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  1. Aloha mai e Dr-Kamana’opono Crabbe
    I spoke to one of your employee Kawika from your Advocacy department the night of the DOI public meeting in Kona, Hawaii. As we kuka kuka and I asked where does OHA stand in this matter? He stated that OHA is for DOI to be involved. I said, “does one need more education, are you not hearing the majority of your Kanaka stating otherwise”. What really is Office of Hawaiian Affairs true purpose? Should it not listen to what the masses are saying, and no one in OHA is listening at all? He then stated that our conversation just ended and walked away. It was a very sad moment for me to see that OHA is represented by such an advocate in your Advocacy department, one that does not want to hear want the Hawaiians have to say. Is OHA self serving and is it only about those who are in OHA and work in OHA that is for OHA only? Our Queen Liliuokalani was all about her people and it only is apparent the vision is lost in OHA, it is only the affairs of the few, and is so lacking the compassion of the Kanakas.

  2. I’m So Proud of U My Brada Kamana ‘opono !! This is Polena Fonseca-Aiwohi one of Your Pa Classmates and Longtime No see Brada ! Maika’i ‘I ia ‘Oe!! So Happy and Proud that U R CEO for Oha Told My Dad Now We No need Worry With Kamana ‘opono at the Helm Of OHA !! I Miss U & Love U My Brada Polena Hilo,Hi. Moku O Keawe!! E Ho’okanaka!! Kupa’a !!!

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