Star-Advertiser Front Page: Memo implies nation effort leads to war crimes

Star-Advertiser Article 8-24-14

Dr. Keanu SaiIn today’s Honolulu Star-Advertiser newspaper, reporter Rob Perez centers his story on a 44-page memorandum authored by Dr. David Keanu Sai, political scientist, under contract by the CEO of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA), Dr. Kamana‘opono Crabbe. Perez reports, “The state Office of Hawaiian Affairs administrator paid a controversial political scientist $25,000 to write a memo that calls into question the validity of OHA’s nation-building effort, even raising the question of whether the office’s trustees are committing war crimes by pursuing it.”

Dr.-Kamana’opono-Crabbe-OHAThe article draws attention to the memo, but it may give the impression that Dr. Crabbe was not authorized to contract the services of Dr. Sai without OHA Trustees approval as stated by Trustee Peter Apo. Perez, however, correctly stated, if you keep reading, “Crabbe, OHA’s chief executive since January 2012, has the authority to spend up to $25,000 without getting prior board approval.” Perez reported: “It was part of a follow-up due diligence effort so I could protect trustees and OHA leadership of any risks that might be incurred,” Crabbe wrote. “I also provided Dr. Sai’s memo to trustees so they could use it in their deliberations. I believe we should consider all points of view, even controversial ones, to fully understand this complex issue.”

Dr. Crabbe was seeking to have the Trustees, after receiving a copy of the memo, to meet with Dr. Sai in a Board meeting to ask questions regarding the memo, but he was unsuccessful. Instead, you get uninformed opinions made by Chair Trustee Collette Machado and Apo attempting to paint the picture that there was some collusion going on between Dr. Crabbe and Dr. Sai. This was clearly not the case as Perez reported.

Perez also mentions another contract Dr. Sai has with OHA entered in 2009 for $70,000.00 to complete a book on land titles to be academically published by the University of Hawai‘i Press. Perez reported, “OHA recently agreed to an extension allowing him more time to work on the manuscript and has withheld a final payment of $5,000 until the book is published. Sai’s initial research led him in the 1990s to co-found Perfect Title Co., which cited Hawaiian kingdom law to contend that existing land titles in Hawaii were defective. Sai said his book will detail how the title problem can be fixed.” This book contract with OHA occurred before Dr. Crabbe was at OHA.

The article also mentions that Dr. Sai was convicted of a felony, attempted theft, but failed to explain what the subject of the theft was, therefore implying Dr. Sai was convicted of stealing money from clients of Perfect Title Company. The crime Dr. Sai was alleged to have committed was not the attempted theft of money, but rather the attempted theft of land by doing title reports and providing the remedy to the defect in title under Hawaiian law. When applying the larceny (theft) law it can only apply to personal property, which is moveable property, as opposed to real property (real estate), which is immovable. This distinction is clearly stated in the definition of larceny where the property has to be “carried away” or “attempted to carried away.”

According to the United States Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), larceny-theft is “the unlawful taking, carrying, leading, or riding away of property from the possession or constructive possession of another. Examples are thefts of bicycles, motor vehicle parts and accessories, shoplifting, pocket-picking, or the stealing of any property or article that is not taken by force and violence or by fraud. Attempted larcenies are included.” A home, being real property, cannot be carried away by doing a title search. Dr. Sai and two clients of Perfect Title Company are the only individuals in the world to have been convicted of attempting to steal a home through a title report, which is not theft. If there was to be any allegation of a crime, it should have been conspiracy and/or fraud. That was not the case because the title report by Perfect Title Company was irrefutable.

As egregious as it sounds, it is not only used in an attempt to disparage the reputation of Dr. Sai, but it is also a war crime by depriving Dr. Sai a fair and regular trial, especially on a manufactured charge of a crime that doesn’t legally exist. This was the subject of a federal lawsuit Dr. Sai filed in a United States District Court in Washington, D.C., Sai v. Clinton, et. al., in 2010. The Federal judge dismissed the case stating it was a political question, which is an option U.S. judges can use to say it belongs to the executive or legislative branches of government and not the judicial branch. The complaint was not dismissed because it was a frivolous claim.

In his interview with Perez, Dr. Sai brought to his attention that $25,000.00 to do a memorandum needs to be kept in context. A prior memo contracted by OHA with an attorney that centered on strategies toward federal recognition cost $75,000.00. Dr. Sai also told Perez that Norma Wong, a consultant to Kana‘iolowalu, and close confidant and advisor to former Governor John Waihe‘e, III, Chair of the Roll Commission, was paid two increments of $250,000.00 a year for a total of $500,000.00. Chair Waihe‘e also contracted Dennis Dwyer for a total of $1.3 million dollars to be Kana‘iolowalu’s federal lobbyist in Washington, D.C. Dwyer was also contracted by the Honolulu Rail Project’s HART to be its federal lobbyist and was paid $1.43 million dollars from 2007 to 2013. Dr. Sai also told Perez that Clyde Namuo, who was also the former CEO for OHA before Dr. Crabbe, was simultaneously collecting a full-time salary as Kana‘iolowalu’s Executive Director while he was also collecting a full-time salary as director for the Polynesian Voyaging Society.

We have provided a link to Dr. Sai’s memorandum in order to provide the public with access to the information that was at the center of the story. The public can now read what the Trustees have in their possession and be informed by the diligent research of a political scientist and not a politician. In the memo, Dr. Sai did not solely focus on federal recognition, but also recommended that OHA continue its services to the Native (aboriginal) Hawaiian community, under the doctrine of necessity, so long as it does not conflict with Hawaiian Kingdom law and the international laws of occupation.

Trustees Apo and Machado would be better served by focusing on the existence or non existence of the Hawaiian Kingdom as a country under international law first and whether or not war crimes have been committed. To render Dr. Sai’s memorandum moot, the Trustees should focus on the Department of Justice, Office of Legal Counsel, to rebut the analysis and provide evidence that the Hawaiian Kingdom was extinguished under international law, which was the subject of Dr. Crabbe’s letter to Secretary of State Kerry. If the Hawaiian Kingdom does not exist under international law and Hawai‘i is the 50th State of the American Union, then the U.S. Department of Justice should have no hesitation providing the evidence in a timely manner. The problem, however, is it hasn’t, which only reinforces the presumption of continuity of the Hawaiian Kingdom.

This is a very serious issue and this subject should not be taken lightly.

36 thoughts on “Star-Advertiser Front Page: Memo implies nation effort leads to war crimes

    • SHAME ON YOU Mr. Perez of the StarAdvertiser…

      Sunday, 8/24/2014: pp A-1 and A-13
      The StarAdvertiser’s reporter said, “Sai has taken his arguements to several international bodies, including the United Nations, but NONE has ruled that the kingdom still exists.”writes Reporter Rob Perez…
      Perhaps Mr. Perez should do some research beyond OHA documentation… Like he could contact the International Court of Arbitration in The Hague, Netherlands, for transcripts of the Lance Larsen Case that caused the Permanent Court to rule the nation state of Hawaiian Kingdom has not been extinguished by the USA… Then he could talk with the International Criminal Court, while he is in the neighborhood, and find out why they are investigating and summoning HI/US state judges for unfair practices in their courts… If that does not mean anything to him, he could contact the International Red Cross, check the War Crimes Commission in Switzerland… Of course he will still want The UN, the lapdog of the USA to weigh in… so he could ask them about the Leon Siu request of the UN Lap Dogs to ask their master, the US, to cease trying to sell their US DOI Fed Wreck agenda to Hawaiians still suffering with Stockholm Syndrome… Surely, Mr. Perez is educated enough in his field of journalism, that a little time actually reseaching his article should be a snap… I, myself, have read most of them on the internet, so it should be even easier for him… I certainly hope that Dr.Crabbe will not stay with OHA while the Trustees are hanging themselves on the gallows of the International Criminal Court… As far as I have seen, Dr.Crabbe has done all any self-respecting CEO could do to support appropriate business practices at OHA, but is consistently demeaned by a gang of undereducated, self-serving, addlepated nincompoop Trustees who would rather follow the noses on their faces than take a cue from two, count them, TWO Ph.d-s who practice their craft with integrity and due diligence…

  1. Although I fully support Dr. Sai’s research and most of his work, this article brings to light the money that he and other make for their work. I’m amazed that he would charge $25,000 for a memo to assist Dr. Crabbe. I think it is due time for Dr. Sai to provide full disclosure regarding his income and the services that he provides.

    aloha, kukokoa

    • How can one say he is amazed at the cost spent for the construction of the letter. I don’t hear you amazed at the lawyer’s fee OHA paid out to the tune of $500,000. I never heard a peep out o you when OHA DONATED $100,000.00 to the Pearl Harbor Memorial Fund. That was not even for the benefit or betterment of conditions for the “native Hawaiians. If you need disclosures, start with the OHA trustees; you’d be surprised at how well-endowed they are since becoming trustees of OHA. You should know how much a well-known speaker, celebrity, or high-profiled person gets paid as a guest speaker. Shame on you.

      • Aloha Tane, personal attacks on me is not helpful. It only reflects badly on you. I’m just seeking answers to questions that I feel are relevant to my education as a Hawaiian National.


    • Do you know how much work it entails for what he does… & he actually does great work! He should be compensated millions for the amazing real work he does… is he expected to give away his time and Mana for free….

  2. WoW! I neva hea anyone ask what the other people were being paid for their services and what service did those people provide and who did it serve. Interesting that anyone would ask that Keanu provide full disclosure. If I recall correctly an attorney who does discovery and summary for any case at a minimum standard fee per hour is $500.00. This was a standard fee in 1994. If the attorney works for 50 hours that is $25000.00 this does not include any copy and research fees, and expenses. A special attorney would charge more than $500 per hour.
    Dr Keanu Sai’s fee is very reasonable. He is the expert on the Hawaiian Kingdom issue. OHA and the Hawaiian people got there moneys worth and more. None of the specialist that was and is hired by OHA mentioned in the article above charged us the Hawaiian people a fee of such consideration. They gouged out our naau and without a care called it their standard fee and the Trustees made sure that they were paid. And you not asking them to provide full disclosure???? Wow!! What the hell are we thinking? JUST SAYING!!!!

    • Aloha Pualani, actually my question applies to the others as well, but in this instance it is directed to Dr. Sai. Transparency would go a long way for Keanu so his credibility can be maintained in the bright spotlight that is shining on him and all of his actions.


      • I think you have more pressing issues to worry about, if you are a Hawaiian. Credibility maintained? The guy is pushing for education. Education! Not his fault there is a HUGE conspiracy attached to our history. Go down any road you like. If you are a Hawaiian can you please focus on the things that matter. How to help get out of this mess or how do we emerge as a nation that would make our kupuna proud.

        • It is not illegal to be paid for your expertise and/or work. Dr. Sai is not a “public” figure in the same sense that OHA Trustees are. Dr. Sai’s personal income is private, just as mine is, yours is, etc. OHA’s expenditures of Beneficiary Funds (or public money if you want to adopt the State’s view) is a matter of public interest/record, just like the audit results of OHA are…(oh wait…what audit – sorry, my mistake.)

          I have no problem with Dr. Sai being paid by OHA. The payment did not result in a change of his position and he was not “bought.” At least there is clear and concise evidence of why and where that money was spent.

          • aloha, maria, ah yes the way you state your comment on this does make sense. Dr, Sai did not get paid as the acting regent, but got paid for his expertise in this matter. mahalo

  3. Mahalo Keanu for your expertise and perseverance. For the love you have for your country and people is priceless. If you and the acting government weren’t diligent in your quest for justice and teaching us the truth about the illegal occupation, we would still be under the cloud of not knowing who we really are. God has blessed all of you and laid a heavy burden upon you. Our strive to become better educated may be at different levels but our projector are forever being updated. And the film of tomorrow keeps getting better and better. Eo!

    Aloha pumehana,

  4. You know Keanu et. al. are doing something right when the U.S. governments and its agencies, U.S. media and special groups are doing their best to discredit them. Odd that they (U.S. Americans and its corporate government) would circumvent facts and attack the messengers of truth and facts; because the U.S. has much to lose through their criminal actions.

  5. Re:Dr. Keanu Sai’s Memo Fee and requesting an audit or itemized breakout of services rendered seems to me superfluous. The memorandum is a big kuleana and requires legal counsel. You can not be kapulu when confronting the U.S. State Department. I pretty much agree with Pualani’s quotation of charges for a document of this nature. It’s fair industry, standard practice charge, nothing unusual about it. You can not make any mistakes here, because the pilikia and ramifications can have great consequences. I think Dr. Sai has taken great care in these matters and his integrity is pono. His professional record speaks for itself. OHA and associates can certainly take a clinic here. Ku’u mana’o, me ka pono.

  6. Kuokoa, Dr. Sai’s contracts are of a private citizen and not subject to the request of transparency. He is not a public official that has a duty to provide transparency.

    Put into context of what others are being paid and OHA not being transparent with trust money should be of a greater concern.

    Who knows what kinds of outrageous trust monies are being spent on OHA’s chronies.

  7. Glad to hear Dr Keanu Sai got compensated for his works, its cheap compared to the 121 years of lies and pillaging that the State of Hawaii and the United States of America has brought upon us. Keep up the great work Dr Keanu Sai! We should have a march or protest to show we are serious about getting the answer about the existance of the Hawaiian Kingdom and at same time more Hawaiians and non-Hawaiians will get educated. We need action now…. Are we ready? or do we wait another 121 years?

  8. I forgot to comment that since the OHA trustees verified they received Dr. Sai’s memo than they have full knowledge their actions are war crimes. That will be used against them when war crime complaints are filed against them with the ICC.

  9. Mahalo, Dr. Sai for releasing the work product of your $25k contracted services. Others have spoken of recent attempts to review either work product or an outline of the $1.3m and $500k contracted services performed by Mr. Dwyer or Ms. Wong, respectively, to no avail.

    I welcome greater transparency of OHA’s spending on behalf of its beneficiaries. If Chairwoman Machado and Trustee Apo are truly concerned as fiduciaries of how beneficiary dollars are responsibly spent, then perhaps public disclosure of the contracted work products of Mr. Dwyer and Ms. Wong can be shared with Hawaiians, too. After all, OHA’s efforts and spending involving Kana’iolowalu and the Roll Commission are indeed a very “sensitive issue” as evidenced by testimonies made by many Kanaka during the recent DOI hearings.

    If, however, this is a feeble attempt to create the narrative which links and discredits both Dr. Crabbe and Dr. Sai in one fell swoop with the aim to remove Dr. Crabbe, then this would only further suggest the increasing fear shared by many Kanaka today: OHA is a corrupt organization that serves only to further state and select individual political interests at the (literal) expense of all Hawaiians. And they wrongly think such actions could in any way silence critical dialogue within the community.

    Dr. Sai has been forthright of the details of his professional work and career. That is the responsible and accountable thing – and we can determine our own conclusions.

    Chair Machado suggested in a May interview that Dr. Crabbe was responsible to OHA Trustees for his actions and statements. I argue that Dr. Crabbe, Chair Machado, Trustee Apo and OHA are first and foremost responsible to all Hawaiians. Therefore, I respectfully request greater transparency of ALL our beneficiary dollars and allow Kanaka to provide feedback on the community’s areas of true focus and concern.

  10. Aloha kakou,

    Please take a look at the petition on the link below. I think this
    is what a lot of us would like to know from U.S. Secretary of
    State John Kerry.

    Although CEO Kamana’opono Crabbe had sought for clarification pertaining
    to U.S. authority within Hawaiian jurisdiction in his May 5, 2014, letter sent
    to U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, which unfortunately, was put to rest
    by a letter of rescission sent by Collette Machado, we however as concerned
    subjects of the Hawaiian Kingdom should now demand answers from the U.S.
    as to their authority within the Hawaiian Islands. After all, without valid
    authority to operate in Hawaiian jurisdiction OHA and CEO Crabbe take a
    second seat to Hawaiian subjects who demand to know how the continuity
    of the Hawaiian Kingdom was extinguished!

    People who support the existence of the State of Hawaii should also
    participate in this petition and demand to know from the U.S. as to
    whether or not contracts entered into within Hawaiian Kingdom Jurisdiction
    including land transactions after January 17, 1893 are in fact valid or void
    ab initio.

    Feed back to questions the DOI had concerning whether or not [N]ative
    Hawaiians should be considered under a tribal frame work in order to
    establish a government-to-government relationship with the U.S. came to
    an end on August 19, 2014. This petition seeks answers as to whether the
    United States and the State of Hawaii even have any authority at all in the
    Hawaiian Islands!

    If you find that this is a concern you’d like to support please sign the petition
    and circulate it to others that may also have the same concern!

    Mahalo and a hui hou,

    • aloha wayne, is this petition relative to keanus work or something else. because from what I understand Keanu has a precise plan all his own in the de-occupation process of the Hawaiian kingdom. I have read your petition and it seems ok and pono, so im just asking if Keanu has any part in this? mahalo

  11. You must confess… that letter… that letter is priceless

    That’s the letter that united a sovereign nation and rock tthe world


    Aloha Aina

  12. Trust for OHA none, paying each other off for job’s keeping Hawaiian trust funds between them. Rather than for the better good of the people. SHAMEFUL. LET THE TRUTH BE TOLD…. LET’S SEE OHA WIGGLE OUT OF THIS ONE. So sad but it’s confirms we as the people have been stating for the last 20 years……

  13. When Trustee Mossman of Maui tried to initiate a Hawaiian nation-building; during his term as trustee to create a new government and nation; many others and I protested against it. I accused OHA of attempting to usurp the authority and jurisdiction of the still-existing Hawaiian Kingdom and continued this argument several times throughout the years. They were unsuccessful to get “their” nation (sic) off the ground for lack of support; much like today. They still refuse to listen to us, even today. That’s the problem. It seems they have been asked by higher-ups to push us into accepting their proposal into becoming a federally recognized tribe to eliminate international criminal charges against the United States of America. Hence the Danners, CNHA, Waihe’e, OHA, Kamaki, SCHHA, Hawaiian Civic Clubs, Conklin-ites, and others that have been bribed, paid-off, promised lucrative positions to make this successful to place us under the DOI’s jurisdiction and quell the criminal charges against the United States of America. They don’t want the goose that lays the “golden egg” killed.

    All Hawaiian Kingdom subjects must rally to see this de-occupation go through and preserve our neutral nation-state.

  14. Wow! First of all, I’m glad Hawaii’s legal history is slowly getting out there. I bet people that were reading Sunday’s Advertiser are seriously wondering what the heck War Crimes are and why do they apply here! Here’s a good start: Lets just saw War Crimes are crimes that Nazi-Germany did in their occupied territories during the Second World War! Stunned now, are you? Hahaha!

    By the way, OHA, wow! I have to say, money well spent (that’s a first)! OHA should be spending their money on teachers like Dr. Sai, for example, who are educating the people of Hawaii their legal history! Not to mention this is the kind education that can no doubt prevent you from committing International Law violations like the Nazi’s did! OHA in fact should be spending their money on this education of the field of Hawaii’s legal history! That would be no doubt money well spent! This field of education of Hawaii’s legal history is of the most extremist importance! Get out of the “House of the Lolo’s (Idiocy)” Hahaha!

    And as stated in conclusion: “This is a very serious issue and this subject should not be taken lightly.”

  15. Godbless you all!
    Despite our political differences we share the same history, the same Kanaka DNA, we speak the same language in our hearts, hold its values and believe that without God a Nation is impossible. We all have a sense that we are doing the right thing, but we should keep pushing forward together and try to suppress the common enemy within man like greed, superiority and destructive thinking.
    I know one day soon we will all receive restitution on a massive scale without conditions through education, healing, compensation, returning back to our ancestral lands and much more because of the contributions, hard work and resilience we have for our community. Every day is an opportunity to work on ourselves as individual Kanaka and improving our condition by loving ourselves and one another. I love talking story with my grandparents I look forward every chance I get.
    Stand with me in saying “If I did or said anything that hurt or offended you please forgive me that was not my intentions.” (Words of our Kupuna)

  16. Aloha, may I ask who the moderator of the Hawaiian Kingdom blog is and how do I communicate directly with you regarding concerns about this blog site?

    • Aloha Kuokoa.
      I don’t know if the moderator has ever identified themselves in a post, on this blog. Hopefully, they have contacted you via email, to answer your questions.
      I believe this blog is authorized by the US Army Field Manual 27-10 495(a). – “495. Remedies of Injured Belligerent
      In the event of violation of the law of war, the injured party may legally resort to remedial action of the following types:
      a. Publication of the facts, with a view to influencing public opinion against the offending belligerent.”
      I would love to hear your concerns regarding this blog site? I am hear to educate myself and love to hear the various perspectives of individuals who are being made aware of this information.
      If there is infromation being provided by this site that is not factual they would definitely want to know, as well as myself.

      • Aloha Tim, I haven’t received any reply from the moderator of this blog so far. But the recent radio interview post by Noe Tanigawa appears to provide a hint that it is Keanu himself doing the writing for this particular blog story, see below.

        ” This link takes you to Sai’s response to a recent Star Advertiser report about the memorandum he wrote for the Office of Hawaiian Affairs. You will find a link to the memorandum itself on this blog.”

        Perhaps you may have another perspective on this.

  17. Aloha me again. Just wanted to say lets support each other in all our endeavors as Kanaka. set one list of goals and what we seeking. Pick the most important one and unite behind that goal we deem most important.
    Like instilling a high self-esteem in the Kanaka in which the majority of our community is still trying to grasp. lets show each other how to love ourselves.

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  19. It is a blessing that Professional Hawaiians with INTEGRITY and understanding are helping others find their birth rights or confirm their birth rights. There are still native Hawaiians and indigenous tribes have because of threats and bad peoples that use their name and influential power to quiet them.

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