Office of Hawaiian Affairs Trustee Ahuna Removes his Name from Letter to Rescind

Trustee AhunaIn a recent change in events, the Office of Hawaiian Affairs Trustee Dan Ahuna representing Kaua‘i and Ni‘ihau, has notified Chairperson Trustee Colette Machado, that he is removing his name from the May 10, 2014 letter addressed to Secretary of State Kerry. The letter was signed by all nine Trustees, including Trustee Ahuna, which stated:

“We understand that you received a letter from Office of Hawaiian Affairs Chief Executive Officer Kamana‘opono M. Crabbe, PhD dated May 5, 2014. The contents of that letter do not reflect the position of the Board of Trustees of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs or the position of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs. That letter is hereby rescinded.”



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  1. What is wrong with OHA? Apparently, they are in it for them self and trying to keep the truth away from the people. That is not good… These TRUSTEE’S are not to be TRUSTED. I would be so embarrass to show my face in public and they are in for one thing and that’s the $$$$… they need to get out… SHAME, SHAME, SHAME…


  2. Aloha… Is there a reason why the trustees don’t want to know if they are committing war crimes. Is the money their making or about to make worth more than the war crimes??? Well if Dr Crabbe can find the information about the illegal take over its just a matter time before the world knows if they don’t know it already. Only time will tell.

  3. That’s a great step I like to hear what the US has to say. I live in the Hawaiian Kingdom every day so do a lot of Hawaiians feel the same way.

  4. Aloha.
    Does anyone notice how OHA Chair Colette Machado has come out so publicly criticising the actions of the CEO? Yet when she led the OHA delegation to Washington DC over in the U.S. last month it was a case of “Washington behind closed doors.” One could be forgiven for inferring that she is somehow being influenced by people within the U.S. political framework.

    This OHA Washington DC trip had an aura of mystery attached to it, on March 24th last I queried Trustee Peter Apo via his personal blog as to his knowledge of same, was he aware of it in advance? did he know the specific purpose of meeting with a U.S. Department of Interior delegation? The exchange can be viewed here:

    Unfortunately Trustee Apo whom I have the highest regard and respect for, done everything but answer those two pedestrian questions. The plot thickens! Mahalo.

    • I find this person working for the ” INSURGENTS ” and not to be TRUSTED.


      I asked myself, why is it all these people that does the wrong have beautiful homes, fine dining, money in their pocket and in their safety deposit box and have their nerve to walk around as though they are empowered and unbreakable.


  5. Well thought, to have everyone believe that the united states – state department has jurisdiction over this matter. AOLE the US state department is the prime criminal in this matter. If you want answers go to the international courts. The US will never admit the wrong, money is everything to them, lose Hawaii and lose billions. They rather wage war for Hawaii and no concern for all the inhabitants. This is part of the plan to go ahead with the illegal making of a new Hawaiian nation. And what about the kanaka people who lost there lands. Land and the ocean is the life of the kanaka people. Taking that away is genocide. ke akua malama e kanaka

  6. I googled this threads exact title this morning and didn’t get a single hit, not even this blog. Not a single mention in the StarAdvertiser or TheGardenIsland. Can others please try and verify this? I have been on a computer for too many days now.

    • Eo Donovan – mainstream media picked up the story Friday evening with the initial letter from Kamana`opono, it was on KGMB and was also picked up by the Associated Press and the Washington Times, after the ‘Rescind Letter’ from the Machado camp came out both the AP and WT yanked their stories, the only remnant is the KGMB story, but nobody carried the Ahuna “rescind-his-name-from-the-Rescind-Letter” story!! I was hoping when I checked the blog here this morning that there may have been other “MIS-Trustees” who wanted to remove their names as well! Per your request I tried to google ‘OHA Trustee Ahuna’, there’s nothing at all covering his letter to remove his name, I went to WT website & did a search for “Hawaii”, only old stuff comes up now, same thing for AP, seems like more coverup & conspiracy!!

  7. How can we go about removing someone from OHA? Machado is the ring leader of hewa and she needs to be taken out.

    • You have to take out Sanford abercrombie I mean Neil. I can’t believe people are backing him for another term. Vote for Bu Haaawaaaaiiiaaannn!!!!!!

    • Aloha kakou,

      I agree! We must all demand for the immediate termination
      of all OHA Trustees who remain committed on Machado’s
      letter to U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry attempting
      to rescind Kamana’opono’s inquiry!

      We cannot allow potential war criminals to remain in
      power unless they can refute the continuity of the
      Hawaiian Kingdom, until then they should be treated
      as war criminals!

      Machado’s atrocious behavior only reveals her and the
      other OHA Trustees self-interest that they represent!

      What Machado has done is insulting to memory of the Royal
      Hawaiian Band that chose to eat rocks rather than to play for
      the insurgents, na kanaka maoli, na kanaka, the Hawaiian
      people of non kanaka ethnicity as well as the entire human

      It is clear now that the only people OHA represent are
      synthetic Hawaiians, the ones whose mookuauhau can
      only be traced back to the ink on the palapala of HEWA,
      upon which was conceived by the committee of safety back
      in 1893 in the Hawaiian Islands!

      The irony of Kamana’opono’s letter to U.S. Secretary of
      State John Kerry you know will, if not already, end up on
      Obama’s desk who may not be according U.S. constitution
      even be qualified to be a U.S. President!

      A hui hou

    • Instead of removing there names they should remove them selfs from OHA and go to OAA in Washington office of American affairs

  8. Good move Dan….taking your name off. The other OHA trustees only worried about lining their pockets with US money.

  9. Kauai’s representative to the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, Dan Ahuna, has taken a clear, brave, and bold step in articulating his reasons in search of TRUTH. I commend him for his integrity and call for clarity, transparency, and accountability.

  10. How can we as Kanaka, as well as non Kanaka citizens of the Hawaiian Kingdom call on each and every OHA board member to publicly state their position on the continuity of the Hawaiian Kingdom? Shouldn’t we, the Kanaka, whom the trustees are supposed to be representing, know what each trustees position is if they are said to be our voice. That being said, from a legal standpoint, any time you can get the perpetrator of a crime to discuss the crime, or better yet, admit to the crime, it can be of significant benefit to the prosecution of that crime. Although we as a people have known for over 116 years that the US broke it’s own constitutional laws, as well as international law when it overthrew our Queen at gunpoint, we must recognize the international importance of having the US State Dept. or US Attorney General’s office discuss or give a legal opinion regarding the crime. Since we already know that there is no possible way the US can show cause that the overthrow, annexation, or state of Hawaii was or is legal, they would be left with two options. They could admit that their actions, or the actions of their representatives where illegal and thus the Hawaiian Kingdom remains, or they could simply remain silent and refuse to answer ( which would actually speak volumes as well ) and again the Kingdom remains. Although we know the truth, we need the rest of the world to know the truth. The US can not call themselves a member of the ” family of nations ” and openly break international laws and treaties, especially as the US is at the front of the world stage pointing to the illegality of the Russia, Ukraine and Crimean conflict. Now is the time for our freedom from US occupation and indoctrination. Now is the time for our people, our Kingdom, our future. I call on each and child of Akua to stand for what is Pono. Spread the word or share this blog or do whatever you can do spread the word. NOW IS THE TIME. Ku mau Hawaii Imua.

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