3 thoughts on “Kanaka Express 2022: Understanding the Hawaiian Kingdom v. Biden Federal Lawsuit

  1. Mahalo to the Regents for keeping the nationals update on the progress and to Kale and Keali’i for putting on these presentation.

  2. Hello, I would like to ask if any repercussions can be expected after sending certified letters to tax collectors. Also will there be any help for those of us who have become dependant on US hand outs? I have tried to be self sufficient, and continue to, but I’m in my 70’s and a bit limited. I want the best for the next generations which my mean sacrifice, as the transition to a free Hawaiian Kingdom. Mahalo nui loa.

    • Aloha e Olivia,
      There shouldn’t be any repercussions for sending out letters, you are simply expressing an opinion, which is a constitutional right protected by both the US constitution and the Hawaiian Kingdom constitution (mentioning both because I don’t want to assume your nationality). If you feel any repercussions do occur I suggest you immediately reach out to the council of regency (particularly so if you are a Hawaiian subject) because it’s the regency’s kuleana to protect Hawaiians from such things. I must remind you however that the council/Dr. Sai never suggested that anyone not PAY their taxes, on the contrary you must still pay the taxes imposed upon you by the US… it was simply suggested that you formally write a letter of complaint for having to do so. In other words, pay your taxes, but write a letter explaining why you think having to do so is illegal, if in fact it is your belief that having to do so is illegal.

      As for your dependency on “US handouts”… my love, they are NOT “handouts”, you paid into a system throughout your life via imposed taxes & that provided you a RIGHT to collect these BENEFITS. Benefits such as SSI, medicare etc we’re paid for by YOU (&/or your spouse), as every paycheck you (&/or a spouse) earned had taxes withheld specifically for that purpose. I imagine that would be one of the things that the Kingdom will have to address in court or via a treaty when the occupation ends, which will likely result in either a lump sum payout to Hawaiians who paid taxes or an agreement by the US to fulfill an obligation to continue to provide those benefits to all Hawaiians who had paid into that system.

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