Island of O‘ahu Targeted for Nuclear Strikes

The United States prolonged and illegal occupation of the Hawaiian Islands is a direct violation of Hawai‘i’s neutrality. Article 1 of the 1907 Hague Convention, V, provides “The territory of neutral Powers is inviolable,” and Article 2 provides “Belligerents are forbidden to move troops or convoys of either munitions of war or supplies across the territory of a neutral Power.” The United States’ violation of these Articles have placed the residents of the Hawaiian Islands into harms way when Japan attacked U.S. military installations on O‘ahu on December 7, 1941, and continue to place Hawai‘i’s residents in harms way in the event of a nuclear attack.

According to the U.S. Department of Defense’s Base Structure Report for 2012, the U.S. military has 118 military sites that span 230,929 acres of the Hawaiian Islands, which is 20% of the total acreage of Hawaiian territory. As the headquarters for the U.S. Pacific Command, being the largest unified command in the world, the Hawaiian Islands is targeted for nuclear strikes by Russia and China. At present the concern is North Korea, as well as any adversary of the United States.

In 1990, the United States Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) published Risks and Hazards: A State by State Guide. One of the subjects included nuclear targets and identified 6 nuclear targets on the island of O‘ahu that coincided with the locations of military posts of the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines. Also included as a target is the Headquarters of the U.S. Pacific Command at Camp Smith that lies in the back of a residential area in Halawa. According to FEMA, the entire Island of O‘ahu would be obliterated if a nuclear attack were to take place.


Americanization has desensitized Hawai‘i’s population and has made the presence of the U.S. military in the islands normal. Americanization has also erased the memory of the U.S. invasion in 1893 and portrayed the military presence as protecting the islands from an aggressor country intent on invasion, when in fact the Hawaiian Islands were seized in 1898 to serve as a defense to protect the United States west coast from invasion.

NewlandsAfter the defeat of the Spanish Pacific Squadron in the Philippines, U.S. Congressman Francis Newlands (D-Nevada), submitted House Resolution 259 annexing the Hawaiian Islands (also known as the Newlands Resolution), to the House Committee on Foreign Affairs on May 4, 1898.

Six days later, hearings were held on the Newlands Resolution, and U.S. Naval Captain Alfred Mahan’s testimony explained the military significance of the Hawaiian Islands to the United States:

“It is obvious that if we do not hold the islands ourselves we Mahancannot expect the neutrals in the war to prevent the other belligerent from occupying them; nor can the inhabitants themselves prevent such occupation. The commercial value is not great enough to provoke neutral interposition. In short, in war we should need a larger Navy to defend the Pacific coast, because we should have not only to defend our own coast, but to prevent, by naval force, an enemy from occupying the islands; whereas, if we preoccupied them, fortifications could preserve them to us. In my opinion it is not practicable for any trans-Pacific country to invade our Pacific coast without occupying Hawai‘i as a base.”

The Hawaiian Islands was and continues to be the outpost to protect the United States and their presence in the Hawaiian Islands is in violation of international law and the laws of occupation.

49 thoughts on “Island of O‘ahu Targeted for Nuclear Strikes

  1. Wow. Just wow. I cannot stand reading this! This is the #1 thing I hate and furthermore FEAR under this occupation! Because of the illegal U.S. military heavy presence here, everyone in Hawaii, especially on Oahu has a invisible red “X” stained on their forehead! Even though we, the subjects of Hawaii, are innocent people that have nothing to do with being attacked, there is no question we all would get caught in the crossfire! Especially from a nuclear attack!

    I love my countrymen! I would really feel heart-stabbed and dark-sided to see my countrymen get badly hurt in this “Wizard of Oz” world! Especially those that are unaware of Hawaii’s legal history! Its bad enough that we all have been subjected to this “pandemic disease” that has been filling our psyches ever since we were born (Americanization) such as the propaganda justification of having the American military presence in Hawaii a good thing. But to have us also in danger from being caught in a foreign attack, along with all the propaganda and indoctrination filled in our minds, I’m just speechless!

    There is not a day that goes by that I do not feel fear of an foreign attack on the HK because of this occupation! For example, I get images, especially at night, of first hearing a loud roar reverberating throughout the sky. Then seeing a bright, white light racing in a flash and striking an area making a loud, heavy bang that would shake the ground! I can’t let go of those images! They scare me! Not to mention I live right in front of one of the illegal U.S. military bases! (Kaneohe MCBH)

    Here is something I would like to share. Even though I don’t believe what North Korea says, this still sent chills to my spine! (If you watch this for 16 minutes out of the 30 minutes of this documentary, there is 2 scenes where they mention Hawaii and that’s not the English translation talking!)

    Aloha to all!
    (By the way, just to rest assure everyone, I have nothing against the U.S. military. In fact I feel very sorry for them. I just hate their military presence here because not only is it illegal, but life threatening to everyone in Hawaii).

  2. Aloha Iolani and thank you for your thoughts. This is mine…I live in Waimanalo where there are munitions and secret minute men torpedos still in the ground, although absolete, still not safe. I am by all means not looking for a beef with the US military. Like you I feel they are here illegally and asking for more lands has to be addresses, which I will be doing in June. In our community, every second Monday at 7 pm our community has Neighborhood meetings to discuss issues and as usual you have all the government types and those asking or building up towards getting grants for their projects speaking at these meetings. You are invited to ours that is usually held at the Waimanalo Library or on the base at Bellows…go on to Tinker Road, follow it until you come to an open gate with several building set back…that is the auditorium for the National Guard…ask anyone there and they will tell you if you are at the right place.

    As for your fears…I don:t have fear or thoughts that you have because fear, is their weapon of choice these days. I do alot of meditation and learning about how to not Iet fear into my life…so I pay attention to world news and other entities talking on the internet and know this much…we (humans) are not the only ones in this universe…we are not the only planet…the US is not the only Superpower in this world…there are other beings who are more superior than any military on earth.

    I am certain that Hawaii will not be wiped out as the threats are being made by all these crazy MEN…not women…MEN with egos bigger than this planet and one day soon, they will answer to their evil ways…but like you I am sad for them because they know what is right and still doing wrong…that is an act of aggression that is taught in schools that the US is the best country in the world…well, not anymore.

    Things can change according to our beliefs in a higher being, higher governments that need to be made pono again, takes alot of work…I have been praying for peace since I was 14 years old when President Kennedy was killed…then the Viet Nam War and Civil Rights are just some of the other things that happened, before September 11, 2001. Never be afraid. Think Aloha. Love. That is our message.

    The US military and what they stand for, is war, is the opposite of what Hawaii stands for, known the world over of this word, aloha…and that originated over 3,000 air miles away from America…did they really think they would get away with it? or, that they were going to kill us anyway? But we are still here. That sounds like another holocaust plan except this is in Hawaii, the land of Aloha…therefore, War and Aloha cannot take up the same space…and it:s not Aloha that has to leave the scene…it is through several ways that many were being taken advantage of by three generations of ancestors, relatives and their friends made money during the industrial development in America transferred to Hawaii before we had ours together, is only getting resolved in our generation, due to the interest of some of the smartest Hawaiians who were ambitious, young and Hawaiian, by nationality.

    To overcome the fear, one has to practice the art of meditation, being still, no talking, no eating or drinking for 12 hrs. The next time, a little longer and so on. A schedule has to be posted and record kept to see who comes to get healed.

    Mahalo Piha,
    Kawehi Kanui
    Waimanalo Ahupuaa

    I have five children and five grand children…as a woman my instincts tell me that I cannot allow the US military and their governments use our children to be their slaves…so I continue to look for answers and still continuing that walk today, vowed never to give up until our kingdom is restored. When I read this story, I already knew that but continue to move forward with my prayers and beliefs that peace is doable, with the right formulation and people…it is us.

    • Aloha, Rita! Beautiful! Just beautiful! I think I’ll start doing that– meditating in the spirit of Aloha! I always say Aloha is not only our ideology, but is magic! I also try not to let those fears run me! Its bad enough that before I learned the legal history of Hawaii, I was under the “Dark-Side of Aloha” I don’t want to go back to that again!

    • Aloha Rita, this is a very elegant and stirring response. I do work in communities with projects oriented around peace seeking and the transmutation of war thinking and war assets into new, more productive focuses. I’d love to hear more of your thoughts on this topic and possibly have you contribute some writing to a ceremonial event I am planning on Oahu later this year. Email me at alckemical at gmail dot com if you like.

    • I have no fear and I do not practice meditation. Not to say that meditation has no value, however living Hawaiian and Kanaka there is no fear. Yes we are not the only entity in this world and yes to all you mentioned. That is just scratching the surface of what is really out there. The kino is just a mere vessel, vehicle or container if you will of the pure energy that operates within sometimes called a soul, but not limited to that name. The kino dies and we move on in different dimensions of our choice. I am not afraid of death because it just means birth somewhere else or returning from whence we came. All these pilau will have their day thatʻs all Iʻll say. Malama ko kino…

  3. Yes, I can confirm…

    When I was in High School during the late 70’s, listening to the teacher talk about being in the U.S. military, he said had chance to go to NORAD, the Command Center for America and how they protect from us all from foreign attack. He explained how United States protects the North, South, East and West boarders. An Officer giving a presentation said don’t worry “WE ARE ALL PROTECTED and COVERED HERE, America is safe”. My teacher was a military officer from Hawaii, he raised hand to ask a question after identifying who he was. I am stationed and from Hawaii what kind of protection do we have for Hawaii. The Officer said, “We have to sacrifice a few to save the majority” with a cold straight face. My teacher blew his mind, said “got it”, kept his mouth shut, returned to Hawaii and retired from the U.S. military.

    So my guess in the game of chess, Hawaii is the pawn, Sacrificing Hawaii to save the United States. America needs to stop…Obama needs to carry out the Agreement of Restoration and pull out the U.S. Military from Hawaii so we aren’t the target anymore. So North Korea stop using Hawaii as their first strike target.

    Just my Mana’o

  4. It’s exactly what happen to Pearl Harbor. President Roosevelt sacrificed Hawaii to save the U.S. and have Japan bomb Pearl Harbor. Common sense, we have been lied to, used and most of all they had taken away our culture, aina and dignity. Now it is up to us to stand together and say, ” ENOUGH IS ENOUGH “. Keanu and Dexter is doing what is right and we need to stand with them every inch of the way.

  5. Aloha e Hawaiian Kingdom,

    Kalamai i`au. This comment is meant to appear in the blog regarding the Jones Act — tariffs on goods coming into Hawaii, etc. There is no comment option on its posting.
    He ninau wau keia: Everyone in Hawaii have contributed to America’s wealth. My question is how and who will administer the restitution from the US’s illegal extortion, including income taxes and yearly State and Federal tax filings. That is a lot of years of theft. What avenue will the HK take to get back what was unjustly taken. I’m thinking the United States is obligated under International Law Administration but not real sure. Can you explain the process given Hawai`i’s unique situation?

    Mahalo nui loa.

  6. This is a difficult forum to read as I agree so much as kupuna kane with what is brought here. In the 70 years since my birth in Honolulu by watching and being involved I have been taught as much and mostly by the wahine. Should not the wahine step up again and lead? The kane cannot…that is evident. My pule and meditaion doesn’t change anything except within me while outside of me the home of my birth and it’s ohana are treated as “much less than” by foreign kane. Ku`e!! of course!! Huli?!! Don’t hesitate. Change this illegal occupation thing and all of the mana po it has brought our Hawaiian existance. The military is mindless men and I know that from experience having served in their military…fearful and sick.
    I emplore Akua daily…Kokua mai…mahalo

      • Does not Kane have Wahine course its veins? Macho Kane may have dominate Kane but what about ones they call mahu or tom boy? Mahu has dominate wahine, tom boy dominate kane. So if a kane kino with dominate wahine rules, what say you? Chromosome, Y, XY Ike? My ike is that I am glad it was a wahine running our country at the time for kane would be more likely to engage in war, then we would have been conquered.

  7. The U.S. and it’s occupying forces must leave the Hawaiian Kingdom immediately, without delay. Lacking a Treaty of Cession, they are in Hawaii illegally. For the U.S. to delay, hem and haw, to try and concoct a plebescite like Kanai’olowalu in order to justify its 50th State status, is a waste of time. All in violation of International law and U.S. Constitutional law. We must persist by insisting on their departure from our homeland, the Hawaiian Kingdom post haste. Their current stance in Hawaii today is an immoral one. They must abide by the Rule of Law, the law of the land, Hawaiian Kingdom Law.

    For the U.S. to use the Hawaiian kingdom once again as a sacrificial anode to provide for it’s nuclear cathodic protection and incursion of the american continent, is a travesty of justice. It is an imposition on the safety and peace of our sovereign homeland. It is nihilism, a crime against humanity and most certainly a war crime.

  8. Dr. Keanu Sai has artriculated eloquently the recall of our historical memory in the Hawaiian Kingdom. In particular, the Lili’uokalani Assignment and Agreement of Restoration, two contractual treaties that Queen Lili’uokalani and U.S. President Grover Cleveland agreed to in December 1893. These two treaties were never consummated nor carried out to completion. This Assignment and Agreement has remained open to this very day. The Executive Branch of the U.S. Government and in particular the succeeding Presidents since that time, have been callous and ignoble in carrying out the duties of their office.

    Therefore, it seems to me, given the facts that Dr. Sai has put forth here, is an appropriate time to call upon the Executive Office of the United States to meet with the Hawaiian Kingdom Regency Council, to faithfully carry out and finalize these Executive Agreements. President Barak Obama would be given the opportunity to honorably acknowledge and implement the tenets of the Lili’uokalani Assignment and Agreement of Restoration and thus a lasting Peace.

    The repercussions of continued delay can only amplify the negative results to american integrity abroad and on an international level.

    Hu mai ke aloha no ka aina.

  9. It would be nice if President Obama would acknowledge Hawaiian Kingdom as a “Nation”. Yet! we need remember he is the President of the United State, if he was to fight for what is truly right for Hawaii it would make him and non American citizen. With that being said, the U.S. may force to remove him as President, BUT, on the other hand, with the lies and fraud the U.S. had done to the people of Hawaii, they should be a shame and let Obama fulfill the rest of his term, he did not make the mistake the U.S. did.

    The living family today should be A SHAME of what their ancestor had done, not just the people of Hawaii but for all who they were connected with in doing this SHAMEFUL mess. Yes! you may say it’s not their fault, but, in their heart they’ve known the truth all along, just like we have known the truth from our grandparents and we will continue educating the truth to our children and grandchildren.

    Please for give me for venting, I just wish all the cards will be laid on the table, the AINA be given back to the people and be compensated for what they had put our people through for 100+ years.

    • The greatest Presidential pardon of Obama’s second term would be to pardon the Hawaiian Kindom of over 120 years of the prolonged, illegal U.S. occupation, by complying with the executive agreements and initiating the de-occupation process.

  10. E Kala Mai, just sharing my thoughts after reading all of the comments regarding this writing that Hawaii is a target for superpower aggressive murderers around the world.
    Given what we know and have known but had no confirmation until our generation (born 1949) was born, with the manaoio from ancestors abound and the history books that hewa came to our shores in 1778 and it is that far back we have to go, to clear and heal inside of ourselves where the universe also resides that needs to be healed in order to get these war mongers off our aina…as I said, and truly believe that Aloha and War cannot exist in the same space and just from that spiritual vantage point we can focus, pule and concentrate on peace, inside and outside of our bodies. There are many things we are not privy to and that is something I believe many in Hawaii and Hawaiians in particular would not be able to handle…but we have to, for the sake of our children and their children. We are not like the US who sacrifices their young to satisfy their evil and dirty deeds…we are more respectful of human lives…ours. Why? because we are the healers of this planet and peoples…we believe in the practice of Aloha…within and with out. Simple. Meditate and concentrate on love and aloha…nothing else, think of your ohana and all the fun things you did together and the things you love…dismiss war and continue to do good in your community everyday while we wait for new news on the episode of the Hawaiian Kingdom government and arrests of the judges etc.

    Mahalo Piha,

  11. Thank you Wayne for that input on the Jones Act…sounds like something we need to take to the next level and repeal that act in Hawaii based on the history of Hawaii and more interesting is to find out how many businesses were left out of trade and commerce because of this and because of the lies that the US told the world about Hawaii being their golden egg sort of speak, again causing another lie to defer the ability for all countries to trade in Hawaii…to me, that is where the crimes are and in todays world, it is very important the this act is repealed, what do you think about that? Hmmm, there seems to be more greed today than every before because of this act. At the same time, I believe Doreen raised a good question…Who is going to administer these findings? Can you answer her question? Mahalo.

    • Aloha Rita,

      I believe this matter will eventually be addressed by the Hawaiian Kingdom government along wiith other matters of concern!
      The question everyone awaits is when?

      A hui hou,

  12. It seems imperative to me that a timeline be declared soon, rather than later, by the Hawaiian Kingdom Regency Council to propose a meeting with the interim State Government of Hawaii to repectfully step aside and allow our Hawaiian Kingdom Legislative Assembly to assume the duties of their current offices.

    The Hawaiian Kingdom has the intelligencia and professional accumen available to proceed with the duties at hand, to provide for the governance of our island nation. It is also important to inform the U.S. Pacific Command of our intent to administer the Hawaiian Kingdom’s responsiblities and social-economic affairs.

  13. Dear Frank, thank you for your manaoio and have to agree to do that, in order to move forward. In Waimanalo we have to resolve issues that the US military and their helpers on the neighborhood board are doing with them, can be seen as WAR CRIMES/GENOCIDE because the proposals, resolutions and plans they support goes against HK Laws, our people and the other people who are our extended ohana who supports our model of government, to be made better but is being dragged out and prolonged longer than necessary. Clearly, the US had 120 years to make their corrections, The State of Hawaii had 54 years and the homesteaders like myself have been working for over 40 years, volunteering, to put our people on their lands and to utilize our lands, to make money, so we do not have to rely on Fed. or grants …we can depend on ourselves and to reach out to help those in need such as our kupuna (elderly) and keiki (newborns on up)…to create businesses, schools, training classes, cultural practices and spirituality into the future…while recording all the homes etc. on our lands and get down to brass tax about who can live here, is just one of the biggest questions that the House of Representatives need to resolve. I agree that there are very many capable and hard working people who can run the government, their communities, their families and selves within 10 years. That should be our stand going into the future on this question of the restoration of our government, but it starts with making a break through somewhere soon. As I have always said, see you all at the luau. Mahalo Piha, Kawehi

    • Aloha no e Kawehi for your ackowledgement and kind words. There’s an old saying, “ke ano o ka manawa ua ho’okina… the sign of the times is continuous rain”. It means new growth, greenery, joy, happiness and our Hawaiian Kingdom being restored. It takes all of us working together supporting our Hawaiian Regency Council Leaders to make it a reality and it is happening.

      Your kokua and hard work does not go unnoticed. We just have to persevere, ho’omanawanui to bring about our Hawaiian Kingdom’s just fate and Restoration. We must not be distracted by the confidence fairies that try to lead us astray.

      E pili makou ‘onipa’a,

  14. Aloha Keanu,

    I heard a disturbing news report today and stayed silent in meditation to pule for peace and freedom for the world. At a press conference today at the UN, Hillary Clinton, announced the new Obama Foreign Policy, because they have squandered their money with all these fake killings, unnecessary wars, mortgage scams and stealing gold from the Germans and other countries…is their goal, to
    steal, kill and pillage the world…especially national and nation-states as well as small island nations…which includes Hawaii. What do you think of that and what can be do to move forward on serving the warrants? Please keep us updated.

    I am open to comments to this new issue. 6-21-13.

    Mahalo Piiha,
    Kawehi Kanui, Waimanalo

    This comment is to add to what just happened today and what it means for this work that

  15. Aloha, I agree. The US had 120 years, the State of Hawaii had 54 years and look at where it is at? I believe they should step aside and restore our government to move forward with the warrants, serve them and work with the ICC and the people of the world with a good strong systems of communications, even if there is no internet. Meanwhile, we shall pule for positive, peaceful and compassionate transition with aloha.

    Now that there was another Obama policy issued today 6-21-13, to bring down all the nation-states, nationals, small nations and wee nations of their resources and all of their rights, to begin the one world order. Much to think about.


  16. Brave souls need to step up to the plate…we have activated the Hawaiian Womens League to host meetings and conferences to educate, train and plan for a take back of our government. Until we get notice from Dr. Sai to hold it up, we are moving forward in a respectful way to at least have a discussion on the way forward. We will be requesting for another meeting with Dr. Sai, to be hosted by our community, the Waimanalo Ahupuaa Hui and the Waimanalo Neighborhood Board to invite all homesteaders and neighbors from Waimanalo to hear the latest in Hawaiian Kingdom cases and the community development plans to be taken up by the nationals of this community. Every ahupuaa should host a meeting as needed…otherwise, read the website… and the Hawaiian Kingdom sites for your education and updates. The other thing to do that will help tremendously, is to pule and meditate for at least 15 minutes, in silence and breathing exercises…very important to our security.

    • Aloha e Kawehi,
      Please keep me informed on the meetings schedule in Waimanalo. I want to attend. Would you also direct me to the article you mention re the UN press conference by Hillary Clinton on Obama’s Foreign Policy dated 6-21-13?

      • Aloha Doreen Kealohanui I presume? My number for you an who ever wants to be a part of this meeting are invited…as long as you present your tutus name, to enter…meetings are free…membership will be discussed. My number is 688-8334…my email address is below. Call of write to me. I am busy but leave me a message and I will return your call. Mahalo Piha.

  17. Continuation….as for the site to read what I wrote? Tried to find it, have not found it yet. I remember seeing it about three or four days ago…but if you Google something to do with the latest Foreign Relations Committee meeting that passed the Obama policy some say, to get rid of the smaller independent and nation-state countries, basically those that disagree with their form of greedy, bullying and ugly ways to resolve issues instead of using the diplomatic way…cannot give up. But these superpowers BRICS
    acronym for, the heads from; Britain, Russia, India, China and So. Africa are the coalition of murderers that make up BRICS, it is imperative that we maintain our status to the end.

    Mahalo Piha,

  18. Aloha Doreen, Google; Veterans Today and read, Obama Backs First Strike Nuclear War as US Policy. (sorry my computer is not well today)….In the article it speaks with fork tongue…unclarity…needs to be taken apart word by word…use a Blacks Dictionary and use our situation for example…it is very hard to translate the kaona, but it is there. I hope this will help. Just sharing.

  19. Current global alignments agreements and population and environment say no one needs nor wants Hawaii so figure the debt and drought and AlohaOye

  20. If Hawaii wasn’t occupied by the US, it would be occupied by someone else. Part of the reason Pearl harbor was bombed was not only to cripple the US fleet, but to also try and take Hawaii for itself which would allow for staging forces for a West coast invasion. Too many people fail to realize the global strategic location that Hawaii provides. Go on and be mad all you like, I’ll put money down that if the US moved out, someone else will move in. You think you got problems now? Imagine if imperial Japan had taken Hawaii. Remember now, Germany and Japan were on the same side… Two countries that were absolutely ruthless to the countries they occupied and even their own people.

    Why would Oahu be nuked? You do know that doing so would make the island and the rest of the state uninhabitable for 1000s of years. Especially with the power of today’s nuclear weapons which are 100s of times more powerful than those that were dropped in Japan at the end of WWII. Also imagine IF Japan and Germany had taken Hawaii… There would be no Hawaiians at all for the most part after they had their way and the US would’ve probably ended up bombing the dogpiss out of the islands to repel any further advances toward the mainland.

  21. I Guess When The Nuclear Strikes Begin on Hawaiian Soil ”We” The Native Hawaiian Kanakama’oli People Will Just Have To Place Our Heads Between Our Legs And Kiss Our Butts Good Bye As We Will Have No Where To Hide From This Devastating Weapons Of Mass Destruction , May God Help Us !!!!!

  22. Classic de-nationalization education–make us believe that someone other country would have so-called taken Hawaii if not for the U.S., when such a scenario would not have happened, and if did so, does not give the United States a shred of justification or legal claim to the H.K.

    Especially Japan.

  23. “It is obvious that if we do not hold the islands ourselves we Mahan cannot expect the neutrals in the war to prevent the other belligerent from occupying them; nor can the inhabitants themselves prevent such occupation. The commercial value is not great enough to provoke neutral interposition. In short, in war we should need a larger Navy to defend the Pacific coast, because we should have not only to defend our own coast, but to prevent, by naval force, an enemy from occupying the islands; whereas, if we preoccupied them, fortifications could preserve them to us. In my opinion it is not practicable for any trans-Pacific country to invade our Pacific coast without occupying Hawai‘i as a base.

    Can you please cite where this quote was made in the congressional records? Thank you!

    And while I’m here all those saying be happy Russia or China didn’t occupy you… that’s like saying if Lisa didn’t steal your car, Jesse would’ve and if not Jesse… Bob. What a strange way to think. Anyone that thinks that… please message me and I can send you my address so you can mail your house keys to me, don’t worry I will make copy’s for Lisa Jesse and Bob too.

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