Perfect Title Company – Setting the Record Straight

With the recent news coverage by the Honolulu Star Advertiser, Perfect Title Company has again reentered mainstream media in the Hawaiian Islands.The video not only provides an accurate history of the formation of the Perfect Title Company and its deliberate and unlawful demise, but also the practical and profound effect it had on the real estate industry.

Since 1893, conveyances of real property could not take place because of the illegal overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom government. That government has not been restored, but instead insurgents who were established through United States intervention on January 17, 1893, were unlawfully maintained in power. A clear break in the chain of title originates since January 17th because the notaries public and the registrar of the Bureau of Conveyances were insurgents and not vested with authority under the Hawaiian Kingdom government.

Title Companies during escrow should have revealed this information to the lenders and buyers, but instead concealed it. Lenders and buyers, however, were protected by title insurance. Before the lender agrees to accept the borrowers property, as collateral to ensure the repayment of the loan, which is called a mortgage, the borrower is required to purchase title insurance in the amount of the money borrowed for the protection of the lender. This requirement is in the event there is a defect in the borrower’s title, which would render the mortgage void, the lender has insurance to cover the remaining amount of the unsecured loan.

Title insurance is an insurance policy that ensures the accuracy of the title search done by a title company. Covered risks in the title insurance policy are defective notaries public and recordation of the deed of conveyance. Title insurance that protects the lender is called a “loan policy,” and for the protection of the homeowner it is called an “owner’s policy.”

All land titles in the Hawaiian Islands are defective.

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  1. Since the U.S.A. has laid claims to the Hawaiian Kingdom; it’s incumbent of the U.S.A. to prove it has lawful ownership of the Hawaiian Kingdom via a lawful treaty of annexation. We know the U.S.A. is complicit in the invasion, takeover and belligerent occupation of the Hawaiian Kingdom. Actively involved are the Executive Branch, the Legislative Branch, the military, and U.S. citizens in the Hawaiian Kingdom, such as Lorrin Thurston. The only remedy is for the U.S.A. to de-occupy the Hawaiian Kingdom.

  2. Aloha Tane. Just for clarification, Lorrin Thurston was not a US citizen. He was born in the Hawaiian Kingdom and so were his parents. His grandfather, who was from the US had previously given up his US citizenship and became a naturalized Hawaiian subject. Thus, without any doubt Lorrin Thurston was a Hawaiian subject. I am not saying this to defend any of his actions and attitudes, just to clarify his legal status. As the principal leader of insurgents of 1893 he committed high treason against his country and should have been executed at the gallows. Quite a few other members in Thurston’s gang of traitors, however, were indeed US citizens, such as Henry Cooper.

  3. Aloha e Lorenz: I stand corrected; even if it’s a hard pill to swallow. LOL… His treasonous actions preceded the 17 January 1893. His collusion with U.S. Secy of State James Blaine to destabilize the Hawaiian government without setting international precedent had him already committing treason. Too bad no one caught it in time or intercepted the communications. He held meetings at Central Union Church to plan the destabilizing and overthrow of the Kingdom. Blaine’s dear friend and accomplice was John L. Stevens in the plot and approval of President Benjamin Harrison. The U.S. involvement was very direct and a violation of its treaty with the Hawaiian Kingdom.

  4. Aloha e Tane. Mahalo for your reply. You are absolutely right about Thurston. His treasonous acts (and those of many others in his gang) against the Hawaiian Kingdom began long before the Jan 17 overthrow.

  5. As discovered from messages and journals in the Library of Congress, President Benjamin Harrison and James Blaine and a few other Congressmen were part of the scheme and did know what would and was and had transpired because they were in on it. The U.S government was largely and directly involved in plotting against the Hawaiian Kingdom; they just didn’t want to set international precedent in their covert and overt actions. The plot was secretly long in the making. Follow the dots. Their official story is disingenuous and fraudulent. This is what the world should focus on since the leopard hasn’t changed its spots. It worked back then as it does today for them; the promulgation of lies, deceit, fraud, and shameless dishonesty.

  6. Clear title is impossible for foreigners in Hawaii. The aina is our ancestor and unless you make Hawaiian babies you cannot have clear title to land when the guarentor has no claim to it. No Treaty of Annexation and the fakeState land mass is zero. To have title is to be aboriginal before 1700’s, the crown, government, or makaainana. Further our land tenure system allows you to buy it from the current occupant for their lifetime, after which it is left to the next heir or returned to the crown.

    It is fraudulent that realtors mislead their client to belching that the US system of land ownership is lawful here.

    So the wall and wells were built illegally. (Take them out)
    Anyone born in Pilaa has access to that kuleana…

  7. Mahalo Keanu for uncovering the truth, finally. My ohana and I lost so much of our ancestors’ lands through the quiet title claims. Ten thousand dollars was all we got each time we won. Our precious lands were never awarded to us when we prevailed. We turned to the University of Hawaii , the Native Hawaiian Legal Corp., and other lawyers for help, but found none.

    We discovered Wills from our Ali’is altered or manipulated to change the intended beneficiaries. . .it made no difference in the court system.

    There’s a land dispute pending in the 3rd circuit for about 95 acres. The attorneys in this case thought ALL the heirs died. We were not aware of the Hawaiian Kingdom Law at the time and entered the case using equity law.

    Would I be able to utilize the Hawaiian Kingdom Law at thi s point? Even if we entered the case using equity law?

    Please help us.

    Katherine Piho

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