the State of Hawaii Courts, County of Police Department, and the FBI has no jurisdiction in the matter of our “War Crimes issues per international agreements and felony crimes via the 18 USC2441; etc..

    Hou Mahalo,

  6. I witnessed Dexter Kaiama in court today for the first time, and I want to say God Bless him for what he is doing to Free Hawaii from the US Illegal Occupation!!! He was quite amazing in court! The reason the maintream media is not reporting on the crimes against LGH is because they are owned by the very same people that have been trying to steal Hawaiian land. We call them PharmaWhores. They are the pharmaceutical cartel with their depopulation efforts through drugs and vaccines, Wall Street banksters and the media mogus, all rolled up into on. Check out Pharmawhores.com to see a good documentary exposing them.

  7. Aloha, having the same problem on Molokai since 2013 . Tried your office Monday Court Got Deed, don’t know how to file it with the Courts. Went there won then he cried to appellate Court of State Supreme Court. One more family losing their Kuleana Land to a Squatter.

  8. WOW. Censorship is obviously down in January 2024 ALLOWING me to see this VERY HELPFUL INFORMATION searchable on YouTube– about time! However, the WAR CRIMES still continue, I can confirm sadly. Would LOVE hear the update to WHAT HAPPENED!
    I’m toggling between foreclosure & bankruptcy. Banks ARE so greedy that even after filing bankruptcy =banks proceeded to claim they’d take our house ANYWAY even while bankruptcy court had already accepted 2 payments & had a Zoom meeting already– pure GREED.
    Besides learning about the FAKE-state of Hawaii [D-U-N-S® number: #077676997] ], I’m now fully aware of the “NO treaty” FRAUD, and also about our legal fiction “strawman”. I’ve filed complaints with the DOJ, FBI, and requested “validation of debts” & “Title Defect” request letters too. NO RESPONSE besides FAKE-State of Hawaii continuing their CRIME SPREE.
    As attorney Dexter Kaiama, Kale (of Laulima Title) & clients state, the FAKE-state players just continue to IGNORE the evidence while they continue to steal. Lawyers in my case also boldly state on their website that they represent an international SYNDICATE of investors…
    Interested in what happened in the US Pacific Command’s investigation in 2013. It was encouraging to learn that their attorney acknowledge the NO TREATY status of Hawaii. Then?

    Hoping more HK subjects wake up to these truths during their foreclosures, that are now in the 1000s including recent DEW-attacked Lahaina locals too. :-(… Just don’t think they know to look elsewhere for resources like this. Hawaiian Kingdom needs to beat the censorship & sneak in MORE DISCLOSURE for us all to SHARE!
    Hele on folks– TRUTH WINS! Deep appreciation to the Council of Regency & affiliates for their steadfast adherence to TRUTH & JUSTICE! Imua! <3

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