Los Angeles DOI and Hawaiian Community Meeting Regarding Government-to-Government Relations

The Mainland Council of the Hawaiian Civic Clubs (MCHCC) sponsored three town hall meetings “Ho`ohanohano I ko Kūpuna Na`auao” (To honor the wisdom of our ancestors). MCHCC stated that the purpose of these meetings was to bring balanced information to the community about Hawaiians’ political standing and to facilitate a grassroots discussion with leadership about the relationship between the United States Government and the Hawaiian people who live in the United States. These meetings were not only for Hawaiian Civic Club members and all Hawaiian and non-Hawaiians were welcomed to come, listen, ask questions and learn. Each meeting also had a representative from the Department of Interior to receive written testimony and answer questions.

The first town hall meeting took place in Las Vegas on July 27, 2014; the second meeting took place at California State University – East Bay in Hayward on August 9, 2014; and the third meeting took place at Springfield College in Tustin on August 10, 2014. Here are follows video of the town hall meeting in Tustin in 4 parts.


5 thoughts on “Los Angeles DOI and Hawaiian Community Meeting Regarding Government-to-Government Relations

  1. Thank you Dr. Sai and everyone involved in your research, going out into the international level, in the court system with attorney Dexter Kaiama, educating the public about the true history of our beloved Hawaii so that the people can make informed decisions. I am very grateful for all that you do and continue to do. May akua bless, protect and guide each and everyone of us as we proceed through this process of the truth so that the wrong that was done to our beloved Hawaii can be made right. With much aloha, Bernie.

  2. One thing that I think is of great importance is that the assistant secretary from the DOI stated that she would follow through with requesting that the Office of Legal Council give an opinion as to the continuity of the Hawaiian Kingdom under U.S. and International law, and Dr. Sai’s letter to Kia’aina. That is the fundamental question that must be answered before any informed decision can be made regarding any form of government what so ever. This whole attitude that we must hurry up and take this opportunity before it’s gone, or the funding goes away, is like scheduling a surgery to fix a problem before we even see a doctor to determine what the problem is. If you stop and really think about it, it’s ludicrous to jump into a game and start playing that game, before you even know what the game is or what the rules of the game are. Hawaiians are being asked to make an informed and intelligent decision that will affect the very future of our children and our children’s children, for every generation to come, with out all the facts, or worse over with falsities being passed around as fact by those saying they represent the Hawaiian people. The solution to all of this is so simple. If the U.S. can show that the Hawaiian Kingdom no longer exists, I will champion the cause of Federal Recognition for Native Hawaiians, and I will work tirelessly to gain that government to government relationship and Nation within a Nation status. But if that is not the case and the Hawaiian Kingdom does exist it would be nothing less than absolutely ignorant of us to negotiate what our rights and lands are, if this is already all our Kingdoms, if we already own all this land, if our rights are already assured to us by our own country that has been illegally occupied for 121 years. We must demand that we get an answer to the “cornerstone question”, does the Hawaiian Kingdom exist or does the Hawaiian Kingdom not exist?

  3. I guess when you are defending the truth you don’t have to worry about something biting you in da okole. I learned something new. Nations acquiesce, not individuals. I have been using it in the wrong context. Neva claimed to be the sharpest tool in the shed!
    I would like to see these types of presentations on all the island, particularly the question and answer part. I think it would really help kanaka get over the mental hurdles as they have a lot of questions.

  4. My heart goes out to all the people of Hawaii who has had their homes and real estate illegally foreclosed on by the banks that have been operating in the illegal regime of the State of Hawaii. This is one of the cruelest action that many of our people have experienced because of American Greed for money and power. How cruel is making your citizens homeless and to have no place to enjoy our fundamental rights of living. I pray that Kale Gumapac’s foreclosure case is reversed and used to restore all the other foreclosures that happened between 2001 to the present time. If one is proven to be unlawful and fraudulent wouldn’t that be for all other foreclosures? Please share your mana’o on this question.

    Mahalo Nui


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