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  1. imho, secretary kerry, by his unwillingness to address or even acknowledge the question “does the kingdom of Hawai’i continue to exist?” has done everything that he, as the head of the u.s. state department, is legally required to do.

    his inability to address or even acknowledge the question speaks volumes. as dr. keanu sai explained in his discussions with lynette cruz on the “new research in hawaiian history” video series, the legal presumption under international law is that the kingdom of Hawai’i DOES IN FACT continue to exist.

    secretary kerry, as the foreign and diplomatic representative of the united states is caught between a rock and a hard place. he cannot say unequivocally “no, the kingdom of Hawai’i does NOT exist” because then the state department has the burden of proof placed upon it to present evidence that proves that the kingdom of Hawai’i does NOT exist.

    as many of us already know, that evidence does NOT exist and never HAS existed. the united states has participated in a deliberate campaign of lies, deceit and propaganda over the past 121 years in order to disguise its unlawful military and governmental occupation of the kingdom and nation of Hawai’i as a legitimate result of the annexation treaty that it signed with the illegal government of the republic of Hawai’i when it knew full well that the annexation treaty was rejected for ratification by the u.s. congress on the grounds that a majority of the citizens of the kingdom and nation of Hawai’i objected to its annexation and also on the grounds that the u.s. government did not have the authority or legal jurisdiction to annex a foreign nation either the international law of extraterritoriality or under the laws of the u.s. constitution.

    the inability of the u.s. state department to prove that the kingdom of Hawai’i does not exist becomes a tacit admission that the presence of u.s. government agencies and military forces in the kingdom of Hawai’i is an unlawful occupation, the u.s. has NO legal authority or jurisdiction in the kingdom and nation of Hawai’i, the “state of Hawaii” does not in fact exist and the kingdom of Hawai’i and NOT the “state of Hawai’i” is the ONLY lawful and rightful government of the nation of Hawai’i.

    secretary kerry, as the head of u.s. state department, the u.s. government office responsible for foreign and diplomatic affairs, has, by his inaction, rendered the question of the legitimacy of america’s military and governmental occupation of the kingdom and nation of Hawai’i moot and has effectively removed the u.s. from the process of restoring Hawai’i as well as indirectly confirmed that the u.s has no legal authority or jurisdiction in the kingdom of Hawai’i and is in fact unlawfully occupying the hawaiian islands.

    they’ve also cast the government of the state of Hawai’i adrift and left the door open for the lawful government of the kingdom of Hawai’i, the actual monarchy not the pretenders who have taken on names that sound as though they are the lawful successor to the hawaiian monarchy, to reestablish itself as the lawful, rightful and ONLY government of the kingdom and nation of Hawai’i.

    what must happen next is that the kingdom of Hawai’i government must reorganize itself, ideally under the protecting power of a peaceful, neutral nation, ie. switzerland, in order to insure non-interference from the u.s. and potentially other foreign powers as it reorganizes itself. the kingdom of Hawai’i government already has an existing constitution and a constitutional, monarchical government structure made up of executive, legislative and judicial bodies in order to insure a balance of power.

    all we must do is reestablish the three branches of government, appoint a new monarch and bring our existing constitution and body of kingdom laws up to date, after a 121 year imposed hiatus, so that a modern hawaiian constitution can be amended and ratified.

    it is up to us to boldly step forward to accept our collective kuleana of restoring Hawai’i. there is no longer any impediment to our restoring the kingdom and nation of Hawai’i. but we must use this opportunity wisely and with the confidence of a kingdom, nation and people who are acting with pono. if we fail to decisively seize this opportunity NOW the americans will see our hesitance as a sign that we are not yet ready to take on our rightful role as the sovereign and independent kingdom and nation of Hawai’i and so it will continue its unlawful occupation of Hawai’i.

    imua Hawai’i… carpe diem… the time is NOW to fully restore Hawai’i ! what are we waiting for ?!


    #iiwk #imuaHawaii #ponoKeAlii

    • Aloha Pono,

      I whole hearted agree with you. We are just waiting for the protecting powers to intervene. I’d say that if we started any sooner to do something, there would be interference from outside and behind the scenes.

      At this point it’s just a waiting game but I also feel that our window of opportunity is getting smaller and smaller as we wait.

      Very tough times but onipa’a!

      Mālama pono nō

    • I caution you on, “we need to act NOW”. Why all of a sudden there is a rush? After 120 years our sovereignty has remained intact.
      The only people for action NOW, are people who don’t want Hawaiians educated as to what their legal and political rights are.
      The Acting Government of the Hawaiian Kingdom is exhibiting traits of our alii. We should take notice. The world has not seen a Hawaiian alii in 120 years. Educated, observant, patient and calculated to name a few.
      The position we find ourselves in in a blessing. We are outside of a majority of the hewa in the world. We can rush in an “F” it up, or not. Not “F” it up for you and me and every other kanaka, but ” F” it up for our children, descendants and everyone who has kanaka blood in the future.
      Education is the first and ONLY step to be taken. We have the educated Kanaka to make the reemergence of the Hawaiian Kingdom worthy of our kupuna’s praise.

    • Aloha Pono,

      I agree too that we need to move on this now, now more than ever. A majority of our Kanaka’s live in poverty with very little knowledge that we have a vast wealth of resources like land and cash just waiting for our government to use. I am not talking about our former Kingdom bullion locked up in a secluded safe in another country, I’m talking about real tangible assets like our ali’i trusts (which have billions in trust for the benefit of Kanaka’s) and the 300 million that OHA is holding for our Hawaiian Govt. along with 1.8 million acres of our former crown lands which were illegally seized and transferred during the time of the overthrow and statehood. We need to activate these resources before our people start to deteriorate in a more drastic pace than we have ever seen before. The average medium family home in Hawaii in 10 years will be 1million dollars, with gigantic figures like that, just so we can own a house in what is our cultural and national birthplace is frightening, we will not survive and it is getting more expensive everyday. We just need to govern ourselves, we don’t need to necessarily reestablish a monarchy to do this, we just need to govern ourselves and have control of our assets so that our ali’i trusts can finally be used to benefit our Kanaka’s that are struggling to survive, like our ali’i intended it to be used. The education of our people on what we lost is paramount so that we can make decisions that will help repair the damage done to all Kanaka, at the same time push the issues for our people, so that we deal with the real world situations we face today. To me I think 121 years of destruction to our people, land and culture is 121 years too many, some Kanaka’s don’t have time to wait. Imua!!!!

  2. Maika’i loa on your olelo and discourse. I just hope that it gets people to commit some time and effort, to resonate your message. It’s our Kuleana, the citizens of the Hawaiian Kingdom, all nationals, be they kanaka, nationals, malihini, resident aliens, to a man, that we demand the Compliance on the part of the U.S. to De-Occupy our homeland. The 120+years of Innoculation is over. We do not need a “Booster Shot” from the U.S. Dept.of Interior to continue the Deception and Chicanery. Respect the Restoration and Re-Instated Hawaiian Kingdom. Full human and spiritual sovereignty requires all of us to get off the fence to protect our language, borders and culture. Me ka Pono.

  3. pono, go easy tiger and slow your roll.

    “all we must do is reestablish the three branches of government, appoint a new monarch and bring our existing constitution and body of kingdom laws up to date, after a 121 year imposed hiatus, so that a modern hawaiian constitution can be amended and ratified.”

    Better make sure this is done in accordance with HK law, existing recognized legal doctrines and international law or you’ll be just another SELF PROCLAIMED sovereignty group going in circles, committing treason like the first self proclaimed sovereignty group known as the provisional gov’t.

    • Thanks Professor Chang, Dr Sai, Dexter Kaiama, Kale Gumapac and all others not mentioned for taking these crucial steps for the Hawaiian Kingdom. I have gotten educated by reading both websites and watching your videos and it has helped me to better understand everything. Now that Im better educated on the Hawaiian Kingdom subject by subject matter experts I dont feel the need or choose to engage with reiterations from others. If everyone reads most of it and watch the videos they will understand and we will be all on the same page.

      In my opinion far as Mr Kerry and the United States of America, I feel they should answer the question ” the Hawaiian Kingdom does not continue to exist” with facts through international law asap because of the fact that we no longer need to pay illegal taxes to the IRS or the State of Hawaii. Imagine if we all stop paying taxes, I mean every individual and every business. They would have to answer that question with facts real fast..

      • I’m glad to hear you are getting a good education! Personally, I consider the study of Hawaii’s legal history the best education of my life! Keep educating yourself about it, capt! Keep watching Dr. Sai’s videos, along with others such as Attorney Dexter Kaiama’s videos, Kale Gumapac’s videos, Professor Chang’s videos, Dr. Willy Kauai’s videos, Lorenz Gonschor’s videos, Donovan Preza’s videos, and everybody else’s one that I missed (though I think that’s all of them so far. More researchers of Hawaii’s legal history are coming out so its a continuing list). Exactly! If everyone does read and watch videos pertaining to Hawaii’s legal history, we’ll all be on the same page and the only thing we gotta worry about when de-occupation comes is how to adapt instead of getting highly overwhelmed of not only of been taught a lie your entire life, but also have to adopt to the transition of de-occupation as well! I would say that would be an extremely gruesome situation for many. Took me about 4 psychological painful years to completely fathom that Hawaii is occupied by the U.S.!

        And you’re not alone in that opinion too–the U.S. Government should be answering that legal question. Especially when a government official of the “State of Hawaii” sent a formal letter asking the U.S. Department of State if the H.K. continues to exist, and if it does not exist and it was extinguished, then they need to provide overwhelming proof that Hawaii is legally U.S. sovereign territory (treaty of annexation) in this case. Now obviously, that shouldn’t be problem for the U.S Government especially if they claim that Hawaii is a part of the United States, right? If so, what is holding them back then? How come they’re not answering a simple question? Pretty obvious isn’t it? If they have not said a single reply to those questions, not to mention reply to testimony from the people of Hawaii, then we all can say under the presumption of continuity that Hawaii is not part of the United States and is therefore occupied territory!

        I hope they do answer those questions real soon or if they don’t have legal proof that Hawaii is legally U.S. sovereign territory, then I suggest they do what is required under International Law (establish a temporary military government to eventually restore the H.K. Government under the Executive Agreements) and end this occupation because the longer the U.S. Government prolongs the occupation, the more compensation they have to provide to us for, yeah, one example, illegal appropriation of taxes, and I would say also, for psychologically making us suffer under this occupation in general!


  4. Chang is a “wishy washy” idiot. If you have listened to anything he has said he “plays” both sides of the fence. He does not stick to the facts and nothing but the facts. If you saw him on “Sovereign Conversations” (hosted by Keoni Dudley) w/Poka La’enui, Chang and Henry Noa he said that there must be an established “government” like the one Henry Noa started. Henry Noa is a self proclaimed “savior” of the “Hawaiian Kingdom.” He and his “cronies” decided what needed to be change/eliminated in the “Constitution.” The “Constitution” by “Lot” left no clause that the “Constitution” he penned could be changed. Henry Noa under the “guise” of not having the funds to properly advertise the “vote” to make decisions on who would serve in the “House of Nobles” and the “Senate.” and where and how many would serve on each Island which I also think.is “Bull Ki’o) Henry Noa also said that he went to “Geneva” and told the “courts” he was the authorized “representative” fo the “Hawaiian Kingdom” Personally, I think it is all “Bull Ki’o!”

    I like what most of what “Poka La’enui” teaches (and speaks about) except when he “pushes” what he thinks is fact of “The Hawaiian Kinigdom” being “colonized” That is just not true, although it was treated by the U.S.like it was!

    Anyway, I study the information that “Dr. Sai” teaches and releases (whenever I can acquire it). and if anyone else has a “contrary belief” I try to understand, why they speak about what they do, and if it is not exact to what “Dr. Sai” says, in da opala ti goes!

    My 2 cents!

    • I do not agree w/ everything Chang says. He does not “see” how it is possible for Hawaii to recover the entire archipelago, and rather thinks that maybe we could get back the Big Island. That sounds a lot to me like simply getting a land base to eventually make us nation w/in nation status. He does not cite international laws rather US laws which are his expertise. We can not view ourselves in that way again once we understand our national identity and it’s place in the international world.

      As for those who question the legitimacy of The Acting Hawaiian Kingdom vs. other self proclaimed governmental groups, as have been debated in other areas of the WeBlog, The Acting HKG is only in place until we can vote to make it as we wish (or so is my understanding), and they are the only entity that have formed by way of Hawaiian Kingdom laws, which I think someone referenced below as being expendable to some degree by another group due to one hardship or another. I guess what I’m trying to say is that AHKG is methodical in ways that no other entity has been up until the point that they came on the scene.

  5. Aloha Jon, I haven’t seen the tv show you mentioned but if Professor Chang said “…there must be an established “government” like the one Henry Noa started.” To me that statement sounds like he’s cleverly saying Henry’s gov’t is not it and one has to be established. I guess I need to see the show to know the context in which the statement was made. I do agree with you that Henry’s gov’t is self proclaimed. He claims they were voted in office through an election. This may be true but the elections were not conducted properly according to HK law or any other legal doctrine. Elections should be conducted by gov’t officals but their elecltions were conducted by private people with no ties to an HK gov’t or any de facto status of an interim or acting gov’t. Were some of these people non-HK subjects or citizens of the occuppier? How in the world can you explain that??? My 2 cents

    • I too agree with a majority of your comment, Jon. I agree with what Dr. Chang said and with kekoa’s interpretation of Dr. Chang’s comments.
      I think we all need to keep in mind that what Dr. Sai and others are teaching us is relatively new, since 1999. That was 15 years ago!! However, I did not know about that case until 4 years ago.
      I guess what I am saying is, extend a little understanding to Kanaka and non-kanaka to a certain degree. There is a learning curve. There are mental obstacles that some of our Hawaiian brothers and sisters may not be able to overcome. It is sad but they may choose to remain delusional. It is there choice to make. All we can do is expose them to the information.
      With that being said, every other entity claiming to be the Hawaiian Kingdom Government IS aware of the facts.
      There is no provision in the 1864 Hawaiian Constitution to allow the legislative body to create a Prime Minister. In my opinion, Henry Noa’s position is unlawful. Their legislative act contradicts the name of their organization. Not a good way to come out of the gates. Enough finger pointing, more important things to ponder.
      There are good, passionate people in that organization. I suspect, the longer they maintain their position the worse it will get for them, potentially incurring criminal liability. I have yet to read a moolelo where the chief lead his people off a cliff. Not that it didn’t happen, it just never made it into our moolelo.
      Good to read your post, Jon. Keep throwing your two cents. We need two cents from everyone who has educated themselves and accepted the truth.

    • Aloha e Kekoa, you’ll find the recorded Sovereignty Conversations episodes on Olelo.org. Click then select the show of your choice from What’s On. Check it out!

      Aloha piha,

  6. Aloha Jon, we posted on the wrong thread, this is the thread we should have posted our previous comments on so I took the liberty of reposting here.

    Jon Karlson Keala Priestley on August 16, 2014 at 7:30 am said:
    I made an entry into this blog this morning (8/15/2014) and called Dr. Chang a “wishy/washy idiot” My deepest apologies to Dr. Chang for this mistake. I was speakiing of Leon Siu. I am extremely embarrassed of this mistake (which could have been avoided by proof reading my entry) and much apologetic for this “idiotic mistake” Aloha Kakou!

    Reply ↓
    kekoa on August 16, 2014 at 7:50 am said:
    Aloha Jon, I must admit that you threw me for a loop with that comment which caused me to watch that video. I appreciate that you manned up and apalogized for your mistake. Hey, I’ve been there and done that, who hasn’t. It’s what you did about it that counts. No worrys, it’s all good.

    Sorry for the mix up folks.

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