Attorney Kaiama’s Response to May 9, 2013 Tribune Herald Newspaper Article “Officials deny ‘war crimes’ investigation”


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Response to May 9, 2013 Tribune Herald Newspaper Article “Officials deny ‘war crimes’ investigation”

KAILUA, O‘AHU, May 13, 2013—I wish to correct errors and misinformation reported in the article of May 9, 2013 in the Tribune Herald Newspaper titled “Officials deny ‘war crimes’ investigation.” My clients are victims of felonies and it is my responsibility to advocate and protect their lawful rights and to ensure that the perpetrators are brought to justice.

Be advised the following criminal complaint numbers have been assigned by the Hawai‘i Police Department concerning the commission of war crime felonies committed against my clients under Title 18 USC §2441 referred to in the Tribune Herald’s article: criminal complaint no. C13004901; C13004904; C13004910; C13004911; C13004913; C13004915; C13004916.

The assignment of the criminal complaint numbers by the Hawai‘i Police Department contradict (or at least clarifies) Assistant Police Chief Marshall Kanehailua’s reported statement to the Tribune Herald “that the department received information about the alleged crimes and forwarded the material to the FBI without investigation.”

Additionally, information and communications between Detective Derek Morimoto, Criminal Investigation Division, Area 1, Hawaii Police Department, myself and the victims directly contradict Assistant Chief Kanehailua’s statement that “we are not investigating judges on the Big Island.” Detective Morimoto was explicit with my clients and myself that he was the investigating officer from the Criminal Investigation Section for the alleged war crime felonies committed by the judges.

The Tribune Herald’s article reporting of Assistant Chief Kanehailua’s disclosure that routing (of the criminal complaints) was made to the FBI was significant.  The Hawai‘i Police Department’s disclosed routing, though improperly referred to the FBI, affirms the existence and ongoing investigation into these serious charges.  My May 7, 2013 press release informs that completion of the investigation and prosecution of the perpetrators of war crimes outside the United States, under 18 USC Sec. 2441, is lawfully with the U.S. Pacific Command and not with the FBI. The FBI is limited in its exercise of authority to territory of the United States and not on foreign territory unless it receives consent by the foreign government of that territory.

The Tribune Herald’s article evidences a lack of knowledge about this serious issue, a failure to complete an in-depth journalistic investigation and an irresponsibility to properly inform the public.

Existing treaties and historical records, supported by U.S. Congressional enactment, affirms the illegal overthrow of the government of the Hawaiian Kingdom.  The Tribune Herald’s inference that the illegal overthrow may not have occurred indicates either an ignorance of or irresponsibility to truthful journalism.

On March 4, 2013 the Head of the Information and Evidence Unit, Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), The Hague, Netherlands, acknowledged receipt of the war crime complaints filed on behalf of my clients. The ICC’s acknowledgment signifies its recognition of Hawai‘i as an independent state as well as its jurisdiction to investigate and prosecute these criminal complaints.  A copy of the ICC’s March 4, 2013 acknowledgment, written in both English and French, has been provided to the Tribune Herald and the news media.



I have no personal knowledge of information that has been disclosed or made available to Court Administrator Lester Oshiro concerning the war crimes investigations of Judges in the Third Circuit.  However, the Tribune Herald report, in which Mr. Oshiro claims he was unaware of these criminal investigations, belie events which occurred on March 4, 2013 when a “High Alert” was issued by the State of Hawai‘i Attorney General’s Investigation Division and additional security was ordered for Judges throughout the Islands.  This was in reaction to the day the ICC would begin jurisdiction, which was March 4, 2013. It is the journalist’s rush to publication, at the expense of in-depth and responsible investigation, that resulted in the printing of misinformation.

Finally, concerning the Hawai‘i Police Department’s media release, released in the afternoon of May 9, 2013, on behalf of the victims, I have kept the ICC apprised of all events, protest and demands, written requests for investigation and reports and evidence submitted to the Hawai‘i Police Department, the Sheriff’s Department, and the U.S. Pacific Command.

Accordingly, the Hawai‘i Police Department’s May 9, 2013 media release, that it is not conducting an investigation, will be forwarded to the ICC.  The ICC’s exercise of jurisdiction over these war crime complaints, as the court of last resort, can be invoked if the responsible law enforcement agency fails or refuses to investigate and prosecute or attempts to shield the perpetrators of the war crime.

The Hawai‘i Police Department’s May 9, 2013 media release provides evidence that exercise of the ICC’s jurisdiction should take place immediately.

14 thoughts on “Attorney Kaiama’s Response to May 9, 2013 Tribune Herald Newspaper Article “Officials deny ‘war crimes’ investigation”

  1. Aloha kakou.
    It is significant that attorney Dexter Kaiama took the time to clarify this matter, the “Hawaii Tribune-Herald” somehow buried this important story in a sub-section hence there were no public comments. Attorney Kaiama given his legal expertise would not have gone public unless he had reasonable ground to warrant it, he is to be commended by way of opinion for his integrity and transparency. Aloha.

  2. Aloha Kakou,

    Good job guys…appreciation for your persistence and consistency is really needed especially in the 442/100 B. town…that is another story…but that is Inouyeʻs strong hold…I congratulate Dexter, Keanu and Kale for doing what they are doing and I have to say, you guys are worth the money…just donʻt raise the prices…our people are having a hard enough time just trying to survive in a system that has lived a corrupt life for 120 years…itʻs time they change their attitudes.

    Kanihailua ia a cousin of ours and unfortunately like most police officers…are not told the truth. I pray that he does his homework and donʻt trust what he thinks is going on, but to do his research first before saying something he may be sorry for.
    He is a nice guy but misled.

    We shall all pule and meditate for protection, peace, justice and aloha to exist on our lands…not WAR…with our brothers and sisters in the universe who are watching over all of you and us, na Kanaka Hawaiʻi on all islands who loves this planet.

    Many things our people have not been aware of and that is, there are people on other planets, not just us…so we have to also be mindful that they are watching what anyone does in this case to harm anyone…they will not get a chance to harm anyone when there is a force greater than all the militaries on this planet.

    Hawaiʻi was and continues to be a place of Aloha, as Aunty Pilahi taught all of us.
    It is our duty to undo these crimes through using our Creatorʻs gifts upon us to create a system like Switzerland, so another occupier does not try to do what the US has done to us…we thank the Creator as we look at what happened to the Jews in the Holocaust…we never want to be in that position ever…so we must prevail and succeed not just for our people and our lands…but for all the people in the world on this planet who are victims of these; lies, murders, wars, scams and dictators without a brain to do what is right for the right reasons.

    May the Creator walk, talk and protect you three and let the investigation continue.

    Mahalo Piha,
    Kawehi Kanui
    Waimanalo Ahupuaʻa
    Hawaiʻi War

  3. ” However, your report, in which Mr. Oshiro claims he was unaware of these criminal investigations, belie events which occurred on March 4, 2013 when a “High Alert” was issued by the State of Hawai‘i Attorney General’s Investigation Division and additional security was ordered for Judges throughout the Islands. This was in reaction to the day the ICC would begin jurisdiction, which was March 4, 2013.”

    The more I think about this reaction, the more it appears to be a ‘over-reaction”. A “high alert” in reaction to an international court. Increased security? The US State of Hawai’i’s attorney general office went overboard.

  4. Ahh! Mahalo nui loa, Dexter for clarifying this for me! In fact, mahalo for confirming this FEELING for me!

    When I first read the newspaper article, I notice something was not right. For example, the article mentioned that, and I quote from the article itself, “The charges are rooted in Hawaiian sovereignty claims……” In reality, it is not a sovereignty movement thing. It never has been! Its a misunderstanding entirely!
    Another example that I had a icky feeling about was when it mentioned that the FBI has received the war crimes report. But I asked myself this: “Something’s not right. What does the FBI have to do with this? This is not like a domestic issue. This is a legal issue, which is now boarding on a international issue”

    Once again, Mahalo nui loa Dexter for clarifying this! I tell myself, “If I see a news publication or anything of that sort telling all of us in Hawaii that we are not U.S. sovereign territory, without mention of any of the occupation’s propaganda like the sovereignty movement, not only will I begin to blow whistles, but declare to myself that the end of America’s occupation of the Hawaiian Islands, could be a possibility”

    Righteousness to Motherland Hawaii.

  5. Aloha Kakou,

    This is a clear indication of how for years the media including the newspapers have been printing articles and making inaccurate statements without doing a thorough journalistic investigation as they are required to and more importantly how they try to make it appear that this is just another one of the Hawaiian peoples same old sovereignty issues. Our sovereignty was never an issue, it has always existed and it is clear that whoever wrote this article needs to wake up and get educated to the facts and the truth. What we are dealing with is LAW and that because there is “NO Treaty of Annexation” Hawaii is NOT a part of the United States and as such the courts and the judges do not have jurisdiction to rule on any cases that are brought before them where the Hawaiian peoples rights to a fair trial by Hawaiian Kingdom Law are being violated. I know Marshall Kanehailua and Detective Derrick Morimoto personally, they are really nice people, but they need to be careful in what they say or do because as you can see it can and it will come back to hurt them or anyone else who executes the laws and actions of and on behalf of the illegal occupiers. Time for the International Court (ICC) to step in because the Pacific Command is refusing to and we have exhausted all options…….IMUA, IMUA E NA POKI’I!!!

  6. I love it !!!! Now hopefully they know for sure this is not a game !!!! Neither can they shove this under the table as they have everything else.

    Also,my thoughts are as Steve says ; “The more I think about this reaction, the more it appears to be a ‘over-reaction”. A “high alert” in reaction to an international court. Increased security? The US State of Hawai’i’s attorney general office went overboard.”

    Thank you sooo much for following up and raising the issue with the Hawai’i Tribune Herald. It is time someone called them on it and told them to pay attention to the facts as is written.

  7. aloha… this morning as i woke up my 8 year old for kula… i reminded her that we live in this beautiful nation of Hawaii… a new moon has pass… i have planted seeds… so the keiki will know… the sovereignty of the land is perpetuated in righteous… to the Laulima gang… you guys rock… Dexter you carry our flag so proudly… as for the nation… we know what is pono… mahalo

  8. I believe that we must have faith in our culture which has been taught to all Hawaiians by our kupuna’s thru our up-bringing. Love and aloha is what we practice with all people of all ethnicity and that is why the Hawaiian Kingdom shall prevail once again. Our Kanaka of today and the future is our keiki’s who are of multiple ethnicity and we need to continue educating them of our Hawaiian history. Mahalo nui loa to Keanu Sai and Dexter Kaiama, for they are definitely gualified leaders for this challenging journey…

  9. Aloha,

    I believe that March 4, 2013, “High Alert” issued by the State of
    Hawaii Attorney General’s Investigation Division for additional
    security for judges throughout the islands is a pure example of
    the State of Hawaii’s ignorance of Hawaiian history.
    We are not a country invading their territory, we are letting them
    know that they do not have jurisdiction in our Hawaiian Islands
    in which they have chosen to exercise their illegal authority.

    They have lived with this HEWA for so long, they do not know
    right from wrong anymore!
    Who in their right mind would defend the legality of the State of
    Hawaii absent a treaty of annexation?
    The Hawaiian Kingdom and its subjects are the real deal, we are
    not a reflection in the mirror, the State of Hawaii and its citizens
    are! If they are indeed afraid of anyone it’s their own reflection!
    They’re the Hewa!

    The media is a part of the Hewa. Correct the jurisdictional control
    and the media will follow. The dog will not bite the hand that feed

    The Hawaiian nationals want and expect change!

    E huli!

  10. They have to defend it…who in their right mind would want to accept the guilt and shame of what has happened. Denial…Fantasy. They do not have the honor or the moral character to make ho`oponopono that is a Hawaiian cultural principle. Aloha ke akua..

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