Issues that Matter: Italian Universities invite Dr. Sai to present on Hawai‘i’s Occupation

Dr. Lynette Cruz, host of “Issues that Matter,” interviews Dr. Keanu Sai on recent trip to Italy. Dr. Sai was invited to participate in an academic conference in Ravenna, Italy, as well as guest lectures as the University of Siena Law School and at the University of Torino.

13 thoughts on “Issues that Matter: Italian Universities invite Dr. Sai to present on Hawai‘i’s Occupation

  1. Can’t hear it. Can a get a transcript of this? Very interested to know what the relationship with Italy and the HAWAIIANKINGDOM is and what Pope Francis has to say about the deception and illegal occupation.

  2. Mahalo Hi’ilani and Keanu!

    Very informative information regarding how rhetoric was applied in the de-nationalization of Hawaiian citizens, and the awakening of truth in Italy regarding the Hawaii-Italy Treaty.

    Because the Italy-Hawaii Treaty binds our States, Italian citizens residing in Hawaii could find it useful to prevent unlawful United States acts against them such as pillaging. Italian citizens could file charges against the Hawaiian Kingdom government for not protecting their rights in similar fashion as did Lance Larson, a Hawaiian Kingdom citizen.

    Multiple actions by citizens of other Treaty States residing in Hawaii could invigorate international pressure on the United States to abide by the laws of occupation.

    It is very sad that de-nationalization has had such negative results on many members of the Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs. This explains why Hawaiians de-nationalized to believe they are Americans now control the direction of the Association.

    It is refreshing to hear that Hui Aloha Aina, Honolulu Chapter is developing it’s membership. Hui Aloha Aina birthed the Anti-Annexation (Ku’e) Petition of 1897 containing 21,269 signatures of Hawaiians, regardless of race, who opposed United States attempts to annex the Hawaiian Kingdom.

    Hui Aloha Aina brings our nation full circle,to before rhetoric began erasing the truth of who we are and where we are; Hawaiians residing in the Hawaiian Kingdom.

    Mahalo, Isaac “Paka” Harp

  3. Help,
    Dr. Lynette Cruz mentioned newly formedHui Aloha Aina and how to join was to be showed at the end of video but video cut off. Could someone kindly provide email or contact number?

    • Aloha. The main website is Each district branch has it’s own website.

      If you are in an area that does not yet have a district branch, you can choose to be an “at large” member. You may be directed to an existing branch or asked to start a district branch in your area.

  4. Confirmation Bias, huh? Sounds like Alfred Mahan’s doomsday hyperbole theory that Japan might take over Hawaii if the United States does not. (Yeah, brah, go study Hawaiian-Japanese relations) Wow! That explains Robert Wilcox’s uniform! At first I thought that was our own Hawaiian-style uniform for the armed forces of the H.K. and we just adopted the Italian style. But just wow! Hell I would even join Robert Wilcox under his command as a paramilitary soilder and fight anyone who commits treason against the H.K. like those bastards who started it all in 1887 (Excuse my language; I just hate our traitors and I cannot wait for what they have done to their own countrymen and aina to be destroyed) Now Italy is another country Hawaii has a connection too. Also including Japan, Switzerland, China, and Great Britain. Very fascinating to know about the European education system where it is based on education itself and not opinions, where, yeah, America has a hell of a lot of opinions. Even when it comes to our history. I even wonder myself if the H.K. system of education is based off that European education system. It sounds like it considering that anyone who runs or is selected to be in government, by law, they cannot be an idiot.

    I want my legal government back.

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