11 thoughts on “University of Hawai‘i Law School: Alternative Visions of Hawaiian Sovereignty

  1. Fantastic! Mahalo for posting. I especially enjoyed and was greatly surprised by professor Chang. Gave me plenty to think about. Happy to have had the opportunity to have listened to Gov. Waihee present. Was much more informative and impartial than I thought it would have been. Still looking forward to an update on Switzerland!

  2. I have a question. If the only things that remained legal within the period of occupation are births, deaths, and marriages, what constitutes as marriages under the laws of occupation? I ask this because the State of Hawaii (even though they are illegitimate) now allows same-sex marriages. It’s still the same illegal governing entity that’s recognizing traditional marriages that would be considered valid under the laws of occupation.

    • There is nothing specifically under the Laws of Occupation about marriages as far as I can see. And even if there was, the Laws of Occupation are just temporary laws enforced by the Occupying Power until the occupation ends.

      Not only do the Laws of Occupation have to be enforced, H.K. Law also has to be enforced (Under Article 43 of the 1907 IV Hague Regulation). And under the Hawaiian Kingdom Civil Code TITLE 5, CHAPTER XXVIII, ARTICLE LIII, marriage is classified as between a man and a women. Therefore, yes as what Kekoa said, the “same-sex marriage law” created by the puppet government of the Occupying Power is not only null and void, it also runs in contrast to H.K. Law.

      • I understand that and it makes total sense. However, from what I understood from Dr. Sai’s message in this panel was that if it were the case where the occupying power is NOT in compliance with the laws of occupation, only then would births, deaths and marriages be the only things to have remained legal. If HK law was being enforced and the laws of occupation being complied with, then all other transactions would be legal. This isn’t the case as HK law isn’t being administered. Does that not mean that it would have to be the illegitimate puppet government to recognize such marriages, deaths, and births in the meantime? I mean someone has to….because marriages, deaths, and births are not being recognized/recorded by any Kingdom entity.

  3. Makani, marriage would be defined under kingdom law not state of Hawaii law. The same sex marriage law is a creation by the legislation of the occupier and therefore null and void.

    • I find a tad bit of contradiction in this situation because it’s the same illegal puppet government that’s recognizing a traditional marriage. They should all be null and void.

  4. What the heck is the International Humanitory Law??? Last 10 minutes of the Q and A. Americanization is a realization. Aloha and mahalo.

  5. Births, marriages and deaths are the only things legally recognized in an occupation. Recognition is not limited to the occupier but other agencies and also a restored government. This recognition in no way legitimizes the occupier and these recordings benefit the occupied so it’s a good thing.

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