First Publication of the Royal Commission of Inquiry

In response to the prolonged occupation of the Hawaiian Kingdom by the United States since 1893, and the commission of war crimes and human rights violations that continue to take place with impunity, the Royal Commission of Inquiry was established by the Council of Regency on April 17, 2019. The Council of Regency represented the Hawaiian Kingdom at the Permanent Court of Arbitration in Larsen v. Hawaiian Kingdom, PCA case no. 1999-01, from 1999-2001. The Royal Commission’s mandate is to “ensure a full and thorough investigation into the violations of international humanitarian law and human rights within the territorial jurisdiction of the Hawaiian Kingdom.”

Dr. David Keanu Sai was appointed as Head of the Royal Commission and he has commissioned recognized experts in various fields of international law who are the authors of chapters 3, 4 and 5 of this publication. These experts include Professor Matthew Craven, University of London, SOAS; Professor William Schabas, Middlesex University London; and Professor Federico Lenzerini, University of Siena.

Its first 378 page publication, Royal Commission of Inquiry: Investigating War Crimes and Human Rights Violations in the Hawaiian Kingdom, provides information on the Royal Commission of Inquiry, Hawaiian Constitutional Governance, the United States Belligerent Occupation of the Hawaiian Kingdom, the Continuity of the Hawaiian Kingdom as a State, Elements of War Crimes committed in the Hawaiian Kingdom, and Human Rights violations and Self-determination. The Royal Commission will provide periodic reports of its investigation of war crimes committed by individual(s) that meet the constituent elements of mens rea and actus reus, and human rights violations.

There is no statute of limitation for war crimes but it is customary for individual(s) to be prosecuted for the commission of war crimes up to 80 years after the alleged war crime was committed given the life expectancy of individuals. As a matter of customary international law, States are under an obligation to prosecute individuals for the commission of war crimes committed outside of its territory or to extradite them for prosecution by other States or international courts should they enter their territory.

**The book is free of charge and authorization is given, in accordance with its copyright under Hawaiian law, to print in soft-cover or hard-cover so long as the content of the book is not altered or edited.

23 thoughts on “First Publication of the Royal Commission of Inquiry

  1. Keep up the good work, your theory is not a theory anymore, all your hard work lead to the facts and people who is a true american, has a hard time grasping on to that truth. Thank you Dr. Keanu Sai, Dexter Kaiama and Kale Gumapac, for paving our way towards freedom from our oppressor.

  2. From 1819, when the Kapu system of Hawaii Kingdom’s religious system was found to be false. The peoples and Kahunas and Alii flocked to the basic teaching of Jesus Christ. If the Kingdom of Hawaii it so be restored. It will be restored in righteousness and be inclusive of every soul who Loves Hawaii and whose only home is in Hawaii.

    • KenQ… What??? does the Kapu System and Christianity have to do with this post? This has to do with the wrongs committed and that continue to be committed on Hawaiians by the United States of America. It is folks like yourself who refuse to acknowledge the truth that is allowing these crimes to continue. What are you afraid of? I think you fear being deported back to your country once the Hawaiian Kingdom IS restored. You deserve to be deported!!
      One more thing… The Kapu System worked for over a thousand years for Hawaiians to maintain law and order. I’m not saying we should go back to that form of law but think about this… the arrival of the missionaries was the beginning of the corruption and oppression upon the Hawaiian people. DE-OCCUPY HAWAII.

  3. Nice work publishing their violations of international law Kumu! Can share mana’o?
    “He lole i ka wai, he lole ka ola.”
    I provide for the people that congress had no intent to arbitrarily deprive anyone of their nationality as expressed in section 19 of the Admissions Act of 1959, otherwise known as the statehood act. Their intent via joint resolution and organic act was to provide a cloak of protection via the 14th Amendment and so by operation of law US citizenship was casted as our legal person.
    The rights, privileges and benefits therein of our legal person or public trust unit has a commercial value. We hold the trust liability upon signature in contract with agents or corporate entities of the state and Federal government when we apply for the privileges and benefits. Thus many are tripping over their own feet as beneficiaries (OHA, DHHL) and are entangled in their agreements causing much unhappiness. Think sweet potato vines and Kekuhaupio.
    A renunciation of US citizenship (break the mold so to say) from what congress declared and provided in 1898 and 1900 would remove jurisdiction/citizenship. Just give back to Ceasar what is Caesar’s. Otherwise, we sound like cry babies and minors ignorant of law and not men of God.

    • The flaw in your mana’o is that regardless of the intent of congress it has no jurisdiction to impose any legislation in a foreign country. Therefore the so-called contract you think you/they have is void. Congress derives it’s authority via contract (U.S. Constitution) but since they violated that contract regarding Hawaii they are operating in dishonor, bad faith, fraud and malfeasance. Rule one in contract law is that fraud voids all contracts. There is no valid contract to renounce but by you acting as if you have one you perpetuate the fraud. You are saying that everyone else also has a valid contract with the U.S. You cannot give back to Caesar what is not his. You need to have Caesar show you the contract and prove his claim that he is the true holder in due course to Hawaii. No one in this universe can provide that proof of claim except for the Hawaiian Kingdom.
      Since you brought God into your mana’o I’ll break it down further. The U.S. sinned by coveting and stealing what is not theirs. News flash. God hates sin. Play along in the sin and also becomes a sinner.

      • Intent is important. Its the difference between a freak accident or a tragic suicide. It’s the basis for action oriented decisions and the grounds for self-defense, self-determination, self-preservation and self-respect. In law, it is the necessary element of a crime. Elementary my dear kekoa! Elementary! Seek justice…Ka Wai Apo Lani!

        • Lopaka, thank you for making my point that nullifies your original statements. All the facts and evidence clearly show criminal and civil intent on the part of the U.S. Gov’t regarding the illegal overthrow, false annexation and continued belligerent occupation of Hawaii. Since no rights can be derived from their illegal act(s) then it is legally impossible for anyone to have obtained U.S. Citizenship in these circumstance. You can’t renounce U.S. Citizenship if the Law prohibits the U.S. from making you a U.S. Citizen. You can’t renounce something your not but you can announce who you really are as a protected person. Live Pono.

  4. Thankfully to our hawaiian Kingdom government for there due diligence in providing all of the truthful standings concerning our beautiful country that we all call home thankful to akua for blessing our Kanaka people Aloha

  5. I’ve a question. When Hawaii changed from a feudal system to that of a constitutional monarchy in 1840; how did the word get out? If you read the chronology it seems like one day the kanaka had No rights and the next they had God given rights and everyone complied with the new thinking. What really happened?

    • The documentation is out there just got to look or just put yourself in their shoes. Live in an antiquated system that is being threatened by U.S. Manifest destiny BS and get colonized or change to be an independent nation state that has the protection of neutrality and International Law. It was a no brainer for them, they were all in from the get go.

    • High literacy rates among Native Hawaiians in the nineteenth century and publication of more than 100 Hawaiian-language newspapers from 1834 to 1948 produced the largest archive of indigenous writing in the Western Hemisphere.

      They’re currently being translated now but we’ve only done about 3%…

  6. Mahalo Nui Loa for all your time, energy, education, awareness, funding, detailed dissecting of hewa of the occupation. THE TRUTH SHALL SET U.S. FREE!!!! UA MAU KA EA I KA ‘ĀINA I KA PONO!!!
    OUR CAPITOL SHALL RETURN to it’s original and rightful WAHIPANA. All truths are being set on its place accordingly! Ke AKUA has a Great Plan, in our Homeland, according to Him. He has chosen Kānaka Maoli to be the Keepers and Protectors here in Hawai’i Nei. To be the example and the testimony to the WORLD! World Peace! Alot of work accomplished this far, but OUR JOURNEY OF OUR NATION HAS JUST BEGUN TO MAKE PONO! HOLOMUA!!! E’O!!

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