6 thoughts on “The Sovereignty Conversations Dialogues (Part 2)

  1. I am so encouraged by these young men and I believe that our goal of achieving our independence once again is closer then ever before.

    Last Tuesday I attended one of OHA’s meetings to promote the Hawaiian role in partnership with Kana’ioluwalu. It was held in Nanakuli and a lot of Hawaiian’s attended. I think Hawaiian’s are looking for the same goal of independence, but are confused by the way Kana’ioluwalu is going about it.

    I myself enrolled last year because I was looking for that same goal, but I did it without really researching Kana’ioluwalu’s philosophy. After having a better understanding of this organization I requested to have my name taken off their registry.

    The statement that stuck in my mind and ultimately made my decision to take my name off the registry, was the statement that if you do not register with Kana’ioluwalu and the Hawaiian Role, what ever benefits that may come out of the decisions made by the delegates elected from this registry, you as one who did not register may not benefit from their decisions.

    I thought to myself that this was just like the Hawaiian Homes Commission Act separating Hawaiians once again. Only not with blood quantum, but with another American idea and five commissioners to oversee a registry, selected by an American Governor.

    This is why I believe in what Dr. Sai, Dexter, Kale and now Willy and Donovan and hopefully many more Hawaiians are doing. I will continue to follow these brave men on the path to Hawaii’s Independence.

    As Uncle Manu Kahaiali’i once told me, Ku Paia Naha

  2. Bravo! They said it all! There is a lot to celebrate in this country! When people know, you can almost imagine it is totally unique to the world! Even to my eyes, Hawaii is so unique! One common good example is “Aloha” the ideology of love and peace!

    And Willy Kauai said it all too! With the allegiance to the H.K. in our hearts, we’re all one big happy ohana here regardless if we came from other far away places! Nowadays for me, I show aloha to everyone regardless of their ethnicity. ‘Cause one day we’re all gonna need each other not only for the good of us, but for the good of the H.K. as well! In fact, I have never seen the Hawaiian Kingdom as a racist society even despite what our occupational propaganda books hint at! I never seen it like that at all! I don’t see a country that prides itself in love and peace having that kind of similar attitude like the USA! Take example Timoteo Ha`alilio and William Richards, our Hawaiian envoys that were assigned by HM King Kamehameha III to secure Hawaiian independence! They had gotten a sort of a racial reception one time in America while they were working on their jobs! (One of the main reasons why I’ll never live in America! Regardless of any reason, I’ll never live in America! Why would I live in a land with no love, no happiness, no peace, and no fear in God? To put it this way, there’s no breath there!)

    Keep the education coming, everyone! Much aloha to all!

  3. In order for us to be able to understand and to know the truth we need to make sure that we are looking at it through the proper lens as a Hawaiian and not through the lens of an American.

    As we return to our Hawaiian Kingdom Government it is your “ALLEGIANCE” that will be the deciding factor so, with that being said where is yours???

  4. Here another video about Attorney Dexter Kaiama talking about Hawaii’s occupation. In this one, he’s talking about the possible future! (Its what I thought it was. Once Switzerland becomes Hawaii’s Protecting Power, the beginning of things to come starts!)

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