Presently the Hawaiian Crown is Not Inheritable but Rather Subject to an Election by the Legislative Assembly after the U.S. Occupation Comes to an End

During this time of the rising of the national consciousness of the Hawaiian Kingdom after over a century of the war crime of denationalization through Americanization, it is important for Hawaiian subjects to understand the laws of the country as they existed prior to the overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom government on January 17, 1893. Especially the laws that apply to the Hawaiian Crown.

There is a common misunderstanding that the Hawaiian Crown is hereditary. This is not an accurate understanding of Hawaiian constitutional law. Hereditary descent is a part of Hawaiian law, but it works in tandem and within the limits of Hawaiian constitutional law.

Individuals claiming Hawaiian Titles of Nobility, which include Abigail Kawananakoa, Owana Salazar, Mahealani Ahsing, Windy Lorenzo, Ruth Bolomet, just to name a few, are not who they claim. There is a distinction between Titles of Nobility and noble lineage. The former derives from a sitting Monarch, while the latter is a status by virtue of chiefly genealogy called mo‘o ku‘auhau. This is not to say that these individuals are not of noble lineage. Rather the titles they claim are self-declared that have no basis under Hawaiian constitutional law.

Only a sitting Monarch can nominate an heir apparent to the Throne, which will then require confirmation by the Nobles in the Legislative Assembly. The history of Hawaiian Monarchs began with the Kamehameha Dynasty that ended in 1873, followed by the Lunalilo Dynasty that ended in 1874, and then finally the Kalākaua Dynasty that ended in 1922.

In the latter part of the eighteenth century, the northern archipelago of islands consisted of four distinct kingdoms: Hawai‘i Island under Kamehameha I; Maui Island with its dependent islands of Lāna‘i and Kaho‘olawe under Kahekili; Kaua‘i Islalnd and its dependent island of Ni‘ihau under Kā‘eo; and O‘ahu Island with its dependent island of Molokaʻi under Kahahana. Kamehameha, King of Hawai‘i Island, consolidated the four kingdoms establishing the Kingdom of the Sandwich Islands in 1810, which later became the Kingdom of the Hawaiian Islands. In 1829, the Kingdom of the Sandwich Islands came to be known as the Kingdom of the Hawaiian Islands. By 1840, the Kingdom of the Hawaiian Islands came to be known as the Hawaiian Kingdom, a constitutional monarchy.

The Kamehameha Dynasty

Kamehameha I governed his kingdom according to ancient tradition and strict religious protocol. In 1794, after voluntarily ceding the island Kingdom of Hawai‘i to Great Britain, Kamehameha and his chiefs considered themselves British subjects and recognized King George III as emperor. The cession to Great Britain did not radically change traditional governance, but principles of English governance and titles were instituted.

In 1795, Kamehameha conquered the Maui Kingdom, and in 1810 the Kaua‘i Kingdom became a vassal under Kamehameha through voluntary cession by its King, Kaumuali‘i. By 1840 all the Island Kingdoms were consolidated under the Hawaiian Kingdom. According to the 1840 Constitution:

The origin of the present government, and system of polity, is as follows: KAMEHAMEHA I, was the founder of the kingdom, and to him belonged all the land from one end of the Islands to the other, though it was not his own private property. It belonged to the chiefs and people in common, of whom Kamehameha I was the head, and had the management of the landed property. Wherefore, there was not formerly, and is not now any person who could or can convey away the smallest portion of land without consent of the one who had, or has the direction of the kingdom.

These are the persons who have had the direction of it from that time down, Kamehameha II, Kaahumanu I, and at the present time Kamehameha III. These persons have had the direction of the kingdom down to the present time, and all documents written by them, and no others are the documents of the kingdom.

The kingdom is permanently confirmed to Kamehameha III, and his heirs, and his heir shall be the person whom he and the chiefs shall appoint, during his life time, but should there be no appointment, then the decision shall rest with the chiefs and house of Representatives.

On June 14, 1852, a new Constitution was granted by Kamehameha III confirming the successorship of the Crown. Article 25 provides:

The crown is hereby permanently confirmed to His Majesty Kamehameha III during his life, and to his successor. The successor shall be the person whom the King and the House of Nobles shall appoint and publicly proclaim as such, during the King’s life; but should there be no such appointment and proclamation, then the successor shall be chosen by the House of Nobles and the House of Representatives in joint ballot.

Article 25 is tempered by Article 26 that states, “No person shall ever sit upon the throne who has been convicted of an infamous crime, or who is insane or an idiot. No person shall ever succeed to the crown, unless he be a descendant of the aboriginal stock of Aliʻis.” It would appear that Kamehameha III was aware of King George III’s insanity while the Hawaiian Kingdom was a British Protectorate and it no doubt informed Hawaiian governance.

Alexander Liholiho, the adopted son of the King, was confirmed by the House of Nobles as successor on April 6, 1853, in accordance with Article 25 of the 1852 Constitution. In 1854, after the death of the King, he succeeded to the throne as Kamehameha IV. Kamehameha IV was the biological son of Mataio Kekuūanaoʻa and Kīnaʻu, who was the half-sister to Kamehameha III. The confirmation process ensured that Alexander Liholiho was not “convicted of an infamous crime, or who is insane or an idiot.”

On November 30, 1863, Kamehameha IV died unexpectedly, and left the Kingdom without a successor. On the same day, the Kuhina Nui—Premier, Victoria Kamāmalu, in Privy Council, proclaimed Lot Kapuaiwa to be the successor to the throne in accordance with Article 25 of the Constitution of 1852, and the Nobles confirmed him. Lot Kapuaiwa was thereafter called Kamehameha V. Victoria Kamāmalu, as Kuhina Nui, provided continuity for the office of the Crown pending the appointment and confirmation of Lot Kapuaiwa.

Article 47, of the 1852 Constitution provided that “whenever the throne shall become vacant by reason of the King’s death the Kuhina Nui shall perform all the duties incumbent on the King, and shall have and exercise all the powers, which by this Constitution are vested in the King.” This provision prevented the House of Nobles and the House of Representives to choose a successor by joint ballot.

On August 20, 1864, Kamehameha V proclaimed the 1864 Constitution. The office of Kuhina Nui—Premier was removed and replaced by the Cabinet Council. Article 22 provided the successorship of the Hawaiian Crown:

The Crown is hereby permanently confirmed to His Majesty Kamehameha V, and to the Heirs of His body lawfully begotten, and to their lawful Descendants in a direct line; failing whom, the Crown shall descend to Her Royal Highness the Princess Victoria Kamamalu Kaahumanu, and their heirs of her body, lawfully begotten, and their lawful descendants in a direct line. The Succession shall be to the senior male child, and to the heirs of his body; failing a male child, the succession shall be to the senior female child, and the heirs of her body. In case there is no heir as above provided, then the successor shall be the person whom the Sovereign shall appoint wiht the consent of the Nobles, and publicly proclaim as such during the King’s life; but should there be no appointment and proclamation, and the Throne should become vacant, then the Cabinet Council, immediately after the occurring of such vacancy, shall cause a meeting of the Legislative Assembly, who shall elect by ballot some native Aliʻi of the Kingdom as Successor to the Throne; and the Successor so elected shall become a new Stirps for a Royal Family; and the succession from the Sovereign thus elected, shall be regulated by the same law as the present Royal Family.

The constraints upon the Crown was reiterated in Article 25, which stated, “No person shall ever sit upon the Throne, who has been convicted of any infamous crime, or who is insane, or an idiot.”

On December 11, 1872, Kamehameha V died without naming a successor to the throne. This caused the Cabinet Council to serve temporarily as a Council of Regency that serves in the absence of a Monarch. According to Article 22 of the 1864 Constitution, “the Cabinet Council, immediately after the occurring of such vacancy, shall cause a meeting of the Legislative Assembly, who shall elect by ballot some native Aliʻi of the Kingdom as Successor to the Throne.” Article 33 also provides that “the Cabinet Council at the time of such decease shall be a Council of Regency, until the Legislative Assembly, which shall be called immediately, may be assembled.”

The Lunalilo Dynasty

On January 8, 1873, the Cabinet serving as a Council of Regency convened the Legislative Assembly into Extraordinary Session. In its address to the Legislature, the Cabinet stated:

Documents delivered to your President, contain official evidence of the decease of His late Majesty Kamehameha V. His earthly existence terminated at Iolani Palace, in Honolulu, in the Island of Oahu, upon the forty-second anniversary of his birth, being the eleventh day of December, in the year of Our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Seventy-two.

His Majesty left no Heirs.

Her late Royal Highness the Princess Victoria Kamamalu Kaahumanu, to whom in the event of the death of His late Majesty without heirs, the Constitution declared that the Throne should descend, died, also without heirs, on the twenty-ninth day of May, in the year of Our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Sixty-six.

His late Majesty did not appoint any successor in the mode set forth in the Constitution, with the consent of the Nobles or make a Proclamation thereof during his life. There having been no such appointment or Proclamation, the Throne became vacant, and the Cabinet Council immediately thereupon considered the form of the Constitution in such case made and provided, and

Ordered—That a meeting of the Legislative Assembly be caused to be holden at the Court House in Honolulu, on Wednesday which will be the eighth day of January, A.D. 1873, at 12 o’clock noon; and of this order all Members of the Legislative Assembly will take notice and govern themselves accordingly.

By virtue of this Order you have been assembled, to elect by ballot, some native Aliʻi of this Kingdom as Successor to the Throne. Your present authority is limited to this duty, but the newly elected Sovereign may require your services after his accession.

The Members of the Cabinet Council devoutly ask the blessings of Heaven upon your deliberations and public acts. They have appreciated the responsibility resting upon them, and have striven to maintain tranquility and order, and, especially, to guard your proceedings against improper interference.

Acknowledging the obligation to preserve all the rights, honors and dignities appertaining to the Throne, and to transmit them unimpaired to a new Sovereign, it will become their duty, upon his accession, to surrender to him the authority conferred upon them by his late lamented predecessor.

The Legislative Assembly, empowered to elect a new monarch under the 1864 Constitution, elected William Charles Lunalilo on January 8, 1873. Lunalilo was not a descendant of Kamehameha I but his mother, Kekāuluohi, was the Queen Consort to Kamehameha I and Kamehameha II. His father was High Chief Charles Kana‘ina.

The Kalākaua Dynasty

The Hawaiian Kingdom’s first elected King died a year later without a named successor, and the Legislature was again convened by Lunaliloʻs Cabinet Council and elected David Kalākaua as King on February 12, 1874. On February 14, 1874, King Kalākaua appointed his younger brother, Prince William Pitt Leleiōhoku, his successor, and was confirmed by the Nobles. On April 10, 1877, Leleiōhoku died. The next day Kalākaua appointed his sister, Princess Lili‘uokalani, as heir-apparent and received confirmation from the Nobles.

When Kalākaua was elected, a new royal lineage replaced the Kamehameha and Lunalilo Dynasty. Kalākaua declared royal titles upon: Princess Lili‘uokalani, Queen Kapiʻolani, Princess Virginia Kapoʻoloku Poʻomaikelani, Princess Kinoiki, Princess Victoria Kawekiu Kaiʻulani Lunalilo Kalaninuiahilapalapa, Prince David Kawānanakoa, Prince Edward Abner Keliʻiahonui, and Prince Jonah Kūhiō Kalanianaʻole comprised the new royal lineage. Everyone with the exception of Princess Lili‘uokalani, as heir-apparent, were heirs to the Hawaiian Throne. To move from an heir to heir-apparent is when the Monarch nominates you as successor among the other heirs, and the nominee receives confirmation from the Nobles.

When Kalākaua embarked on his world tour on January 20, 1881, Princess Lili‘uokalani served as Regent, together with the Cabinet Council. Her second time to serve as Regent with the Cabinet Council occurred when Kalākaua departed for San Francisco on November 25, 1890. Kalākaua died in San Francisco on January 20, 1891, and his body returned to Honolulu on the 29th. That day Princess Liliʻuokalani succeeded to the Throne.

The legislative and judicial branches of government had been compromised by the revolt in 1887. The Nobles became an elected body of men whose allegiance was to the foreign population, and three of the justices of the Supreme Court, including the Chief Justice, participated in the revolt by drafting the 1887 constitution. The Queen was prevented from legally confirming her niece, Victoria Kawekiu Kaiʻulani Lunalilo Kalaninuiahilapalapa, as heir-apparent, because the Nobles had not been in the Legislative Assembly since 1887. Ka‘iulani died at the age of 23 on March 6, 1899.

Up to her death on November 11, 1917, Lili‘uokalani was prevented from naming a successor to the Throne and receiving confirmation by the Nobles. The last of the Kalākaua Dynasty to die was Prince Jonah Kūhiō Kalanianaʻole on January 7, 1922, which ended the Kalākaua Dynasty. Royal titles are not inheriteable.

The Kamehameha, Lunalilo and Kalākaua Dynasties came to a close. There are no heirs to the Throne, and the Legislative Assembly will have to be reconvened, by the Council of Regency, after the occupation comes to an end to “elect by ballot some native Aliʻi of the Kingdom as Successor to the Throne.” A “native Aliʻi” will be drawn from those who are a direct descendant of the genealogies provided by the Board of Genealogists that were published in 1896 in the Ka Maka‘ainana newspaper. To access these genealogies go to The Three Estates of the Hawaiian Kingdom.

Direct descendants of these genealogies comprise the Nobility class of the Hawaiian Kingdom and would be qualified to be elected by the Legislative Assembly after the Nobles determine that the candidate has not “been convicted of any infamous crime, or who is insane, or an idiot.”

Until such time the Council of Regency serves in the absence of the Monarch.

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  1. This is absolutely, 100%, accurate. Our mo’i were wise and gave us everything we need to reform our government. Our constitution makes this process very clear. Titles such as HRH, Princess, Prince, etc. can only be awarded and given by the crown and monarch in power. This was done for a purpose, and that purpose was to avoid the splintering in factions that we see today and to eliminate the argument that one Ali’i is higher nobility than another’s. We get to follow the law and process that our mo’i instituted.

    • Not even close to accurate. Hit the archives and put in your work so you can know the truth and not just believe what ever is written. Council of regency depends on an absence of monarch to exist. They are tricking you guys into following their fraudulent leadership.

      • The Hawaiian Kingdom will arise and take its rightful place in the world, minus the USA? Manifested by Sai and company? America is just 2,000 miles away. You can write your book from San Francisco. You did sht for the Hawaiian kingdom, lost nothing, the Hawaiian people living now will die with as many that went before them because of Hawaiians like you.

      • K, it’s sad that you make such ignorant statements and can’t even articulate any facts to back it. I’ve noticed a trend of those that depend on the same ignorance to support their claim to the throne. The Council of Regency did not shy away from proving their legitimacy. They put themselves through the ultimate test in Larsen vs. Hawaiian Kingdom when that internationally recognized body of legal experts confirmed the validity of the Council of Regency. I can’t say the same for all you other want to Be’s. The Council of Regency is not claiming the throne, not even close. The only fraud is you K.

        • Larsen vs Hawaiian Kingdom did not produce a memorandum from the UN acknowledging the independent nation state of the Hawaiian kingdom in continuity. One of the persons that did produce that is being bashed and thrown under the bus in this article. Larsen vs Hawaiian Kingdom did not do anything but try to give false authority to a fabricated council. As I said the council of regency is dependent on an absence of heirs which is why they fabricated this article that carries no merit. If it makes you feel better you can believe that there are no heirs but in reality there is and your aspirations for a democratic Kingdom are nothing more than aspirations rooted from living under the US your whole life. This is a Kingdom whether you like it or not and there are bloodlines still living that descend from the Alii. The kingdom was founded by Kamehameha and built on his blood long after he died so that the rulers would be of his kin. Please stay in California if you are there and if not then get there so you can feel the freedom of voting for your elected official.

          • K to say that the Hawaii council of regency is fabricated council can you tell me from whose bloodline we pick up after king kalakaua dynasty ? Or ?. I like your argument an I knew this was going to be an issue. What I know is me as a kanaka. HAWAIIAN will not be a part of this heir to the throne this kingdom is mine crap. WE VOTE ! Cause I’m pretty sure you haven’t been doing KAMEHAMEHA kine tingz. Or have you been ?. LMK Hawn

  2. Thank you for the work that you are doing, Your through research of the Hawaiian constituton has made clear we will not be duped into greed, false claimsm again.. A specific ethnic group in Hawaii, that took the jobs, and elected govt positions. They stole most of Hawaii, and has declared we are not Hawaiians becaue of blood quantity. Their only intention is to take all Hawaiian lands for the emperor? Remember they are not American born..Ohhh that slipped out, didnt it.

    • Actually they ARE American born because:
      A). International law dictates that an occupying power cannot transport any of its population into a territory it occupies, meaning they were never supposed to be allowed in the Kingdom.
      B). Most importantly, the second occupation begins International law pauses all typical forms of citizenship in order to protect the status quo of the occupied country (ie naturalization, citizenship through marriage and being born in a country). The ONLY form of citizenship left open is “parentage”, which is inherited citizenship. So ONLY people who are the descendants of legal Hawaiian Kingdom subjects at the time of the overthrow (1-17-1893), regardless of ethnicity (obviously) are Hawaiian (subjects). Everyone else (people who cannot trace their lineage to a Hawaiian subject) inherit the nationality of THEIR ancestors. So in other words, being born in the Hawaiian Kingdom doesn’t make anyone a citizen of the Hawaiian Kingdom, neither does having generations of one’s family being born (or lived) in the Kingdom. Only one’s lineage to a Hawaiian Kingdom subject makes someone a citizen.

      • Obama, Daniel Inouye are not American born citizens. The Hawaiian Kingdom exist today and back then when they were born is the Hawaiian Kingdom. The lies America and the governors of Hawaii created made it illegal for Obama to be the president.

      • You are correct in saying that they are not citizens of the Hawaiian Kingdom and Obama is American through parentage. The reason why Obama should not have been president is because US constitutional law requires you to be born on soil.

        • I think that the issue is perhaps not as clear and settled as it seems to you [not unusual for legal issues] This site [] based on not casual but not hard reading provides a fair presentation [it is dated 2016 and I don’t have the time this am to do enough research to say “I am almost certain”. This site makes me fairly sure, subject to checking, that being born on the soil is not required what is required that the person not be ‘naturalized’.

          See: “Such interpretation, as evidenced by over a century of American case law, would include as natural born citizens those born in the United States and subject to its jurisdiction regardless of the citizenship status of one’s parents,10 and would also appear to include those born abroad of one or more parents who are U.S. citizens (as recognized by statute),11 as opposed to a person who is not a citizen by birth and is thus an “alien” required to go through the legal process of naturalization to become a U.S. citizen.12″ Obama was ‘born abroad’ but a US national and needn’t be ‘naturalized’ as he was not an ‘alien’…. The law…. can’t have too much. cheers.

          • American laws is useless to the Hawaiian Kingdon, just as Japanese, North Korean laws is useless in America. America brought this upon themselves when they made Hawaii their own. unlawfully. America will never have jurisdiction on the Hawaiian Kingdom ever again. There were some Hawaiians that went along with the imprisonment of our Queen, out of their greed became traitors. I wonder if KK is a descendent of them. Just asking? War crimes, are you ready?

  3. Great history listen but you missing one thing the United States is not going to return the Hawaii kingdom back to it’s original country. You’re in a new Alice in Wonderland storybook now you’re an illusion a dream

    • The best thing for this country to do is expel all Bar Association members they are the problem because the crowd needs these lawyers to enforce their statues and codes and ordinances and regulations on the Hawaii people and stop using the word individual because that is a corporation if you look under the word and their own dictionary

    • Others, in Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia, whose allegiance was to the Soviet Union were very likely saying something similar to what you are saying about the US, only they were talking about how the Soviet Union “would never” leave the Baltic states. These Soviet sympathizers were saying this beginning in about 1940 or so and only stopped saying it when the “never would leave” Soviets left…. in their stocking feet in the dead of night and in disarray back to Russia, when it began being Russia again, in 1991. So who was delusional there? The occupier Soviets and their flunkies? Or were the true-hearted and patriotic Balts? Name calling [you’re an illusion] isn’t an argument, merely an opinion. No one knows what the USG will do or even what it can do other than destroy other governments and societies while building nothing, not even at home. Not even those holding power in the US know what they are going to do. One lesson though stands out…. all empires fail sooner or later. And does the US empire look that ‘steady’ now? It’s last president, Trump, was a moral retard and its present, what’s his name, oh yeah, Biden? gives a good impression of a senile dotard. The empire looks to be running on fumes. The continental US appears on the verge of a civil war. The US military hasn’t won a war since 1945 unless you count Panama and/or Grenada. So even asking the “Vegas question” “Oh, they’ll never leave will they?” evidences a fundamental ignorance of the situation. If I have made a factual misstatement I invite correction. If you have a fact-based argument, not an opinion-based conclusion, state it.

    • We are not asking the US to “return the Hawaiian Kingdom back to its original country”… the US cannot “return” what they never TOOK!

    • Now what youre saying, gives everyone a right to take your house, bank account, kick out your family from your home. Its the American way.. Thats what America did to the Hawaiian Kingdom. They stole OUR PALACE . shredded our flag, and the insult of the most high insult is they imprisoned OUR QUEEN. The arrogance of America is what you stand by, and you agree upon.. BLM is going to be extremely happy, they will move out of the ghettos and live in million dollar condos, mansions they didnt buy. Now whose going to be living on the sidewalks in America. Your Alice in wonderland is not real, just a mirror image of America. Bidens is in the process taking America down. Best you use this time to learn Chinese. You had this opportunity to restore the Hawaiian Kingdom, but you would not, so China owns America. What goes around comes around.

  4. Thank you for the great insight. Very awakening. We’ve been discussing this subject in recent days and this information is a blessing from God

  5. Thank you for your efforts. This is very misleading. It does not take all the law and legal precedent into account regarding this succession issue. By selectively using portions of various constitutions to support the author’s political aspirations among others ,he further disenfranchises me and all Hawaiians from what is rightfully ours. Manipulating the constitutions to disenfranchise the only de jure (lawful rightful pono) Hawaiian Kingdom government- a democracy in which the people rule through the legislature, (our precious sovereignty held by our monarchs) has already been done- by a group of terrorists aided by the US in the years leading up to the insurrection in 1893 and the theft of our private property in 1898, 1900 and 1959.

    • How is this article misleading? Which laws and legal precedents has the author not taken into account when he wrote this article?

      • what did you want out of the Hawaiian Kingdom?. Do not speak for all the Hawaiian people as though you are in charge of them. The airlines will fly in/out of the Hawaiian Kingdom. You have a choice..

      • Mahalo Timmy for asking. There are numerous citings I intend to address but it deserves more attention than a simple comment here. I look forward to presenting that soon.

      • It’s misleading because it is trying to validate the council of regency by saying there is no heirs of Victoria Kamamalu and Kauikeaouli when there is. The family is recognized. The article is posted to justify the council of regency as valid when it is not and merely a team of American university academics and shit lawyers that have neva done anything for the Aupuni. A lot of you are brainwashed by the occupations way of democratic voting. If this how you feel go to the U.S, this is a Kingdom where Kamehameha designated particular bloodlines of his to rule. He trusted in his blood, hence ua mau.

        • It is good to have a leader like Mr. Sai Keanu and the Acting Council of Regency. I can’t let the mean and evil spirit to come into my heart and my mind with hurtful words, dashing my hopes of a restored Hawaiian Kingdom. I’ve decided to expel all negative ideas that leads me off the path of righteousness and only through God’s grace and mercy am I or anyone able to. I will only see the good things that came to light which is only by God’s good grace and mercy! We are being taught by the word of God in God’s time and for God’s holy use and purpose! All else plays it’s role, whether good or bad because isn’t God the creator of all things, the good and the bad? That’s why it is very important for every individual to stay close to the one and only true God! I pray God’s grace and mercy be upon The Acting Council of Regency for the Hawaiian Kingdom to be restored for His holy use and purpose for the praise and honor of His name! Aloha no Kakou!

          • well,, if it wasn’t for the regency what in blazes have you done for world recognition of the Hawaiian Kingdom? The nicest thing about the restored Kingdom, is you can move to America. Seems to me you got a family member supposedly should be the next heir, and you want the glory that goes with it…WHEREAS the regency see all the Hawaiian people, its economics. Not the greedy wannabes that don’t have the smarts to rule the street they live on, at the least how to have the best neighborhood on Oahu.
            Dr Keanu Sai, was greatly moved by the ill treatment of Queen Liliuokalani. As a military man himself, to read about your Commander in Chief arrested, imprisoned, the hurt goes deep. Then to add insult, read the Americans compared Queen Liliuokalani with a monkey, and shreds the Hawaiian flag. Getrude your lights are on but nobody’s home.

        • Mahalo for this article mapping out procedure and protocol. I was instructed at a workshop we cannot claim any authoritative status. By doing so could be deemed treasonous. What I have also learned is when you request an audience with certain international venue, they require bloodline. I don’t know about the rest of the names being called out, but I know for a fact, and I would like to “To set the record straight” Roth Bolomet (which is an incorrect spelling) never set out to be Mo`i nor claims to be. She only identifies with a bloodline that satisfies the authorities with the Internationals. How else do you think she was able for the sake of all of us acquire the letter verifying our occupation. Yes, she did it and this blog and other presentations uses it as an important document. It did not address only her but our Nation State. The information offered in this particular blog appears correct, however, to call out and name people and accuse them of specific action is very disturbing and not very Hawaii. I was always told to fact check. I did not do this for the rest of the people listed, and maybe I should but for my friend Ms. Bolomet I will not hesitate to speak to with aloha.

    • K.K., give us the lawful Hawaiian Kingdom process to install the Monarch. Please provide citations to document your process. Your failure to respond will be your admission the author is correct in the process as posted. Can’ t wait to hear from you.

      • Mahalo Kekoa I intend to. Meanwhile, in the same way a crime unpunished neither forgives or justifies the crime or the criminal, whether I respond to you or not neither admits or validates the author’s correctness. That said, I wasn’t challenging the “correctness in the process” but instead that the author’s framing of that process in the article is misleading. There is a difference, and I look forward to addressing that as time permits. As I shared with Timmy above, I will provide a more comprehensive treatment in due time but wanted to comment on the initial article as soon after receiving it as possible. For the time being we can agree to disagree, but certainly don’t need to be disagreeable in doing so. I do believe we want the same thing which is to restore the Hawaiian Kingdom. Mahalo.

        • K.K., your response is the same response I get when I ask the U.S. for a Treaty of Annexation. I will treat you the same way I treat them. Their claims are false until the Treaty is produced. Your claim is false until you provide the documentation. Hope it doesn’t take as long as the U.S. that is still looking for that Treaty.

          • Some questions the answers to which provide the larger answer:

            Does international law recognize war time annexations? US breaches peace treaty and wars on the HK by invasion. It occupies and then purports to annex via a Congressional resolution. IL does not recognize the legality of such an annexation.

            Does the US constitution empower the US government to annex? Annexation is not a power granted to the government in the 1789 Constitution. The term ‘annex’ does not appear in the constitution. So IL does not recognize an annexation and the US Constitution does not explicitly allow. Two strikes [although only one strike is needed to establish the unlawfulness].

            Since the US Constitution does not explicitly empower the US government to ‘annex’ does the US Constitution provide any path for the US to obtain sovereignty?

            Yes, via perfected treaties [not proposed treaties or failed treaties, but treaties consented to by the US Senate] permit the US to acquire title.

            Is there a perfected or Senate-consented to treaty of annexation? No. Since there is no perfected or consented to treaty including annexation, there is no treaty-based acquisition of sovereignty.

            Three strikes and yer out but only one strike means ‘yer out’. So the ‘annexation’ is ‘wrong’ in all possible ways and not right in any.

            To review:
            IL doesn’t allow wartime annexations;
            The US constitution does not expressly authorize annexation [assuming it could which it may not]; and
            there is no perfected treaty only a failed treaty.

            In other words: You can’t get there [annexation] from here. Don’t argy-bargy with me. Argue with the law: International law and US law and Hawaiian Kingdom law on whether annexations are lawful. It’s like a carjacker. Does the carjacker have the car? [i.e. in factual possession of the islands?] Yes. The carjacker ‘has’ the car. But does the carjacker have the ‘right’ or title to the car. No. The carjacker factually possesses but does not legally own the car. The US is factually present in the HK but it does not ‘own’ it and it doesn’t matter how long the carjacker has the car. Title never passes to the unlawful occupier.

  6. The lawful process is in accordance with Hawaiian custom, not so much statutes of dynasties before. Follow the traditional customs and know the ways in which dynasties and rulers before maintained their power and/or people. Whereas, some dynasties or families may have varying customs and particulars, class differences.
    Seizing the Hawaiian Islands to protect US citizens and to establish a Federal outpost was the purpose and aim under the commerce clause. Incorporating an unincorporated territory & people however can only be done as well as effectively controlled by a constructive trust via the masterful conveyance of language, legalise, in Federal acts and statutes. Alas, the fraudulent misrepresentation of the Hawaiian Kingdom as the State of Hawaii via the fraudulent misrepresentation of oneself as a US citizen.
    The nation dominated by the US corporation, not the US of America has been buried alive by it’s own people who choose to go under in order to survive but protest although in vain. Out of the matrix of domestic relations and into the realm of foreign relations as 3rd party beneficiaries of Hawaiian treaties where the only thing suspending Hawaiian self government is specifically the execution of the agreement to restore Queen Liliu’okalani. You must approach equity with clean hands!
    If their JUST powers come from the consent of the governed, then their INJUST/War powers come from the domination of the governed. They only have your mind, must you live as US citizens in your ancestral homelands. We are all forgiven thankfully. Carry on!

    • Sorry but you failed, did not provide the citations referencing Hawaiian Kingdom Law, Civil Code or the Hawaiian Constitution. You did not even cite an example where a Monarch obtained the thrown through your Hawaiian custom theory. You must be stuck in the Kingdom of Hawaii time zone instead of the Hawaiian Kingdom. Stick to your corporate U.S. citizen vs. American citizen rhetoric and don’t worry about us Hawaiians.

      • You must learn about what Dr. Young termed “identities based in legal quicksand.” Indeed there is no dissonance here.

        • Once again with your gibberish and no facts based in law. You must learn to hide your ignorance better. The world is watching. A wise man once said “…it is best to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt…”

    • The airlines will continue in the Hawaiian Kingdom, The good news you can fly to America to be an American. We have not gotten around to dual citizenship as of yet. You seriously didnt think this time around the insurgents will have a place in the kingdom? Besides being a traitor, they beat our children to speak english, to become liars, to cheat, and to be honest is fool hearted. Isnt that right Abercrumbie.. Its a comedy you were at Obama’s birth, when Kapiolani Hospital says they have no records of Obama ever being born at Kapiolani Hospital. hahahaha…

      • The Truth Is The Strength of Light, To Reach Heaven One Must go Thru Hell ..The Path is Set, Vision Clear. Mere Mortals Opinions Due Not Hold Water In An Court Of Law, With-Out Facts! Righteous Shade is Upon Use. IMUA

  7. Sad one too many excuses all documents is in order the US and UN walk hand in hand dragging this illegal occupation everything is written in Blood and they still insist that what they did was legally made was wrongful act against a peaceful people just to protect against the very World against the 🇺🇸 and it’s hidden agendas made from the elites evildoers SICKENING how they came from the caves underground and known as the disagreeable

  8. Wondering… why don’t you (Dr. Sai) run for SOH governor? I know it’s a fraudulent occupying government, but you could make a big difference as gov, expand your visibility to get the word of our occupation out, have the power & pull to make changes, get on news/media in the US & further internationally etc etc. As a protected person in accordance to international law, that would be working within a forced and imposed situation to try to end the occupation, wouldn’t it?
    I know you already have your hands full in your position within the council of regency, but I think it’s worth a try. Just wondering what your take on that is.

  9. The council of regency is a fraud. There are heirs of Victoria Kamamalu and Kauikeaouli and the regency is aware of this. They depend on an absence of a monarch to exist. Many of you are brainwashed by the occupations way of democratic voting. If this is how you feel go to the U.S. Kamehameha designated particular bloodlines of his to rule, specifically his lines through Kaheiheimailie and Keopuolani to mate together to create the ruling line. This is why liholiho and Victoria Kamamalu were husband and wife but they died in England. Kinau and Kauikeaouli were to also mate to create the ruling line which they did and begot Alexander who is not Kauikeaoulis adopted son but his real biological son and Victoria Kamamalu. Kamehameha trusted in his blood hence his son solidified his lands in his descendants for eternity which became known as the crown lands but really just belongs to his descendants and he gives the best lands and fishponds to his daughter Victoria Kamamalu who did continue the ruling bloodline who’s descendants still walk and live today, ua mau ke ea o ka aina I ka pono

    • Kamehameha, you failed just the same as “K” who posted that the Council of Regency is a fraud. I leave you with the same post I posted to “K”, it’s sad that you make such ignorant statements and can’t even articulate any facts to back it. I’ve noticed a trend of those that depend on the same ignorance to support their claim to the throne. The Council of Regency did not shy away from proving their legitimacy. They put themselves through the ultimate test in Larsen vs. Hawaiian Kingdom when that internationally recognized body of legal experts confirmed the validity of the Council of Regency. I can’t say the same for all you other want to Be’s. The Council of Regency is not claiming the throne, not even close. You and those like you are disturbed because the Council of Regency will use the law to implement a legal process for the next Monarch and NOT your conspiracy theories. The only fraud is you K and Kamehameha, for all I know you are one and the same. Either way your wrong.

      • Kekoa you are ignorant to call someone a fraud that you don’t even know. What am I saying that makes you believe I am a fraud? I am not self proclaiming myself as the council of regency. I am stating that there are heirs of Kamamalu and Kauikeaouli that are living and the article says there are no heirs. They posted the article to validate the council of regency. They need there to be no heirs to exist. What don’t you understand about this? You are not responding directly to anything I have written. Your just a groupy of the council of regency who has no authority to act on behalf of the Hawaiian kingdom. I would love to talk to you in person so you can explain to me your thoughts.

        • Kamehameha, K., & K.K., you all need to work on your reading comprehension. First of all, the acting Council of Regency did not say there are no heirs to the throne. Pursuant to the article it was the 1873 Cabinet acting as Council of Regency that made that statement in its address to the Legislative assembly. That statement is speaking to the fact that neither Kamamalu nor Kamehameha V left any heirs to the throne as prescribed by the constitution. Hence the need for the 1873 Cabinet to act as a Council of Regency to assemble the Legislature that elected Lunalilo as new Monarch. Kamamalu and Kamehameha very well may have had heirs but none that was named by the Monarch as successor and confirmed by the House of Nobles.
          This was also the case with Lunalilo. Do you guys GET IT? No heirs to the throne as prescribed under the constitution. This is why the constitution also has articles 25 and 26 which requires the confirmation by the house of nobles to make sure no one from the ali’i class that is to become Monarch is insane, an idiot or convicted of an infamous crime. The presumption here is that even thou you may have the lineage you are all idiots until you prove otherwise. That will be difficult for you guys since by reading what you have been posting you will have a hard time rebutting that presumption.

          • Reread article 22 of the 1864 constitution as well as the 1849 treaty and review Kam lll will and probate. Read up Kekoa. We need our citizens of the Kingdom to be educated. I’m not claiming anything, I’m pointing out mistakes made by the author of the article. Many have a dislike for royal lines from living under a supposed democratic occupation for so long but it is the dna of a kingdom and the reason why we are a Kingdom. Live with it, understand it, research more if you still don’t understand and if you don’t like it participate in the democratic process in the U.S.

  10. Kamehameha, you are the one making the claim that the Council of Regency is fraudulent and that the article is intentionally written in a way to mislead everyone to justify the Council of Regency’s existence. The author of the article documented everything to back the claim it made of no heir to the throne which will result in an election of a Monarch once the Legislature is assembled. You have provided no documentation to rebut the article. Right now, you have the burden to document your claim to the contrary. Don’t be like Judge Kobayashi and try shifting the burden. You made the claim, you carry the burden to provide proof of claim. Don’t try to pass it off by saying I got to read this or that. OH NO you aren’t going to get away with that. I demand proof of claim and if you can’t then everyone reading this will know you are a fraud, making fraudulent claims against the Council of Regency in turn, against the Hawaiian Kingdom. Enough with the excuses and gibberish. Put up or shut up. Your credibility is on the line. Either honor your words or dishonor yourself. Your choice.

    • Lol stay in California Kekoa, i did provide the documentation, u jus neva read em. U jus one haggler dat no can read. I usually don’t stoop to going back and forth with social media maggets but my fren tol me I should post something in response to this fraudulent article so I did. If you can’t read no ask wea my documentation is. I shouldn’t have even given you the documentation I did. If you would like to get on a flight to Hawaii I would love to meet up with you and show you in person and read it for you since you no can read. You can also call me the names to my face and share all your valuable thoughts. If you don’t want to do that then i will wait for you to learn how to read and review the documentation that I did provide. I’m here for u in person Kekoa or maybe Jim from Idaho is your real name. I am here for you whenever you want to talk in person. Until then I am done with this toddler games and going to get back to real kingdom business. All these little play groups can do what they want but in the end there is one King by constitutional law not a guy that spent his life pledging to the American flag and is trying to self proclaim himself with his academic buddies as ruler. Our kingdom is engineered by the finest strains of bloodlines in the world for a reason. The council of regency are makaainana that have aspirations of being rulers which is not how the Kingdom of Hawaii works. For all those that remain loyal to the blood and wishes of Kamehameha I salute you. Over and out

      • Kamemameha, by refusing to lay out the facts to prove your claims all you have done is discredit and dishonor yourself to everyone and to the country. No one will believe anything you have to say. You are done, you have been exposed and everyone sees it clearly. “…It is best to remain silent and be thought a fool then to speak and remove all doubt…” .

        • Your insanity is exposed and your inability to read. As I said you can find all the facts in the 1840 constitution as well as the 1864 constitution article 22. The same article that was the only one left out of a pamphlet of the 1864 constitution that the regency was passing out to communities. Every time a fraudulent group like Nai Aupuni and Kau inoa and countless more arise I will object and attempt to shed light so that the masses can know what their getting into or who is actually the one your trusting to drive the car. If this regency is driving the car, they will sell the car on the highway and jump out and leave the people in the back seat headed for destruction. Nohea, why do you say im an American democrat when you are the one that wants there to be an election ? You do know what democracy is, right? This is the Hawaiian Kingdom, I believe in a ruler that was chosen by blood of the aboriginal stock of Alii. I want to choose from the highest genealogies of our Kings and Queens that ruled this land for thousands of years before us. Is that wrong of me to want? The crown is permanently confirmed to the descendants of Kauikeaouli as it even says in the article above. The constitution of 1840 support this as well as the treaty between the U.S and Hawaiian Kingdom in 1849. If not a Kauikeaouli descendant then a Kamāmalu descendant as in article 22 of the 1864 constitution states. These descendants are of the original stock of Alii. We should be picking for rulers by constitutional law and genealogy not by anything else or by self proclaimed regency’s. Yes I want the person to be sane and rational as they should be by constitutional standards but as a true subject of the Hawaiian Kingdom I understand that I don’t have a vote or say in who rules. That is the difference between a citizen and a subject. You have been fooled because you’ve been living under democracy which isn’t the way of the Hawaiian Kingdom. The way is through the lines that Kamehameha designated to rule the Kingdom. Putting your trust in someone to rule because of their bloodline is a foreign concept to you but it has been done here in the islands for thousands of years. They have attempted to erase the value of genealogy and the science behind it. They have successfully replaced bloodline with money and now you are used to selecting your ruler by who has the most money through elections that make you feel like you have a say in it when you really don’t. Yes I am a Hawaiian patriot with eternal loyalty to the Hawaiian Kingdom and the Kamehameha ruling bloodline. This is what I believe in and as a Kanaka Maoli that descends from subjects of the Hawaiian Kingdom dating back to 1795 I object to the council of regency acting on behalf of the Hawaiian Kingdom.

          • Uz one rio dummeh ah? When H.H.M. King Kalākaua wen go sail around da world, who he wen put in charge? One COUNCIL OF REGENCY headed by H.R.H Princess Liliʻuokalani as regent. Try go look. Da adda ones who wen make up da cabinet, dey wasn’t aliʻi. wise up kanak. u makin us look rio dumb witcho OHFA self.

          • Hugs, hahaha that was some good stuff you wen say. Love it! That for sure when bite him in the okole hahaha. thanks for the joy and info.

          • Kalakaua lost to Queen Emma in the election. William moehonua who was kalakauas grandfather counted the ballots along with criminal Samuel wilder who ended up leasing lands from kalakaua. Riots happened and almost killed Kalakaua and his grandfather as the people knew they had voted for Queen Emma. Kalakaua did a lot of things he shouldn’t have and was just a puppet for the foreigners that would go against the Kingdom. He was never meant to rule nor ever had the blood to. To the commenter below you are making look dumb. I am wise which is why I seek a wise leader to follow with the integrity of Kamehameha which is why I want the ruling line that he designated. The Kingdom is permanently confirmed to Kauikeaoulis descendants. It was hard for many Hawaiians especially kupuna to hear Haunani say we are not Americans but it needed to be said. It is hard for many of you to hear that we still have a Kamehameha stock through Kauikeaoulis descendants that have the right of way to rule. I am a supporter of their right to rule. This is spiritually right and correct by constitutional law. Kauikeaouli preserved our Kingdom, our lands and our government. I am entitled to my belief that one of his descendants should rule. They would be a major stakeholder which I believe is necessary to drive this ship with everything to loose if they were to sell out. The regency has nothing to loose and everything to gain if they sell out. Everybody’s tough online and quick to call names. I can meet anyone in person if you want to talk and discuss matters of the Kingdom. There are actually few of us that are loyal to the Kingdom so I am always open to listen and discuss. We look like what we are, a squabbling race that can’t come together. Just because you don’t like someone else’s thoughts does not give you the right to say a bunch of things you would never say in person. Again Kekoa and Nohea it sounds like your upset about their being royalty which is a sickening thought for most Americans. I’m not saying you are one just that you have been taught to think like one. Who gave authority for Keanu to create a council of regency? Keanu ? Lol you guys are ridiculous that are acting like his attack dogs or maybe you are him using other names. Get rational because the statements directed to me are lacking rationality and substance.

      • Kamehameha, youre, an American Democrat, full of kukai. Hawaiian you are NOT. Didnt take long for the State to send their maget to make sure they can keep what they stole from the Hawaiian people. BUT are you doing it for the emperor? Smells like daikon in here. No worry about the kingdom its not for you. Pay the American people back for the money they sent the Japanese people in Hawaii and the USA for being in the internment camps. Only the 442 can keep their money. War is war..Japan started it.

        • This comment shows that you are insane and irrational. You are a ranter and are deeply confused. None of these comments make any sense therefore I will no longer respond to you like an ice head on the streets.

        • This comment shows that you are insane and irrational. You are a ranter and deeply confused. None of these comments make any sense, therefore i will no longer respond to you like an ice head on the streets.

    • Sad seeing everyone tear down each others opinions when we all in the same wa’a. We all believe in our right to self government and we all are seeking a righteous path with a soul wound. Let no weapon formed against us prosper!
      What really is the problem with anything though…we were not the one’s effected or disenfranchised. Those were our ancestors and granted our souls feel their pain for we are of them, we must all learn to anchor the cry within and focus on the path to independence with unwavering attention to detail. Perhaps we were given more knowledge than we can handle. Perhaps not.
      Truth is we were all born into the fraud as US citizens which as beneficiaries have been perpetuating the fraud under the Admissions act. The same fraudulent system that our Queen filed charges against. You see, it’s the system that is the problem.
      Our ancestors were forced to deal with the Republic and Territory governments. Left near stateless and unable to continue their way of living, they were forced to work and earn a living so they entered this society we now bicker within. Unlike our ancestors, we actually have a choice to renounce that US citizenship. However it must be known that the protections and privileges we have become accustomed to were granted by the sacrifice of our kupuna, to walk into the dark night of US citizenship. Respect that cause we would not be here today bickering if the US didn’t invade.
      What blessings we have been given! Today, the tables have turned. It is we that must now travel along that same path that brought us here via our ancestors. Back into the darkness of night…have we grown enough yet to honor the path and process of repatriation? Have we the intuition to know the way? Only then can one truly say they are not American.
      Otherwise direct energies to Congress, focus on the source of all authority here in these islands for without which the President cannot turn a wheel. Congress ratified the Republic and Territory of Hawaii. And we have US Congress members representing their US citizenry here in these islands that actually funds this entire enterprise.
      Our ancestors lodged the protest dated 9/11/1897. Let us make our demand on 9/11/2022 to Congress to execute the Queens agreement…but not as US citizens, as repatriated Hawaiian nationals.
      It is the nation that must be reconstituted. And it is the people that make the nation which in turn establishes the government which is suspended in treaty. #ExodusProject

      • Well said. However we must discern the the enemy within. Whose purpose is to end the Hawaiian Kingdom, and to defame the Council of Regency. The Council of Regency has taken the matter of the Hawaiian Kingdom to the international court for the Hawaiian people, and their Hawaiian Kingdom.. Their effort and their finances incurred is called a fraud by an individual naming himself Kamehameha,. (that in itself does insult King Kamehameha). Clearly he will be one of many enemies hired to destroy the Hawaiian Kingdom to exist outside of the history books.
        This is the generation chosen to make the Hawaiian Kingdom take its place in the world again. The timing is chosen by the Almighty. The people who were chosen to the International court was born and bred for this task. (be careful how you treat them) “Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves. Be ye therefore wise as serpents and harmless as doves.

        • How am I trying to end the Hawaiian Kingdom by saying that I want to be ruled by a descendant of Kauikeaouli? I think Keanu’s ego is dangerous and reckless. He would rather work against Hawaiians then work with Hawaiians as he created an article to bash individuals that actually produced tangible results from the UN. I want to see someone in charge that doesn’t need to be the center of attention like a 5 year olds birthday party. The Kingdom and it’s people should always be the center of attention and at the forefront. Keanu has been plotting to rule for some time now and if the Kingdom could be restored tomorrow but without his help or recognition he wouldn’t want it. We need a selfless leader with no ego and willing to work with our people not against them. The council of regency has no legitimacy, no authority or sitting monarch has given Keanu’s council any lawful validation. Creating and concocting a case such as Larsen does not give him claim or the regency authority. He is a felon and an ignorant one at that but sane but unwise. I’ve done this before with diehard nai Aupuni members and countless other fraudulent groups. We need the land back first and the Aupuni will follow. Keanu should have been putting his efforts into getting Kauikeaoulis descendants, the chiefs and the people their land back instead of spinning wheels in mud trying to argue with the occupier and thinking he can win at their game. Everyone has a role to play and as long as he is not an inside agent his efforts are welcomed but running our government is not his kuleana nor anyone else’s inside the self proclaimed council of regency. Nohea get yourself to rehab please, the drugs are killing our communities.

          • You are a fraud. Along with your cohorts. War crimes still exist because of the illegal takeover of the Hawaiian Kingdom. Punishment is death. Now that you said Sai is a felon, There was no investigation, just an arrest. Keanu went on to be a professor. ITS OBVIOUS WHO YOU ARE WORKING WITH TO DESTROY THE HAWAIIAN KINGDOM.
            For you to use the name Kamehameha is an insult to our Great King Kamehameha. You are not Hawaiian.

          • The issue of ruling is a domestic issue beyond the international situation at hand. Although it is necessary to analyze and develop, it will be dealt with internally after the walls of our country stands upon the Queens agreement. Let us not get ahead of ourselves. We must deal with Congress first!

          • Nohea, don’t waste your energy. You can’t fix stupid. Stupid is what stupid does. No one takes them seriously. It’s like reality TV of a tragic comedy.

        • The enemy within is thyself. A different opinion doesn’t make an enemy unless one chooses to fight for a cause against all! It should be understood that we as a people have suffered enough and we should not be the ones to divide ourselves further by opinion. We must learn to aloha the aloha ‘aina in everyone. Let people speak, and listen without prejudice. Challenging and traversing is unnecessary for now.

          • Lies, disinformation and misrepresentations for personal agendas are not opinions. We don’t hate anyone we hate the lies. We don’t need to listen to lies we expose the lies and the liars. You have all been exposed. Credibility gone, honor gone, personal agendas gone. No one takes you guys seriously. They just laugh at you.

  11. I want to give a shout out to Kamehameha, K., K.K., Righteous Concepts and all your crew. At first, I was upset with your posts but now you guys make my day. I can’t wait to see your latest posts. You guys say the most stupidest shit and I can’t stop laughing. Mahalo

      • Nohea, how is it an insult to Kamehameha if I’m advocating for his descendants to continue the rule of his kingdom as his last wishes were exactly that. It is you that are an insult to Kamehameha. I have been fighting for the Kingdom my entire life against ignorant Americans and Hawaiians that have been subjected to a false nationality identification of being American. It is said in the constitution that you can not have committed crimes, I was under the impression and heard from many people that Keanu has a criminal record. Am I wrong? If I am then that is fine. Who appointed Keanu to the council of Regency? Does Keanu come from the aboriginal stock of Alii? Like what I have to write or not these are questions that should be asked and many more questions of someone that wants to rule the Hawaiian Kingdom. I have been in support of him for a long time but his recent attempts in the article he published to commit genealogical genocide against the ruling Kamehameha bloodline is unacceptable and his knocking down of the noble families and individuals that have been in the fight for the Kingdom while he was pledging allegiance to the American flag and under the occupiers military is concerning. Any body that all of a sudden wants to rule a country especially the Hawaiian Kingdom should be questioned and as a subject of this Kingdom I am entitled to ask questions, state my opinion and offer my Mana’o as are you yours. You embarrass yourself and our country by telling Hawaiians their not Hawaiian because they aren’t on their knees for the regency like you. You doing this makes me wonder if your a haole from California who thinks their Hawaiian because you make comments on this website. I am Hawaiian and I am a subject of the Hawaiian Kingdom and questions need to be asked about the self proclaimed regency that wants to rule our country. As Kamehamehas wishes are written on pg 152 of John papa ii book fragments of Hawaiian history I intend to fight for the rightful heirs to rule the Hawaiian Kingdom. There is no greater honor to Kamehameha than this. Mahalo for your manao but please keep the conversations rational and without the nonsense, reckless writing, rants and name calling. It makes us look irrational and incapable of running our own country to outsiders looking in. It is great that you are so involved but you must practice your diplomacy and ability to read and respond appropriately because I am just one of many that do not agree with the self proclaimed regency ruling when the occupation comes to an end. If this is the way you talk to people in person your manao will not make it far, not in this country, your comments are best fitted for a United States citizen.

          • This Kamehameha is obviously kanak, we gotta stop with the hate and fighting amongst ourselves, we don’t need recognition from anybody or any country besides ourselves. Once we can come together as one and move as one we will stand as the Hawaiian nation we are. We gotta stop dragging each other down. Nohea, Kekoa, righteous concepts Kk and Kamehameha all make good points. We gotta listen with aloha cuz we all goin tru da same oppressive an corrup shit. The council of regency did what they had to do cuz no one else was doing it but brada or sisda Kamehameha makes good points and is referencing and sticking up for what he believes in with intelligent statements. We gotta support each other, we have but one enemy and it is not ourselves.

          • Kamehameha is obviously kanak, Nohea, Kekoa, kk, righteous, and Kamehameha all making good points. We gotta stop fighting amongst ourselves, we neva gonna go anywea if we all don’t come together an move together as one. The council of regency is doing what needs to be done cuz no one else is doing it but Kamehameha is saying relavent, intelligent things backed up with references that are legit. Good for him or her sticking up for their believes and da Kamehameha line. We all gotta move as one. We no need recognition from any other country but ourselves. Once we all are under the same flag we will be the nation we are. We all tired of dis corrup state and all da shit an lies dat comes along wit it. Mahalo to all my countryman and women. Godbless the Hawaiian Kingdom and all da work everyone doing. We have but one enemy and it is not ourselves.

          • King Kamehameha’s name should not be used for the name of a hotel, highway, or any other Hawaiian. Since the so called person uses that name as a nick is not Hawaiian but is more American You either are or you’re not. Thats why Hawaii is bleeping up today. Lets draw a line. Do you want to be the 50th State or the Hawaiian Kingdom? All those who want to be part of the Hawaiian Kingdom stand to the right hand of King Kamehameha, and Queen Liliuokalani. Those on the left does not need to be present. Hoapili peace/trashing the “council” is down right stupid. The council is busting their azz, using their own money and time to fly to Hague where the International Court of Justice and International Criminal Court, IS NOT A SMALL THING. Read up on the gravity that was required from the “council” to even be seen by the judges. Read the letters that were sent to several judges and Ige from the International Court, that Hawaii, is not the 50th state but the Hawaiian Kingdom. Thus far this blog from the “council” is educational, and we should be thankful for all their making the Hawaiian Kingdom successful, we are home, well educated.

  12. All i want is to just have our Hawaiian kingdom up and running and controlled by Hawaiian subjects is that to much to ask to agree or disagree is ok too but you can’t stop the truthfulness

  13. way too many chief not many like follow because there short sided thinking about how they want to run things sad let keanu fi hisi good works so all can benefit not just want to bee’s sad look and see the want to be queen going to balls and meeting with diplomats in other country talking about what did she share with the whole of the kanaka people NO! LET THE WATER FLOW THROUGH KEANU’S HANDS what is doing will benefit al not just one family like how these others think alll is mind and nothing for it’s people they forgot the kings and queens wer elected let that process go on without the people there is NO KINGDOM

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