Hawai‘i’s History, International Law and Global Support with Aloha

On August 5, 2015, a panel was on Hawai‘i’s history and international law was held at the Wailuku Civic Center, Island of Maui. The panel was moderated by Kale Gumapac and the panelist included Professor Kaleikoa Ka‘eo, University of Hawai‘i Maui College, Dr. Keanu Sai, University of Hawai‘i Windward Community College, Kaho‘okahi Kanuha, teacher at Punanaleo o Kona, and Dexter Ka‘iama, attorney at law. The organizer of the event was Ku‘uipo Naone.

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  1. ko`u mana`o. has Keanu Sai and or Dexter Kaiama or even Professor Williamson Chang considered reviewing the war crimes of Nazi Germany and what was done in Nuremburg to put the Nazi men responsible for their war crimes on trial. After reviewing this data or information, can this data or information be of significant use to support the processes that Keanu Sai speaks about. Can the results or conclusions of the effect of War Crimes committed by Nazi Germany be used as a stepping stone towards the resolutions of Hawaii’s military occupation. Germany was occupied by the U.S. for almost 70 years. The people of Germany who were not Nazi’s are victims of U.S. military occupation and there has been a significant impact on the German citizens who are of the ages of 60 to 90 years. This effect can also be seen in the subsequent generations of Germans that have experience identity issues, guilt feelings for being responsible for WWII and especially in WWI, where Germany was assessed with making war reparations and Italy has not experience the same punishment even though Mussolini was a perpetrator just like Adolf Hitler.

    I live in Bavaria Germany for almost two years and worked for the U.S. Department of Defense in the 1980″s traveling between Germany and California with special assignments. Now I am in Southern Germany where I am experiencing the effects of U.S. military occupation of 70 years on the people of Germany in the younger generation that do not and cannot really related to WWI and WWII and Nazi Germany.

    We will see what comes.

    • I have been wondering how the theft of Kuleana lands from Kanaka Maoli (often very blatant and in blk/wht, described on paper in documents of courts or a lack thereof) is any different than that of the looting of personal belongings of people in ww1/ww2? I.e Jewish people’s artwork is a popular topic today.

  2. Aloha kakou and mahalo to all the guest speakers for sharing their mana’o, very informative. I especially enjoyed Prof. Kaleikoa Kaeo’s style and how he made things so easy to understand. He truly has a special gift. Mahalo bradda! In fact everyone in this video are special and we Kaneka are very blessed to have them. Mahalo Kakou. Any one of them would be my candidate for “super-hero”.
    One question for Counselor Kaiama…. Do you think these codes could be used to force a judge to make a ruling?……Title 28 US Code, Part IV, chapt.85, ss 1361…and ss 1343(a)(1)(2)(3)(4)….and Title 42 ss1986 which says the judge must cease and correct all wrongs, after having gained knowledge of wrongs Jbeing done, ie; conspiracy, fraud…..mustn’t continue to perpetuate the fraud. Jus wondering. Mahalo.

  3. Aloha Keoki, Dr. Sai does make the correlation between the war crimes in the Nuremburg Trials and Hawaii. The big difference between Hawaii and Germany is that the entire world saw Germany as an occupier. In that sense it was not difficult to gain international support to end the occupation and for prosecution. Hawaii is a more difficult situation because no one understands Hawaii is occupied. The U.S. was successful in disguising Hawaii’s occupation by claiming they legally annexed Hawaii and the whole world believes it.
    War crime complaints were filed with the Swiss, Canadian and New Zealand gov’ts. Every representative receiving the complaints for these govt’s all gave the same initial response. ….But Hawaii is part of the United States. However, after they had a chance to review the complaint and materials provided by Dr.Sai they no longer make that statement. They could easily just say the United States legally annexed the Hawaiian Kingdom in accordance with international law and dismiss the complaint as unfounded or frivilous. But they don’t say that because they now realize Hawaii is occupied. Now they are faced with a huge political and economic challenge. How Do they move forward without risking economic chaos and political retaliation by the United States. It appears they are not comfortable moving forward until they have a plan in place to address these concerns. They are stalling the investigation by citing procedural technicalities with the complaint. These procedural issues can be corrected and the complaint refiled and it buys them more time. When the time is right they will address the complaint. JMM

  4. Aloha Lono, your suggestion of using the US Code Titles 18 and 42 would make sense in a normal situation. However, Hawaii is an ABNORMAL situation for the courts. The courts are not making decisions based on the rule of law regarding Hawaii because that would cause them to evaporate. Their rulings are purely political because they control the arena in which this game is being played. You could be 100 % correct but they will rule against you and you would have no recourse but to appeal. They don’t care because you could appeal all the way up to the supreme court but the supreme court only hears cases they choose to hear. If Hawaii’s case would be detrimental to their interest the Supreme Court would just simply choose not to hear it. It does not mean you stop fighting in their arena because you need to make the record so that when this issue gets heard at the international level you have covered all your bases for a legal action in that arena. That is why war crime complaints and other actions are being pursued outside of the United States. JMM

    • Aloha Kekoa and mahalo for responding and sharing your mana’o. Yes I agree with what you say because I think we all have seen at one time or other how these “fork tounge” , corrupted government officials, politicians, justices (ha, that’s a good one, justices), and so on, how they will change or modify the laws, by introducing “acts” or creating codes or statutes,(HRS…Hawaii Revised Statutes), like they make the rules as they go, all to their benefit and usually to our detriment. It just gets me so angry. Fortunately, today instead of reacting in anger,(which will only cause more problems), I try to channel that energy in a more positive direction, like educating myself, in hopes of battling these crooks and beating them at their own game, using their rules….yeah so I will always be grateful for any mana’o anyone shares, as it helps me see things from a different perspective or thru different eyes. So mahalo once again for the feedback and for your input…MahaloNui….Aloha.

  5. So TODAY, I have appealed Harry fretias sentence in my sovereighty plates, kingdom licence, id, no State of Hawaii drivers lic. , no safety sticker, no pay tax on 1993 Buick , Cert. of Title in Kingdom of Hawai’i, right to travel issue, and his cruel way he treats Kanakas in court,pilauh, HIM…..shame on Harry, he is special getting special treatment for his hale and property in Mtn. View!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I cannot wait to see the day the U.S. military takes over government in Hawaii and enforces the necessary legal requirements (Laws of Occupation, 1949 IV Geneva Convention, 1907 Hague Regulations, general international humanitarian law, and the Geneva Convention Additional Protocol along with H.K. Law) which will, along with the Executive Agreements, provide the transition to end this horrible occupation that is after 7-10 years under military rule. (Which personally could do us some good and prepare us for the H.K.)

  7. Aloha kakou, Sorry to change the subject but I need your mana’o on this….please? I recently received a “Notice of Election” application form from a group called NA’I AUPUNI, which is part of the Hawaiian Roll Commission… NA’I AUPUNI is an independent organization made up of a volunteer board of directors from the Hawaiian community, that will provide a process for Hawaiians to elect 40 delegates to represent their districts at a convention to develop a governance document. The convention would be for 8 weeks from Feb. -April, 2016. If the delegates recommend a governance document, then a ratification vote would take place 2 weeks later. After reading this……. here are my thoughts..: 1) What are the names of the volunteer board of directors of NA’I AUPUNI ? 2) Are these “volunteers” the ones OHA gave $2.5 mil. to this past year for who knows what ? 3) This seems like it is just another attempt by the State to get us to sign over our sovereignty to them , and to make themselves legal….and finally 4) Do you think it would piss the State off if the 40 elected delegates were the leaders or organizers from each and every one of the different independent sovereignty groups through out the Kingdom of the Hawaiian Islands, and they used this convention as a venue or a vessel to get to a common goal or destination (destined-Nation). Do you see what I am getting at? Mahalo for your time and mana’o …..Akua is everywhere.

    • Aloha Lono, is this form online for us to see? I’m interested to see the wording of that racists contract. IMHO, it will never survive a legal challenge like the one recently filed. OHA’s trustees wasted 10’s of millions of beneficiary funds chasing a pipe dream. It’s inexcusable, in fact it’s malfeasance. They never did their due diligence to see how they would overcome a U.S. constitutional legal challenge to their race based scam. When will they ever learn that the U.S. constitution will be used against them every time. Ironic, the same constitution that the U.S. violated in purporting to annex Hawaii is the same constitution used to stop OHA from ever creating a raced based Hawaiian Government. Don’t they get it???? The U.S. constitution benefits the U.S. and it’s nationals not us Hawaiian nationals. The Hawaiian constitution benefits the Hawaiian nationals. OHA Trustees must be insane because they fit the definition of insanity. They do the same things over and over and over while expecting a different result. If they are not insane then they are knowingly and intentionally maleficent. Maybe each Trustee should be be sued personally so they don’t misuse beneficiary’s funds on this stupid pipe dream ever again.

      • Aloha Kekoa, I’m not sure if the form is on-line but here are some web sites that are listed on the form for questions and more information. http://www.naiaupuni.org
        I hope this helps. Mahalo to you and everyone else striving to help educate each other and make the truth be known as to the true status of Hawaii and the illegal occupation by the US and its illegal provisional government , the State of Hawaii, violating our God given birth rights as Kanaka, ….sorry to cut this short, something came up I got to go. Malama Pono. Aloha.

  8. Aloha,

    Mahalo Ku’uipo Naone and all who made this meeting possible!

    The Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA) need to take a prominent role in
    representing the people of its namesake otherwise it should rename itself
    to be the Office of American Affairs, representing some people of kanaka
    maoli decent.

    The arrest on Haleakala and on Maunakea involved people that would
    clearly fall under the Office of Hawaiian Affairs.

    When OHA was established there wasn’t as much information available
    back then as there is today. Hawaiian meant one thing back then, but now
    with the information procured by Dr. Kamana’opono Crabbe from Dr. Sai
    concerning the sovereign independence of the Hawaiian Kingdom and the
    prolonged U.S. occupation within Hawaiian jurisdiction it redefines the word
    Hawaiian to its true state of form meaning a national of the Hawaiian Kingdom
    irrespective of a subject’s ethnicity. Now armed with irrefutable information
    and evidence concerning Hawaii’s status as an occupied state it is vital for
    OHA to take appropriate steps to defend Hawaiians on top of Haleakala and
    on top of Maunakea or solidify themselves as scapegoats for the U.S. and
    the center of attention as war criminals for presenting themselves as something
    they are not causing harm to Hawaiians whom they don’t truly represent.

    Once the status of Hawaii as an occupied state was publicly exposed through
    OHA the game changed and it triggered OHA’s responsibility to include all
    things Hawaiian.

    OHA needs to get in the face of the Supreme Court of Hawai’i armed with the
    information and knowledge they procured as to the occupied status of Hawaii
    and demand that an immediate stay be put into place until its own standing be
    resolved and not assumed. OHA, ENOUGH with the arrest of our people!
    Do something damn it!

    Instead of wasting money on nation building invite foreign ministers to bring
    their best legal minds to analyze whether or not the internal affairs of one
    independent state have any affect over another. No doubt the end result will
    stun the Supreme Court of Hawai’i as it is not the same Supreme Court of
    Hawai’i prior to 12:00 pm, August 12, 1898.

    Duke Kahanamoku, American Olympian or Hawaiian Olympian?
    Hiram Bingham III, American explorer or Hawaiian explorer?
    OHA, all things Hawaiian. Make it right!

    Hate to be in your position if you get it wrong!!

    A hui hou

    • See: Bingham, H. United States of America 1857 Oct 22
      Registry of Naturalized subjects in the Hawaiian Kingdom
      (circ. 1840-1893) Under B. (Hiram Bingham II)

      Hiram Bingham III, born in Honolulu, Hawaii November 19, 1875.
      A Hawaiian subject just 17 years old on January 17, 1893.

      MARCH 28, 2011 http://www.hirambinghamrescuer.com/


      With no disrespect to the Bingham ohana, Hiram Bingham I was
      called back to America when Hiram Bingham II was about 10
      years old. Hiram Bingham II came back to Hawaii and became
      a naturalized subject of the Hawaiian Kingdom in 1857. His son
      Hiram Bingham III, was born in Honolulu in 1875, and a Hawaiian

      A Hawaiian of non-kanaka ethnicity. Does OHA represent the
      living descendants today?

      Of course not all the information on the links are accurate. but
      the naturalization date is the trigger!

      Interesting huh? Have fun!!

  9. OHA is a United States entity. Not created for the Hawaiians but to create a facade that they are actually working for the Hawaiians. They continue to rape our trust that the Queen setup for her Hawaiian people, in particular the Pauahi Trust set up for the eduacation of the Hawaiian children. Where do you really see any benefit for the Hawaiians from OHA. Where? Do you realize that there should be no homeless Hawaiians? We as Hawaiians were never meant to pay taxes, our trust was designed to take care of her Hawaiian people. No other government in the world has done that for their people. We genuinely had monarchs that cared for the wellbeing of their people.
    When the rubber meets the road where do you really think that OHA will stand?

    • Aloha Del,

      I agree with you that OHA is a U.S. created entity. They are
      however utilizing the word “Hawaiian” that now obligates them
      to an increased set of responsibilities since the dynamics have
      changed due to the May 5, 2014, letter sent from OHA to U.S.
      Secretary of State John Kerry concerning the occupied status
      of the Hawaiian Kingdom by the U.S.

      No, I don’t expect OHA to change its course of operation, but
      a little pressure applied from time to time reminding them of
      their obligation, and the harm that they are causing Hawaiians
      may encourage one or perhaps all of them to do the right thing.

      Kaleikoa and Kahele have done so much to help bring information
      and awareness concerning our Hawaiian Kingdom to us here on
      Maui, and for that I am forever thankful. I was deeply saddened to
      learn that Kaleikoa, Kahele, Kiope Raymond and other Po’e aloha
      aina were arrested up on Haleakala protecting interest of Hawaiian
      concerns, something OHA should’ve stepped in and defended.

      OHA’s exclusive race based actions have caused some individuals
      to believe that their objectives are shared with Hawaiian nationals,
      nothing could be further from the truth. OHA’s actions are harmful
      to Hawaiian nationals!

      One reason why I brought up Hiram Bingham III, is because he is
      an iconic figure in history bringing wide spread awareness of the
      lost city of the Incas, Machu Picchu. He was born in Hawaii of
      of naturalized parents, jus soli. U.S. President Barack Obama
      cannot claim to be a Hawaiian subject because of the occupied
      status, but he can claim to be Hawaii born, albeit on foreign soil
      so his citizenship would be that of his birth mother a U.S. citizen
      and of jus sanguinis. Because of the occupied status of Hawaii
      can the descendants of Hiram Bingham III, claim Hawaiian
      citizenship under jus sanguinis?

      Recently, the media targeted U.S. presidential candidates Donald
      Trump and Jeb Bush concerning “anchor babies” children born on
      U.S. soil of foreign parents, jus soli. Now looking a little closer,
      perhaps the U.S. constitution was prepared to handle situations
      like Hawaii, absorbing Hawaiian nationals into its nation just by
      being born on its soil expediting citizenship into its nation. I don’t
      believe it was prepared to handle what it is faced with today!

      On another note, the current situation in Kentucky, where a State
      clerk refuses to issue marriage licenses based upon her personal
      beliefs is also interesting. The State governments were so fired up
      to separate church and state matters that in certain courts the Ten Commandments were removed from government buildings. The government decided to regulate marriages a long time ago utilizing
      churches as a vehicle to assist in the regulation process, it is clear
      now that the State governments had no business in the first place
      to use any bias to streamline its agenda in order to afford equal
      protection under its own constitution.

      On another note, U.S. President Obama ordered that Mt. McKinley
      be changed back to its original name, Denali.
      A Hawaii born U.S. President ordering the removal of the name of
      a former U.S. President that created hewa in Hawaii.

      Lot of things coming to light!

      A hui hou

      • Aloha Win808,
        I would really like to believe that OHA will do the right thing, but now that is a big BUT, to date they really don’t have a good track record. And as far as using Hawaiian, that was being used since their inception all that way back to 1978. Their obligation should have started back then, however, as previously stated, they are an american born entity, they are part of the lie and they know it. OHA stepping in to defend TMT, it is my understanding that they withdrew their support, but did not altogether oppose it, trying to stay out of the fray, I suppose. I agree with you they should have taken a much stronger stance if in fact like they say they are for the Hawaiians. OHA calls us “native Hawaiians” that’s a another misrepresentation of who we really are. To me it just shows that they don’t know either. “Native” lumps us together with the native indians. We are not indians, we are Kanaka, we had an established government, we are a recognized Neutral Foreign State, not a part of the usa.

        I don’t believe the US constitution was equipped to handle a Hawaii situation. But you know they have had 120 plus years to try. Its amazing that a lot of people who actually are Hawaiian Subjects don’t want to believe that we are a free people, that we can survive without the us. But our Queen being the brilliant States woman that she was, protected her people, so now the sleeping giant must awaken and take back what is rightfully ours. The information is all there for the entire world to see.

      • Aloha kakou,

        This blog site have proven valuable to relevant events
        events occurring in real time today.

        Here we have learned about the three branches of
        government, the Legislative branch who create laws,
        the Executive branch who administers laws, and the
        Judicial branch who adjudicate laws. Each branch is
        made to function individually and operate under the
        separation of power clause, both here in the Hawaiian
        Kingdom and its co-equal the United States of America.

        The recent high profile media event where Kim Davis,
        State of Kentucky clerk, sent to jail for her refusal to
        issue marriage licenses to non-traditional couples is a
        clear example that U.S. officials have lost site on how
        to administer equal protection to its citizens without
        causing harm to one party or to the other.
        The Supreme Court had adjudicated the law in favor of
        non-traditional marriages the next step would be for
        its legislators to amend its laws concerning marriages,
        define and identify who would be the beneficial parties
        and who can conduct marriages without compromising
        any individual reservations a licensed marriage official
        may have. If a marriage official chooses not to perform
        a marriage ceremony the couple need only to find a
        licensed marriage official who will, no one offended!
        The clerk should just receive the marriage certificates
        from the licensed marriage officials for redecoration
        purpose only similar to a clerk at the Bureau of
        Conveyances here in Hawaii. The clerk wouldn’t have
        to validate the authenticity of the document registered
        just the submission of it. All this so the U.S. government
        can keep tabs for tax purposes!
        Now that the Supreme Court have violated Kim Davis’
        right to equal protection under the U.S. constitution it
        has simultaneously violated the Separation of Powers
        Act by circumventing the powers of the legislators in
        that State to amend the law. In short, that State can now
        save a whole lot of money by eliminating the need for
        legislators as the Supreme Court need only to adjudicate
        and hold in contempt anyone not consistent with its ruling.
        After the legislators amend the law concerning marriages
        they could have made a provision to anyone who believe
        they wouldn’t or couldn’t fulfill the parameters of the
        amended act for a way out. No one needed to be jailed nor
        anyone denied their equal protection. Good to maka’ala this
        behavior so we know their position in this type of situation.

        We have seen it so often used against Hawaiian issues,
        the crossing over of powers between different branches
        and now we know why, they don’t comprehend it themselves!
        It’s not us, it’s them who don’t know!!

        If they are without knowledge to resolve their own internal
        affairs, it is of no wonder why they are reluctant to address
        concerns of the occupation status here in Hawaii.

        They’re too focused on the media and on nonsense! 🙂

        Sorry I took up so much space, I just wanted to draw attention
        to what we have learned here on this site and the application
        on matters happening in real time!

        Mahalo Dr. Sai for educating us on this site, blessings on
        your journey to educate the world concerning the occupied
        status of our Hawaiian Kingdom.


        • United States doesn’t want to address the occupation of Hawaii issue because they don’t want anyone to know that they don’t belong here and that not administering Hawaiian Kindom Law as the Law of the land is a war crime. They know many Hawaiians have taken the red pill and are now awake. What they are doing is trying to confuse the issue by trying to bring other issues into the mix. Hawaiians need to stay focused on the issue at hand. Of course they would prefer that all these in the know Hawaiians would just go away instead of upsetting the apple cart. Too late already done. So now the next plan of action is to spread confusion and divert away from what the real issue is and that is that US has no jurisdiction here, never had any jurisdiction here. It’s rather unfortunate that many Hawaiians don’t believe the truth, and would rather let things be the way they are. They don’t realize that there should never be any homeless Hawaiians, our kupunas should have a comfortable golden years, our children should have the best education that money can buy, that we never had to pay taxes. We were robbed and continue to be robbed of our birthright.

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