5 thoughts on “Hawaiian Sovereignty Moves Forward in International Courts

  1. Pressing forward Keanu, Pressing Forward! Everyone is growing more confident in the process. So grateful for all the love and determination you and the Ohana have put into this process. Praying for everyone to support this movement to RESTORE!

    • Ah! Ho`olohi kakou i na makani `olu`olu o Hawa`i nei no ho`i me e `ai kakou ho`opa ka ha maika`i ea. Hear the gentle breezes of our home and taste it’s breath of righteousness. Mahalo nui loa Keanu for your aloha of our sovereign nation and its people.

      Aloha piha,

  2. Ex-State-Governor Waihee’s acknowledgement of Dr Keanu Sai’s leadership of our Hawaiian Kingdom’s Restoration and U.S. De-Occupation Compliance appears to be a compliment, however, I find it puzzling and hypocritical. Only a few weeks ago, he led a contingency of OHA representatives to Washington D.C. to supplicate for an Indian Nation Status with the U.S. Interior Dept. and was turned down. Now, he appears to be throwing out hyperbole and a political statement here In Dr Keanu’s direction. I personally find his comment on this matter disingenuous and insincere. His many years as an Akaka Bill advocate makes a mockery of the Restoration of our Hawaiian Kingdom Nation. Sir, you have been a hindrance to our cause. Please cease and desist from what you are doing. We need to avoid ambivalence and careless thinking.

    Ku’u mana’o, mahalo nui.

    PS: I find the ex-governor’s picture here puzzling too! A fly in the ointment!

  3. I really helps to know that we are all learning, even those who we feel should know are going through their process of the facts and the truth. He knows that the only true way for us is to RESTORE. It must be difficult to get to this part of the process and begin to realize that it’s possible the way he was going is not only wrong but not the best possible solution. GRACE AND PEACE TO ALL WHO ARE BEGINNING TO SEE THEIR WAY THROUGH THE FOG. MAHALO KE AKUA!!

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