Office of Hawaiian Affairs CEO Crabbe’s Letter to Secretary of State Kerry

Here follows the letter Office of Hawaiian Affairs CEO Kamana‘opono Crabbe submitted to the Department of State dated May 5, 2014. What will be gleaned from the letter itself is that the CEO was well within his vested power to seek clarity on the question of the continued existence of the Hawaiian Kingdom.

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5 thoughts on “Office of Hawaiian Affairs CEO Crabbe’s Letter to Secretary of State Kerry

  1. aloha kakou, this is a nice gesture , but going to the criminal for the answer wont work. The united states are the main criminals in this scenario, and if you think you will get the truth from them, you are wrong. The united nations or international courts are the ones who have the correct measures and answers to this case scenario. The united states will wage war to keep Hawaii under there control. To much money involved and also Hawaii is the prime military spot for the united states to be. Good try – mahalo ke akua

    • I think the important thing is documenting a response. The response can only be one of two things: admission of guilty or proof a world power is delusional or unable to comprehend international law. Please keep in mind this world power has veto power in the UN Security Council. If international law was so important to the global community we would have already seen changes. I think the illegals occupation is shining light on a much bigger, more complex, global problem. In the global community, I believe it raises a HUGE question “is sovereignty worth protecting?”
      I agree, too much money involved. Can you image the damages for 120 yrs of illegal occupation. I guarantee, those that are liable can. I would, as a Hawaiian, be content with returning all lands to the government, removing those who are not Hawaiian(nationality not ethnicity) by way of jus sanguinis. Invite Hawaiians abroad to return home to fill vacancies in employment and housing, created by the removal of non-hawaiians, tied to a reeducation program. Fill remaining vacancies with competent individuals,regardless of ethnicity, that are interested in being Hawaiian subjects. Then we Hawaiians could get down to business. What we have now is chaos, wasting tax dollars and jeopardizing everyones investments. Just my two cents.

  2. Go to the UN for any answers. Asking John Kerry for anything here relating to the Kingdom of Hawaii is just plain ridiculous. They are the leaders of the country who stole lands from Native American Tribes and Native Hawaiians and war crimes around the World.

    • I agree, however asking the U.S. Secretary of State puts the pressure on him and the U.S. government that he serves and allows them to explain (which we know they can’t). They’ve never been asked these questions before because it was never thought of. Now when people have a better understanding of what happened on 1/17/1898, we all know that what happened and what the U.S. is claiming doesn’t add up. I have no doubt if he responds it’ll be something along the lines of ‘In 1959 the statehood act’ which we know today was a sham vote. We’re just testing the waters to see if the great United States can practice what they preach on CNN.

  3. Wow! What a wake up call to all Kanaka!!! We should be asking the same questions if we don’t know the answer. We should be watching those who are in the know and asking them what would be their recommended action for all Kanaka. It is really a good time to watch and listen. Let’s deal with one situation at a time. This is a strategic perfect first steps in most peoples plan, especially OHA. Let’s allow them the time to wake up. They just had ice water thrown on their sleeping faces. We can be patient for just a little bit. We are not all in the position to hear or wished to hear and see. I believe diplomacy is important they are the Lahui too. This is a time to rejoice. Small miracles with big forward movement. I’m so humbled by the way Ke Akua works. Kamana’o is PONO. The Trustees will have to be PONO. This is the time for them to hui on the side of the evidence. Lets PULE for them and all the LAHUI. Kokua Ke Oluolu!!!!!!

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